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  1. I've been told not to score before, eight child support payments a month later I still haven't learned a lesson.
  2. Exactly, he was expendable and it let Rhule send a message.
  3. Think a lot had to do with the video of him dancing at Nikko with no mask. Didn't hurt he played like poo and it sets the standards of what's expected from other players.
  4. So Larsen and Davidson were probably making out in the tunnel at halftime right?
  5. There might be a connection between Thomas becoming the advertising spokesman for 19th centry Beaver hats and being batshit crazy.
  6. Quinn better get out the knee pads to save his job.
  7. You dont mess with big money and their cash flow. That's how you end up suicided in a suitcase or thrown out of a hospital window.
  8. For the NFL to cancel and lose billions, several players and coaches would have to die. Even then they'd probably say they should keep playing to respect the memory of the fallen.
  9. Same price as a 375 sq ft. 1 bedroom shared bathroom apartment in San Francisco.
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