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  1. What about building it in Mt. Holly?
  2. 1) Reggie White 2) Julius Peppers 3) Kevin Greene 4) Steve Smith You wouldn't even need the last one because the opposing QB would be dead after facing that trio.
  3. Are we 100% sure this woman isn't a succubus devouring Cam's will to live?
  4. Some duct tape and a can of flex seal should get him through the physical. Once the paperwork goes through no returns will be allowed.
  5. Just think about the Super Bowl. Moore takes over for an injured Mahomes and Allen takes over for an injured Cam.
  6. A healthy Cam (ex. Can run the ball without hesitation and can throw the ball at least 90% of what he could before his shoulder surgery) is better than Kyle Allen. My problem is that we never got a great look at Cam in preseason before fatso fell on his foot. The thing that made Cam Newton great was his mismatch ability, big QB that could run well and big arm to hurl in tight throws or deep bombs. Toss in his killer instinct for scoring in clutch situations. From what I saw even in training camp was less distance on throws, less speed on short throws and a reluctance to let Cam be anything other than a pocket passer. If Cam is just going to be a pocket QB, I'll take Kyle Allen 10/10 times. Allen stretches the field, makes quick throws that utilize the speed of Moore and Samuel which in turn opens up space for CMC. If Turner invisions Cam as a pocket QB he will fail because if teams don't have to spy Cam and don't have to worry about a throw past 20 yards it leaves no space for Cam to throw in his limited range, of which he's never been consistently accurate.
  7. Watching it at Buckingham Palace with the Queen in her hot tub.
  8. Maybe Nick Foles will give Allen a transplant to help his hands grow a couple inches.
  9. Need more boobs less letters!
  10. The next play Kuechly laid the kid out and he still hasn't gotten up.
  11. Nice of them to honor Panthers legends Legadu Naanee and Ernie Mills.
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