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  1. Why are they eating shaved ice and not studying the playbook?
  2. 1000 yards of recieving plus 1000 yards rushing, in addition to 1000 td's.
  3. That's all-pro Kurt Coleman to you casuals.
  4. Genius, start paying players in barter goods to circumvent the cap...checkmate Goodell!
  5. Could've taken Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, smh.
  6. When did we sign Battle? Remember him a couple years ago during the supplemental draft.
  7. Ask Burns if he'll join you in a cosplay remake of a Spiderman vs Green Goblin porn parody.
  8. Went back to watch some tape on Gaulden and I really hope they don't see him as a FS. Guy has line of scrimmage ability and decent tackling, but absolutely no downfield coverage speed. To me he's at best a nickle corner or Strong Saftey.
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