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  1. I think it's Wesley Walls time to shine.
  2. Why are they attending parties during the quarantine?
  3. I'm sure the Saints will bring a case to the Supreme Court as to why they should have a full stadium per their typical butthurt logic.
  4. Bet at least one of those guys is from Bessemer City.
  5. Assuming Brees and Brady don't play to 50...
  6. None of us are real. We are all just alt accounts created by Jeremy on the Huddle because the world ended on March 10th, 2006 and he was the lone living creature on earth cursed with immortality. After using up all the Earths supply of lotion for recreational purposes and building Godlike forearms he created the Huddle. On the first day he created Zod, the second Philly, third SCP, fourth Alejandro, fifth Grits Regret and on the sixth day he created Chuck and he was done. From that point onward the original six created more alt accounts to fill Jeremy's crippling loneliness and penchant for masochism by making us Panthers fans.
  7. Ridicule me all you want, but I think Jackson makes a Josh Norman like leap this year and becomes a top 5 zone CB in 2021. Remember Norman had his beatings his first two years, but year three it began to click. Jackson has the skill and swagger, just needs to focus it.
  8. As a rich American I endorse taxing the middle and lower classes an extra 50% to cover player salaries. Don't tax me though, I'm a job creator that trickles down money to the plebs.
  9. My sources tell me we will play the Bucs, Saints and Falcons each twice next year, bonus, we play one game at home then the other away!
  10. So what's the breaking point of being too young to get calls and too old to get picked up for Cam? I still blame officiating on Cam's downfall. He always got shafted on calls but basically after that Super Bowl game where the refs let Denver use his head for target practice he was never the same.
  11. Guess they decided Gastonia had too much meth and Bud Light to build there...smh.
  12. I miss the good ol days when I could unzip my dockers and plop my floppy disk down on a female employees desk without all this HR red tape!
  13. Still wouldn't surprise me if the Saints were giving Winston money under the table.
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