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  1. Damn Irsay, you don't have to roast Luck over his small little bone. Jesus christ.
  2. Heck, he might even win rookie of the week at least once with those stats.
  3. Trade Slye for Mack and Eddie Jackson, plus Chicago pays for it.
  4. If there's one thing the Huddle isn't known for, it's overreacting to everything.
  5. Wondering if I should bet all my money on the Panthers this year. Worst case I'm homeless having to work as a male gigolo for desparate lonley middle aged women in the Ballantyne area best case I'm a millionaire!
  6. What we didn't realize until we removed the mask was that every Saints fan was actually just our resident fat troll Alejandro and his dog Peanutbutter Lips!
  7. Bradberry will be in the burn unit for weeks at this rate.
  8. I really want a real life reboot of Superjail with Cam as the warden.
  9. Burns was the steal of the 1st, I legit thought he could've gone #4 to the Raiders instead of Clelin.
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