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  1. The question is whether you think he'll ever be the same again. You can't give him an extended deal that could hamstring us for a decade.
  2. Too bad I've seen the real future of Cam coming back next year 100%, winning the MVP and leading the Matt Rhule led Panthers to a 19-0 record and Super Bowl win. I have spoken!
  3. I seriously don't understand how these GM's get their jobs. I could win us a Super Bowl every season and draft at least 5 pro bowlers every draft if I was doing the job....turns off Madden.
  4. Beer tickets are more valuable though when a can of domestic costs you $40 each at the game. Easily adds up to $775k a year in beer alone.
  5. Why is it always like this with Cam? Waits months to do a surgery everytime in hopes it will heal.
  6. Hell, I can stand around looking stoic and throw others under the bus...why not hire me? I'll work for $25k and beer tickets.
  7. But I deserve more chances...Cam is injured!
  8. It's the bs I knew would eventually take hold. Teams like the 49ers, Colts, Rams or Browns (lol) intentionally tank for 4 years and gather carry over cap space and top 10 draft talent. Get top talent on rookie deals then once your QB is in place spend that carry over space on free agents and keeping your young talent. The NFL needs to make the max carry over space $10 million or less.
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