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  1. Riverboat Ron

    NFL has turned every game into the pro bowl

    This is the first year of football I legit have forced myself to watch. NFL has neutered defense. I'd rather watch a 12-9 defensive battle than these 58-52 offensive poo shows. I really hope this doesn't stick, if it does I may be done with NFL football. No reason to force myself to watch a sport out of habit.
  2. Riverboat Ron

    What would the media say if Cam...

    If Kermit smoked two packs of Marlboro Reds a day since he was 7.
  3. Riverboat Ron

    RIP CJ Fuller

    I wonder if it was similar to how Gaines Adams, another Clemson alum, passed. RIP.
  4. Knew he was going to thrive, even with the great draft the Saints had, can you imagine if they took Mahomes over Lattimore.
  5. Riverboat Ron

    Ron Rivera and Family Get New Dog Tahoe

    But can he play LT?
  6. Riverboat Ron

    Panthers hire female as lead internist

    How does she look in blue jeans? Asking for a friend.
  7. Reid's biggest mistake was the lawsuit, he'll never get a call with that going on.
  8. Riverboat Ron

    Elliott, Gurley.... McCaffrey?

    Everyday my dynasty league trade last yearlooks better. Traded from 1.01 to 1.02 in rookie draft with a guy who loved Fournette. Landed an extra 1st and 2nd of which I used the extra 2nd to draft Mahomes and packaged the extra first with another player for Travis Kelce.
  9. Riverboat Ron

    We need TD back.

    Still sad years ago we didn't take Telvin Smith because of his association with pot. We scouted him and when that came out he dropped to the Jags.
  10. Maybe they reach an agreement with Kalil to drastically reduce his salary and stay on as a backup.
  11. Riverboat Ron

    Game Ball to Obada

    4 more years for Obada!
  12. Riverboat Ron


    The new Nigerian Nightmare
  13. Atlanta held us all day last week.