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  1. Antonio Brown special hitting Netflix in 2021.
  2. Bring back Davis and lets make Shaq play out of position for another 4 years.
  3. 1st round) Joe Burrow QB/ LSU 2nd round) Chase Young DE/ Ohio State 3rd round) Derrick Brown DT/ Auburn 4th round) Andrew Thomas OT/ Georgia 5th round) Jeff Okudah CB/ Ohio State 6th round) Isaiah Simmons LB/ Clemson 7th round) Jerry Jeudy WR/ Alabama UFA) Jedrick Willis OT/ Alabama UFA) Grant Delpit S/ LSU
  4. Why though? If we are rebuilding and have Cam on the cheap (relatively) why not see what he can do, draft young talent and see where it lands in 2021? If Cam is injured and it's obvious he's done then we address QB with a high 2021 draft pick and utilize the young talent we drafted in 2020. If Cam thrives and returns to his old form then you don't have to stress over QB in the 1st in 2021, continue to surround him with talent. If Cam looks good but doesn't fit your long term plans, move him for a pick. At the moment I don't see it until he plays and proves to a team he's worth trading for.
  5. I could see this being a rebuilding year, clear the dead cap, get contracts right, cut the fat and draft young talent for the years to come.
  6. It was a pleasure coaching you Luke, good luck on your next endeavors.
  7. Hurney must have the best bj lips south of the Mason-dixon line to stick around this long.
  8. Until they start to vacate trophies ex: can no longer claim victory, must return hardware, cease and desist claims of championship under penalty of fine or lawsuit, vacate all team and player statistics during the violations, I won't be satisfied.
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