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  1. Can't wait til Cam is gone in the offseason so you can follow his ass to wherever he goes.
  2. Rivera has the worst screen team in all of football that includes peewee just straight garbage
  3. As per usual Defense is hot fuging trash getting beat the exact same ways every single fuging week.
  4. This is why Rivera shouldn't have a job. Two score game and you play let them score defense guy is absolute bum coach that should be in the unemployment line ages ago
  5. Ball game thats Ron Rivera at his best, can't beat a good team to save his life get that worthless sack of poo to the unemployment office asap
  6. We aint winning if refs are going to fug us with bullshit like that call
  7. Dammit coaches don't become pussies on us now, we're sooo close
  8. Still a great drive to open half, you get points and take 7 out of 30 mins off the clock
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