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  1. ThPantherFan

    Raleigh to get AAF team?

    Uh, 'Blue Laws'. I'm the only one old enough to know what that means.
  2. ThPantherFan

    Raleigh to get AAF team?

    I could go for that.
  3. ThPantherFan

    Greg Olsen and Barack Obama

    Politics and the Huddle don't mix.
  4. ThPantherFan

    AAF Forum

    Sure. Wish they played on regular TV. I usually watch the highlights. No, I'm not a cheap bastard. Just pay enough to Spectrum as is.
  5. Good for you! I'm proud of you. You stuck through the ups and downs and hopefully, I'm sure of it, you'll do well and continue to build on this.
  6. ThPantherFan

    Carolinas pulling for the Pats?

    You got it, didn't you?
  7. ThPantherFan

    Carolinas pulling for the Pats?

    In that case, I hope you get your wish. Maybe you could console her if the Rams stomped bradey and she'd do it anyway.
  8. ThPantherFan

    Do you watch the pro bowl?

    Of course some Tennessee whiskey's are starting to rank up there too.
  9. ThPantherFan

    Do you watch the pro bowl?

    No, I got better things to do than watch it. Drinking scotch whiskey is a good thing to do.
  10. ThPantherFan

    London here we come

    I don't like that at all.
  11. The game would last all day.
  12. ThPantherFan

    What you just witnessed was G.O.A.T

    I'm sorry, but you deserve poo for that statement. When you have a coach that cheats by spying to get other teams play calling, it's easier to win. I have a lot more I could say but I wouldn't like being banned.
  13. ThPantherFan

    Officiating was disgusting.

    Too bad. After the saints hurt players because of a bounty placed on them, I have no respect for payton at all. He deserved the sittyh calls.
  14. It's a beautiful thing!