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  1. Cosmogirl.....wait....I've done that. LadyPanther Blackwidow
  2. I'm sure Rhule was looking forward to coaching Cam at the time he said it. However, as it played on and as the head coach having to make a decision, the decision was to allow Cam seek an offer. No offers. I see it strictly best for the team. I respect a head coach and owner for doing what was right for the team overall.
  3. I hope Tepper has already written the pink slip.
  4. Not with the prices they charge. If I'm going to pay I'm going to be in the stands.
  5. I like the draft picks. Better than in the past. I like homemade biscuits and sausage gravy.
  6. I understand what you mean. All of us, Steve and all the Huddlers, get emotional when someone great gets shafted. I think he did get shafted. Just the way it was done.
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