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  1. He can retire on what he's made. He just has to be frugal with the money. I'm there with you. He had some possibilities.
  2. ThPantherFan

    Panthers won!!!!! Pie for all!!!!!

    You never give pie.
  3. ThPantherFan

    Eagles' plan for Cam

    Only if the water is cold.
  4. You're probably right. If this team becomes a back to back, kick ass team and brings a SB victory instead of a follow-up, then we will see better scheduling. No we will not get the dream of easy schedules from year to year but they will be prime games. Just my 1/2 a nickles worth.
  5. ThPantherFan

    Don't panic. This happens every year.

    It's Cam's fault...or is it Rivera...or is it.........shula?
  6. ThPantherFan

    Breaking Panthers News

    I agree.
  7. ThPantherFan

    Whelp Norv

    You need to stand in the middle of an ash pit and flog yourself 50 times with a barbed, leather strap.
  8. Just like we were they worst 14 and 2.
  9. Love their spirit. Can't understand a word they say but the inflections in their voices tell it all.
  10. ThPantherFan

    Why the Giants was a tough game

    I don't think he was saying that at all. They know Rivera's style and tendencies. This was going to be a tough game and it was.
  11. ThPantherFan

    Why the Giants was a tough game

    I agree. Was a tough one. We played our B game and still won.
  12. ThPantherFan

    Its time to fire Rivera

    Take a couple more Vicodin and you might get better.
  13. ThPantherFan

    Game Day Menu

    I love Scotch whisky. Especially single malt. Single barrel is okay but never found it as smooth. Blended can be okay but usually to much burn taste. Okay, I just love scotch.
  14. ThPantherFan

    Game Day Menu

    I'm eating healthy these days. I'll have a beer.