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  1. There's the true words. I hope he is fully, 100% and certified so healthy before he plays. Then, as you say, let it rip!
  2. Cam deliberately played hurt. He jeopardized the team by not telling the staff he was hurt.
  3. Can't argue with that. Would I love this to become Kyle's team? Yes. He has an Aaron Rogers style to him. Let's see how he does with the 49ers first.
  4. I would like to put my 2 cents in, if you all don't mind. If you do, go....... Kyle is a great back up quarterback. He has done very well and all of us seem to be proud of what he's done. Is he better than a healthy Cam? No. He can become an elite QB depending on how much he will be allowed to play. Cam will be back. I'm not the greatest Cam fan especially after his burning a 100 dollar bill, lighting a cigar and then drinking a glass of wine in front of the camera for kids to see. Sports stars should keep in mind that kids look up to them. I can overlook that if he comes out and plays his position to a high caliber as before. If he doesn't, his contract will end soon. Kyle could very well continue to improve his play and be the replacement most of thinks he can be.
  5. I'm with you on that. That's straight to the NFL's pocket book. No one else televises the game unless a small amount in the Charlotte area when the Panthers play. Plus by the time the games over it's too late.
  6. Those are slightly bigger....................I think....................I really wouldn't know.................Just speculation.
  7. I hope so but it is sure great to see Kyle Allen play as he is.
  8. Dex, my friend, I'm old and none of that applies to me except hot chicks, a very satisfied wife, and what is White Claws?
  9. Tried to pie you twice but it will not let me.
  10. No, you are very wrong. I'm talking about his arrogance and the message he's sending to the young people that look up to him. Nothing wrong with a good Cuban and a glass of wine, it's the way he came across with it. Sorry if you took it wrong.
  11. A very true statement. Cam's arrogance in the video has turned me away from cheering him on. Hopefully he retires. I still am a die hard Panther fan no matter who is quarterback but Cam showed his true self to me in that video.
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