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  1. Everybody has a bad day. I'm not going to throw our coaches under the bus just for one bad game. We were pretty close and yes, clock management got away. Overall the coaching staff is much better than I anticipated. With that said, get off their back.
  2. Jeremy must be on vacation. This is a good post but I miss Jeremy's 50 cents worth.
  3. Panthers played well with whom we had on the field. Not taking anything away from them. However, you have to look at the big picture.
  4. I'm with you there. I loved the win yesterday but as bad as the Lions played I wouldn't be signing astronomical contracts.
  5. That would be my choice. Hated to see him go, but it was time.
  6. Probably Grier. I do like PJ throw when he is on his A game.
  7. Tackling has to improve but it's not as bad as years under Ron.
  8. Could point! I've never seen people flip-flop so many times on players and coaches. We've done better than I thought we would. We've played some good football. I can't wait until next year and then the year after that. There is a process when you rebuild.
  9. Brown is learning every down he plays. I think he'll develop just fine.
  10. Thank you very much. It was an honor to do my duty to protect you and yours.
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