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  1. It wasn’t just Von, several of the Broncos D were basically making fun of us for going into a super bowl and not changing anything game plan wise.
  2. what an emotional roller coaster
  3. You’re saying to think outside the box but you’re knocking the hiring of one of the best DCs in college football because he’s never had a legit opportunity in the NFL. Rhule is not Rivera. Weather he is better or worse remains to be seen, but he doesn’t seem the type to hold on to ideals at the cost of winning.
  4. My mock draft 1st round. Chase young 2nd Round Derrick brown 3rd round Joe Burrow(in case Cam gets injured again) Make it happen Tepper.
  5. Rofl, I admire the commitment sir. As for Burns, dude was a DROY front runner halfway through the season before his snaps got mysteriously taken away. People want to act like having a smaller DE like him was the reason our run defense was so bad, but our run D was arguably worse in the 2nd half of the season when he barely played. Dudes one of the most athletic players on the field at any given time, you don’t just cut ties with that because your former coach would rather kiss his vets ass so they say nice things about him to help him get another HC gig.
  6. Would rather invest in other positions of need and let Ian Thomas take the TE reigns.
  7. A couple of Addisons early season sacks were forced into his lap from Burns pressures. Honestly don’t understand why we went away from our early season DLine rotation with Haynes and Miller also contributing. Our run D hasn’t been better what so ever playing Irvin and Addison every snap.
  8. Ron and this staff are driven by their ego, not winning football games. Ever since Burns complained about not getting enough his PT has gone down. He’d have 10+ sacks easy with any coaching staff that didn’t have their heads up their ass.
  9. Do you or anyone else that thinks he cant play 4-3 DE actually watch the games? He plays it just fine, in fact I bet a majority of his sacks and pressures come from the 4-3. Yes, he needs to add some pounds, but he is far from ineffective even now.
  10. Damn that sucks, was hoping to see DJ finish top 3 in receiving yards this year.
  11. Burns clearly did something to piss off Rivera, probably something personal. RR let the remaining coaches know to keep him in his place after he left. Absolutely no other reason I can think of makes sense.
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