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  1. Can anyone remember the last time we went no huddle without a being down huge?
  2. Shaqil915

    Panthers should keep Ron Rivera as HC

    David Newton saying we should keep Rivera. Well, that settles it, we have to fire Ron Rivera.
  3. Shaqil915

    A Decade of Ron Rivera

    Fox was a good coach but the game ended up passing him by. Ron is a coach that lucked out with the talent he was given.
  4. I think the only way to save the season is to sacrifice PU.
  5. Can we just go hurry up for the rest of the game
  6. Cams just trying to give the bucs a big lead so the offense can go up tempo and cam can get into a rhythm to win the game.
  7. Gonna be interesting to see if he is willing to die on his sword and start funchess in a game to save his job.
  8. Shaqil915

    Stopping Brees

    Interior D line pressure is what made our D so good at forcing turnovers in 2015, our ends weren’t that great that year, we need to get back to that.
  9. Shaqil915

    Call me crazy...

    Past seasons I’ve been down for tanking, especially last season, but after watching Cam drop dimes in the dome in last years playoffs, I think we will always have a chance in he playoffs. Our defense might be worse, but Cam isn’t throwing to dogshit recievers this year. That game coulda looked a lot different without all the drops we had. That being said unless it results in a super bowl victory, RR needs to be gone. Personally, I wanted him fired already, because he brings absolutely nothing to this football team.
  10. This team has enough talent to beat any team in the league. We just have a giant mangina as our “leader”/HC. Nothing about firing him is going to hurt our chances of making a super bowl run this season.
  11. Lol they don’t want the young recievers to show out or else it makes them look even more stupid
  12. Did they really change up the offensive game plan THAT much because we don’t have Funchess out there??
  13. Shaqil915

    What happened to Ian Thomas

    Hey man we can’t have too many good recievers out there at the same time. There is only one football after all.
  14. Even opposing coaches see it... Ron might be coaching for his job Sunday, without the win or loss even being taken into account.