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  1. Guys I agree Cam is by far and I mean by far the toughest QB in the game and probably to ever play the QB position. And yes this is hypothetical but you're not answering the question. What do you think our best course of action is, IF HE CAN'T go?
  2. God forbid but Cam has hidden his ailments before. If this injury affects his play, what next? Do we rely on Allen to get us through? Sign a Veteran?.... please don't say CK. Or let Grier, the Rookie, gain valuable experience? I for one think we sign a veteran. This team is too talented to leave to a rookie. If Allen can handle it, but most of you think he can't. Who do we sign?
  3. I think Cox is already gone. I didn't see him on the stat sheet at all. Obada picked the perfect time to show off.
  4. This forum never gives up. Let's just forego the season, fire the staff, trade Cam and Luke and see if we can lose as many games as the Colts for the #1 pick. It's a GD preseason game. We have NEVER been an overwhelming team in preseason. We may have gone undefeated but never overwhelming. This team will be ready in 2 weeks.
  5. So who is the top rated franchise QB coming out of college? I am sure the Colts will be tanking the season for the top pick just like 2011.
  6. The whole reason Manhertz is around was because he WAS a solid blocker. That was horrific.
  7. Well I slept at a Holiday Inn Express last night and it appears to me the foot needs to be amputated. Because a doctor watching the game on TV gives an opinion that he'll be ok. Everyone wants to jump on the sigh of relief bandwagon. How about we wait for the true diagnosis and go from there.
  8. It is a great question. Cam has tons of endorsements and hopefully he as invested well. I would hope he would take a modest increase. If they choose to go to extreme I think, as most do, we'll end up with a Cam and a bunch of mediocre players.
  9. Only one of 2 players with an A+ for the 2017 draft. Any less would have been a crime. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001043069/article/2017-nfl-draft-revisited-grades-for-firstrounders-two-years-in
  10. Well now that this topic has been hijacked I'd thought I would try and get it back on track. McCoy has always respected Cam but now has a new perspective.
  11. My gut feeling is it is going to be CAP. I have yet to understand why we kept him. It seems like he does nothing for 10 or 15 plays and then gives us his best Earl Campbell teaser run. We have two good young HUNGRY backs that can do everything CAP can. Come on Hurney Cut the Cord. CMC, Scarlett, Holyfield and Armah
  12. I love that Cam has never lost to Brady. I give props to Funchess for showing up in this one. One of the few games.
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