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  1. No issues with the post. Burns was a good pick a month ago but if he has the opportunity to thrive with DTs like McCoy, Poe, and KK he could have a DROY type of season.
  2. I think the offensive additions were not the Breaking News headlines but our OLine looks far better than last year. Olsen and Thomas could be a duel threat at TE and our WR are solid. Here is what excites me. When Rivera took over the play calling and toyed around with the 4-3, 3-4 scheme Our defense played much better. Cam was not our Cam we have grown to love. Sadly, we couldn't produce any points to make that move stand out. This season we have players that can play multiple roles and we can still be stout with our depth defensively, at least the front 7. If Rivera makes it tough for offenses to score with our new scheme we are going to win more games than we'll lose. Redeem our 2018 season. Go Panthers
  3. Hurney really nailed this one. The entire Panthers team made this happen. Players, coaches and of course the GM. I don't know what Cleveland or Baltimore did but when key members of the team greet you and take you out to lunch. That shows it is more than a business deal. Many can question Rivera HC skills but he is a quality defensive mind and McCoy must have been intrigued with our hybrid defensive scheme. And the cream on the pie. Disrespectful Bucs for giving his number to his replacement. That may have been the straw that broke the camel's back. I'm stoked. The 3-4 and 4-3 schemes and the variety of players to fill those roles Our defense have enough solid players to rotate and stay fresh. Cam will be back to 100% health along with a solid online and good weapons all over. Maybe 2015 revisited with a better outcome. Go Panthers
  4. I agree with you. Cam will be around longer than 4 more seasons. Say he turns out to be a mediocre backup. Are you going to pay him big bucks or let him walk after 4 years. We could have had a veteran and used that pick on a player that could have played. We'll see soon enough if this was a wasted pick.
  5. What's sad is he did very little to add to the talent he inherited. Many of his draft picks are already gone. me Two of his number one picks never made it to a new contract. He jettisoned our best WR without a solid replacement. I was on the DG bandwagon as our savior but in hindsight he did more harm than good to our franchise. NY media will expose him as a lousy GM that he is.
  6. I was lucky to be at that game. He will be our first drafted HOFer. I would love for anyone to tell me a tougher WR. 5'9" with the biggest chip on his shoulders than any player I have ever seen. Stiff arm that is legendary and was not going to be denied. I miss him and loved watching him play. He was one of those players you held your breathe because you knew something was going to happen when he touched the ball.
  7. We do this annually and up to last year the player I wanted to make the team made it. I am tossed at this point between these three but my selection in order is. Corrion Ballard - Safety - Utah Rashad Ross - WR - AAF signing Elijah Holyfied - RB - GA After Rookie Camp and OTAs i will pick one.
  8. Like I said before Steelers 96. But my favorite game was the October 30, 2005 Minnesota game. A gorgeous clear day, A perfect football day. Possibly Steve Smith's greatest game. Fred Smoots was talking about shutting SS down. BIG MISTAKE. Steve Torched Smoots for 199 yds and 2 or 3 TDs. He torched him so bad that he never recovered and was out of the league a couple years later.
  9. I am not one to just say no. A few of these guys might pan out. I seem to remember Cole Luke was having a good camp until he got hurt. Gauldin is in his second year and should be a bit more comfortable at the position. I also think that Washington made our defense much worse by his asinine play calling. Rivera did a much better job and our defense was much better. A little too late but at least we have something to build off of. Like I said a few of these guys might pan out but I also believe we will sign a Veteran to be the frontrunner of this group. Our current "Sign Berry" troll is only going to bitch and moan (throw poo around) about every player we suggest until we sign Berry (Which ain't going to happen)
  10. For a moment I stopped screaming just to take in the crowd cheering in a frenzy. It was a moment that is still vivid in my mind.
  11. 1996 -We win, We win the NFC West. Cordell Stewart is driving the Steelers for the win. He throws a pass into the endzone. Chad Cota leaps up and intercepts Stewart. (RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME) In my lifetime I don't ever remembering anything louder. The stadium was vibrating so hard I thought it would collapse. Great Game. I loved the Panthers before but because a diehard and have been ever since. GO PANTHERS KEEP POUNDING
  12. Looking at our O-Line on paper we have a really good starting group.
  13. I am pretty sure that now that the draft is over and that position wasn't addressed we will find a FA on a 1 or 2 year deal. Hurney/Rivera may have had their eyes on a particular players that fit our scheme but were not available when the round that player fell into came up. IMO I think the Grier pick was done exactly for this reason. No 3rd round FS that we like was available so they took Grier. On top of that the Turner's really liked Grier.
  14. Well I guess you won't be satisfied because Berry is not coming to Carolina.
  15. My thoughts exactly. I also like that the defensive players we added seem to be players that can play 4-3 or 3-4.
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