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  1. 1st I want to say that if you look at it in real time from the original angle I saw it wasn't as obvious as after seeing it from a different angle. Wouldn't it be ironic if one of the refs that should have called it heard a whistle from the crowd and thought it came from another official so he didn't pull his flag. Probably not, but it would be poetic justice for allowing all those fans with whistles in.
  2. No work ethic and a desire to eat is the ruin of many an NFL player. Will go down as one of our worst 1st round picks ever. I don't go back and look who we could have drafted but many of you do. Who, should we have drafted knowing what we know now. Let the torment begin.
  3. DaveThePanther2008

    London here we come

    I know you'll be there. Hopefully, I can join you. This is great news. I actually predicted that we would be up this year. Obada, if on the roster, will give the Panthers a somewhat home field advantage.
  4. DaveThePanther2008

    London here we come

    This is awesome. I am hoping somehow I can manage a break to go to this game. I work in Iraq and am only allowed 3 vacations a year but my daughter is graduating college in August so I hope I can convince her to have her graduation present as a ticket to this game.
  5. DaveThePanther2008

    Marcus Peters confronts Sean Payton after the game

    Payton is s a slug and I hope Peter's rubs that in his face all winter long. They did a pretty good job on Thomas.
  6. DaveThePanther2008

    Panthers sign free agent OLB

    I like the video and working with Luke might make a big difference for him. Good Signing.
  7. DaveThePanther2008

    Ring of Honor expanding

    @4Corners grow up!!!!!!!!!!!! Such childish actions of pooing every post is really old and only shows you are a child in a man's world. You're the perfect example of why this forum has gone down the tubes.
  8. DaveThePanther2008

    Ring of Honor expanding

    Smith, Pep, Gross no doubt. I also think Jake should be in there. Though he wasn't one of the big name QBs but he filled our QB position from 2003-2009 as the #1 QB. He was the #1 Cardic Cat. His fire and drive made the times with the Panthers fun. I hope he gets a spot on it. The ring of fame isn't the Ring of HOFer but those that remind us great times as a Panther.
  9. DaveThePanther2008

    Official NFC Championship Game thread.

    I am pulling for the Rams and I hope they kick the crap out of New Orleans. That said, the NFL wants a Brady/Bress match up. They were on their way to it last year until Minnesota pulled a rabbit out of the hat. Ever since Goodell took office the NFL seems to always get the teams they want in the Super Bowl.
  10. DaveThePanther2008

    Top 25 Free Agents

    I hope we continue our trend of addressing all positions of need through free agency and add more through the draft. As Tepper said we would be aggressive but doesn't necessarily mean we will be stupid. I think we have to hit one or two top tier players off of free agency and the others should be players that like Klein. A player that was behind a great player in his prime. If we do well in Free Agency it gives us options to draft BPA. Hurney, IMO, did well during the last draft and if he can address many of our needs through free agency we could have a solid team come the spring.
  11. It was headed that way last year until Minnesota screwed it up for them.
  12. DaveThePanther2008

    So ... How well will Taylor Heinicke perform?

    He's got a live arm. He also seems to be quite heady. ODU isn't Oklahoma or OSU but they ran a pretty good offense so who knows how he'll handle being #1 man. I hope he plays and I hope he does well. I damn sure hope so since I gotta get up at 2am to watch him. Christmas in the Philippines For all your former Navy, Marines and AF. I fly into Clark (old AFB) and stay in Olongapo City (Subic Bay)
  13. DaveThePanther2008

    You hire a GM to decide the coach

    If you are going to make a coaching change you might as well get a new GM too. You could also say Hurney is gone just because of the JR connection he had with him. Don't forget JR shoved the statue up his ass. Keeping Hurney is just one more JR connection that Tepper has to live with. Either way we could be in trouble. Hiring a new GM might take awhile which means as @Squirrel indicated that could take months and no good coaches left. OR Keep Hurney around until a new coach is hired but than you are looking at no decent GMs available. I don't know how feasible it would be for Tepper to fire and hire both. I would think the GM will be hired to make the team the way Tepper's wants it to be so hiring a coach himself won't be a bad idea. He could have an interim GM to handle the contract of the coach Tepper wants.
  14. Giving the kid a chance to play can only help us. 1. It gives us some valuable on field experience with starters something a back up rarely gets in preseason. 2. It gives us some trading power for him or (cough cough gag gag) Cam if he does well. 3. If he loses than our draft position will be much higher. 4. If he is absolutely terrible than we have to look for another back up.
  15. DaveThePanther2008

    The moment our season ended

    No doubt in my mind and this was intentional. It is sad when a player intentionally tries to hurt another player just to get him out of the game.