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  1. Agreed. Remember Siemen for Denver after Peyton Manning. Was a find and called the heir apparent to PM. You see where he is now.
  2. Tired of the Prima Donna BS. That was nothing more than a ref bailing out Rodgers. Also the missed facemask to KA. You bet your ass Rodgers gets that call. Finally the blatant Helmet to Helmet where the defender got hurt. They showed it 100 times a the defender led with his helmet. Sorry the dude got hurt but the biased refs missed that one too. Blinders on for Carolina, microscopes for GB.
  3. He bent that dude backwards. What I also noticed Van Roten is a bbbbiiigggg man. He looked like a truck.
  4. IMO the offensive and defensive game plan was horrendous. Turner had nothing to counter the pass rush. Defensively we look completely lost. We better stomp Tennessee at home. Allen has done a good job manning the helm but Cam (100% Cam) brings an extra element to our offense.
  5. I keep hearing about SF defense and their first round defense. I started to think about our defense. 1st Rounder B. Irvin, G. McCoy, D. Poe. V. Butler, B. Burns, S. Thompson, L. Kuechly and E. Reid 2nd Round J. Braberry and D. Jackson (Injured KK Short) 4th Round T. Boston UDFA M. Addison (playing like a first rounder) Not to shabby 8 first rounders on one squad. I should also say they play well together.
  6. True. The media only talks about their defense and speaks about ours as an after thought. Jimmy G. Has had 6 ints against some pretty bad teams. Thieves Avenue will pick him 3x with one being a pick 6. Panther 27-10
  7. Agreed....This isn't fantasy football. You can't just add a player without CAP implications and other roster moves. While there may be players on the bottom part of the roster that we could move away from. Is it worth a trade to pick up a player that won't see the field and give up draft capital to boot. And it should also be mentioned about chemistry. Will those players mesh without our team. Our starting line up is pretty solid and you may find someone to trade with but is it worth it. IMO, no. I don't see any player out there that is on the blocks that is going to make a significant addition our team.
  8. Besides the draft capital you lose, you also have to make a corresponding roster move. Whether it is including him in the trade or releasing him or designating him to the practice squad. Who are you ready to waive?
  9. And what trade would you like to see?
  10. The focus on this game should not be about KA but about Norv Turner's gameplan and how the offensive line holds up. If we get manhandled by their defense it won't matter if it is Cam or Kyle. However if we can contain them and can put some points on board. I like our chances that our defense will be more disruptive. I also believe Luke is up for the challenge to help contain Kittles.
  11. I saw Reggie White play and while your opinion is noted our D-Line is probably our strongest position THIS YEAR. Reggie was a great player and any team with him would be better but for this exercise MY OPINION is we would be much better with my group. Sorry you're so butt hurt that everyone on this forum doesn't agree with you. Now if you asked to put an entire team together of players in their prime Reggie would be on my roster.
  12. I believe this is four players that could help this team. We're #1 in sacks and top 5 in pressures. As great as Reggie White was there are other great players that would help us more. An All time Panthers team he would be on there.
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