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  1. DaveThePanther2008

    "Luke Kuechly is done"

    Splitting hairs on this. Chicago being the leader of the pack as far as amazing MLBs go but Luke can go toe to toe with any MLB to play the game. I am pretty sure you'll agree he'll have a bust right next to all of them. What I think he does better than any MLB to play the game is his ability to diagnose a play before the ball is snapped. How many top 100 videos do you have to watch where all the players say he calls out the play as if he was in the huddle.
  2. DaveThePanther2008

    What is wrong with Kawan Short?

    It should be noted that Short had two TFL yesterday.
  3. DaveThePanther2008

    Cam Continuously Save Us

    I would add further that Turner should get some credit. It's called halftime adjustment something Shula never did a day in his life.
  4. Just like when S. Diggs caught the miracle pass against Goodell's beloved Saints.
  5. DaveThePanther2008

    Peppers with the game winner

    I would look at it this way. Luke saw the pocket collapsing and knew they best throw is underneath. He's done it a million times and come up with an interception. While Jefferies was wide open I have to believe it was a responsibility of someone behind him to cover AJ. Bottom line had Wentz throw it, it would have been batted down by Pepper's (which is why Wentz recoils) He recoils and Peps gets the strip sack. Great players make great plays in great situations. Carolina's first drafted player to make the HOF (unless Smitty beats him to it)
  6. Must be irrefutable evidence to overturn a call. Thinking doesn't cut it. If they ruled an incomplete than it would have stayed an incomplete but they rule INT and it should have stayed an INT.
  7. This^ There is no clear evidence that that tip of the ball actually touched the ground. This view right here was the best evidence they had and NO WAY can you clearly say the ball touched the ground.
  8. DaveThePanther2008

    Guess who led the Panthers in rushing today...

    Don't forget the lead blocker on a huge gain.
  9. DaveThePanther2008

    Torrey Smith has been clutch for us

    He was pretty much a no show in games 1 thru 4 but money the last two.
  10. DaveThePanther2008


    Has there ever been a game where this doesn't fit perfectly. Though it looked like Philly owned us we kept pounding and found a way to win. Regardless of what most may think Philly did defensely to allow is back on the game we kept fighting and pulled a W out against a good team. KEEP POUNDING
  11. DaveThePanther2008

    One of the best wins in team history?

    Most definitively. Beaten down for three quarters but they kept fighting. Wentz was amazing. It wasn't against a bad team. Any game you could say keep pounding mantra this was it.3
  12. DaveThePanther2008

    Panthers won!!!!! Pie for all!!!!!

    Three quarters of abysmal football and a fourth quarter for the ages. What a win against a good defense.
  13. DaveThePanther2008


    What an amazing win.
  14. DaveThePanther2008

    For the Fire Rivera Group

    Thanks Mr. Scot. This was what I was aiming at and with the exception of a few post most just beat the dead horse to fire Rivera without naming anyone they would like to see.
  15. DaveThePanther2008

    For the Fire Rivera Group

    You miss the whole topic though. If I wanted to rant and rave about firing Rivera I could have done it in the other 1000 threads on firing Rivera. So could have you, which I am certain you already have. I like you, want a dynasty. Consistency and all those other things. The subject of this topic was who are you going to bring in to make your dream come true. You don't have a name but to criticize me for trying to get some ideas on who we should bring in is as lame as the thousands of worthless threads about firing Rivera.