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  1. I think as long as Rhule has control of the players he wants and not Hurney. I'm ok with that. Rhule said he wanted fast, athletic players. Hurney has an obsession with reaching for players and 9 times out of 10 they are big misses. The latest being Little. I don't think he should have anything to do with the actual contracts. The players he wants yes, how much no.
  2. As long as Rhule is in charge of the picks I would be cool with it but Hurney's Free Agent deals are what seems to sink us. I think he needs to be removed from that portion too. If Tepper wants to let him fade away and not fire him. I'm cool with that but IMO he needs to removed from all those decisions.
  3. So do we begin with the CMC class? We've already extended CMC. One year contracts like Gettleman did to get us out of cap hell? I think we have a good core I just want to keep everyone good that we've drafted recently.
  4. I want to know how do we get to be a great franchise. How do other teams do it year in and year out and we struggle to retain one or two good players each year.
  5. I sit here and read this forum everyday. We sit here and argue how we are going to retain Moton and Samuel. Two very key players on our team. Yet I Iook at teams like the Rams, Saints, Pittsburgh and others. They have tons of great players and seem to always retain them. I am not a cap guy. I love the opinions on this forum and I want to know how do we get to that level of other franchises without gutting the whole team and starting over with a bunch of scrubs. We've started well with Burns, Brown, Chinn, CMC, Moore and YGM plus some other hopefuls. How do we keep them all and make this a franchise that continually competes for the playoffs. First, I believe we have to get rid of Hurney. It's nothing personal but the guy continually drafts poorly. Makes terrible decision on retaining players. Letting the good ones walk and overpaying players on the downside of their careers. So we fire Hurney. Who's the best options and how do we become a great franchise?
  6. Russell Okung- 2020 Starter, Let Go John Miller- 2020 Starter Sign for a reasonable salary Mike Davis Keep for a reasonable salary Tahir Whitehead NOT NO but HELL NO Tyler Larsen- been a key depth guy here for a while (debatable since he seems more injured than ready to play) Curtis Samuel We need to keep him with a solid offer. I don't think he's #1 money but will require a good contract. Hopefully Hurney doesn't F this up. Michael Schofield No Need Chris Reed- 2020 starter Keep if possible Pharoh Cooper- 2020 Starting Punt Returner NO NEED we can always find another returner. Chris Manhertz Blocking TE are a dime a dozen JJ Jansen We need JJ. He's solid and should have a standard LS contract. Nothing special. Taylor Moton- 2020 starter Keep even if it requires the Tag. Adarius Taylor No Need Julian Stanford No Need Keith Kirkwood (RFA) No Need Rasul Douglas- 2020 starter I think he likes it here and should probably accept a decent contract. Efe Obada (RFA) I would like to keep him but I believe someone is going to offer him more than we will be willing to pay. He's a solid rotational player. Trenton Scott It will be interesting on Scott. Joey Slye I know he's had a tough year but he's a hellava kicker and I would hate to get one that is more inconsistent then him. Corn Elder (RFA) He can be replaced. Alex Armah- (only FB on Roster) He's a solid FB and keep him as long as it's reasonable.
  7. Wasn't Eric Shelton a Hurney pick too? What a wasted pick.
  8. As a Captain if he really is a Captain he will support the decision and show it. It's a peculiar situation but as a coach you put the best 11 men you can on the field. Whitehead was just not doing his job. Carter seems to get the jest of the defense.
  9. Agreed but the GM and their scouts see much more of these guys than the coaches. Look at all the wasted picks Hurney has done over the season. Trading up for Everett Brown and almost trading up our 1st round pick for Clausen. There is no way Fox or Rivera were on board with this. What I feel with this team is Rhule and staff are calling the shots. Not Hurney. I don't think it was a coincidence that we did well in the draft and we had a new staff calling the shots.
  10. This is why you have a roster of 53. Everyone is subject to being replaced by the next guy up. I don't think one member of the team is going to question a decision to take a team captain out if he's not performing. (Especially when that player is only on a one year deal) A coach is not going to lose a locker room because they put a better player in. Now if it was Luke or some other solid starter. Maybe but that's not the case. Carter stepped in and has EARNED the right to continue to play.
  11. Decisions are made based off what the GM recommends. I also believe with Fox and Rivera he had more say than he does with Rhule. I cannot remember a draft that he hit the way we did in 2020 and I don't think that was a by accident. I believe Rhule had far more say than Hurney usually gets. No crazy trade ups for players that didn't work.
  12. I think the problem lies with the only true QBs will be picked between 1 and 4. We aren't going to get either one of them unless something drastically changes after the combine. As far as the QB goes the focus should be on draft picks in the later round (2 or 3). I also believe the direction of this team in the draft will be based on what we do in free agency. Tepper said that Carolina would be aggressive in the market. So far I don't think we have but maybe this off-season we will.
  13. I believe you are accurate on this however I believe Cam will either be with NE or somewhere else. Honestly, I would love to see us bring him back next year. This offense would be perfect for him. The opportunity to throw deep will open so many things up. I don't think his health will be an issue, which was our major concern. Get a decent O-line and he'll thrive here.
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