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  1. The draft picks all have one thing in common. They are pure athletes. Their athletic ability is something Rhule seems to want on this team. Super Athletic players with the ability to play different positions. I am excited about every draft pick and many of our UDFAs. I see a brutal first half of the season but as the team gets more familiar with the system we could end up playing the spoiler going into the last week or so of the season. Wouldn't it be fun to knock a team out of the playoffs.
  2. Well we did well with Norwell and he became a beast for us. Bowen would be awesome if lightning struck twice. The key to any offseason is how you build your depth. Free Agency you are adding starters and depth, The draft you should have starters in round 1 and 2 with 3 and 4 potential starters and 5 thru 7 backups. The UDFAs should be hungry athletic players Hartsfield is an athlete and is what Rhule is using to fill the depth on this team. If he can make the team or PS. He might have a chance to stick around. Maybe Slot Corner. They guy is a beast. Wow 540
  3. Great points but he may also consider it a challenge to learn that part of the business. I think has to tools for the personnel side and may want to learn the money side. I'm ok with either way. I think he'd be an amazing defensive coach and eventually head coach one day. There is a theory out their that great players don't make great coaches. Mike Singletary and Mike Ditka are probably the two more recognizable but their careers were mediocre. Not great.
  4. I think he would make an excellent defensive coordinator but I also believe he might be a great talent scout and eventual GM.
  5. It was kind of like his security commercials. Almost you could tell he was reading his lines. He was a great player but would have been average announcer. I definitely believe he would be an amazing GM once he learns the ropes on contract negotiations. He may be able to see things in players that are major faults at the next level and not by into the hype that surrounds players coming into the draft. It's all a bit early but I could see it happen. John Lynch has done an amazing job in SF (at least to date) and Luke is taking his time which IMO will only make him better. This is more of a question. After the season, I would think he would be in the reviewing process of potential draft picks. This is where I think he'll help the team improve each year. Helping find those hidden gems and clearing through the smoke on some overrated players. Do you agree?
  6. TO the top, didn't say on the top. The offense has the potential to be very good. .06 ok splitting hairs. No where did I say he would be Luke. I think he will be a good MLB and hold the front 7 together. It is highly possible to be TO THE TOP in 2022. Any season is a guess. How many times have we picked us to be bad and play good and visa versa. Be negative is all good with me. I tend to look to the positive.
  7. The coronavirus isn't helping us either, but I love the athleticism that we have acquired. I think the offense is going to put some points up. If the defense can come together and do well we might be much better than we all think. I also think Shaq is going to be ready to fill in that shadow Luke left. He's had multiple years next to him. Hopefully, he's learned the art of reading offenses. His speed may be better than Luke's was. KK up front should be able to pull the young studs along the way. The back end could be a surprise or nightmare. I believe it will be the players ability to work the scheme without free lancing. If the magnificent 7 (my title for the rookies) step up and start a foundation. 2021 will be fun and 2022 we should be back to the top. Go Panthers
  8. I am not a fan of Bridgewater but they at least brought in a player that know our offensive scheme. I give them credit for that. He isn't Cam and won't carry this team but I believe our offense will be fine. It's the defense that worries me. Too many rookies and the lose of Luke hurts like hell.
  9. You know not every player in this league stays 10-15 years. Many might make it to their second contract if they are lucky. No one is going to give less than 100%. Tanking or Steath Tanking as you call it, isn't going to happen. Rhule will put this team out there to win every game. From game 1 to 16. If we go 0-16, which isn't impossible, then it will be because we made too many mistakes and just not enough talent. Got it. But I can guarantee this team will play every game to win. Having a loser mentality is not good for anyone. Look at Cleveland. They have had such a loser mentality they still can't get over the hump because they haven't built a winner's attitude. Recently they have added player after player and the media has marked them to win the AFC North (2019), and with their haul this year they will be predicted to win it again. They might win the WC spot. PLAY TO WIN.
  10. I think "Tanking" as everyone puts it will not happen with this team. You have to build a winning organization with a winning attitude and it has to start from day 1. Rhule will have these guys convinced we are winners, whether we win or not. I think we will pull our fair share of wins out and most likely be top 10 again but I don't see us sucking that bad where we are the worst team in the league.
  11. What I do like is we got athletic fast players. Rhule has his way, or so they say, about bringing the best out in players. Hopefully, they all will find their nitch in our defense. Brown, Matos and Chinn have a chance to start and I think Roy will be a substitute. I think the other players are at minimum a year away from being big time contributors. What is going to hurt us the most is No OTAs and minicamps. Players get a chance to learn this system and improve some. Without it we only have training camp and 4 preseason games to get our shyt together. With a new defensive coaching staff and a new scheme our rookies are going to make a lot of mistakes and some of the vets will make their fair share. This time next year, we are going to be saying we need to draft a safety and corner again because so many huddlers are ready to cut the cord as soon as a rookies doesn't show he's hall of fame caliber. Jackson was a rookies and yet everyone is already cutting him from the team. He made some good plays and he also made some bad ones. Hopefully, the 2019 rookies improve this season. I think if we start winning in the back half of 2020 I will be happy.
  12. There aren't many players that could hold Luke's jockstrap. I just look forward to him getting a good look. If he steps up and takes the position it gives us options with Shaq and the other LBs. We'll see.
  13. I don't see why not. He's pretty talented and smart. I guess we'll see what he does with a new staff that isn't so veteran friendly.
  14. This draft doesn't seem much like Hurney. All seem solid players. I wonder if some of those odd picks were Rivera.
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