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  1. I'm between him and Brown at #7. We'd get two for one with Brown. Brown's presence on the line will help KK get back to pro bowl form. Simmons has such great versatility it makes it hard to pass on him. He has all the physical tools to be great but before we crown him Luke 2.0 I want to see if he can diagnose plays like Luke did. A good part of Luke's greatness was he knew where the ball was going most of the time.
  2. Remember when the guru Chip Kelly took over in Philly. He gutted that team and did nothing with his changes. I see the same thing happening here but we did it far more brutally. Forced Luke into retirement, *Mutually parted ways with Olsen*, lied to Cam the entire offseason about waiting until he was healthy. Maybe we should Trade CMC then Rhule can bring in his running back from Baylor. Tepper wants to win but we'll be luck if we can beat a good college team. This moves are painful to watch. I hope Cam takes whoever he signs with to the Super Bowl.
  3. Exactly. What's more impressive going 11-1 with 3 borderline NFL players or going 6-6 with a roster full of them.
  4. If OT was our only need than maybe but I believe that we should not use our 1st pick on a LT. There is no guarantee that a 1st round LT isn't going to struggle in his first year on the team. We need to let Little and/or Daley show they have improved. Brown IMO is probably our best bet. Along with KK our Dline should improve greatly. 2nd round a quality center and BPA 3rd round and on.
  5. It's going to continue to look like a Rivera/Fox/Rhule draft until we get rid of Marty "I'm only concerned about round 1" Hurney.
  6. If he retires? If he signs with someone else? Any change?
  7. With the retirement of Luke and Olsen leaving as well as all our pending free agents where do we stand money wise heading into free agency next month. It's hard to follow so I turn to the experts. Thanks
  8. You can also add Daley to that learning curve. Give him time at guard and he'll have some game time experience should he have to slide to tackle.
  9. I'm not here to argue whether we should or shouldn't draft a LT. My opinion is we'll draft Brown if he is available. I think Daley and Little have shown enough promise to fill that need at OT. The main reason for this post is. How much do you attribute our OLine performance to continuity? When you shuffle players around and around it is difficult to gel together. I am in agreement about Paradis wasn't the answer at center. It should tell us just how good Kalil was. Maybe he couldn't make the right calls in protection. Taylor and Moton are a good start. Daley and Little have potential. IMO it's not as bad as some think.
  10. Rating 1st and 2nd round picks in the first year. Maybe. The whole class is asinine. All your points are spot on and most of these picks have the potential to be good or, at minimum, serviceable.
  11. IMO you can scratch every decent FA off our list. No decent player is going to come here and waste a year or so of his career if we aren't committed to winning.
  12. Your comment "that's why he went undrafted" was your point. You're saying because he was undrafted he has no potential to replace Luke. We've showed you plenty of proof that a UDFA can make a team and start. You're backpedaling worse than a shitty CB against an elite WR. Have the balls to stick to your guns that you don't think a UDFA is worthy of playing in this league.
  13. Baby GOAT (thumbs up) I'm not saying he'll be the answer but he damn sure will have the opportunity to try.
  14. Great job. Could have been a hour longer I wouldn't have minded. My favorite part is LUKE and TD at the end. What a bond Luke and TD had. If TD didn't lose 2+ year of his prime both.might be going into the HOF together.
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