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  1. DaveThePanther2008

    Panthers 3-4 defense confirmed.

    If we are going to the hybird defense he may end up doing a little of both. He's been around enough to be able to adapt to both ways.
  2. Also hired a Manning and a couple a refs in his back pocket for that tarnished Lombardi.
  3. DaveThePanther2008

    Willing to Trade Down?

    With the Dolphins trading Tannehill to the Titans puts us in an interesting situation with Miami selection 17. You never know how this draft will sort its way out. But if one of the decent QBs fall to #16 we could be in a position to trade our pick away and pick up an additional pick maybe even a 2020 1st rounder. Would you be willing to trade down to a lower 20ish pick and get more picks? What would you consider if you were Hurney?
  4. DaveThePanther2008

    Free agent DEs??????

    I think so too. After the first week of free agency the big money ends and you can get a decent Free Agent for a fraction of what the first week guys get. I won't be shocked if we land a DE this week.
  5. Drunk as a skunk but it looks like he was facing the other guy and got sucker punched.
  6. DaveThePanther2008

    2019 Challenge

    Succeed or Fail this is Hurney's team. He has had ample opportunity to remove players that don't fit our needs whether he drafted them or Gettleman. If we go to the Super Bowl Hurney deserves the credit or if we go 0-16 he gets the blame. IMO if Hurney got us to the Super Bowl it was inspite of DG. Reflecting on DG job here, wasn't all that spectacular and many of his players are not on our team or not in the NFL. We have a couple standouts but overall I think if we had kept DG around much longer our team would be filled with mediocre talent.
  7. DaveThePanther2008

    Panthers well represented at Clemson pro day

    When a healthy player skips out on working out in front of potential new employers. That is going to cause his stock to drop just as much as if he performed badly. So he is either hiding an injury or knows that his performance will produce average numbers. A smart GM isn't going to waste a pick on tape alone. Tape can be skewed by having better players around you and inferior talent in front of you. Personally I think there are other more certain players than Ferrell. They may not be DE but less likely to fail.
  8. @Saca312 Great clips. One of Kalil's greatest attributes was his leadership on the line. Like Luke, he makes the calls for the line. I hope he is as good as Kalil was with his calls.
  9. DaveThePanther2008

    Thomas Davis signed with the Chargers

    It'll be the 2nd time i have seen one of my favorite players wearing a Charger uniform.... The other.... The Great Johnny Unitas.... BTW does anyone know who was behind Unitas in SD....... Yeah I'm old.
  10. Perfectly said, I am not better than any of the other posters as I would love to see us get someone. But if you back up a minute and realize that there are still a ton of choices out there and after a couple of days and the smoke clears than we'll start seeing some reasonable offers. I hate it but completely agree. Good Post
  11. DaveThePanther2008

    EDGE FA left.

    My biggest concern is most DEs (unless top 5 or 10) take a couple of years to really hit their stride. I hope we get at least one free agent DE.
  12. DaveThePanther2008

    Rodrigue's Offseason Primer

    I am as ticked off as most because we seem so dormant so far, but it doesn't matter whether he personally has the money to get a player or two. It is the cap and what Hurney does with it. Tepper could by the moon and still not have enough to get a couple decent free agents. Tepper said we were going to be aggressive in Free Agency. I don't think Hurney got the memo.
  13. DaveThePanther2008

    Question about Bortles as backup.

    I like our young backups. Though I agree that Turner could help him and he may not be a bad pickup in a short term situation but I go back to our young backups. I think they would have as much potential to fill in for Cam as Bortles.
  14. DaveThePanther2008

    Riot Report: A Realistic Panthers Free Agency Wish List

    There must be a hush hush order from the front office or we aren't looking at any free agents. Many teams have said they are interested in a certain player in free agency but I have not heard one word out of our front office on who they will be targeting. The new year starts today so I guess we'll see. Tepper said we would be aggressive in the FA market. Hopefully, it wasn't just a line.
  15. DaveThePanther2008

    Shots Fired - #gettlemagic

    What does that have to do with replacing Smith the first year. Gettleman didn't add much to Hurney's roster. Couple players here and there. My point was if you are going to release your #1 receiver shouldn't you have a viable replacement for him not so fill in? Had we had SS we may have won the SB.