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  1. Team would need to win 3 in a row for me to think they’re heading in the right direction
  2. Well they still have 14 games to play so, no it’s not over until Week 17 is over. This is a 7-9 team. Again. It is about as “Ron Rivera” of a team as any of us have ever seen. A slow start has put the Panthers behind the 8 ball yet again, which has been all too familiar over the course of the last decade. We’ve seen close loses that the team could have won with just a couple less mistakes by the players and better play calling by the coaches. The fanbase is ready to burn the stadium down. I’ve already seen this movie, I am just not sure when we get to the next scene. I expect in the next couple games we will finally see the Panthers get the monkey off their back and absolutely demolish someone to pacify the problems for a little while, but this is not a playoff team. It is also not a top 5 draft pick team getting blown out like the Dolphins. It’s a 7-9 team showing it’s true colors. We just need to accept it and hope next season will offer more hope behind a new coaching staff and players.
  3. All those things hinge on Cam Newton's body not crumbling into dust before the season is over.
  4. Yes of course, if you actually go watch game footage comparing Cam pre-shoulder injury and afterward, it’s obvious Cam’s throwing ability is deteriorating. But there are many who refuse to admit it, including players and coaches on the Panthers. Some posters on this board have gone so far to say it’s racist and bigoted to say Cam’s throwing ability has deteriorated. Time to wake up.
  5. Yea the defense played great in the opener against Seattle, who won the Superbowl that year. 2019 defense has not been great. They gave up a ton of 3rd down conversions last night. What games are y'all watching??
  6. I did get called a racist bigot in another thread because I said Cam didn't have the same level of throwing ability he used to
  7. 2-4 is pretty optimistic at this point. 0-6 is more likely
  8. Literally no one would care about this if they were winning
  9. I'll put it in perspective. And I'm serious about this! If Cam Newton plays in all 16 games for the Panthers season this year, I'll buy someone on this board a pizza delivered to your house on the final Sunday of football season, pending Cam starts in his 16th game of the season. If he misses one game this season, you must have a pizza delivered to my house the Sunday he sits. Anyone wanna take that bet?
  10. But let's not try Taylor Moton at LT they said
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