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  1. Fire up your Chubbs
  2. Best case scenario Torrey Smith gives some quality intel on the Eagles offense that leads to a win
  3. I loved the pick. The Panthers have had the slowest corners in the NFL over the past decade. About time they grabbed someone who could actually run with these speedy receivers, especially in the division. Watching Ted Ginn burn the Panthers deep last year made me furious.
  4. Off the field I'd say he worked out. But on the field......not so much
  5. lol Ron, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. All the teams in the division stacked their teams to specifically beat the Panthers. If you don't try something different then your team is going to start losing
  6. hepcat

    Tepper interview

    lol you think that billionaire has the time or desire to do that himself? He might have some intern doing it and delivering a sweet power point on social media perceptions of the Panthers tho
  7. hepcat

    Eric Washington needs to...

    Honestly he most likely needs to start blitzing like Wilks did because the front 4 can't get any pressure. Washington's biggest fault might be his own homerism to his old position group.
  8. Panthers D-Line is probably the oldest in the NFL
  9. hepcat

    I just walked in on a lady taking a poo

    Did you see anything good?
  10. I mean the part about forcing Moton into action even though he's clearly better than the guys starting ahead of him sums up Ron Rivera's coaching style. It took the threat of flying a plane banner over the stadium to get Mike Shula fired. I guess we need to fly a plane banner over the stadium that says "Go for it on 4th down, play CJ Anderson and Curtis Samuel"
  11. Because Moton will continue playing RT next year after Daryl Williams contract is up
  12. More evidence Ron should have gone for it on 4th and short.
  13. Starting to see a lot of similarities between the 2014 Panthers and the current 2018 Panthers. Both teams started 3-2. Both teams have an uncharacteristically bad run defense. Both teams are starting a patchwork O-Line, with undrafted free agents and guys off the street starting. The teams are facing similar opponents. The 2014 team played the NFC North and AFC North. The 2018 team is playing the NFC East and AFC North. Swap Vikings (2014) for Redskins (2018), Bears (2014) for Giants (2018), and Packers (2014) for Cowboys (2018) and the schedule is the same. Both teams seem teetering on the brink of a full on collapse after a hot start Some things are quite different though. The 2018 Panthers offense seems more competent and talented than the 2014 team. Cam Newton is much healthier than in 2014. The RB position isn't crushed by injury like it was in 2014. So a 6 game losing streak might not be in the cards. But the Panthers 2018 team seems flimsy and could be on the brink of a losing streak. Sunday's game will say a lot about this team, facing the reigning champs on the road. A loss could spiral the Panthers into an ugly season with some tough games on the horizon. This team needs some momentum or we could see a repeat of 2014.
  14. Eagles 31 Panthers 20 This team just doesn't pass the eye test. Feels a lot like the 2014 team, in particular how bad the run defense is playing. I expect the Eagles to jump out to an early lead. Panthers claw their way back into it, pushing the score to 24-20 with a chance to win. Eagles score a late TD to seal it. Honestly I find it very hard to see the Panthers winning this game unless the Eagles massively mess up. Doug Pederson is about to show Rivera what a backbone looks like.
  15. Haven't seen anything like this since the injury. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DT-JEsqzmo