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  1. The formula for beating the 2018 Seahawks is simple. Stop the run.
  2. Nope. And I doubt Ron goes anywhere until Cam either sucks or plays for another team.
  3. If you break it down quarter by quarter, it's definitely 50/50.
  4. The thing that makes me most nervous, especially about Eric Washington and the defense, was that they said they were NOT reviewing the tape of the Pittsburgh game and were moving on. Coupled with the fact the team had to cancel a practice this week and I'm worried about another piss poor defensive outing on Sunday. The Detroit game is a watershed moment for our young DC.
  5. Panthers fans have been in their shoes many a time. Like every other Panthers game, it’s a 50/50 tossup which Panthers team decides to show up. The one that comes out the gate firing on all cylinders, or the one pooping all over the field while Ron emotionlessly stares off into the abyss
  6. This smells a lot like the 2011 game against the Lions. I'm expecting an over/under around 80 for this one.
  7. McCaffrey is killing it but he's behind at least Gurley, Kamara, Hunt, and Elliott. He'll need to really crush it through the end of the year to get a Pro Bowl nod. Cam is having the best season of his career and should be in the Pro Bowl. But with how many QB's are crushing stat records this year I could see him being an alternate/injury replacement. Donte Jackson has some nice stats, I could see him making the Pro Bowl if he can get a few more INTs. Graham Gano might get in because of that 63 yarder. If he doesn't miss a field goal all year he'd better be in the Pro Bowl. After that, players would have to really explode through the end of the year to get noticed. I could see Addison getting in if he can crack 13-14 sacks. Kuechly might get in just because of his history and name. Ryan Kalil might get a swan song Pro Bowl nod. Same with Thomas Davis.
  8. I honestly think the only team with any hope to beat the Saints is the Panthers. There is a ton of factors going the Panthers way in the matchup this year. First of all, regression to the mean. After beating the Panthers 3 times last year, there is no way the Saints can accomplish that again. That'd be insane especially if the Panthers can motivate themselves. Secondly, the playoff game was close. The Panthers had Brenton Bersin, Kaelin Clay, and a hobbled Funchess running routes for a comeback effort in the 4th quarter. Cam has NFL caliber receivers and a coordinator that can find weaknesses in the Saints defense this time around. Thirdly, the Panthers have the speed at linebacker to contain Kamara and Ingram (if the refs don't allow holding every damn play like the first game in New Orleans last season). The main thing that put the Saints over the top in every game in 2017 was Ted Ginn and his vendetta against the Panthers. Without him they lack a consistent deep ball threat and the Panthers can keep everything in front of them. I really like the Panthers chances to beat the Saints at home, and the game in New Orleans could be for the division and should be an excellent game no matter what.
  9. No poo CJ Anderson was frustrated. He barely got on the field! Secondly, who gives a poo if CJ Anderson was frustrated? He signed with the team for 1 year. He's a professional athlete. He is literally, figuratively, and however you want to put it, contractually obligated to deal with it. Thirdly, why the hell did you even sign him in the first place? It's not like McCaffrey exceeded expectations in 2017. Everyone knew he was a rising star and explosive player. It's like they signed Anderson to fill the Stewart role in last year's offense AFTER replacing the freaking offensive coordinator and knowing that system wouldn't be there in 2018. The lack of foresight is mind numbing. Um, you haven't gotten an "honest look" and Cameron-Artis Payne in the 3.5 seasons he's been a Panther? This is horseshit.
  10. hepcat

    Considering a change of job

    Well, it's not exactly a 4 day work week, but it's "strongly encouraged" to work 1 day from home per week, per management policy. I would probably have to do some actual work from home, but obviously being at home I'm not going to be as productive as if I were in the office and could work in my pajamas. While Job 1 might start off as a little boring, it does offer a big chance to ramp up if the company continues growing. It's one of those roles that is speculative based on their growth projections and new offices popping up around the country (currently they have three remote locations I'd be supporting), which increases the current risk, but if they meet their growth forecast, it should be an important role. Plus the current guy they have on the team doing this job is older and not healthy. Job 2 is very much it is what it is, it will probably stay that way for awhile with little mobility opportunities, at least early on. I know others who have worked for Job 2 and they've left for greener pastures after a few years usually. The salary is just not competitive with working for a private company...
  11. hepcat

    Two Backs vs One

    The only evidence you have to say that Rivera prefers a single RB system is that they didn't use and cut CJ Anderson. The only other time in Rivera's tenure he had two healthy starting caliber running backs was 2017 and he used them both. Every other season he had Stewart and Williams, they were never healthy at the same time so we don't know what he would have done. We also don't even know if he would have made that decision seeing as Rivera is a defensive guy and may have left the decision up to Chud/Shula/Norv.
  12. hepcat

    Considering a change of job

    Job 1 is definitely more a roll of the dice for long term job security than Job 2. I could have Job 2 for a long time in some capacity, but my salary would always be low. It's almost impossible to get a big raise not only staying in the same place but also working for a public state entity. The Job 2 salary is low enough where we might need to have a roommate should we buy a house. Job 1 eliminates that need and then some. Job 1 also offers a huge chance to grow, so the gamble might pay off. If the company continues to expand, my job role expands. I'm joining a small team responsible for company wide support, so if they keep expanding, I'd essentially be getting in on the ground floor of what could be a long term job.
  13. hepcat

    Two Backs vs One

    Stewart and Williams were almost never healthy at the same time so this notion the Panthers have always had a two back system is flawed. Even after Williams was cut before the 2015 season, Stewart was the primary back from 2015-2016. 2017 was the first season in awhile the Panthers had two true running backs healthy and involved in the offense the whole season.