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  1. Washington Pigskins duh it’s so obvious
  2. She didn’t offer anything anyone following the team didn’t already know
  3. Scrapping games loses the NFL revenue, preseason or regular
  4. My wife is from Massachusetts and her whole family are huge Pats fans. I was at the Pats/Panthers game in 2017 when the Panthers won. My wife’s dad had some interesting (to say the least) stuff to say about Cam while I was there. Told her to text him and see how he feels....she refuses hahahah
  5. We are about to find out how racist the Patriots fanbase is.
  6. been expected for a long time
  7. Solid coaching and progress throughout the season, especially on defense. This is a very young team. Things might be rough early on. But if we see progress and improvement it means that Rhule is getting results and we have something to look forward to. If things get bad, and the team doesn't respond, I'd be nervous Rhule is the guy. A successful season would be knowing that Rhule is going to be the guy for the long term.
  8. Could win a super bowl with that offense if you have a top 5 defense
  9. It's probably a good time to start thinking about getting out of the market and holding a cash position for awhile. Gonna drop again pretty soon as more COVID cases surge.
  10. He sure has fallen a long way from when he was the starting QB for the Gotham Rogues.
  11. I've probably already participated in an activity that has exposed me to COVID19 and I have not seen a nickel of that million dollars
  12. I think it's a good time to get into gold (GLD) I made a good chunk of money in the last month and I took some of my investments out to build a new patio on my house. My property is the best investment I have.
  13. Having a coach that most likely doesn't have CTE related brain damage is a major improvement
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