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  1. Those people aren't real fans. Cam is one of the best things to ever happen to the Panthers. If he's healthy there are few better QB's in the NFL. If he can't ever be healthy again, I understand why they would part ways with him. One thing is certain, Cam on the field sells tickets. Tepper is going to have a harder time selling tickets for this sorry team than in the past two seasons he's been the owner. He might be wise to keep Cam to fill the stadium regardless if he can win games or not.
  2. Nobody wants healthy badass Cam gone. There are people who want injury-riddled, shell of his former self Cam gone, which is fair and reasonable.
  3. Tepper is assuming that people are going to want to pay to watch the Panthers next season lol
  4. Unless Marty goes full "retain the core of a 2-14 team" again
  5. https://www.kvue.com/article/news/crime/austin-naked-twerking-woman-heb-police/269-dca33560-b01b-440e-9359-af28734e9842 Gotta love Austin
  6. holy weenerholes batman $250??? grease me up and call me sally this is the story of the millennium
  7. It happens to lots of the good teams. The Patriots are some miraculous exception that they seem to be able to keep winning despite not having high draft picks and recycling their roster every season
  8. Jimmy Garropolo threw 8 passes in the NFC Championship game. It doesn’t matter who plays QB if your roster is badass Kyle Allen could have won that game with that roster Just saying
  9. It doesn’t matter who coaches a team with a black cat with a mascot because we are cursed
  10. http://walterfootball.com/scoutingreport2020JBurrow.php
  11. Is this stemming from the Burrow/Trubisky comparisons?
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