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  1. Bruh still mad panthers fans trolled him hard for a dumbass article he published in 2013
  2. CLASSIC Saints poaching an old Panther backup move.
  3. KK Short is just getting old, his career mirrored Charles Johnson's. Johnson was a disruptive force until he was about 28/29. Kawaan Short is 30.
  4. If it’s one thing panthers fans do better than any other fan base, it’s rig polls. Best uniforms in nfl history
  5. You’d think a safety burned down Ron Rivera’s house and fuged his wife the way he disregards them on the roster
  6. It's not a crazy notion especially if the Panthers are a playoff team. When a non-QB gets the ball in 1 out of 3 plays on offense and always gets positive yards, it's a likely possibility. Panthers offense is looking mighty feisty even if Cam isn't 100%
  7. I remember the first time I realized the national media doesn't care about the Panthers, seems like such a long time ago now...
  8. Cut Torrey Smith and Vernon Butler and sign him RIGHT NOW
  9. All I gotta say is if you have time to make a video like that you are definitely not getting laid with any regularity
  10. anyone who complains about this needs to remember the Panthers rolled out Brenton Bersin and Kaelin Clay as starting WRs in a playoff game.
  11. Rask was unbelievable in this series and definitely the main reason they won. Boston seems to have been getting better as the playoffs have rolled along too. They looked vulnerable against Columbus early in the series and just seemed to turn it on. But Rask has a tendency to go super cold at times and against a more powerful offensive team he might get shook up. I think either team out of the West will have a good series against Boston.
  12. How the hell could you leave off future HOFer Marvin McNutt
  13. Peppers only spent half his career with the Panthers, but because he came back I think he'll get a nod for the HOH. Rucker and Johnson are both good players but not all time greats considering the fact we're comparing two players that had very similar careers that came right after each other.
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