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  1. A live photo of Ron's playsheet from yesterday
  2. All I have to say is, prepare for things to get a lot worse before they get better. The Panthers might be full Bengals next season.
  3. The Panthers do not control their own destiny. Even if they win all their games and beat New Orleans twice, the Saints could win all of their other games and still win the division. Ron wrong again.
  4. I didn't mention Cam at all in my statement. Regardless, Kyle Allen is obviously getting worse.
  5. What the fug do you know about my opinions on Cam?
  6. He's doing exactly what everyone who watched him in college told me he would do. He looks great early on, and he gets worse as he goes. At this point he has zero business on an NFL field.
  7. The real question is, should they shut down Christian McCaffrey? Or let him go for his records and subsequently risk injury in a lost season.
  8. The 2010 roster had a lot of players that continued to contribute for many seasons after that horrible season, some that were on the 2015 Superbowl roster. Some notable names: Jordan Gross Ryan Kalil Travelle Wharton Steve Smith Jonathan Stewart DeAngelo Williams Brandon LaFell Thomas Davis Charles Johnson Greg Hardy Captain Munnerlyn As far as a hypothetical 2020 collapse, other than Christian McCaffrey, I really don't think there are many players that will be contributing to a future playoff run. Half the roster are free agents this offseason. The team is going to look so much different next season it's pretty fair to predict that Ron Rivera would lead the team straight into the abyss the way things are trending.
  9. I think Rivera hopes he gets another season because Cam went on IR. He's hoping that he showed that he could still win some games with an undrafted second year QB. If Rivera coaches another season the team is going to completely implode and the corpse might smell a lot worse than the one from 2010.
  10. This feels a lot like the 2009 season. The team is hanging around and had a backup QB pull them out of the doldrums. Next season if they keep Rivera again, I expect a 1-15 record.
  11. This might have just ended Daryl Williams’s career honestly
  12. Haha if Tepper wants the stadium to be empty next season he’s more than welcome to keep Rivera another season
  13. I genuinely think Ron has brain damage
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