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  1. Funny stuff. Troy Aikman is secretly very gay if y’all didn’t know. At least according to Skip Bayless haha Flyovers seem like a waste of money but there was a pretty astute Reddit response about it that made sense
  2. The Panthers have run 61 offensive drives through 6 games, which is 14th most in the NFL. They have scored on 47.5% of those drives, which is 8th best in the NFL. However, average points scored per drive is 2.28, which is 20th in the NFL. The Panthers are tied for 2nd in the NFL with 23 Red Zone Attempts. They have scored TDs on 11 of those attempts, a TD conversion rate of 47.8%, which ranks 28th in the NFL. The Panthers offense has racked up 2301 yards, 6th most in the NFL. However they are 22nd with 138 total points scored. 13.1% of offensive drives have ended because of a turnover, which is 10th worst in the NFL. Our friend's the New England Patriots have a league worst 19.2% of drives ending in a turnover! The offense has committed 39 offensive penalties, which is tied for 6th most in the NFL. Draw from these stats your own conclusions.... Stats: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2020/
  3. He surprised me this season. Didn't know who he was when they signed him but he played well this season. Hope his backups are able to play well too.
  4. Would rather keep Samuel and give up something else to get Engram, but I'm not against the move if it helps in the red zone
  5. Considering the offenses these two teams run, and the limp-armed QB's each team has, this game is going to come down to tackling. The team that can shut down screens, short routes, and slants, will win the game.
  6. Rasul Douglas has been surprising but he had already started a good number of games in the NFL and played at a decent level. Corn Elder had been a whipping boy. The fact he's anywhere near productive is a miracle. His entire game has improved.
  7. Lots of former panthers on Monday night! The Bills are obviously chock full of them, the Chiefs had Mike Remmers who is still bad, the Cowboys have Worley and Dontari Poo. It’s fun to watch former Panthers suck on other teams.
  8. Unless CMC is coming back next game, they need to add a backup RB before DL. Trenton Cannon isn’t a threat to do anything.
  9. Ron would have said missed opportunities about 500 times after this game. Bridgewater played it conservative at moments when aggression had worked out on some plays. Bears were very aggressive on defense and it burned them a few times. First INT, Bears defender got to Robby Anderson before the ball did. Could have been called PI, just like the one that was called back. Bears defenders have their hands all over Panthers receivers in the end zone on the Bridgewater scramble play. Not sure if that is called holding if Bridgewater throws the ball.
  10. I’m proud of the coaching staff and select players for overachieving to this point. I did not expect the Panthers to be .500 at this point in the season. The schedule is about to get really hard and all those good feelings from the 3 game winning streak might be a distant memory pretty soon. Teddy needs to step up against the good teams.
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