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  1. hepcat

    Panthers 3-4 defense confirmed.

    They need more linebackers
  2. Backup QB is a massive need. The people on this forum saying the Panthers don’t need a backup QB for Cam are the same people who would be blowing up the Huddle after games with “Why didn’t they sign a backup QB” threads if Cam’s shoulder can’t hold up for a full season. You prepare for the worst and hope for the best, not the other way around.
  3. Oh don't get me wrong I think it's a good signing, one they had to make, but I'm hesitant to say he's going to have a big impact. They need veteran depth after losing Peppers and probably losing Horton.
  4. Looks like a backup for Addison. With Wes Horton a free agent they had to sign someone. Irvin is 31 and only marginally productive at this point. It's probably 50/50 he makes the final roster honestly depending on how the draft shakes out.
  5. Brees restructured his deal for 2019. His cap hit is something ridiculous like $42m next season
  6. Seems like a potential backup/replacement for Daryl Williams
  7. I mean I disagree 100%. Kyle Allen is a big unknown but probably at best he’s Matt Moore 2.0. Heineke is just a camp arm. The Patriots made a habit of developing a quality backup behind Brady and getting value from it. Given Cam’s shoulder problems they need to take a hard look at either bringing in a vet QB that could start in a pinch or invest a draft pick in a backup. At best the drafted QB never plays and gets traded, at worst that QB gets significant starting time of Cam’s shoulder gives out. There is literally no negative to either scenario.
  8. Lack of attention to the backup QB position has me still concerned. If Cam’s shoulder gives out again it’s going to be a rough season and beyond
  9. hepcat

    Daryl to Left Guard?

    Amini prolly lives in Ron's basement and has his wife serve him bagel bites
  10. hepcat

    Panthers released Matt kalil

    This had literally everything to do with getting Daryl Williams back
  11. hepcat

    Panthers released Matt kalil

    One of the most expensive one year players in Panthers history
  12. hepcat

    Daryl to Left Guard?

    Wrong player going to LG. It'll more likely be Moton, who was in line to start at LG before Williams got hurt last season
  13. Don't compare him to Greg Hardy pls. Very different situations
  14. Released after the Jets signed Bell. Had a pretty decent season racking up 685 yards on 143 carries and 6 TDs. Not much of a pass catcher but could be a solid change of pace back to spell McCaffrey. http://www.espn.com/nfl/player/_/id/17133/isaiah-crowell