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  1. News about releasing Cam Newton would have been an April fools joke not too long ago
  2. Last year was probably his best season if you look at running backs historicallly
  3. Do want. You build a defense from the inside out. Kawaan Short is 31 and just missed an entire season. They didn’t retain Vernon Butler, who improved last season. Who else do they have on the inside? Based on the Panthers letting Bradberry walk and not re-signing Cockrell (yet...), Okudah might also be the pick. But if Brown is there, he HAS to be the pick. Shaq Thompson is too similar to Simmons to pick him. If Ron was still here I could see it. Too many other holes to pick a guy that doesn’t really have a set position on an already gutted defense
  4. From 7 to 23 and only netting a 3rd round pick is a horrible f*cking trade
  5. No he wasn’t. Will Grier was terrible. Haskins was just bad
  6. Allen is going to start games for the Redskins next season. He might even be the Week 1 starter.
  7. Panthers should look at Collin Johnson from Texas in the 4th or 5th round. He's a hell of a blocker and could end up being a TE in the pros if he bulked up a bit
  8. I am optimistic about the offense. The defense needs a solid draft to not be historically awful again
  9. Texas here too. I think the state government has handled this pretty well, aside from Dan Patrick’s retarded comments about letting the elderly die to save the economy, I know way too many people who have lost their jobs, including my friend’s pregnant wife
  10. yep. that's why my band declares a loss every year. we make tens of thousands on paper, but I have to pay 7 other musicians per show usually, we hire tons of contractors (photographers, pr folks, audio engineers, recording studio time, etc) and I as the owner of the group end up making nothing or losing money. And I can't pay anyone in the band if we don't have shows. Extrapolate that to a much higher income business...
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