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  1. hepcat

    NFL, technology, and the future

    Either the refs need to be replaced with computers that never mess up a call and the rules have to be crystal clear enough for robots to officiate, or we need to accept that humans are imperfect and that is part of the game. It always has been. How many games were decided on calls that would be completely different with all the camera angles we have today? Thousands. How many games would have changed? Thousands. We should probably just accept it's part of the game
  2. It closed February 7th 2016
  3. Wasn't there a game day chat on here at some point? I thought that was a cool feature. Might seriously cut down on reactionary threads on game days.
  4. Considering the source, who knows if he actually knew this before he wrote that. His post makes it look like the Texans and Panthers are playing each other.
  5. Town is dead. The sadness is overflowing. Go Panthers. 22D8B240-D1B2-4E4C-85FC-F76A50CFDFD4.MOV
  6. hepcat

    Mel Kiper's First 2019 Mock - 01/17/19

    If Ed Oliver falls out of the top 10, Marty needs to trade up and get him. He’s the next Aaron Donald
  7. hepcat

    Should Ace Aladdin be banned?

    Which one is the PanthersUnited alt?
  8. hepcat

    Stat that makes me puke

    Offenses knew who to pick on in the Panthers secondary in crucial moments. There were weak links and no pass rush. Panthers need to sign an elite vet DE, get KK Short to try again, re-sign Eric Reid, draft a 1st round safety, and hope Jackson and Bradberry continue to progress and stay healthy all season. That'd fix the defense pretty damn quick
  9. hepcat

    David tepper speaks.

    The main thing I took from this video is Ron Rivera's Kohl's clearance rack draft day vests.
  10. No they didn't. They blew a 14-0 lead to the then terrible Texans at home in the 2nd game of the season
  11. hepcat

    will the local media ever turn on ron?

    Haha yea this was such a dumb comment, what a tool
  12. hepcat

    will the local media ever turn on ron?

    Would be pretty tough to write a scathing article about how much Rivera sucks then have to ask him questions in press conferences every week. Wouldn't expect that reporter to be able to get much info after something like that. Much easier to be a cynic from a desk far away.
  13. hepcat

    Old vs Young

    Those young QBs are propped up by offensive geniuses as their head coaches. The only non offensive head coach still in the fight is Belichick