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  1. I could not care less if every sports publication on the planet ranked every facet of the Panthers team last in the league and recommended the stadium be burned to the ground because the team is so horrible and pointless. Does not change what the team will do on the field whatsoever.
  2. New Orleans was flooding before the storm even hit. It's going to be bad
  3. People have different levels of IQ. Gettleman had a high football IQ, but a low emotional IQ.
  4. Yea, everything you said was true. Smitty did need to move on so Cam could take the next step. The only fug up Gettleman made in the Smitty release was not telling him to his face like a man. I guess he was worried about getting punched in the face and getting his nose or skull cracked. Gettleman did some good things for the Panthers but his personality was a bit too brash for the Carolinas.
  5. I went through a rough breakup back in my early/mid 20's. 3 yrs together on and off. First love type situation for both of us. When it was finally over for good it messed me up for awhile afterward. But life goes on. Time heals your wounds and you move on. And looking back, man am I glad I did. My ex is a crazy bitch who never got over our relationship. She texted me a tirade about how I don't deserve love and she threatened my then fiance with violence when she found out I got engaged. 5 YEARS AFTER WE BROKE UP.
  6. Who the fug knows. Different teams show up as contenders and others die every season. The first 8 games last year the Panthers looked like a playoff team and the last 8 they looked like one of the worst in the NFL. I can’t take another 2018 so I hope they are either competitive all year or just go ahead and tank
  7. My parents had a little ceremony for our long time family Aussie when he was 16. Long story short the time came for him and they decided to have his vet come to the house and put him down in the backyard. Our pup laid down in a sunny spot on some leaves and seemed to understand what was about to happen. He’d been suffering so I’m sure it was a relief for him. Then the vet hauled him away. Maybe you could consider that? Less traumatic for the dog to be put down in their home. Going to the vet stresses out every dog. But if the kids are truly too young to understand, maybe doing it at the vet is a better option.
  8. Kemba could have netted some sweet draft picks if he was traded last offseason, with the chance to draft Zion this year.
  9. If the Hornets win more than 25 games I'd be shocked beyond all belief. Scary Terry is a good backup and has no business starting 82 games for an NBA franchise.
  10. Michael Jordan is profiting off the Hornets brand to support his gambling addition. He has never cared about fielding a competitive basketball team as evidenced by literally every move the team has made under his ownership. A 12 year old playing NBA franchise mode could do a better job and that's not even a joke.
  11. The Hornets are in for a run of 1990s Clippers level of ineptitude and all Jordan is doing is counting his money
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