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  1. ehrmegerd mid round rookie in 3rd game sometimes struggles to cover elite WR1
  2. Every QB is a system QB. Every QB has talents that play well in certain systems and not as well in others. Labelling QBs that play well in short passing systems as "system QBs" and not QBs that play well in power run/deep ball systems is pretty dumb. Troy Aikman would be as poor a fit for the current Saints' offense as Brees would be for the 90s Cowboys' offense.
  3. No way Andre Smith could possibly have been worse than this
  4. Jesus Christ if there's ever been a reason to cut a player on the way to the bus it's been today with Whitehead
  5. DL getting blown off the ball most plays set that whole thing up.
  6. Jesus this is like watching the Saints offense but weirdly being happy when it does well
  7. Even if LaMelo develops into a star, there is a zero percent chance he would stay in Charlotte past his rookie contract. I'll take Obi Toppin over that any day.
  8. If we were seriously contending and FS was a major hole, then I'd do it. In our current rebuilding situation, this would be beyond stupid.
  9. Thama

    Corona Virus

    It actually is, just not COVID-19. This virus is so stupidly named. Just needed to call it "SARS 2.0" or "Son of SARS" or "SARS EVOLVED".
  10. Thama

    Corona Virus

    An antibody with high binding activity to COVID will likely work, just as the convalescent serum extracted from survivors will also probably work. The problem is in getting those treatments off the ground and produced in large numbers within a reasonable time frame. Monoclonal antibody production is not trivial, and I don't have a lot of faith that it will be widely available before 50-75% of the population has already been infected.
  11. Thama

    Corona Virus

    A) China is far more draconian about quarantine than Europe. B) China is also not reporting their real numbers or letting the outside world see how bad it is in many places according to Chinese national coworkers with family there.
  12. Thama

    Corona Virus

    It's a horrible idea. While the death rate is much lower in that population, it is still substantial. Lots of reports from China and a few from Italy of young healthy physicians becoming critically ill and dying, many from what appears to be a delayed myocarditis-like illness. In France fully half of their critically ill patients are young and middle aged (under 60). Being young and healthy is a relative, not absolute, protective factor here.
  13. Thama

    Corona Virus

    Some of the largest clusters of SARS-CoV occurred in warm climates. Even the Chinese scientists are talking about a reduction in R0 of around 0.5, which would be huge for most viruses, but is a drop in the bucket here.
  14. Thama

    Corona Virus

    The tides turned in China and South Korea because their populations and governments were willing to strictly follow measures that Americans would throw little personal liberty hissy fits about. And warm weather is going to slow this down only slightly by current observations. It's spreading just fine in tropical/subtropical areas now.
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