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  1. Gotta learn the offense to anticipate anything. Will be more troubled if we're still hearing the same things at the end of TC.
  2. PFF loves the guy. Loves him to the point where I'm starting to wonder if Hurney is relying on PFF for a substantial part of his college scouting. Burns and Grier were 2 other huge PFF favorites that we fell in love with early in the process, so it's not unreasonable.
  3. Goddamn that's serious value. Miller didn't drop because he's not ready to play, he dropped because of injury concerns and a small sample size. If he plays like he did last season he's a 1st round value on the edge.
  4. CGJ, Hooker, Thompson still available.
  5. I did not expect us to be able to choose between Burns, Sweat, or Jawaan Taylor. At all.
  6. This isn't related to SVT at all in any way except that both are heart conditions. This isn't ablating a small ectopic pacemaker, it's pretty significant structural heart surgery. HOCM is one of the more common causes of sudden death in athletes. Chances are, if you've heard of a teenage or young adult athlete suddenly going into cardiac arrest while playing a sport it was HOCM.
  7. You don't understand. Every good prospect will be drafted by pick 16. Only RBs, MLBs not from LSU, and 3rd tier QBs will be available. It is known.
  8. Honestly I think his speed, aggressiveness and play recognition put him in position to attempt difficult tackles in space more often than most corners. Your average outside corner isn't even getting to the ball carrier to miss the tackles that Jackson was missing on occasion.
  9. These Hall comparisons are downright weird. Hall was an athlete with zero technique or development. Ferrell is a good but not great athlete who has made his name on technique and motor. He's the prototypical low ceiling/high floor prospect where it's hard to imagine him not being a solid NFL starter barring injury, but he's also never going to be a truly elite pass rusher.
  10. Better depression acknowledged and treated well than the substance abuse problems rampant among professional athletes.
  11. I'd be between Sweat and Oliver personally. I think Oliver is going to be a dominant interior pass rusher.
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