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  1. I've seen Ferrell dropping to the mid teens a lot in mocks, with Gary being gone more consistently than Ferrell by pick 16. If either of those 2 drop to us it's a no brainer who the pick should be. Sweat physically looks the part but I can't help thinking he's going to be just a "decent starter".
  2. I don't think there's a chance in hell that Darryl Williams would sign a contract that small, even after a major injury. He's a year removed from a Pro Bowl season and plays one of the most valuable positions in football. If we want him we will need to pay him. Clark has been OK but beaten badly enough in enough games that I think he should be treated as a solid backup only.
  3. Funchess has had a rough middle of the season this year, but he's played well plenty of times in his career too. A WR trio of Moore, Samuel and Funchess is a good group with a really diverse skillset. If he's willing to take low #2 money then I think we should re-sign him. If he envisions himself as a #1 then he's both delusional and going elsewhere.
  4. I would much rather play the Rams on the road than the Saints in the playoffs. The Rams barely have a home field, while the Superdome can be an incredibly difficult place to play.
  5. Thama

    Eric Reid

    You don't get to tackle the opposing QB seconds after the ball is gone just because "it might be a playaction" in the NFL in 2018. That hasn't been even remotely allowed for a very long time. Everyone here would be losing their mind if it were Cam taking hits seconds after getting rid of the ball.
  6. Thama

    Eric Reid

    I don't hate him for kneeling, I support his kneeling and the message he's trying to communicate. I don't mind him having beef with Jenkins as long as that stays off the field. When he takes incredibly late shots at the opposing QB that I'd be losing my mind about if they were on Cam, that's what I have a problem with.
  7. Thama

    Eric Reid

    If Josh Norman suplexed the opposing QB several seconds after the ball was gone on a clear running play, we would have loved it? Are you out of your mind?
  8. Thama

    Eric Reid

    I was totally in favor of signing him, but this game has made me wonder whether there were other reasons why 31 teams decided Reid was more trouble that he was worth.