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  1. Carolina win!!!! lookin like a playoff year and Carolina is good late in year.
  2. BigSyke

    Game Balls - Who get em?

    Everyone because the team finally played a complete game!
  3. Vs the no1 defense in terms of scoring, passing and sacks. That's really impressive and big ups to the oline for great protection This is a SB type worthy performance just because that defense is so good.
  4. Congratulation to Cam for the big comeback, he won the game.
  5. Cam should have made the td throw. Loss not all on him but he is the biggest reason now cause he missed an open td throw. Sorry it is what it is man. Even though with how the defense played they probably would let Smith go downfield on the them and get the FG. This is team has a lot to fix overall and its still a long season ahead.
  6. True, but Rivera defense has never really consistently shut down big passers. Most times the pass defense just flat out suck. Either a poor defense gets hot in playoffs for an offensive team like Saints/Colts or an elite one carries the team like Baltimore/bears. Panthers are not an offensive passing team like colts and Ron has never fielded an elite defense like broncos2015/hawks2013 that can shut down elite passers.
  7. BigSyke

    Upon further review...

    Im sure someone posted from a media outlet on twitter that the soft coverage was just for preseason and it wouldn't be used that much this year in the regular season. I mean and zone doesn't give up big plays? Cause I see plenty deep passes given up just like Ginn td in plays offs. Nothing has changed. Seems like they get beat deep n short. lol
  8. BigSyke

    MNF: Skins vs Saints

    "hes the best of all time" lol Not with these easy ass rules in this era. I understand Nfl has to promote a product to get casuals in but ehhh NO. You can not put any qb 2000-2018 ahead of old qbs who had to go to through the ringer and actually had to play nfl caliber defenses that didn't fear getting a flag over any little thing they did to a qb/wr.
  9. He got to the sideline quickly so panthers wouldn't have to take a timeout, probably his best play of the day.
  10. BigSyke

    What's up with Luke?

    Man this fugin defensive line fooled the fug out of me during the first week. I thought they were elite during the dallas game. They are not getting pressure as a unit....vs the WORST OLINE in football makes it 10 times worst.
  11. Hopefully he does not go back into ignoring check downs. Also I noticed a few of his balls were wobblers. Cam does not look the same throwing downfield this year. I think dude is still hurt. Ive never saw this many wobble passes from Cam in a season. Something is up.
  12. He did get up one play in the 2nd quarter or 3rd quarter where he got up holding his wrist like it was hurt. I caught that also.
  13. Wanted to see him be a deep threat but dude is just not getting it done. Get Dj and Curtis on the field. They are play makers. Funchess is just a possession wr. id put byrd in over torrey also at this point.