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  1. Well he could be right. I know teams are worried about that foot but i was just trying to say the arm looks like it could be the bigger worry. I cant wait to see how it plays out though.
  2. I saw cam with my own eyes. His Arm looked shot. Cam had the strongest arm in the league. People remember how he used to flick it off back foot 60 yards to smith that first game against the packers. Its not his legs that teams are worried about. Its his arm. That poo didn't look right in game time. I said it during the 2018 even when they were during okay. That arm did not look right and it didn't look right in the 2 games he played in the 2019 season.
  3. Ehh something is going on. I dont know how "healthy" cam really is. Teams are gonna want to take there own look I guess after this crisis. As for Tepper, if he draft trevor and this teams wins again I dont think anyone will be mad. Winning cures everything. Now if this team goes on a avg to bottom feeder run then yeah you gonna see Cam stuff brought up every other month on huddle. Especially if Beli gets his cheatin ass hands on em and wins sb. Cam is an xfactor. You never know if dude bounces back from this or not.
  4. dont like it. teddy not good enough to win sb on a terrible team but not bad enough to get no1/no2 overall pick for the obvious top qbs coming out. so that leaves you somewhere around 8-8 again. stupid for a so called rebuild.
  5. I believe it. Cam needs to retire or if he comes back needs fresh start. Panthers need to go in rebuild mode. Build with a new QB and oline. Let GM/coach and all 1 year rentals go.
  6. as long as ginn is the return man. hes probably the 5th option(if he makes it) which means he won't get many snaps. kb, df, philly, tg, go and ed will be primary targets.
  7. is daryl williams in school like shaq? have not heard much about him......
  8. not that let down. i mean he wasnt projected as a sure fire left tackle from day one anyways.
  9. like I said women need to learn to keep their hands to them selves. im noticing a trend of women starting shitt and getting dealt with...then want to play the victim. I don't care what anyone thinks. if my life is in danger, im hitting whoever it is no matter what sex. same thing happened with tiger woods. women can be just as abusive as men. and people please can we keep race out of it.
  10. yeah if its a misdemeanor ...he will get 30 days...and put in a program for 1 year. plus hes paid...so yeah I doubt he gets that. but he probably just pushed her hard or grabbed her and wouldn't let go. she probably had some minor red marks on her skin. police probably took pics. she was probably crying and scared. hardy is probably still a panther. I probably should stop saying probably.
  11. no man should ever hit a woman. their are exceptions to the rule however. if you are trying to protect your life or getting ragged on like jay-z in the elevator.. :lolu: sorry, but women need to learn to keep their hands to them selves. always thinking a man has to much to lose to hit back.....well some men don't give a fugk ..ask chris brown. me personally, I would just bear hug(restrain) the poo out of a woman or just walk away.
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