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  1. Surprised he actually chose Panthers. Could be really great.
  2. I don't think they plan on using back up rb. Christian will be out there 90 percent snaps just like last year. Especially if wr still struggling. No way they gonna take him off the field. If they didn't use Anderson why would this situation be any different?
  3. Idk. Cam might not be ready to start season. Hopefully this dude(grier) can play decent enough to win some games. No need rushing Cam back on the field for another injury, I mean that's whats been happening for to long.
  4. they need to take a chance on preston Williams 6-4 210 ran 4,4
  5. So they probably pick another TE if anything since Olsen retires after this season. Hogan was a deep threat in NE from time to time.
  6. as long as ginn is the return man. hes probably the 5th option(if he makes it) which means he won't get many snaps. kb, df, philly, tg, go and ed will be primary targets.
  7. is daryl williams in school like shaq? have not heard much about him......
  8. not that let down. i mean he wasnt projected as a sure fire left tackle from day one anyways.
  9. like I said women need to learn to keep their hands to them selves. im noticing a trend of women starting shitt and getting dealt with...then want to play the victim. I don't care what anyone thinks. if my life is in danger, im hitting whoever it is no matter what sex. same thing happened with tiger woods. women can be just as abusive as men. and people please can we keep race out of it.
  10. yeah if its a misdemeanor ...he will get 30 days...and put in a program for 1 year. plus hes paid...so yeah I doubt he gets that. but he probably just pushed her hard or grabbed her and wouldn't let go. she probably had some minor red marks on her skin. police probably took pics. she was probably crying and scared. hardy is probably still a panther. I probably should stop saying probably.
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