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  1. stratopanther

    Just think on this a moment...

    Are you trying to say theres a conspiracy against the panthers? What exactly are you implying? The refs suck. We would have still lost by alot if all of those calls went our way.
  2. stratopanther

    Just think on this a moment...

    You guys really complaining about the refs after getting shwacked like that? The Kazee hit on Cam was pretty much the same as Reids. Nobody complained about that. The Mcdonald TD coulda gone either way and wed be pissed if that was Olsen and it was overturned. ABs td was a good no call. If Donte didnt complain about it nobody would have mentioned it. We got destroyed. Move on.
  3. stratopanther

    Bright spot from last night

    Buck sure wanted to talk about Aikman not giving away his wristband last night. Troy was obviously gettin sick of it.
  4. Crazy that his mom supports him.
  5. Folks sure love cherry picking pff stats here.
  6. I mean, the mccaffrey touchdown shoulda been an int. I know from listening to their podcasts that these types of throws are taken into consideration. Not every media outlet that paints our team negatively has some agenda against us.
  7. stratopanther

    Where is McCaffrey's touted explosiveness?

    Wish the mods would clean this forum up a bit.
  8. You think the schedule makers would go out of their way, rearranging every other teams schedule, just to make sure we have slight disadvantages throughout our schedule? This is basically what youre saying and its beyond rediculous.
  9. We are capable of beating any team and also losing to any team.
  10. I mean, we played a season with Jimmy Clausen at qb...
  11. If they review the spot on that then theres a 10 second run off.
  12. stratopanther

    Why did we run the ball?

    We would have been fine if we didnt burn all our timeouts avoiding delay of game penalties. If that has to happen 4 times a game then just take the friggin penalty and save some timeouts.
  13. stratopanther

    Its time to fire Rivera

    Yeah lets fire our coach.