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  1. Dude had 1800 yds and like 20 tds in 08'. He can do that for the money all he wants.
  2. Sean mcvay is the face of the rams franchise weirdly enough.
  3. Hopefully we can get rid of those fake ass pepsi commercials where rivera has a timeout left in the 4th.
  4. I wonder how Payton would feel if it applied to OPI as well.
  5. Im all for signing him and going for it this year. Its a gamble for sure betting that cam is healthy. Lets shoot for the moon this year and hope everything aligns. If thats not the case then we're set up to rebuild.
  6. He doesn't like the niners, not a fan of the hawks, and doesn't respect kanye. I'll be the first mofugger to say aight den to that.
  7. 18-0-1. In an unprecedented instance we tie the Bengals in the Owl.
  8. I don't have cable so no. Why is not being in a scandal irrelevant to you? I think it's pretty obvious you'll just toe your party's line regardless. Your incendiary style of banter really does nothing to help your argument.
  9. Besides Ted Cruz I'll go with everyone else. Ted Cruz only because he's pretty obviously an idiot. Everyone else is more qualified simply because their entire political career hasn't been mired in scandal to the extent of Hillary's. When comparing to Hillary the bar is ground level low.
  10. I've yet to hear any reason why Hillary should be president other than for "the sake of history". There's very little difference between voting for her because she's a woman vs. not voting for her because she's a woman in my eyes. I don't care what race or gender you are to take office I just want the most qualified person there. She is certainly not it.
  11. Hands down the best show I've seen was Govt Mule opening for Primus. I went to see Mule and left a huge Primus fan. Les was getting ready to hit an encore and he said "do you want beavers or puppies?" Right then some idiot threw a shoe and hit him in the face which prompted Les to leave the stage. I saw the shoe thrower get his ass kicked. I've never seen a show live that sucked by any band with a big name. I did borrow a pixies live dvd that was the worst crap I've ever seen/heard. I thought I liked them, I was wrong.
  12. It's an excellent signing. When you consider his age, experience, and pricetag it's the ultimate low-risk, high-reward pickup. As others have already mentioned, it seems we have an excellent locker room focused on winning and not BS.
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