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  1. He looked so bad sometimes but busted his tail to not let his guy get by. I kinda liked him for that.
  2. I'm here for the other offseason news.
  3. Every season is a crapshoot like this though. If it works out then maybe we can make a playoff run. Yes, odds are against us because we dont have the best roster. We have to shoot the moon and wish for the best. Worst case scenario is we dont win the superbowl. Wont be the first or last time.
  4. stratopanther

    NFL: Worth it for the name alone

    Parkeys last kick was tipped. It seemes to be brushed off but it was.
  5. I loved every single character in that show. Every season was better than the last. Ive watched the whole thing like 4 times and Im about to watch it again. Thank you. No idea what Funchess is talkin about here btw.
  6. Beer festivals are fun. Untappd is a really cool app.
  7. My vote is a man to man cb. They dont leave the field. Most positions are expected to make the play. If a corner sticks with their man and makes a play its considered a great play. Endurance aside, its a position of failure.
  8. stratopanther

    Davis says he would play in Atlanta

    I think itd be fun to watch him and cam square up twice a year. Obviously I hope we win but I really do hope he does well in his last few seasons.
  9. I dunno why but decent bowl made me chuckle.
  10. Why? He had a decent year when you add in his rushing stats.
  11. Why would he not want to play baseball? More money and less long term wear and tear. Is he not a projected first rounder in the mlb?
  12. stratopanther

    Isn’t it ironic...

    We shoulda just forfeited with 1 second left.
  13. stratopanther

    Hunt under investigation for a second altercation

    Seriously. This place has turned into a trashcan. Its become Hornetsting or pantherunitedwhatevers personal blog.
  14. stratopanther

    Its time to fire Rivera

    Yeah lets fire our coach.
  15. He doesn't like the niners, not a fan of the hawks, and doesn't respect kanye. I'll be the first mofugger to say aight den to that.