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  1. 'We could do worse.' Holy crap, is that what we're accepting? Ron has had more losing seasons than winning ones and take away one magical year and he's basically .500. This board is split when discussing the possibility of Mike Tomlin, here. He hasn't had a losing season in 13 years, been to 2 Super Bowls and won one. But we'll settle for Ron? Am I the only one who thinks a lot of these searches are flawed? Why is everyone looking for a great 'offensive mind' to run a football team? Shouldn't you look for someone who is a great leader, organizer, motivator and who has a knack for identifying talent (staff and players) who fit his system (or maybe adapt their system to the personnel) and has a similar philosophy to yours (as the owner)? Let that person find the next Sean McVay to be their offensive coordinator.
  2. My guess would be, it's the thing that we have been hearing so much about, the past few years. Paying a QB $35M/yr hamstrings your roster. If you have a good young QB, surround them with talent. I'm sad to see Cam go but Tepper wants to win a Championship and if he thinks this is the best way to do so, I can definitely see him making that decision.
  3. Steelers president Art Rooney II spoke to Dulac and said it was actually Colbert’s choice to not line his extension up with head coach Mike Tomlin’s as has happened in the past. “At this stage of the game, he’s really not looking to do any long-term planning,” Rooney said. “We talked and we agreed he’d rather wait till after the season to talk about the contract.” At 62 years old Colbert might be thinking about the next phase of his life and it might not include the grind of running an NFL team. We will have to wait and see how the season turns out and how Colbert wants to proceed. https://steelerswire.usatoday.com/2019/07/26/steelers-gm-kevin-colbert-retirement/
  4. Tomlin would just be Rivera 2.0. Also, Tepper has seemed pretty progressive in everything so far. Tomlin seems old school.
  5. Kung Pao tofu with spinach, cauliflower, onion and peanuts, over seasoned brown rice.
  6. If it's available down there. TYPE: India Pale Ale ABV: 7.2% Alc by Vol, 67 IBUs CATEGORY: Year-Round
  7. I feel like Tepper kept Ron and Marty, as to not make a rash decision. Even if it was the right one. No excuses now.
  8. Cut. See if we can develop one of these other young guys.
  9. Can you see that ball looking up into that white void?
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