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  1. I understand there's a difference. I assume his scouting analysis isn't comparing him to linebackers or defensive tackles for that matter but to other DBs. Geez.
  2. We didn't want Simmons because he's not physical enough. We've now drafted two guys with a knock for not being physical.
  3. He broke his ankle playing special teams. He was potentially a first rounder, prior to that.
  4. Because we don't open against Youngstown State.
  5. A sports related event, that's actually happening, in real time. Yippee ki yay mutta f*****!
  6. Taryn Christion and Bridgeport Tusler from South Dakota State.
  7. Goodell said that they are following guidelines, without exception. So, these IT guys traveling all over are considered 'essential' based on state guidelines?
  8. What if Brown and Simmons being gone, means Okudah is still on the board?
  9. Should be an exciting draft, based on these rumors. Apparently there will be somewhere around 37 players selected in the top 10.
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