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  1. I’m generally not a tanker, but watching Teddy passively throw uninspired checkdowns on third and long, constantly missing DJ (even to the point of getting him seriously injured), and his anti-clutchness all have me on the tank train if we can replace his tepid ass.
  2. How... how did I miss this before?
  3. LMAO you’re talking to Bull about proof?! Good luck with that, friend
  4. My educated guess on leaking Rudy juice is that it’s brain worm excrement forcing its way out of his follicles
  5. I’m working on it, but there’s a strong chance the butterfly effect of my proposed timeline interference will erase Chuck from the annals of Carolina Huddle history, and I’m not so sure the trade off is worth it.
  6. Glad you’re doing OK homie. Sorry you have to go through this, sorry for the scare. Glad you have a great support system in your wife. I wish you a speedy recovery free of complications.
  7. Hopefully they aren’t, but to address your probable ass-hattery, it doesn’t matter if they are not that sick in regards to the possibility of spreading it to other folk. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be able to live with a clean conscience knowing that my utter lack of regard for others lead to someone’s death, or even hospitalization and ensuing medical bills. Even if my sick ass 4th hand infected someone. But as a good Christian and god-fearing man, I’m sure you understand.
  8. That one’s been debunked as a fake account, though completely believable, gotta put things through the filter first.
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