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  1. jayflip

    Winslow Jr

    That's my neighborhood. Fug that guy.
  2. You're the biggest piece of poo on this forum, and this forum is balls deep in poo posters. Yech.
  3. If everyone just ignored creepy band disgusting jangler, he might just fade away into the ether.
  4. I poo on Torrey a bunch but damn it he really is a team player.
  5. If we have the luxury of cutting a fringe player for a solid (former) all-pro with gas left in the tank, I think that's a good thing and not a waste.
  6. jayflip


    You can take yer fancy pants book knowledge and stick it where the son dont shine. Yer theory is just that,,, a theory,, an I dont need bill ny (fake scientist!) tellin me muh pappys pappy was an monky! (Tbh I'm surprised he spelled 'knowledge' properly as he post-term abortioned the sentence itself)
  7. jayflip


    When presented with empirical mountains of indisputable scientific evidence, these clowns 'aww shucks' their way to an utterly simpleton and barely discernible response. Par the course, and why it's pointless to waste brain cells and energy on them.
  8. The culture thread is never the wrong thread
  9. jayflip

    Pro Life

    Anyways, Trident itt
  10. jayflip

    Pro Life

    I hope @PhillyBand @ImaginaryKevDidn't get banned
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