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  1. How very progressive of you.
  2. You think the blue hats are in your side? Keep feeding yourself to the wolves, friend
  3. With 2k having no current NFL backbone, this allows 2k to take their time and come out of the gates running down the road
  4. I think what makes this so polarizing the sheer abuse of power and showing of no respect to being anything of civil during the situation. These guys are instructed to escalate situations as much needed, seemingly. I see this as a citizen vs state thing and as a parallel to ruby ridge, ext. They just don't give a fug about any of us and it's really starting to show. If they'll do that to him in broad daylight. They'd do it to anyone and I think it's important to realise that.
  5. Because he lives in his own echo chamber and enjoys race bating.
  6. hmm. you can type asshole here without censoring.. the more you know
  7. Who in the hell are any of these guys and why am I watching them? edit: I pied you because i'm the asshole.
  8. Makes sense. Percy was a weed head (me too) and I was wondering if he'd come back if they laxed their rules a bit. Good for him.
  9. I think you won this argument
  10. I agree. Down with religion and DOWN WITH CHINA!
  11. Dr. Oz is a quack. Take him with a granial of salt.
  12. Alcohol holds zero benefits mentally or physically. Marijuana is not the same. Ban alcohol and mandate Marijuana. Profit?
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