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  1. You never marry the stripper. We all knew this would happen.
  2. Tre Boston is hunting today. I think he's trying to injure one of the saints.
  3. Currently converting my madden roster to a 4-3.. I'll let you know
  4. He just seemed all emo out there the entire time. Picking his beard and poo.
  5. He lacked any hope of inspiration out there today. He just seemed too lethargic all afternoon, even during his moderate spats of success. He was slow in the pocket and when attempting to outrun a defender, found out quickly this isn't the big 12. His deep ball was lacking and just seemed like way too much body throwing. Overall, Kyle Allen is the better QB by quite a bit so.. hell of a nice 3rd round pick, Hurney.
  6. It's no more addicting than jacking off. Endorphins be like that.
  7. Ian looked at bit.. bigger (fatter) than most pass catching TE's you see, too. They've beefed him up a bit for his blocking assignments. That may change over the offseason.
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