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  1. I'll say it. He hasn't been the same player since the first one came out. There. Now it's been said.
  2. I basically agree. Offer him a high end backup contract for 3 years and see if he accepts.
  3. Jackson is his own animal. With our scheming, we may start dropping the Jackson more into a safety position.
  4. Cock is what we wanted Shaq to be. This makes shaq's role much more defined and exciting, too. They are both rocking.
  5. I dont know if I want my OL on an open mic. Like.. how secure are these recordings? We usually only see the highlights of their games but somewhere, the entire game is recorded along with our oline adjustments, ext I may just be trippin here tho
  6. Flem is a great watch. I sub to that chan. His vids on Antonio Brown and Josh Gordon are legit. He went into Vont B and many many more. Good channel.
  7. His job was done at that time. That and he was spent. Do you even Football?
  8. I'll be honest, it's outside of your pay grade for understanding.
  9. Watch the new Joker movie and see how easy it is for society to tip one over the edge.
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