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  1. Ian looked at bit.. bigger (fatter) than most pass catching TE's you see, too. They've beefed him up a bit for his blocking assignments. That may change over the offseason.
  2. Don't take anything you see for the rest of this season seriously. Especially including your posts, OP.
  3. So where the fug has he been all season? He'll get more yards in the remainder of the season than Olsen has all year. Smh
  4. You want to go back and look at the number of first round busts over the past decade, bud? How many have we had over that same time.. maybe two? Don't let your hate blind you. Hurn knocked it out of the park this past offseason based on what was available.
  5. I agree. If we can get a 1st and 3rd, or something like that for Keek. I'm all for it.
  6. Didn't we argue at one point how Shaq was like Luke during Luke's rookie year? Didn't Shaq fill in for Luke during some of Luke's concussions and excel in his absence?
  7. Hurney has never drafted a contract that was not approved by those above him. He is a puppet in that regard. He does have great ability to spot talent, it seems. If he is willing to stay on in a subsidiary role, why not?
  8. Hurney is going to be on the team as a secondary piece. I seriously doubt Shaq's contract is anything indicative of Hurney's future.
  9. Eh, I was searching for Madden trade memes and that looked fun. I'm a spontaneous kind of fug.
  10. I have a feeling we are going to dump Keek and Cam in the offseason and load up on picks for a quick turn around.
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