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  1. what kind of dumbfug logic is this?
  2. bull will do everything he can to downplay the success of the nba right now i'd be willing to say the success the nba bubble is producing is one of the most interesting things happening during this pandemic, at least right now before the nba shutdown, i watched the hornets and lebron now, i've got my dvr set to record the lakers, pelicans, jazz, rockets, bucks, thunder (and hornets lol)... nearly every game the nba is broadcasting right now because TV is otherwise a black hole but shocking the racist wants to downplay everything the nba is doing, and doing successfully
  3. watching pelicans/jazz right now... seems a little sloppy, but to be expected have the lakers/clips queued up next, i imagine that will be a little tighter glad to have something back that's actually worth watching
  4. i feel for you man... i can't comprehend how this decision making process is going for you (and the millions of other parents in your same shoes). it seems like there are easy 'right' answers to all of this, but because of the ineptitude of this country, those options have been completely wiped from the table. picking the best of the 'wrong' answers should never be an option all i know is, whenever anybody asks why my wife and i have chosen not to have children, the answer has become a lot easier: 2020
  5. at this point, i'm almost to the conclusion of screw the parents - if they're the one's sending their kids off to schools, they should be well past the point of knowing what they're getting into i feel more for the friends and family that i have who are teachers and principals in these schools that will be forced back to the classroom or lose their jobs. they're the one's that i know personally, that are in their early-to-mid 30's and are now rushing to find lawyers to throw together will's in the event they find themselves on the poo end of this terrible and avoidable human experiment
  6. why is this only a conversation of in-class vs virtual learning? we are literally discussing this on a football forum where it seems the general consensus is that the season won't happen. and that's with millions of dollars being thrown at the problem to attempt a solution. and it's likely to fail, with a season suspended why is there not a discussion of suspending a semester of schooling? or even a year? these arguments make it ever clear that this isn't about getting kids educated, it's about getting kids out of their parents hair so those parents can be added back into the pile of sacrificial lambs needed to make the economy move if there are teachers that want to offer virtual learning, where students can follow a curriculum, receive a grade, whatever, go for it. but, for the students that can't or won't do so, just start over from where you left off when it's safe again. this doesn't seem difficult yes, there are going to be a load of other issues to come from that, like child care, etc. but these are the things that should be coming out of these relief bills i know, i'm a dreamer, but this doesn't seem hard. of course, i also think EVERYTHING should be shut down so we can get in front of this, but, ya know... profits over people
  7. as someone with no children and who will not be having children, someone who has been told countless times over that i'm living life wrong and that i will lead an aimless life without the little treasures that are children i can't understand how any parent wants to put their children back into a school right now. do parents really hate their children that much? who fuging cares if kids end up behind because they can't get a full education virtually... is having a child that needs to either catch up or retake an entire year of classes not a better alternative to the spread that this is going to cause. absolutely boggles my mind
  8. i guess radicalizing the youth of the middle east wasn't enough, had to start bringing it home at some point
  9. just read this morning that the Asheville City Board of Education voted unanimously to start with Plan-C (fully remote) for the first nine weeks of the school year. this was despite the brand new (june 1) superintendent being against it and him stating that he will be re-evaluating after six weeks in sounds like they had the help of the Asheville City Association of Educators (not sure what this is), who presented survey results showing half of the local teachers polled were opposed to returning to the classroom, as well as a 'solidarity statement' signed by 150 K-6 teachers stating they would refuse to return to campus under the state proposed Plan-B really wish more school staff felt like their voices mattered in these situations and felt empowered enough to state that they would not return to the classroom under these conditions i have no children, will have no children, but fully back our teachers and can't understand how anybody thinks it's a good idea to send our teachers back into these environments. it's absurd... i shouldn't be watching friends in their early 30's scrambling to throw together a will because they're being forced back into overcrowded and underfunded classrooms
  10. sister-in-law, her husband and their two little boys live on main street. it's a fantastic town. whenever we get out there, we take big chunks of time to explore all of the PNW as it's some of the most beautiful land this country has to offer and is likely an area my wife and i will end up in some time down the line and yes, it unfortunately has some of the worst right wing militia types around. while my family out there supports everything the protesters are out there for, the alt-right types that show up ALL. THE. TIME. are what keeps them from participating. proud boys show up at the drop of a hat
  11. hilarious watching bull try to act like he has any idea what portland is like
  12. you quoted a post where @Matthias is stating that farming isn't the answer, and if land was given, other uses for that land would need to be used and you tell him that his mind is stuck on farming and that his thinking is limited? how incredibly yikes of you
  13. just to add to this since Asheville was brought up this community took a major step back black community-wise in the past week. anybody that knows anything about this towns history knows that Eagle Street and that whole 'neighborhood' of downtown was the mostly black owned part of town. the city has been taking a dump on that area for decades, focusing on other areas over it, but the YMI cultural center and the block off biltmore were huge leaders in preserving the history unfortunately, due to covid, the block closed this past week and i'm scared of what will move in there. the foundry is a beautiful boutique hotel that popped up in the area, and benne is one of the best restaurants in the country with a young, african american rising star in the culinary world, but the apartments down the road show signs that money is now willing to infiltrate and finish the erasing of the past of that part of town it's a major bummer
  14. they didn't... they voted to put together YET ANOTHER council to discuss where/how/if they can redirect money into the black communities this is not reparations it's the same as all the headlines talking about removing the vance monument, but all they've done is cover it temporarily and put together a council to discuss if anything will actually be done city council here is real good about appeasing surface level liberals, but really doing nothing because they're afraid of all the dipshits living ten minutes outside of town with their confederate flags and ar-15's. they like to show up every time they think they have to protect their FREEDUMBS and (WHITEWASHED)HISTORY
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