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  1. this this is not the end of these negotiations this was disney releasing that this is where things are currently so fans can backlash against sony for not leaving spider-man where he belongs. you don't become the corporate monster that is disney without knowing how to seal a deal
  2. multitude of reasons some health-related, some personal belief-related, some purely selfish reasons, etc at the end of the day, we love our lives without them and don't feel the need to add any to the equation. was a long journey getting to the point of realizing and deciding we didn't want them, but coming to that conclusion has made my wife and I's relationship all the stronger also, i have a big head and a tiny wife... any baby of mine would split her in half
  3. need to get one wife and i have decided no-go on the kids, and it's bullshit for me to expect the wife to stay on birth control, so... i need to stop slacking
  4. @Bronn always has the best Fantasy recommendations and i'll second everything he just posted above... only one i haven't jumped into yet is Brent Weeks' Night Angel trilogy, but i love his Lightbringer series, so that is high on my to-read list oh, and i haven't gotten into Howey's Sand yet, but somebody randomly pulled it off of my amazon lists this year and it winded up being a christmas gift i have been majorly slacking in reading lately, but Sand and a few graphic novels i've also acquired recently will hopefully get me back into the swing of things again so i can take another stab at the fourth Lightbringer book i never finished
  5. was heel always a bot, or was that just any easy account for a bot to commandeer
  6. agreed, really like his writing and his lightbringer series is one of the few that I've gone out and bought the book new right after coming out instead of waiting until it shows up at my used book store
  7. have you read his current series? the lightbringer series (i think)? really good... haven't read the night angel trilogy yet, but haven't been reading much lately either
  8. Ready Player One was a great book... I started reading Cline's Armada just this past weekend. It's not as good as Ready Player One was so far, but it's still good. He's another one of those authors that once you've read him once and start reading another of his books, you get sucked right in to that same feeling/environment that he creates in his books. The Atlantis Gene has been on my list forever as well, but I can never seem to find it in my local used book store where I pick up most books. Let me know how it is when you're done.
  9. yep, saw that news on his blog when he posted it... shall be awesome only issue with it imo is that rothfuss is already taking forever to get book three out... this is only going to slow things down
  10. can anybody recap what happened up until the field goal...? why asheville can't have it's own FOX affiliate that doesn't need to hear about upstate SC's flooding during a game is beyond me
  11. this has happened enough to know how this thread is going to end up bottom line, the process of acquiring a firearm - something that has no other use other than to be a weapon (unlike the knife, nail, hammer, rope, etc. argument that always arises) - should be one of the most difficult things you have to go through imo, to disagree with that is the same as saying you don't care about these shootings and are fine with innocent people (too often young folks with their lives ahead of them) losing their lives for no reason at all
  12. boo on the lynch news... where do you get updates on him? I can never find anything if you havent read brent weeks' llightbringer series, its great. Read book one on a whim, really enjoyed it. Bought book two with the intention of bringing it out to san francisco on my vacation im on now, but ended up plowing through it in three days because I didnt put it down book three comes out in paperback the day I get home and ill be grabbing it then
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