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  1. adds more to the conversation than just dropping fuging links with zero fuging context
  2. only comment i have on this one is that i giggle a little every time i see the thread title change
  3. no where in smoots post did he say ONLY white people
  4. lol at this ending up in the TB also, lol at all the people upset about Smith being anything but an angel, as if they're owed anything. what kind of elitist mindset nonsense that is
  5. if this thread itself isn't explanation enough for why Smith would turn down signing an autograph for a grown man in Panthers gear.............
  6. that commercial just proved that the idiots who got the warm and fuzzies from it would probably also see kim kardashian as qualified for president
  7. last time i brought this up to a Trumper (after listening to him rail against immigrants - only the Mexican ones, mind you - for a good five minutes), he simply grabbed my shoulder as he headed out of my car and let me know he'd pray for me he had something to say, but it was as hollow as if he had said nothing at all
  8. so it's a positive solution for you - so you don't need to ever come face-to-face with them got it if you think having them incarcerated provides some type of help and removes them from drugs and crime, this already isn't an honest conversation
  9. this over the past year and a half, i have started driving around town for uber and lyft. it's a great opportunity for me to get away from the house since both my wife and i work from home, and has also been great for me personally as i have become more exposed to all people and all walks of life much more than i was before some of my greatest trips lately have been the folks that are interning for the Biltmore estate. now, these aren't folks that are just being poached from the local colleges, but are individuals that are being poached from a school in Switzerland, and all of them are originally from other countries. the best part about these rides are that these folks jump straight into political conversations right off the bat - so far, my greatest conversations are from three different folks, one from eastern Europe (i unfortunately can't remember the exact country), one from India and one from Trinidad. the sad thing about the conversation - with all three, this is their first time in the states and their first first-hand exposure to our country and politics. however, with the little bit of knowledge that they have had before entering the country, all three have expressed that they were ABSOLUTELY SCARED about what they were entering into. not because of some longstanding idea of what our country is, but because of what the idea of our country has been over our immediate past the idea that our country's standing worldwide has somehow improved over the course of this administration is absolutely absurd
  10. what is solved by incarceration? is that a positive solution for you, or for them?
  11. i've fielded two calls within the past month - one which was polling and one which ended up being Bloomberg's campaign (which, actually turned into a very nice conversation where I and the young lady both agreed that the Warren mud-slinging that was happening was inappropriate and, despite me being fully on the Bernie train, were both glad to have a civilized conversation with the other)
  12. funny. i didn't even know this was a thing that was happening. probably because i'm not on the nazi mailing list
  13. to be fair, this is the only way g5 knows how to start threads
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