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  1. What can we get for a very expensive guard, even a young one with multiple Pro Bowls? Someone above mentioned a 3rd. I'm not sure there's a market for him that high. While this off season is going to be probably the most interesting one we've ever had, it's going to suck. I just don't see us picking up much draft capital unless it's for Cam and Christian.
  2. I see a few noting that we keep letting out best people go instead of paying them. We've got the Bradberry decision to make this year here's the others this year. UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENTS EDGE Mario Addison S Tre Boston CB James Bradberry DT Vernon Butler CB Ross Cockrell CB Javien Elliott WR Chris Hogan DE Wes Horton EDGE Bruce Irvin DT Kyle Love DT Gerald McCoy NT Stacy McGee G Greg Van Roten G Daryl Williams RESTRICTED FREE AGENTS T Dillon Gordon WR DeAndrew White *DT Dontari Poe and WR Jarius Wright have team options that can be picked up before the 2020 league year begins. We already said no to Jarius, and letting Poe go gives us most of the money to sign Bradberry if we want. Nobody else on that list that will cost big money is worth it, and the ones we want to give small raises won't be a problem. Will be interesting to see how much Van Roten wants, but if it's not much, welcome back. More than 4 or 5 million, nice knowing you. Now let's look at our free agents for 2021. Cam Newton Dontari Poe if we pick up the option Christian McCaffrey Market Value 18 mill per Spotrac. Mike Davis Tyler Larsen Curtis Samuel Market Value 6.5 mill per Spotrac, lower than I thought, but if he has a big year in the new offense with Cam back, it will go higher. Chris Reed Colin Jones Chris Manhertz J.J. Jansen Taylor Moton Marcus Murphy T.J. Green Tyler Marz Temarrick Hemingway Dominique Hatfield Efe Obada Corn Elder Woodrow Hamilton Alex Armah Joey Slye Cole Luke Reggie Bonnafon Brandon Zylstra Garrett McGhin Matt Kaskey Ishmael Hyman Elliott Fry Quin Blanding Sione Teuhema Aaron Monteiro Damion Jeanpiere so only 3 big decisions. Moton (pay the man..not left tackle money, but good RT money), Curtis (we'll see)...and Cam, who may not even be on the team this year. Right now, in 2021, our cap space is already 140 million dollars. So we're actually in pretty good shape as far as big signings go for the next 2 years. Just Bradberry this year....I think 15 mill is too much but I do want to resign him, and the big 3 next year. All those other players can sign a good deal or be replaced. Now if we get a rookie QB next year, we're in pretty good shape for the next 5 years and can finally start resigning some of our stars and get the foundation that Tepper wants to build. They key is nailing this draft. Can't do anything about last year's except hope that our first 2 picks develop. We can't screw up this draft, especially with no extra picks.
  3. just saw this Kinlaw has the potential to be a top-16 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, and it isn't out of the question for him to crack the top 10. One issue that had the potential to hold him back was character concerns, as numerous team sources said there were reasons that fed into that. However, in speaking with staffers at multiple teams, they believe they can work with Kinlaw and the character concerns are not a prohibitive concern. Sources from multiple teams say Kinlaw's character concerns aren't awful or anything that would have him in consideration for getting dropped from their boards. They feel he will need to be surrounded with a positive support and have a team that is willing to work with him. The general tone was that no team would be unwilling to work with Kinlaw because of the character concerns. https://walterfootball.com/nflhotpress/article/Teams-Feel-They-Can-Work-With-Kinlaw
  4. with some good examples of some plays. Hoping to see a lot of this on Sundays. Rhule brought in Joe Brady to be Carolina’s next offensive coordinator, who took the college football world by storm in 2019. Brady played a big role in the success that Joe Burrow and the LSU offense had. In combination with offensive coordinator, Steve Ensminger, they made college football history and won the National Championship. Both added their own wrinkles to the offense that Brady brought over from both his time in New Orleans working with Sean Payton and his time at Penn State with Joe Moorhead. Great design including 3 options into this 1 #RPO by LSU. Push motion by the RB creating a quad screen option QB draw (they had run this draw several times earlier setting up the 3rd phase of this play) Glance by the single WR controlling the weak $ https://wholeninesports.com/2020/02/25/the-carolina-panthers-new-look-offense/
  5. Atlanta's cap space is scary (for them), and that's just this year. Next year? Horrific. Lots of changes coming for them.
  6. admitted, I don't study mocks, but I've seen a lot, and I can't recall one that has Jeudy going before pick 7. I don't know many mocks that have any receiver going that high, but I'm sure there are some.
  7. I believe Coach Rhule said we were going to fix the defense this draft. We do not have a Left Guard on the roster, so that will be a target in the draft, I'm sure. What round, I don't know.
  8. friend, we're not taking a wide receiver in the first.
  9. Bill Voth‏Verified account @PanthersBill 51s52 seconds ago More Matt Rhule presser will be streamed live via @Panthers at 2:00
  10. any chance this will be televised, or streamed on the Panthers website?
  11. this year is a golden opportunity to get a left tackle. And by doing so, we solve 2 big problems on the offensive line. Greg moves inside, and our new LT, who would be higher rated that Greg coming out, now gives us a damn good line if Paradis can return to form. Won't happen. Marty will give Greg a chance for a healthy year, Rhule has said he wants to fix the defense first. Hurneyball.
  12. that's just some reddit poster. Hilarious to me that we spend 5 picks in the first 3 rounds and still don't a DT or an IOL.
  13. would be shocked if we even offered him. He's not part of the long term plan. Neither is Gerald. Good luck to both. They'll be fine.
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