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  1. Breeland and the Panthers is such a strange story. I really think he would have been ok, but I don't know all the details. He played that year for someone didn't he?
  2. https://saintsreport.com/threads/kuechly-as-our-lb-coach.424386/#post-7924285
  3. This is not a good draft for tight ends, but we do need someone behind Ian.
  4. if Brown is gone, and Thomas is or we decide to wait and see on Little, I'm all for taking a position other than the lines. Luke is gone. We don't have a single playmaker on defense. Bradberry is good, Shaq is decent, but we need a playmaker on defense if we don't have Brown or Thomas. Isaiah Simmons out of Clemson might be that guy.
  5. from what I've read, this year's roster is not as talented as last years. A lot of scouts left early.
  6. I remember before the start of the season they sent out a memo to players telling them to prepare for a holdout by making sure they have enough cash.
  7. so who are out starting OLBs? I assume we'll beef up Burns for DE. Haynes and Carter? Smith is backing Shaq?
  8. Scott Fowler‏Verified account @scott_fowler 5m5 minutes ago More Per @AdamSchefter, the Panthers are hiring 30-year-old Joe Brady away from LSU as their OC, which explains that Cheshire cat smile Brady gave me in New Orleans after the national title game.
  9. forgot to add the link too http://walterfootball.com/eastwest2020.php
  10. Without a staff fully in place, I have no idea who's representing us, but here are the players we've met with so far. Syracuse defensive end Kendall Coleman, Miami linebacker Shaq Quarterman, Michigan defensive end Michael Danna and we interviews FIU cornerback Stanley Thomas-Oliver III, Ferris State defensive end Austin Edwards Louisiana guard Kevin Dotson Don't ask me the difference between a meeting and an interview, but there may be one.
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