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  1. actually he said the defensive front was comparable, not the whole defense. "Speaking with Scott Fowler of The Charlotte Observer during minicamp, Irvin, unprompted, compared the Panthers' defensive line depth to the Seattle Seahawks' D that smothered teams en route to the Super Bowl XLVIII title."
  2. funny thing is Greg probably will start, either at LG or LT. Brian will be rotating in behind Irvin and Mario. I think Brian will see a lot of action though.
  3. got to wonder how good he'll be without Brees, and that could be next year. I know he's good, very good, but Brees makes all his receivers look good.
  4. Greg Olsen who just happened to be walking by holding his phone. Greg knew the guy would like the video. He didn't know the dude was a Panthers fan. Amazing coincidence, and an amazing person our tight end is. https://www.panthers.com/news/greg-olsen-films-engagement
  5. Jeff Duncan ✔@JeffDuncan_ Thomas has lowered his demands to 22 mill per year. Wow Latest intel on Michael Thomas contract talks, per sources: •Sides are roughly $4M apart in Average Per Year. • Thomas' camp has come down to $22M asking price. • Saints in $18M APY neigborhood. • Thomas is currently in Europe so again nothing is imminent. 198 10:53 AM - Jun 21, 2019
  6. btw, if you're just signing up to watch during the 30 day free trial, like me, while you have the ability...go back and watch the episode where we beat the Cardinals in the playoffs in 2015. Just saw this on our Reddit sub. TLGPanthersFan 7 points·2 hours ago I still occasionally watch the Cardinals episode where they faced the Panthers. Just to remember that 2015 was an awesome season despite how it ended. You could tell they knew that in order to beat us they would have to play perfectly. Also the amount of fear regarding Cam Newton is always entertaining.
  7. It's the offseason. I'll watch every freaking minute of it. Really interested in a peek behind Ron's iron curtain of team dynamics.
  8. Gerald certainly has come across as an exemplary person off the field since he got let go...it's a tiny sample size but he's impressed me a lot. I'm really glad we got him. I think maybe Arians decided he wanted to show everyone he was the boss and no one was above him as he takes over. I know he isn't glad that Gerald signed in the division.
  9. On Undisputed this morning, Gerald McCoy agreed that he joined Carolina over Cleveland because “One team feels like they can be winners, the other already knows they are winners.”
  10. I didn't hate it but I am worried about it. The one thing I liked is that we didn't just draft a tackle, we specifically drafted a left tackle. I hope he's the guy, because a healthy Cam means we can win any game.
  11. Max Henson‏Verified account @PanthersMax 5m5 minutes ago More Second-round OT Greg Little has signed his rookie contract. That leaves first-rounder Brian Burns as the only unsigned draft choice.
  12. Here's more information on the Panthers training camp schedule. - First practice July 25 - Fan Fest Aug 2 - Joint practices with Bills Aug 13 & 14
  13. Day 3 of the Home stretch, and it still sucks. Someone said they saw Parker Collins near the stadium and I came.
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