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  1. just read an article..on that play, Efe saw it ahead of time and called Brian's name. Efe said he knew he had to shoot the gap and tie up both OL. Brian knew what he was doing and you saw the result. Good communication. Efe should make the team. Burns more advanced in his game than I even hoped for.
  2. On the night, Burns finished with five tackles, two sacks and a forced fumble as well as a tackle for loss. In the second half, Burns took down Patriots quarterback Jarrett Stidham for a strip-sack that was recovered by defensive tackle Woodrow Hamilton. Later on, after being pressured on the outside by Bryan Cox Jr., Stidham was forced to step up and Burns was able to register his second sack of the night. https://theriotreport.com/brian-burns-shines-again-and-may-have-a-new-pre-game-ritual/
  3. let's see if we can go a whole game without having call timeout because we couldn't get the play in fast enough.
  4. disappointed last week when I made an epic spread of nachos, only to watch the Panthers come out and lay an egg. This week I'm not feeling as industrious, so I'm going with my favorite sub...the New York Steamer from Firehouse Subs and there will be beer. What you got?!?
  5. good luck young man Elijah Hood Verified account @EliMHood Proud to announce I’m a member of the Jacksonville Jaguars‼️ #duuuval #blessed #letsgo 0 replies 0 retweets 2 likes Reply Retweet Like 2 Direct message
  6. Gerald McCoy‏Verified account @Geraldini93 45m45 minutes ago More Just did my post practice prayer with the D-line and prayed that we never take these opportunities for granted because it is a privilege to compete daily and then I get to my phone and see what happened with Cedric Benson. Wow!! Prayers to his family!!
  7. Trevor Sikkema ✔@TampaBayTre You idiots let the Panthers get Brian Burns at 16
  8. give me my pen, I need to sign this contract with Cam for 45 mill per
  9. This is not good news. Max Henson‏Verified account @PanthersMax 27s28 seconds ago More Secondary now featuring Corn an Cockrell at CB, Jones and Gaulden at safety.
  10. you want to see scary? Watch Donald's feet in this video.
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