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  1. Captain Morgan

    Hurney says a lot more to come in free agency

    Bill Voth‏Verified account @PanthersBill 5m5 minutes ago
  2. Bill Voth‏Verified account @PanthersBill 17m17 minutes ago More Marty Hurney just sat down with a few of us. Big message was they’re not done making moves. “Only about 40, 50 percent through this process.” Bill Voth‏Verified account @PanthersBill FollowingFollowing @PanthersBill More Bill Voth Retweeted AJ They have plans Bill Voth added, AJ @AJW2333 Replying to @PanthersBill So restructuring has to be part of the process? 2:04 PM - 26 Mar 2019
  3. Captain Morgan

    Byrd has joined a different flock

    I never call an undrafted free agent a bust. Any contribution from them is just a bonus. Norwell was amazing.
  4. ourdan Rodrigue‏Verified account @JourdanRodrigue 6m6 minutes ago More Very much enjoy this from Ron Rivera - on how the Panthers are re-defining a “No.1 receiver” within their offense, and how much everyone must complement each other, and play a role.
  5. Jourdan Rodrigue‏Verified account @JourdanRodrigue 4m4 minutes ago More Ron Rivera said he had a moment during NFL coaches photo where he realized he’s “one of the old guys.” “Lot of baby faces out there.
  6. Jourdan Rodrigue‏Verified account @JourdanRodrigue 4m4 minutes ago More Ron Rivera brings up criticism staff got from not playing WR Curtis Samuel a ton earlier in the season - said they couldn’t in good conscience throw a guy out there for a big workload when he had the heart procedure and had to get back into shape afterward.
  7. Bill Voth‏Verified account @PanthersBill 7m7 minutes ago More What can RR learn from David Tepper? “The value of numbers.”
  8. Bill Voth‏Verified account @PanthersBill 46m46 minutes ago More Bill Voth Retweeted Bill Voth As far as an example that hits closer to home, RR would like to see reviews added for a play like the Donte Jackson PI at Tampa Bay
  9. Bill Voth‏Verified account @PanthersBill 48m48 minutes ago More At coaches breakfast here in ARI, RR on all the replay discussions: “We have to find a solution to what happened to New Orleans.”
  10. Bill Voth‏Verified account @PanthersBill 27m27 minutes ago More RR: When I looked at tape of Matt Paradis, I was struck by how much his play looked like Ryan Kalil. Bill Voth‏Verified account @PanthersBill FollowingFollowing @PanthersBill More RR: Being able to get Daryl (Williams) back was a pleasant surprise … but we still have to work through who will play LT and who will play RT.
  11. Bill Voth‏Verified account @PanthersBill 24m24 minutes ago More RR on Cam Newton’s rehab: Things are trending in a positive direction.
  12. Bill Voth‏Verified account @PanthersBill 8m8 minutes ago More RR: Curtis Samuel’s work ethic - catching balls before and after practice - reminds me of the time Josh Norman put in to get better. Bill Voth‏Verified account @PanthersBill 19m19 minutes ago More RR: Look at what the Colts did to improve their O-line last year. I think others are going to try to follow that blueprint. Bill Voth‏Verified account @PanthersBill 21m21 minutes ago More RR: Rashaan Gaulden and Corn Elder will get a shot to earn nickel reps.
  13. Captain Morgan

    Gaulden to Nickel? Rivera says yeah maybe.

    so the FS answer is not on the roster.
  14. Captain Morgan

    According to Tepper, The ''Obvious Ones''

    Huddle hasn't talked much about our need for running back. We've met with some, and I remember Ron saying he wanted someone closer to the RunCMC instead of a big back. 4th round? 5th round? Ron also said there was good value in the draft at RB
  15. I got to give Hurney his props. also, Panthers sign DE/OLB Bruce Irvin (1 year, $4 million): A Grade The Panthers are moving to a 3-4, so they had to find some potent edge rushers to fit their scheme. Bruce Irvin has lots of experience in the 4-3, but when he was entering the NFL out of West Virginia, I believed that he would be a better fit in the 3-4. We'll finally get to see him in that formation in 2019. Irvin does everything well, but his best attribute is his pass-rushing ability. Despite his age (32 in November), Irvin continued to show off his quality edge-rushing skills late last year when he logged 3.5 sacks in the final four games with the Falcons. Irvin should be able to parlay that into a successful 2019 campaign. There is definitely some concern that Irvin will regress because of his age, but the Panthers aren't taking a risk with this 1-year "prove it" contract for only $4 million. They'll be getting Irvin's best effort, as he'll be trying to earn one last lucrative contract in his career. Read more at http://walterfootball.com/freeagentsigninggrades.php#i7q4Oyzhmwx7vOQC.99