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  1. Verge, a couple of DL prospects...have you looked at DT Leki Fotu...he seems to be moving down on media big boards. and Nick Coe at Auburn....I'm seeing him on some boards being available in the 5th...and he's at a position of need for the Panthers.
  2. Pretty sure if Mims is still sitting there in the 3rd our new coach and his old coach won't be able to resist. I'm cool with that. We need 3 solid WRs for Brady's offense. I really hope Brown drops to 7 in the first. He has a chance to be a special DT. Also agree that Okudah is ranked 3rd. I feel he is the least likely bust candidate in this draft (although I know nothing)
  3. we tied with the Dolphins and the Chargers as far as worst record, but we lost the tie breaker to both, so each round rotates that way. We got last among the 3 in the first at 7, in the second we move up to the sixth pick and up to the fifth pick in the 3rd. Then the rotation begins again, picking 7th in the 4th, etc.
  4. Thanks Verge, always look forward to your thoughts. I think Queen will move even higher after the combine. I also hope this is the year Marty stops taking players moving down draft boards and takes more players moving up.
  5. His defensive coordinator in college was Jerry Sandusky - and his father, Dennis, worked for Sandusky's now-shuttered charity.
  6. just read a thought about where Cam goes...everyone saying Chicago. If Brady retires.....and .....
  7. chicken kiev?? where the hell did that come from?
  8. hope I post this right, while trying to get the above image out of my head, but I've read from 2 different sources that we don't like Alexander out of Clemson. He might not even be on our draft board.
  9. I don't think HHenry is going past the Packers. We might be able to jump above them for our 2nd and 5th...throw in 7th if need be.
  10. I really like Shepherd...don't think he'll last till the end of the 3rd though. I've heard a little buss on Cooper from this board, but I thought it might just be Gamecock homers. I've looked into him, and like Jeremy said, didn't see anything that stood out. Finding out his background makes me more curious.
  11. so supposing we think DH might get taken by the Seahawks, what would it take for us to move up with the Steelers pick at 25? I know it's expensive to move up in the first, but we'd only be moving up 5 spots.
  12. Jeremy Igo ‏@CarolinaHuddle 9m9 minutes ago FYI... the ground near the wall in the end zones are iced over badly. I sure hope Cam knows about that when giving away footballs.
  13. Black & Blue Review ‏@BlackBlueReview 2m2 minutes ago Buckle up: Past 8 NFC title game have been decided by 7 pts or fewer. 4 have gone to OT.
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