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  1. he is not under contract next year. We just rolled over some money for cap space.
  2. Jourdan Rodrigue‏Verified account @JourdanRodrigue 1m1 minute ago More Fewell says he spoke with Donte Jackson and matter will be handled internally. Says he was “disappointed” that concern was aired out rather than brought to coaches first. Max Henson‏Verified account @PanthersMax 2m2 minutes ago More Fewell on Donte Jackson's remarks: "I've spoken with Donte. We'll handle that internally."
  3. Jourdan Rodrigue‏Verified account @JourdanRodrigue 4m4 minutes ago More Here were Donte Jackson’s full comments on the two TDs, for context. 0 replies0 retweets3 likes Reply Retweet Like 3 Direct message
  4. oo wee mayne Scott Fowler‏Verified account @scott_fowler 4m4 minutes ago More Panthers cornerback Donte Jackson ripped the defensive coaching staff for two “horrible” calls on Matt Ryan’s two TD passes. He particularly questioned sending an all-out blitz on the play in which he allowed a 93-yard TD. 0 replies0 retweets1 like Reply Retweet Like 1 Direct message
  5. yes but I think that was their rook Gardner-Johnson (sp) with the penalty
  6. man Will Grier must be the worst professional QB ever if he can't get in the game over Kyle. How bad does he look in practice? It must be so horrendously bad that we'd rather have our QB throw 5 ints and fumble 5 times in the same game before they'd consider a change.
  7. while it's halftime, lets spend some more time looking at this picture.
  8. DJ is now our first 1000 yard receiver since Kelvin Benjamin...in 2014.
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