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  1. wow. just wow. Our offense outscored 21 to 10 and we'll win this game.
  2. whelp, that's the way you draw it up. go for it on 4th, convert, score, go for two, convert. Teddy, your time is here. Run that clock and get at least a FG.
  3. Alaina Getzenberg @agetzenberg · 3m Jeremy Chinn is now tied with Curtis Samuel for the most third quarter touchdowns on the Panthers this year.
  4. good to see Dalvin jogging over there. He's a fun player to watch. But it would be best to hold him out for the rest of this game.
  5. lol Panthers have scored two tds in the second half and haven't run an offensive play
  6. You can not stop Jeremy Chinn. You can only hope to contain him.
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