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  1. Little is healthy and need snaps to improve....and we need to see him on the field to see if we our future LT or not. This is the season to find out. Good luck Greg. We're all pulling for you.
  2. He's exciting to watch. Plays with such energy and speed. Seems to know where the ball is going and gets there in a hurry. Stands out on our defense because of that. We need more like him. Building block.
  3. very impressive that Sayers got in the Hall of Fame after such a short career. He had a lot of respect across the league. Anyone old enough to remember the movie Brian's Song, about his relationship with Brian Piccolo? Piccolo was his roommate (apparently the first black and white roommates in the NFL)? Man that scene at the end where Gayle is telling his teammates in the locker room about Brian dying of cancer was right in the feels.
  4. Say the Jets and Giants pick ahead of us, and we're third....do they stick with their young QBs, or build around them? Lawrence could fall to us....unless someone (Jacksonville) trades up. We'll see.
  5. actually a fairly common dynamic. Suddenly guys realize they have to do their job, because the star ain't gonna be winning the games for them.
  6. Bill Voth @PanthersBill · 3m All-22 view showed McCaffrey trying to stretch out ankle between plays. Then he won the 7-yard sprint to the end zone. That could not have felt good.
  7. Andrew Siciliano on NFL Network just said there is some talk that he injured the ankle before that last play, and played through it. eta: Alaina Getzenberg @agetzenberg · 41m Matt Rhule says Christian McCaffrey's injury occurred a couple of plays before the touchdown.
  8. We're at the bottom and have a plan to move up. They're sinking like a rock with no plan, no future cap space and no hope. We at least have hope.
  9. Brady seems to be good at that. Maybe we should employ it more often.
  10. What you eatin' for the game today? I'll be starting with ham biscuits and for the game, chips and dip cheese and crackers and cheeseburgers for the game. And of course...there will be beer. Keep pounding!
  11. not sure if serious, but DEs normally need a couple of years to get up to speed, much like offensive tackles. And this was his first game. That said, I'm more worried about Yeets than any other draft pick. When the second defensive end, a premium position, falls all the way to pick 38, it's not a good year for DEs. Not to mention our Marty's penchant for taking players who fall in the draft. I was encouraged to see Jeremy and some other folks really happy about the pick. We'll see.
  12. This is the funniest thing I'll read on the internets today. TubaMike · 8 hours ago Jake belongs in the Hall of Bojangles, which is arguably more prestigious, but higher in sodium than the normal HOF.
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