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  1. teams know how to attack our defense...they know the front 7 is excellent so they throw quick passes to avoid the rush, and have no fear throwing against our unproven secondary.
  2. Captain Morgan

    Devin Funchess

    He's only 24...still got room to improve. I've been on the fence about resigning him with DJ and Curtis, but now I'm for it. 3 good receivers who all have the ability to be great.
  3. we control our own destiny. Norv time. Cam time.
  4. Bill Voth‏Verified account @PanthersBill 3m3 minutes ago More Josh Hawkins begins the second half at CB with Donte Jackson currently being looked at on the sideline.
  5. Peterson's shoe stuck in Luke's facemask.
  6. Scott Fowler‏Verified account @scott_fowler 9s9 seconds ago More Total yardage so far: Carolina 164, Washington 162. Total turnovers: Carolina 3, Washington 0. Score: Washington 17, Carolina 6 at 2-minute warning.
  7. The Riot Report‏ @RRiotReport 2m2 minutes ago More And Josh Hawkins with a silly block in the back penalty on a fair catch that will back the Panthers up even further. Josh Hawkins????
  8. man is it nice having Greg back
  9. Bill Voth‏Verified account @PanthersBill 2m2 minutes ago More CAR points allowed in 1st quarter First four games - 13 Today - 14
  10. holy cow CMunn made a play!
  11. ill Voth‏Verified account @PanthersBill 1m1 minute ago More The Panthers have SEVEN Pro Bowlers starting on defense right now: Peppers, Short, Poe, Davis, Kuechly, Reid, Adams.
  12. should have let Gano kick a 72 yard field goal. Crush Redskins soul. Profit.