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  1. wow. They are hinting at going Dolphin mode.
  2. I almost started a thread like this after the game. We've lost Cam, KShort, Donte, Trai, our top 2 LTs, and have gone on a 4 game winning streak. Look at that list...MVP, 3 Ols, our "best" DT...and still winning. Give credit where credit is due. This is a deep team. When healthy, the Panthers can beat anybody. And the vast majority when not healthy.
  3. Jets fans on the Panthers sub-reddit are saying they loved him and wanted him to be brought up from the practice squad. Apparently he had a great pre-season.
  4. I remember this kid from Wake. His hands are better than most think. If he was 3 inches taller he'd be in the league as a receiver. Once he gets his hands on the ball, he is dadgum slippery. I think he's going to do well as our returner.
  5. yep, we need the Falcons to win a few games to get out of the top 5. I think they can. Ryan is having an incredible year, only to be wasted.
  6. ESPN's Week 7 Power Rankings 29. Atlanta Falcons (1-5) Week 6 ranking: 25 Biggest weakness: The pass rush The Falcons rank at the very bottom of the league in sacks per pass play at 2.6%. There are four teams over 10%, and the Falcons are the only team under 3.5%. The Falcons and Dolphins are tied for last in the league with five sacks each, and we know how folks have viewed the tanking Dolphins all year. Yes, the Falcons have faced some shifty quarterbacks and guys who have gotten the ball out quickly, but that's no excuse when you have Grady Jarrett creating havoc in the middle and a former sack champ in Vic Beasley Jr. -- Vaughn McClure
  7. imagine the rollercoaster feelings, winning a game in London, 4 game win streak, and someone tells you your mom died. Jourdan Rodrigue‏Verified account @JourdanRodrigue 7m7 minutes ago More Ron Rivera got a little choked up just now talking about how Shaq Thompson found out his mom had passed right after Sunday’s game. Thompson is excused for the week and Rivera said the team let Thompson know to tell them whatever he needs during this awful time.
  8. it's a little early to say we have 2 stud LTs. Damn sure good they have looked good, but it's too early, especially with the meat of the schedule ahead of us. However, the statistical difference between to the two Bucs games is staggering. Here's what Walter Football had about Daley going into the draft. He was projected (by them) as a rd 3 to rd 5 pick. He was there in the 6th and we took him. The odds of him being a starter at LT in the NFL would have to be astronomical, but PFF named him the #1 LT this week. Did Hurney strike gold? Dennis Daley, OT, South Carolina Height: 6-5. Weight: 317. Arm: 33.75. Hand: 9.63. 40 Time: 5.23. 10-Yd: 1.85. Three Cone: 7.95. Bench: 20. Vertical: 26.5. Broad: 8-7. Projected Round (2019): 3-5. 4/24/19: Daley is a Georgia Military College transfer who ended up becoming a solid player for the Gamecocks. After a strong senior season, Daley received an invitation to the Senior Bowl, and in the 2019 NFL Draft's weak offensive line class, he could rise. The 6-foot-6, 324-pounder has good size to him and started two straight seasons for South Carolina. Team sources tell me that Daley could be a mid-round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. They really like his skill set, but his inconsistencies and playing down to some competition make him a very frustrating prospect for some scouts. That same pattern reveled itself with Daley at the Senior Bowl. Read more at http://walterfootball.com/draft2019OT.php#L6tBKcdxoViD8xIr.99
  9. yep, Ron's record after a bye week is not encouraging.
  10. hate to hear this. Really hope he gets through this better than Kelvin and DeAngelo did.
  11. they took Embrace The Suck a little too literally
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