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  1. Im not signing anyone right now. The season will probably be cancelled.
  2. It is scary. She is doing ok as of now. She isn't exhibiting many symptoms. Her mom is having symptoms though. So its pretty tough because I cant see her, but Im facetiming with her. Im hoping she just has a mild case and nothing weird happens.
  3. Its spreading like wildfire. The ex and my daughter just tested positive and Im awaiting my results. Everyone be careful.
  4. I will. Pretty sure Ive been arrested for some dumb poo and held over in jail for a week because i didnt change the address on my DL before.
  5. Part 1 is not true. This is a cop problem.
  6. So we should just get rid of the Panthers entirely then..or you should stop being a fan. Im not saying that JR was some Carolina saint. I agree that the road to hell is paved with good intentions...but intentions and the Panthers aremt the same. The Panthers arent an intention theyre an actuality. Take his statue down...but youre a fan of the team that guy brought here, and trying to say thats an awful thing isnt correct.
  7. He was a strange guy that despite some of his awful behavior accidentally produced some good things.
  8. They prob would need to give him his money back too.
  9. Put it this way. The most conservative are libertarians not republicans. Conservatism is supposed to mean in its most basic form means less government. Republicans arent necessarily less government.
  10. I dont really understand why your posting this in response to my post but yes I agree.
  11. I agree. I just dont want the fear of being instantly hated to scare off what would have been a good cop.
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