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  1. My heart hurts after such a sick burn. Well done. And there is no accusing. Thats what it was.
  2. Thats just ridiculous Jeremy. Are you accusing the guy of trying to trojan horse the virus to Biden? Thats the dumbest poo Ive ever heard. Like the guy or dont thats cool but thats some propaganda poo right there. There would be nothing positive that came from that. If it was found out that it did happen that way it would be the worse political move in history, cause mob rule, make Biden a martyr, and would be a crime. Thats just some filth spewing out of your mouth or flowing through your fingers rather.
  3. TBF both teams were missing key players.
  4. Without a doubt. Teddy was signed to be a bridge qb who will be a good lovker room influence and teacher to the next.
  5. Country music for the most part. Outside of a few outliers has and will always suck balls regardless of politics. Heavy metal all the way baby.
  6. If the roles were reversed and the Dems had a dem senate what would happen?
  7. One thing republicans arent going to argue over is a conservative justice.
  8. He's obviously in the very least gender fluid...and it's because he was raised without a father.
  9. I couldn't afford to continue to fight. I signed an agreement. The reality is you know nothing of me. It's easier for you to hold your nose up in judgement then have a conversation. It's much easier to ignore peoples experience, and it's not just mine. I've known and have worked with many men that have gone through the same thing. Obviously I care about kids having fathers, and apparently I'm not poo to you because of it. You're proving my point. You hate men who care about being fathers, preferring to advocate for a broken system and has negatively affected many children. Yet you're probably going to preach a victim culture for an entire group of people and preach white privilege while you're lecturing me about personal responsibility. You're a hypocrite. Go continue celebrating abortion and advocating for child sexual reassignment surgery while your at it. And don't speak of Jesus when you probably hate him.
  10. The reality is you're more concerned with trying to win a point then the truth. I don't take your claim about IFS seriously. Specifically when it comes to the black community that represents 13 percent of the population, you don't see an issue that 52 percent of all custodial mothers are black? That's insane. You prefer to marginalize the amount of fathers who want their children into the tens of thousands. You're in essence saying that the vast majority of men don't want substantial time with their children. Only 1 out of 6 parents that have the custodial title are men. You're saying out of 10.3 million custodial mothers that under 100k men want custody of their children after that 1 out of 6? The rest are dead beat or want just every other weekend? That means their have been 10.3 million custody agreements where mothers are granted custodianship (often forced on men, because of the cost to fight) and only 1 out of every 15 or so men want their children with them(using your more like tens of thousands figure). You represent part of the problem and ultimately you're an advocate against fathers. Studies show that to prevent a sense of neglect, behavioral issues, acting out sexually that kids need to be with their fathers at a minimum 35 percent of the time. I'm not sure how you fail to see that this is a big issue. I'm not sure why you'd seek to marginalize this point other then you're a democrat and you want to downplay the issue and apportion blame to other societal factors. Now there are other societal factors to be sure, but I guarantee you we wouldn't see half of the problems in this country if we didn't see a deteriorating of the father in the home or at least substantial time. After just having gone through this process with attorneys and the attorney pretty much told me that courts side with the mother. You pretty much have to prove their an abomination just to even get 5050 and it costs thousands of thousands of dollars. It's more likely that many men don't have the money to fight the inherent gender bias in the court system, a cost that generally mothers don't have to worry about because they're seen as the default custodian by the courts.
  11. So youre telling me that if you a friend who is head of booking for one of their shows, has been with cnn for several years, and before that was with msnbc and he told you how things went down there you wouldnt believe him? And this is the correlation you make...dumb comparison.
  12. I dont feel guilt over any of this conversation. I took what was said and paraphrased in blunt form. That said I can disagree with someone hardcore but I can still be friendly with them and Ill still pie them if I like what they say. I dont hate anyone on here. Not even you Kev. I believe in your mind you want what is best for people and so do I. Even though you rush to call people nazis and then say they project when they bring up the fact that theyre not indeed a racist nazi.
  13. Thank you for clarifying. Have a good night.
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