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  1. I really dont like the term "Cam backer". If he is playing then I'm going to back him, and people on here know that I think the team is playing well under Allen. I like Cam and if Allen falters or gets hurt I hope he brings the juice. I'm a little skeptical of his ability to remain healthy...but calling people Cam backers or Camstans is just stupid and divisive.
  2. Cam was always unfairly criticized. Especially at his peak. I dont think what were seeing now is undue criticism. Its can he be healthy again.
  3. Listen. I do think there is validity in some analytics. But also there are fallacies in analytics when we're just reviewing on the surface statistics. For example, there's a psychological difference between a qb throwing for 224 yards and 250 yards plus. Kyle Allen's perfect ball to Wright would have gotten him over 250 yards and would have raised his completion percentage by another percent and a half. Because Wright dropped the pass these analytics work against Allen. This isnt what I think real analytics are all about. There are stats I feel like we can look into. Like sacks. I could make an argument that Kyle Allen is taking less sacks then Cam. People are saying it's because the Oline is suddenly great, but I argue that it's the understanding of the pocket and getting the ball out. Obviously interceptions is also important. Even touchdown passes aren't the purest barometer. Kyle Allen led a 99 yard drive mostly through the air. It ends in a 1 yard td run. Very easily could have been a PA Olsen back of the endzone pass that landed us a td. Let's say that Wright catches that beautiful pass and KA caps the 99 yard drive with a td pass as opposed to a touchdown run. Then what would the analytics say about 250 plus yards 3td performance with over a 64 percent completion rate?
  4. Shaq Lawson and Wilkins are doing well...and fyi I hate Clemson.
  5. I think it's perfectly natural for any fanbase to question a 30 year old running QBs ability to return to apex prime after being injured for the better part of two seasons and being winless in his last 8 games. Especially taking the shots he has. If Cam comes in I hope he freaking slays it...because I want to win. I could care less about who's under center if we are winning. In the famous words of John Fox....stats are for losers. Give me wins. I want them crablegs.
  6. I wouldnt say he did that with regularity. Cam has always had a decent stable of rbs. Cam had an exceptional 2015...and has always had a stellar D. He is not a one man team either. I'm not here to say KA will ever be a 2015 Cam. I will say that Cam can never be 2015 Cam again.
  7. CMAC is good...but there are plenty of examples. Look at that pass to Moore at the end of the 1st half of the Texans game.
  8. They could have if they didnt initiate the prevent at the end of the 3rd quarter. Prevent D and prevent O.
  9. YAC is good. It let's you know the qb is delivering the ball in stride.
  10. Nah. You just want him to be Keenum. Keenum has been in the league way longer and is older then Allen. KA is just a better player. I can see an Alex Smith comparison...or really a Jared Goff comparison. I just cant see Keenum bro.
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