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  1. When Ron leaves I'd like to see some young blood in here. Maybe the Schotenheimer dude.
  2. TheMaulClaw

    Darius Slay in awe of CMC

    Only if it's done it one direction.
  3. TheMaulClaw

    I always wondered ..........

    I don't think many on here think that CMC is a bad player if any at all. The concerns I have have nothing really to do with CMC. It has to do with depth, injury, and specialization. Football has evolved into a game of specialist. Pass rush specialist, 3rd down back, nickel back, x receiver, y receiver, in the box safety, bump and run corner, and so on. All of which are terms describing various specialties within the game of football. CMC is a great runner who has world class footwork who also happens to be an equally skilled receiver. With all that said, he can't do what Legarrette Blount can do between the tackles...nor can Blount do much of what CMC can do. I'm not inferring that CMC can't run between the tackles because he can, but if I had to pick his biggest strengths that wouldn't be one of them. I do think that a proper power back is useful to have...especially in the playoffs...and by power back...I mean a dude who weighs over 230. I think this would also help diminish the likelihood of an injury to CMC as well. By the way all their fans do say that. Go read their boards more often. They're just like us....but most are worse.
  4. Thoughts: Well the Bengals are such a historically impressive franchise that we should definitely follow their template and copy their decisions. (sarcasm)
  5. Luke isn't blameless. He's having a bad year and has issues when teams run right at him.
  6. Agree. This game reminded me of the 2014 Packers game with Star at DT. I think that unless you have a transcendent group of edge rushers the 4-3 is absolute garbage. The reason Denver won the SB with a 4-3 is because of Von Miller and Demarcus Ware. We don't have that. Most teams don't. It's important for teams that don't have that edge talent to offset it by using good creativity and disguising blitzes. I think the 4-3 can hamper the creativity it requires to get to the QB consistently.
  7. I don't think it'd be wise to switch schemes mid season. I do think it would be wise soon though. I think it's the reason the Saints own us right now. Brees knows our defense better then half our defenders because he's been playing against it for 7 years....same with Matt Ryan.
  8. A lot of this could go back to Washington....and truly Brady Hoke was an awful hire. Overall I think Hurney has done a decent job...but he has made a glaring mistake. Relying on an older undersized Addison and an old all time great in Peppers. I love Pep and he actually made some plays....but he needs to be a rotation player to be his most effective. We needs some Juice coming off the edge and we just don't have it. Also our blitz game is awful.
  9. Just my two cents. The 4-3 has been relatively good too us, but you can disguise zone coverages and blitzes better out of the 3-4. With our defense we're set up to feast on mediocre QBs, but we have a real issue whenever we play a real QB. It seems that experienced QBs only require a split second to discern our coverage. I like Kuechly and Davis....so I'd be willing to ride the 4-3 out for another few seasons while Kuechly is still technically in his prime but after that....a long with a coaching change we should switch back to the 3-4 once we're forced to rebuild.
  10. TheMaulClaw

    What Steeler Fans are saying...

    I think it's funny that when mentioning our receivers everyone seems to leave Funchess out like he's the stepchild. That cat is having a low-key big year and has made some clutch catches on third down...and he came up big in the 2015 playoff run. The deciding factors in this match up in my view are: 1) AB vs our secondary. I feel like Jackson actually may he a better matchup for us then Bradberry...so this will be interesting to watch. 2) They're OL vs our DL. Steelers Oline is performing well. We need to find a way to disrupt the timing of the no huddle. Also Kuechly is going to have to get big. The Steelers are going to run right at him with lead blockers. Poe and KK need to have their best game this year. Pittsburgh will counter the adjustments we make to their power game by running screens to AB and Connor...Kuechly has to be kept clean to get there or it's going to be a long night. Eric Reid will need to play big in run support...his injury is a concern. 3) Our OL vs their DL. If there was ever a team that challenged our Oline's chemistry and blocking scheme communication it would probably be Pittsburgh. Obviously protecting Cam. Limiting penalties. We cant afford false starts and needless holding penalties. If we can not move backward playing on the road it's really going help come third down.
  11. TheMaulClaw

    Away Game Concerns

    Short flight. Cam hasnt taken any hits lately. Big comeback against Philly. Nice comeback at Washington just fell short. I think we're undefeated at home because we're playing better in general. We're finding our sea legs. Should be a good game...could go either way. Home field is an advantage for Pittsburgh but not one we cant overcome. We dont turn the ball over...we win.
  12. Nah man....if you don't think Pep was a generational (well multi generational actually) athlete that's your opinion and that's cool...but there's a reason teams have been trying to find a Peppers clone at the top of the draft ever since he came into the league.
  13. Mr. Scot...do you really think White and Smith were as athletic as Peppers? I'm a Gamecock fan...but you think they could have played for Tarheel basketball and put up numbers the way he did on the court? Pep could have chosen the NBA.
  14. Doesn't offend me, however I bet that isn't true. I'm sure you've watched Peppers his entire career like I have. You should know how fundamentally excellent Pep is as a DE. He's one of the best I've ever seen at knowing how to impact a play that isn't coming his way. The guy knows how to position his body so what may look like a 7 or 8 yard rush only becomes a 5 yard rush because Pep took a lane away from a RB downfield. In his first 8 years as a pro it was incredible how he was able to chase down plays on the other side of the field. John Fox used to drop him in to coverage and he's picked off quick outs. He doesn't get hurt, and he's played at such a high level for so long. It's like two hall of fame players that have consecutive careers at the same position. I won't argue that Reggie White was a better sack artist as was Bruce Smith (the only 2 DEs ahead of him on the sack list)...but when you consider overall impact....sacks (4th all time), tackles, turning runs inside, batted passes, playing the screen, blocked kicks, reading plays, switching positions and sides of the ball, and on and on and on. Who's been better? And no offense to the DEs of the 70s...if Pep played back then....this wouldn't even be a debate.
  15. There are better sack guys...but none of them were as used in coverage like Peppers was in his career...and none of them had the impact that Pep has had blocking kicks. If you go strictly by sack number he isnt. If you factor in being a complete player...hes the best.