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  1. One thing that isnt vanilla in the preseason is the Oline blocking schemes and protection. That's what scares me. We need some beef.
  2. I think Allen is fine. This is the first below average game hes had and the Oline was awful.
  3. Yep...they should make him shave that beard after this. No fashion statements while you suck please.
  4. After working on no contract and amid speculation that he was the frontrunner for the Minnesota Wild's vacant GM position. Don Waddell was resigned by the Carolina Hurricanes. The move is precisely what the Canes needed as they've needed to maintain some continuity after some recent turnover. Tom Dundon, though a tad unconventional always seems to make the right call in the nick of time. Dundon mentioned recently that he didnt understand why a contract was so important. Nevertheless Dundon has shown the ability to adapt and bite the bullet for the Canes fiscally this year in the face of many critics who thought he would be cheap after what happened to the AAF.
  5. Gano has hit his one golden kick. He misses too many easy ones. I'm neutral on Gano. Thought we should have kept Butker. I'm not sure what hes done to deserve such blind loyalty but whatevs.
  6. I'm not sure I buy the Cap is old argument. Dude has a lot of tread on the tires. Hasnt been a feature back so he hasnt had 1000 carries. I thought he looked quick. I did think the Bears Dline got the best of our O line in that first quarter. Also he didnt turn the ball over. Holyfield's tds came against 3rd string competition. When he was in against the competition CAP faced he coughed it up. That said I like Holyfield. I think he has good character and definitely is a specimen. I just dont think hes where he needs to be this year. Cap needs to be here another year.
  7. I just read someone post that they were "done" with the CAP experiment. It's like what are you talking about. The guy was like a 7th round pick. Hes vastly exceeded expectation. Experiment was a success.
  8. I dont know what the hell you guys are watching but CAP was the best RB on the field for CAR last night. I have literally no idea where the CAP hate comes from. He showed good change of direction and finished runs. Caught a tough ball on a tipped pass too. I just dont get his criticism. Holyfield looked ok in spots....but he pretty much let Chicago back in the game. Yeah he had two tds and the last run was decent. But he only had 39 yards on 11 touches.
  9. Sanders also signed that bill. Of course Clinton was the architect. So what you're saying is that crime bill doesnt represent your point of view but Reagans war on drugs represents mine?
  10. No. I said both acts were horrific. You're changing the subject. You could have said both acts were horrific. You went another route and brought up freaking Reagan. I said 1994 crime bill because it was the most racist legislation ever. Your only retort is to change the subject...cause you forgot about that. To bring the convo back. Both acts were horrific and that should be agreed upon.
  11. 1994 crime bill bitch
  12. Not true. Both are horrific. I dont think either one of these attackers actually represent what people in their parties actually want.
  13. Sure it's entirely possible. I dont believe anything 100 percent. I'm skeptical.
  14. If someone was for immigration reforms and for the 2nd amendment...the last thing you would do is shoot up a Walmart in El Paso and write a manifesto. This sounds like a false flag which there is some proof of what the FBI is doing. Here is an interesting tidbit I found. The report, "Illusion of Justice: Human Rights Abuses in US Terrorism Prosecutions," points out that, while "[m]any prosecutions have properly targeted individuals engaged in planning or financing terror attacks… many others have targeted individuals who do not appear to have been involved in terrorist plotting or financing at the time the government began to investigate them. "Indeed, in some cases the Federal Bureau of Investigation may have created terrorists out of law-abiding individuals by conducting sting operations that facilitated or invented the target's willingness to act."
  15. I just listened to the Sanders on the Joe Rogan podcast. Where I think he absolutely has the right approach is making mental illness a priority in this country. We're living in a time of unchecked delusion where its easy for others who suffer from the same delusions to find eachother and organize. In terms of an Assault weapons ban...I'm not sure. I think the word assault rifle sounds scary, but truly someone armed with a shotgun and several handguns could do a lot of damage. It wouldnt prevent the shootings. In fact since there are 400 million owned assault rifles....there would be plenty of violence if the government sought to confiscate those weapons. It should be tougher to get a gun...yet red flag laws could be abused if it's used in conjunction with deplatforming and attacking free speech. It's a complex issue.
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