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  1. I can second that actually. I dont agree with raising teachers salaries across the board. Just like any job it should be based on individual evaluation. I'm good for good teachers making good money. Against bad teachers who get to benefit from a uniform raise. Doesn't matter...the internet will replace teachers within 15 years.
  2. I'm not jumping ship on Gaulden though I'd like to see competition. I saw a few flashes last year that made me go...ok that's what they saw. Developing consistency is another story.
  3. Oh I let them know that. Staal mentioned in his interview he thinks the game is on Thursday.
  4. Well Bruins fans think they're going to breeze right through.
  5. This should be a fantastic series. We have our work cut out for us against Boston. If the Canes can recapture their momentum and bring the same level of intensity that they brought in the first two rounds we've got a good chance. Its very important to flip home ice as everyone knows. Looks like were getting healthy. Ferland really needs to have some impact in this series. We really need him to be physical yet discipline. Expect Staal to step up big. Last game against Boston was a good game and a close loss when Faulk lost the puck behind his own net which led to the score. Lately Faulk has found his game however and I expect some retribution. Expect Svech to get tested physically maybe with some dirty plays. If he can overcome that and plays well...I think we will win. Take Warning.
  6. The team wanted the sweep. They wanted the rest. We did fine after the all star break. CBJ swept Tampa and their going toe to toe with Boston. We'll be fine. A team getting swept after they swept opponent had only happened 3 other times. The truth is we could have had the same amount of rest as them and we still would have won.
  7. Well I'm a Canes fan that drove here from Charleston to catch the game tonight...and got a hotel. I love the Hornets but Ive never done that for them. By the way that arena was hyped up. I reached out to a FB group and hit up the tailgate. Had fun. Great fans. I've never seen Hornets fans engaged in that level. People are pumped up here just like the NFL playoffs. This is the first time I've been to Raleigh and I like it. It's way less busy...I like it. People are friendly. Had great tacos and craft beer. Canes win. Ron Rivera rang the siren. Nice hotel. Good time. BTW everyone I met here had either been to a game this year...or they remarked on my Canes hat...and I'm talking prior to the game and being at the arena.
  8. He wasnt brought into compete with Cam....this year. After this season watch out.
  9. I'm unsure about the Grier pick. Dont get me wrong...he doesnt seem like a bad guy or awful QB...its just that I thought Kyle Allen looked great and deserved a legit opportunity at the back up spot. I do get that Cam needs to be pushed a bit. I just dont know how all this plays out. Maybe we drafted him to leverage Cams agent at contract negs.
  10. I've lived in Charlotte for years. Have watched the Hornets my whole life. Love them...have gear....but I also have Canes gear and I completely ignored the Hornets the second half of the year and focused on the Canes. That said...if the roles were reversed this season...I may be paying a tad more attention to the Hornets. Either way I've developed a love for hockey and I think it's more exciting. The refs have killed the NBA for me...and the NCAA scandals have made me pay less attention to college BBall.
  11. Biggest thing we can do is try to bury this series as soon as possible. If we can win this thing in four or five games we will be able to get healthy going into the ECF. Very important to try and finish them at home.
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