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  1. Maybe, maybe not. I'm just a middle class dude who is in his early 30's who has a little girl. So whatever that makes me...I'm cool with it.
  2. TheMaulClaw

    2019 Playoff race.

    Well...it was nice to see us over the line for a night. I'm glad we can get a bit of rest before our next game. Good news is the BJ's play Tampa tomorrow....so hopefully we can pick up some points on them. Every game is big from here on out.
  3. Nah dude. No one on this board liked that dude until it became political. Just because he took a stance in many's eyes doesn't mean I have to like him as a football player. I didn't like him before the media circus. I"m not gonna be strong armed into liking a player I wasn't fond of just because of his kneecaps and a big money settlement. Like I mentioned before....I loved the Eric Reid signing.
  4. I think Allen earned a shot with his performance...and he's much cheaper. He's also been in the system. I'm not a Kaep fan. It stems prior to the kneeing thing. I just think he's a bit of a hypocrite. I remember those photos of him doing body shots...it was pretty frat like. So I've always thought he'd just sort of be a dick in person. I did really like the Eric Reid signing.
  5. TheMaulClaw

    2019 Playoff race.

    If the season ended today playoff of pie!
  6. TheMaulClaw

    2019 Playoff race.

    Weird game heading into the 3rd period. We're winning but we're getting owned in shots and face offs. Seeing some good goal tending tonight. Hopefully we can hold on. We need to spend some more time in their zone in the third to close this game out.
  7. TheMaulClaw

    2019 Playoff race.

    I kept an eye on that score. Was happy to see the result. Tomorrow is a big game to keep pace. Team would be wise to take it one game at a time.
  8. TheMaulClaw

    2019 Playoff race.

    You're absolutely right. Not sure where I got that from. The Kings did win it in 2012 as the 8th seed.
  9. TheMaulClaw

    2019 Playoff race.

    Well the east is stacked. We have to earn it. Good news is...if we earn we can win it. In 2006 we won the cup as the 8th seed.
  10. TheMaulClaw

    2019 Playoff race.

    Yeah Neiderreiter is playing with a chip on his shoulder. Great trade. Let's hope the Pens drop a winnable game tonight.
  11. TheMaulClaw

    2019 Playoff race.

    I think this road trip has shown the growth of the team. We went 4-1 on a long road trip and everyone I think is secretly bothered by that New Jersey game. I think if they can keep their momentum going to close out the season they'll be fine.
  12. TheMaulClaw

    2019 Playoff race.

    Hopefully Philly will go 10-0-1 today and handle the Pens.
  13. TheMaulClaw

    2019 Playoff race.

    Big week for the Canes. Figured I would create a thread so we can talk about the playoff race and games of note that effect seeding. Big regulation loss the Pens suffered tonight. Columbus down a goal at first intermission. Any Columbus or Pittsburgh loss is huge. Go Canes!
  14. I really like this team. I think we're really set up. Aho, Teravainen, and Svechnikov is a great core. Also I think we have good depth and good young defensemen. Team is heading in a great direction. It would be big to sneak into the playoffs. Back to back W's against Pittsburgh and Buffalo were huge for this playoff race. Also good trade...and I really like Brind Amour. That guy cares about the Canes at a higher degree because of his Stanley Cup as a player. If you remember watching Brind Amour play you can really see the team taking on his energy and level of commitment he had as a player. We've gotta win some faceoffs though.
  15. Yes...he's turned out to be the Sean Gilbert of this millenia. I say if he's healthy and he's cheaper to keep....then I say we find a way to make use of him. I don't care if he's playing every snap on scout team. Come preseason....leave him out there the whole game. He'll either get better with the reps and find his groove.....or he'll end up on IR again.