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  1. I just got 8 poo's on my post....motherfawkers.
  2. Like a coach who has been informed he has to tank.
  3. I remember watching a vid right when Norman was drafted of him running through technique. My personal opinion was that Josh was more of a tactician then fast. I dont think his 40 was great. Josh is just a smarter player. That's just my personal opinion.
  4. He reminds me nothing of Norman. Norman possessed great technique and was bigger. Dante is faster, smaller, and way less polished.
  5. I'm not opposed to playing Grier. But at least give him a week with reps with the ones. And allow him to play where he can actually balance the run game. You put him in now...he wont have any timing. The D will pin their ears back because you cant run....and if he throws a pick all the fans will say he sucks.
  6. Not the way I see it. If you're going to put Grier in...at least not get the kid killed before he is ready. Also he did look awful in preseason.
  7. There's a difference between their two salaries that's for sure. Not only is Allen the lowest paid guy actually taking snaps. He's one of the lowest paid guys as a back up too. Hes made mistakes...but hes done some good things too dude. I get your mad..but its true.
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