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  1. I would. Just gotta go out and sign some veteran Oline pieces. We can fix the offense MUCH faster then the D. Similar to Cams rookie year.
  2. I'd rather have Kinlaw. High grade SCAR DTs always play well in the pros.
  3. I think it's fairly simple. Rebuild the lines. Create draft capital. Bring in two corners and find another TE. I think Andrus Peat may be available in FA. Draft Okudah or Epeneza. Then draft center and guard in the 2nd and 4th. Find a FA TE and DT. Pray Short and Poe come back healthy. I would love to being Klein in if we can. If we keep Cam then when she should trade down from 7 and try to pick up an extra 2nd. If we trade Cam then that will create a lot of options. In terms of draft flexibility. I'm not saying KA is the answer, but he would have to be better with a better Oline, another TE, a year of starting XP, and Joe Brady running the O. This of course if Cam isnt retained. If Cam is kept the there's really not a way to build for long term success inside of his playing window. We would have to make some splashes and hope it works out.
  4. I think both of you are correct. Aikido isnt something you would take if you wanted to learn the most effective form of self defense. It is also a martial art. Some martial arts put more of a emphasis on real world application. Some have more a body discipline and control sort of motive. Obviously a halfway trained MMA fighter will destroy an aikido artist. Probably a karate artist as well....but that isnt the entire point.
  5. One of the few things that us grown men have to deflect all the stress, pressure, and responsibility of the world is childish humor. Fact.
  6. We can get so streaky. Would be nice to finish our home stand with a win. So who do you guys think William's replaces?
  7. Ehh....None of this is exciting to me. It was freaking Baylor. A 2nd tier program that lost against every good opponent. At least we will get Lawrence. I sware Marty is boning us before he heads out the door. Wtf did we do to you Marty? What did we ever do to you?
  8. I'm alright with tanking for Lawrence if Cam is gone.
  9. Would have been much happier snagging a coach in the NFL that is already responsible for those new trends.
  10. I know that everyone is in the honeymoon phase right now. But I think it was a poo hire.
  11. Ugh his high pitched nasally voice...I just cant deal with. Were so fugged.
  12. He is the Bismack Biyombo of the Panthers.
  13. McCarthy has the personality of brown bathroom mat. He was not the charismatic leader we needed. We need a guy who can get the players to buy in quickly. Especially after losing a coach that they valued as a good leader...which despite his faults Rivera was. Now if we just moved on from a bland coach like Garrett was, then Mcarthy may have been a good fit because he does know football. Ultimately though hes boring, and looks to be one step away from heart issues. McDaniels may ultimately be the right choice...or Stefanski. I'll be happy with either of those. I wasnt excited about McDaniels initially...but I think he will be alright. I like the idea of bringing in a sharp mind who is in decent shape. The only blob I would hire is Andy Reid.
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