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  1. That physical took place after the pandemic did it not? I'm not arguing that the Panthers werent on the fence about Cam. I just think the pandemic made the decision for them. They werent going to bring Cam back without being able to even to learn the plays and work with Brady.
  2. I thought his physical was given by private doctors?
  3. That definitely could be the case. Also it's fairly obviously Tepper wasnt sold on Cam otherwise he wouldnt have been released. Iim just saying that it's likely that even though they werent sold on Cam there was no way they could actually evaluate him because of the Virus.
  4. That's true...a lot of talk from the media about it. Last year of his deal, injuries, and a new coach. Under those circumstances rumors would have of course been started. I just dont think they would have told Cam that he would have been back ( according to Cam they did) and I dont think Matt Rhule would have said what he said in his combine interview if it was completely true though.
  5. I'm just throwing poo against a wall here. I sort of get the impression that Covid may be the reason Cam was released. I think because the virus disrupted team meetings and will disrupt mini camps and possibly more...the Panthers thought it more beneficial to bring in a guy who knows the system. It isnt fair, but this virus may have under cut the Panthers ability to evaluate Cam's health and hindered his ability to learn and be evaluated in a new system. Talk about horrible timing. It is possible that the Panthers were telling the truth about wanting Cam to compete and play for them prior to the Pandemic. I'm not saying this is what happened but in my mind it does seem to make sense.
  6. If we were going to do this we would have been better served to keep KA.
  7. The only reason I wouldnt be a fan of a Simmons pick is that I feel we're already undersized at DE.
  8. The good news would be that our biggest problem the past few years ISN"T taking the check down. I'm all about introducing a little WCO in our game.
  9. Honestly, my job and income have been affected though I still technically have a job. My main focus of concern is just getting past this virus. Don't really even care if I lose everything in the process. All of that can be built up again with a normal economy. What's really important right now is that everyone stays safe, and we turn the tide on this thing. If this thing ends up infecting 10 to 15 million people life as we know it may be over. Everyone just look at for their families. On a Panther related note. It might have been the best time to release Cam and have a rebuilding season. We might not see this year in the NFL get played. It's possible that by the time football picks back up Cam would have been an FA anyway and we would have had two drafts.
  10. I'd actually dig it if he traded this years 1st and a 5th for a 1st and a 2nd next year.
  11. The crossdressing was a sign...then it was the cigar vid. If I'm Cam...I do what Kuechly did and retire. Cam is a prime CTE candidate.
  12. I suppose it's possible that Cam was way more of a pain in the ass to deal with then anyone let on. It's possible the Panthers actually protected Cam from himself. Dont confuse this please. I know Cam has done a ton of philanthropy work, and has done a ton of good in the community. But he may not take direction well and still may be a pain in the ass to work with. For a long time his talent made it worth it.
  13. That is better then buying a 5000 dollar couch for an apt by the train track.
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