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  1. Listen they've been pitching the two states one team theme very heavily lately. The team is looking at investing big in SC. The original plan was to build a stadium on the state line before BOA. There's more growth capability in Fort Mill. The team can in essence design an entire city around the Panthers and it's much cheaper to do so with way better taxes. South Carolina in the very least we'll be leveraged in negotiations with the Charlotte city council. There are plenty of things that NC has going for it over SC but not in this realm. South Carolinians love sports..and they travel very well. The smaller Carolina supports the biggest football programs in both Carolinas. Clemson can be playing East Tennessee state and there's more people there then even a Panther's playoff game. If South Carolinians get a chance at a true connection with an NFL team...they'll travel from all over the state every Sunday. Just like they do with Clemson and SCAR. Also I wouldn't underestimate the wealth in SC. There's a lot of money here...just not in the country. Remember a dude from Charleston almost bought the team. That also doesn't include Anita Zucker. We're not all banjo players down here. In fact there has been such an influx over the past 20 years into SC from other parts of the country that things are changing. Even downtown Columbia is revamping itself. They will cough up whatever they need too if it means the teams plays in SC. The Gov here is already hard at work forging a relationship with Tepper. SC's economy is booming. I've lived in both states each for about 15 years non consecutively. I've seen A LOT of poor NC'ers up there, and I've personally have always earned more in SC. I'm collectively from both states, but the North Carolinians that hold there noses up to SC when it comes to the Panthers need to realize we're one of the reasons there is even a team in Charlotte. Say what you wanted about JR and I'll agree with the bad stuff, but he brought the team there....and look where he's from.
  2. Have you been through Gold Hill Rd recently?
  3. Yep this is a sign. Team is moving to SC. They're not looking for an 80 acres site for just a practice facility. This sounds like they're looking for a new site to build the new stadium when it's time. Why would they extend the light rail to a practice facility? Develop shopping plazas around a private practice facility? I suppose the other options could be training camp which would make more sense. It's more likely to me that it's all the above.
  4. I'm very impressed with the grit and resiliency this years Hornets team is showing. Borrego as just turned out to be simply a fantastic hire. I was skeptical about the Tony Parker signing initially, jokes on me. The energy surrounding the team seems to be improving as we advance throughout the season. We have a team that's been able to be competitive yet still a tad inconsistent. I think we're starting to see some growth in our consistency level now however. I think if the team can find a way to get to 3 or 4 games over .500 they may not look back. In terms of playoff seeding the 3rd and the 6th seed seem to be interchangeable in terms of the level of competition, and actually set us up better going into the second round. Barring injury, I think this team will gel even more by playoff time, and we could be looking at the 5th seed. If somehow we can see a little bit more consistent play out of Monk....we have a chance to change the way the Hornets are perceived this year.
  5. TheMaulClaw

    Rivera Tuesday presser

    You're credentials really dont mean anything in regards to this as impressive as they are. It's more like employment. Let's say you're in sales and you've always had success using a certain process. All of a sudden you have a new sales manager telling you to do it a different way. Theres gonna be resistance to it. It's sort of like when Ken Dorsey was our QB coach. You honestly think Cam is gonna quit doing what hes been doing because Ken Dorsey says to do it differently.
  6. TheMaulClaw

    Rivera Tuesday presser

    The kids also aren't making million dollars a year so I just don't think its the same. Equating it to the classroom is not a proper analogy. I'm not apologizing for Rivera. I want him to succeed, though I feel if he can't turn this season around when it's still possible we should make a change. The players have come out and supported Ron...so I really don't think there's an issue with them truly feeling like they're being thrown under the bus. Rivera didn't throw those awful throws at the end of the game. Rivera really isn't the reason we lost this game. Cam was...and I love Cam too. Cam makes 3 times as much as Ron in a year....he can take some blame too. Did any of your students get paid three times as much as you did by the school? If this was college maybe its different. Also defensively....we gave up some big plays. I mean Mayfield did make an incredible throw in good coverage on Reid. That was a good defensive play call....just a great throw. Overall, our D has played a little better since Washington got demoted. Where Ron is getting sloppy is with time management. Specifically at the end of the 1st half when there was no timeout called after the first decent play. I'm not sure if they let Cam make that call or not. It's those little things that can cost you a game. So a lot of thing are Ron's fault...a lot of things aren't. One of the biggest things still plaguing this team was the decision Gettleman made to let Josh Norman walk even after he signed his franchise tag. You've seen the consequences of that decision as recently as Sunday....and every time we play a division opponent. It's been haunting us ever since. Gettleman also decided to keep Turner over Norwell...a miscalculation in retrospect. It's Ron's job to defend the roster going into every season. It's how they sell tickets. The team would sell less tickets if the coach in the midst of training camp and the beginning of the season spoke of all the deficiencies on the rosters. It would also send the wrong message to the players...even if its true. Now that were on a 5 game slide....I think Rivera is revealing more truth then anything regarding the roster. The truth is....it shouldn't have taken a rocket scientist to look at our roster...especially on defense and realize it's not that good. There's no depth at linebacker. The corners are young and the safety is old. Eric Reid is a good big hitter, but that's all. Adams is a good veteran back up or rotation guy but shouldn't be starting. We should have all seen the pass rush issues we were going to have. JPep is old, and Addison should have always been a strictly rotational guy and there isn't much depth behind them. We have no depth at corner with Cockrell going down early. We lost our plug up front in Star and there's no depth at linebacker. The Panthers are built to wear down and regress as the season progresses....even though there may be a few individual players who might improve. Ron didn't help the situation with the Washington promotion and the Brady Hoke hire. Hoke wasn't the right guy for the job, but he was going to have tough sledding trying to improve that D line even if he was a great coach. I do understand why Rivera promoted Washington. He had been a decent D line coach, and the last hire that Rivera made from within to the defensive coordinator spot worked out with Wilks. Rivera thought he had develop an adequate formula for developing defensive coordinators. Which apparently it wasn't adequate now in hindsight.
  7. TheMaulClaw

    Current top head coaching prospects

    Brian Schottenheimer
  8. So I've slowly begun coming out from underneath the ether of our 4 game losing streak. For the first 5 days or so after the loss last week I began looking around at various hardware stores, searching for the highest quality pitchfork I could find for under 75 bucks. It might have been needed for my possible visit up to Charlotte, just in case I was needed to join a forming mob outside of BOA. Slowly that feeling of wanting to start something similar to the French Revolution in Pantherland faded. I started to think about what truly was best for the team. So hear me out. What is the best way for Tepper to attract great coaches and GM candidates in Carolina? I say it's to let Ron Rivera finish out his contract. David Tepper (aside from his money) is a relatively unknown commodity in terms of his ability to be a good employer to work for. Ron Rivera has ultimately been a great coach for us up to this point and is very well connected in the league. It would be prudent to make sure we end things gracefully with him so we can attract great coaching talent. Tepper doesn't need to be looked at like a Dan Snyder. If Coaches know he has the money and he also treated Rivera fairly we'll be able to assemble a very good staff. Additionally it would be a minor bonus if Tepper didn't have to make a coaching hire until the new practice facilities are built. I know it's not popular opinion. Additionally it's hard to know at this point in Cam Newton's career if a change would even be a good thing. He's only had one year of Norv Turner, if things are new again for him next year....I'm not sure it would be a good thing. If this team doesn't improve in the future...unfortunately Rivera and Cam would probably need to go down together. That's a risky move for us, but it's true so we better make damn well sure this is what we want. A new coach is signaling the end for Cam. The truth is Cam needs a year of good health for us to go deep. It seems less likely every year that will happen....and that really sucks.
  9. Am I the only one who'd prefer to see the Panthers win 4 straight and see them carry momentum into the playoffs?
  10. TheMaulClaw

    Rashaan Gaulden | Defensive Back

    I think Doss will do a nice job.
  11. I believe you're bending those facts to fit your narrative. Based on the very stats you've given me you've indicated that Gano misses shorter kicks. Don't get me wrong...the ability to kick long field goals is great....but field goals are more often kicked under 47 yards. I'd rather have a guy that's automatic inside 47 yards then a guy who misses the easy ones. From a situational perspective Gano has missed more important kicks. He's cost us more games then he's won us. Gano has literally missed kicked this team out of the playoffs.
  12. I disagree. Ron seems like a genuinely good guy. He doesn't appear fake. Im guessing that if he had it his way...he could avoid press conferences after losses like Sunday. We may need new leadership. Unfortunately Ron made some very bad hires this offseason, and decisions from previous seasons are coming back to bite him. Specifically keeping Gano over Butker. I know Ron will attempt to shield Washington, but that guy needs to go. If Ron unloads Washington I'd be concerned but ok with giving him another year. If he doesn't...it's time to move on.
  13. The more I think about it though...CMC's people have marketed him as an every down player. I think CMC is actually getting what he wanted.
  14. Can anyone tell me what happened with Artis-Payne? I thought in the previous two seasons he did a good pretty good job as a back up. I remember when there was a debate on here whether he should take over for Stew right before we drafted CMC.