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  1. CBJ will run into a problem if they end up facing the Islanders. I know Tampa was supposed to be a shoe in for the cup...but that was not the same team in the playoffs. I honestly think we would have done the same thing to them.
  2. That fight made me sick. I hope Svech is ok. Ovechkin deserves to be taken out by the team. If we end up losing this series and are down several goals in the last ten minutes I say take him out.
  3. TheMaulClaw

    Why I like the Hogan Signing

    Oh....so you dont think that has something to do with the 1.5 step drops?
  4. TheMaulClaw

    Why I like the Hogan Signing

    I disagree. Hogan actually had his career high in receptions in Buffalo. The Patriots went out and signed him. So unless Buffalo and NE rin the same system....Hogan learned both. I read the Ian Rappaport tweet when said there was modest interest in the Patriots retaining him and that several teams were also interested in signing him. So there must be something there. Personally I think the reason the Patriots didnt sign him is because he didnt fit their system...at least going forward as Brady is losing arm strength.
  5. The Caps are just better. Very disappointing watching how bad they're starting in a hole every game.
  6. Shades of Ricky Proehl.
  7. It's TRUE about Aho...hes been shut down for weeks now. I think it's pretty easy to see that Svech is gonna have to carry this team in scoring. I'm not sure if you move him up in line or what...he just has to see the ice more. Kids a sniper.
  8. I'm actually coming away from this game encouraged. It does suck we were able to finish the comeback. We outplayed them most of the game. We had some bad mental lapses...but we picked it up in the second. We can make this a series.
  9. Yeah Svech is our most valuable asset for sure. I'd take him over Aho. Hes gotten stronger as the season and gone on.
  10. This was always gonna be a tough game to win. We have a chance in this series... but we need to just focus on winning periods. Caps first period buried us...and we're inexperienced unlike the Blue Jackets. I do think the team will be able to bounce back and learn from this in the next game.
  11. Yeah I flipped back and forth between the Isles game and the TB game. It is impressive that CBJ came back. It was nice to see. Im hoping that series goes to 7....it also gave me hope that we can do the same thing tomorrow against Washington.
  12. I'm already pumped. I'm glad we get to watch some stress free hockey tonight.
  13. I think the moment everyone knew Mrazek was playing sensationally was when he made the great stops against Florida in OT...that diving poke check..
  14. OP messaged Igo prior to thread creation.