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  1. it’s one of those stories that you can’t believe is real
  2. add to that the last two years we had a guy running a “pro” offense that was using the same principles as what he was running 25-30 years ago, and before that we had a guy running a “pro” offense using the same principles that offenses in the 1970s had. most of us are sick of this team living in the past and it’s finally changing. if it doesn’t work then it doesn’t work. but it’s better to try something new and innovative for once instead of failing the same old way over and over again.
  3. at this point i think if the panthers are going to retire his jersey then they are going to build the statue. i honestly think that’s way too premature. his performance on the field is his most ringing endorsement right now but he has only recently re-associated himself with the franchise. a good start would be to help build morale within the organization, encourage young guys and offer mentoring where possible. it doesn’t have to be a full time gig. stop by here and there and talk to some of those guys and give valuable insights if it looks like they need some direction to help their development along, instead of dropping a soundbyte on WFNZ about how the panthers should consider drafting another WR.
  4. being depressed isn’t an excuse for making other ppl’s lives miserable and ruining careers. i never saw him apologize to jermaine wiggins. i never saw him own up to things he personally did against other ppl or the things he said. never saw him express regret for assaulting teammates just bc he was a sore sport. there’s plenty of examples of celebrities/public figures trying to atone for their wrongdoings. this guy is obviously not sorry for any of it.
  5. the ken lucas incident was arguably the single biggest jerkass steve moment but even if you take it at face value and nothing more then it’s still a microcosm of steve making the panthers organization his bitch for almost 20 years. and he goes off on a public tirade when everyone was tired of his poo, basically disowns the panthers, plays as a raven for a few years, and now he decides he’s changed his mind and publicly announces he’s ok with the panthers now and if they wanna get on that jersey retiring thing and a statue as soon as possible? nah.
  6. i’m positive smitty doesn’t give a single fug about you or me or thered or anybody else individually. over the years we’ve heard countless stories of him punching players, being a dick to players wearing the same jersey, being a dick to fans, being a dick to coaches, he threatened a former teammate in front of their family. i don’t consider him to be a generally good person. the only reason he pulled this latest stunt with the helmet is a little nudge to the franchise to give him one of the highest honors to fluff his ego some more.
  7. i’m irrational bc i take his rap sheet seriously? he had a reputation for alpha male antics and it’s been well documented. i don’t see anybody here demanding a statue for gettleman either. wtf is ironic about this or are you just having another ugly cry about one of my opinions that you can’t handle?
  8. steve smith fanatics will never look past his stats or his highlight reel and acknowledge the damage he did in the locker room for many years. it’s all about that glamour catch or that all-time receiving ranking.
  9. what’s wrong did the ravens already retire #89 for somebody else?
  10. he just looks constantly tired
  11. wow it’s almost like former players can land on a team that can end up completing in and maybe even winning a superbowl
  12. that’s the closest hurney’s ever going to get to bringing one here
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