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  1. it’s rly hard to find dedicated ppl tho. a lot of ppl here, mostly the better posters have entire lives outside of this place. the worst ones are the ones that are on here like 24/7. and i think that extends to jeremy. like ppl forget that he has an entire life outside of the site and he can’t be on here poring over every 20 page thread looking for trolls to ban every day. which is why my vote might be just to simplify the site so it would be easy for him just to delete these mongers.
  2. the entire internet has been in a state of continuous social unrest since at least the michael brown and eric garner incidents in the old days of the huddle, the lounge used to be the 2nd most popular subforum after the panthers football forum. owing to the point philly made earlier, a lot of ppl here knew each other personally, so that made sense. then as time went on and the user base grew the personal aspect of the forum changed and it’s almost completely anonymous ppl with aliases interacting with other anonymous ppl with aliases. you also had like 4 admins (not mods) back then and atp we’re pretty much down to 1. i think the tinderbox was created to isolate political talk that was getting into other forums and it quickly became the second most significant forum here, and then everything that was happening there started permeating into the main football forum. my honest opinion? igo owns everything and all of the text that you and i and so many other ppl have posted are stored in a server that he maintains in his garage if i’m not mistaken. so if he is thinking from a business sense what to do to make this platform grow, in my opinion this business that he is running isn’t going to get any more profitable for him if the site visitors are looking at his content and seeing a bunch of grown men and teenagers bickering over everything from accusations of subversive racism to whether or not some undrafted div II scrub on our practice squad is going to blow up and become a first ballot HOF. so he can literally streamline this site to be strictly football directed if he is so inclined and he really believes he can drive his product forward with the content he can produce and the connections he has in the organization. and everybody here can balk but it’s completely within his rights to do so. but at the same time my social conscious is screaming at me about the very suggestion.
  3. so far we have two interesting viewpoints that begs for a unique solution you have guys like killerkat, mr. scot and linvillegorge advocating for streamlined football only content that stifles political talk. and then you have guys like phillyb and bronn who are arguing that football and politics are too intertwined, and separating them is basically hindering the progression of society. finding a solution that satisfies both groups is going to take some ingenuity. it should be noted that all major social platforms including twitter and instagram have come under criticism by various groups of ppl for censoring free speech or providing an outlet to ppl with extreme views that promotes hate speech, based on individual isolated cases of these platforms taking action or not taking action.
  4. idk how that dude still posts here tbh obviously the community has let him know that he is unwelcome. he probably thinks it’s noble to keep his presence here like he’s overcoming haters or w/e or maybe he is just a very insecure guy. either way it looks pathetic.
  5. the main forum definitely gets a lot of tinderbox diaspora i’m not sure what to suggest exactly. i know if this platform is ever going to be anything more than it is, there will have to be a massive overhaul. significant visual changes, a primarily mobile format is needed, no more secondary forums at all, and there will need to be clearly stated rules with no tolerance for breaching them. like half of the threads here get derailed at a certain point and devolve into a lower level of dialogue. there’s so much negative interaction on here that a choice is going to have to be made. i don’t think you can trust the posters to be civil and steer the conversations in a productive direction amongst themselves. take it from me, we have over 15 years of empirical evidence of that. idk if this is something jeremy is going to be invested in rolling up his sleeves and doing, and idk if this is something the posters are going to want.
  6. frash.exe

    What you just witnessed was G.O.A.T

    ffs if KC could have pulled it off i would actually have been excited to watch a superbowl for the first time in three years but nah. i’m almost at the point of just throwing the entire nfl in the trash. same tired product every year. same storytelling, same old people in the limelight. i used to spend hours poring over advanced stats and posting here and i just don’t care anymore to do that poo, and no matter what everything leads to tom brady in the superbowl.
  7. frash.exe


    anybody have those dreams where you’re looking for a clean toilet but all the toilets are dirty or being cleaned i’ve had that one twice in the last three weeks
  8. so glad JR was forced to sell the team for being a creep
  9. i have a bad feeling about him getting booted if we go on a losing run so that they can cover eric washington/richard rodgers’ ass again like they did last year
  10. frash.exe

    i'm going to throw up and puke

    well i’m from utica and i’ve never heard anybody use the phrase “hamberders”
  11. most teams have been running base nickel defense for several years now, including us at least once since 2014. but we have been stocking our personnel like a base 4-3 bc our previous owner was an old fart who thought the trends haven’t changed since 1982. we’re like that one company you may have worked for in the past that strives in a hot competitive industry, but all the infrastructure still runs off of like windows 95 and sun microsystems equipment.
  12. frash.exe

    Bird Box

    imagine if you were the leader of the fx department for a production company. they task you to come up with a sculpt for a monster in this experimental movie starting sandra bullock. the biggest project of your entire career. then they cut your work from the final release of the film, and the film goes viral.
  13. frash.exe

    Pagano interviews w Panthers

    maybe that’s why we kept promoting from within who wants to fire you when the immediate alternative is mike shula
  14. ron needs to hire an assistant for a lot of things