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  1. just look at the bright side; at least the panthers won’t lose a game this year, bc there are not going to be any games to lose
  2. that’s really funny bc i don’t remember seeing a lot of ppl disillusioned about the franchise and begging for change besides me and a few others last summer everybody here was drinking kool aid and acting like the panthers just pulled off the best offseason in the entire league in 2019
  3. the internet was way more fun when it was ytmnd, charlie the unicorn and lolcats now it’s just celeb worship and neverending kvetching about fugboys and donald trump.
  4. i hope they wanna fire hurney after the draft and they just gave him a bananaphone to play with and rhule is putting this draft class together
  5. is everette brown still a position coach for burns?
  6. should totally post a four minute video on youtube showing off this setup with nocopyrightsounds future bass background music that nobody’s going to watch
  7. i think it’s a good time to remind everybody that technology isn’t as automated as it seems and we are not that close to singularity as elon musk or any tech porn news outlet would suggest. your “cloud“ web account that you upload files to, is that information just out there in the stratosphere? nah, it’s just stored on a server in a data center only accessible to you via an encrypted connection over the internet. that ticker that moves on the bottom of the screen during sportscenter that delivers information instantaneously? yea, somebody manually inputted that into chyron software to get it to show up, same way it has been done for decades. many ppl just take tech for granted like it’s supposed to get better and better and god forbid it fails on their watch. they don’t see the individual efforts that maintain these systems that they consume everyday.
  8. here in NJ. the governor has mandated a statewide 8 pm curfew, banned all large gatherings, and forced all nonessential businesses to close indefinitely i have been WFH for the last two weeks everybody’s buying up all of the fuging toilet paper ppl are being furloughed or outright losing their jobs over this. this is one of those crises that changes the way ppl live their life. 9/11 did the same thing. that event officially marked the end of the “90s”, and in time, when we look back, we will see that this event marked the end of the 2010s and the beginning of the 2020s.
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