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  1. you can’t mealy mouth and cherry pick your way to ignoring the fact that the panthers got over 50 pts put on them by another team despite being a quality opponent
  2. to be fair to poe, the same GM signed maake kemoeatu who wasn’t much better so if you wanna blame anybody it should be hurney 2: electric boogaloo
  3. what if ron just calls one of the refs over and tells them he’s forfeiting the game? we know they don’t measure up at this point, no sense risking injuries and losing more than just the game.
  4. this team almost had me believing that they actually showed up to a steelers game for the first time in the 21st century
  5. a big test on the road against a team we historically have had horrible performances against, and they are solid this year. and it’s a short week. hope we don’t get romped
  6. frash.exe

    Mike Evans

    it be like that sometimes for good corners
  7. frash.exe

    Norv ~ Shula?

    Xs and Os, not jimmies and joes i don’t care how much talent you bring in, if your overall scheme sucks then you’re going to get your ass beat in the box score. nfl teams today are more even in terms of talent than in years past.
  8. i’m getting type 2 diabetes just imagining this person
  9. way better than those tired overworn all whites that they kept trotting out for like 80% of the games
  10. i stopped caring about others’ opinions after the endless positive feedback thought patterns on constant display here. our new owner is more forward-thinking than anything we’ve ever seen from this organization and that’s all that matters to me. everything will be straightened out in the long term to give the panthers the best chance to succeed.
  11. ron rivera: “hold my headset i’m going to fug this up somehow”
  12. that’s definitely an automatic -2 score for amini on that play, but it should be like a -8