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  1. a thread about a fan ripping a former player in a video posted on twitter by a fan ripping a former player
  2. i love how we have dudes literally holding their noses up at a women’s soccer team for the competition level they excel at while they root passionately for a team that can’t do better than 7-9 half the time
  3. @PhillyB good thing you made this thread before jeremy posts his annual cleaning up the forum PSA nonsense bc this is hilarious
  4. fuged up that the best quality footage we have of the moon landing is the 1969 equivalent of taking a video of family guy moments with an iphone 4 and posting it on youtube bc they erased the original tapes that contained the live video feed from the mission
  5. that ms paint joke sucked the first time so lemme throw it in there again and hope somebody laughs you’re fuging terrible at this
  6. DELETE FROM Posters WHERE Personality=‘boring twat’; oh no looks like masterawesome’s account just disappeared off the site
  7. what are we hyping? the part at the end where you ask the girl at the counter for her phone number third time this month and get rejected again?
  8. why is everybody getting their buttholes knotted up about some comment i made like three weeks ago? nobody cared about it until the weekend and since then i’ve been getting notifications nonstop. y’all get sick of throwing conniption fits about madden ratings that quickly?
  9. jesus christ do you ever shut the fug up about poo dave gettleman did 3 years ago or do you mutter about it in your sleep too
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