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  1. i’m sure once the front office realizes that someone isn’t doing their due diligence, they’ll put marty hurney in charge of finding out who that is
  2. just look at the bright side; at least the panthers won’t lose a game this year, bc there are not going to be any games to lose
  3. this thread needs more obvious low functioning south park references HAHA TREY AND MATT SO FUNNEEE
  4. nothing will ever top that time i trolled pffl into getting himself banned
  5. whenever i hear a white guy describe eminem as a top five rapper (or worse, theGREATESTRAPPERALIVEEE), this is what i picture in my head
  6. You can choose to continue to live in the illusion that your life is managed by an ever-powerful guardian and that is how you keep the fear of you being the only person guiding yourself through this world, or you can accept the truth that we are for all intents and purposes alone as an intelligent species.



  7. That's from Louie and somebody borked the name on purpose
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