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  1. i’ve been saying for years. JR was the albatross keeping the panthers back in the expansion mentality but you kinda have to go all in and get his hand picked underlings out too if you want to stop spinning your wheels as soon as possible. this franchise will go nowhere with ron rivera and his brain taking a PTO on random gamedays and hurney and his “offseason plans” that never amount to increasing playoff runs in the long game
  2. there are teams out there that are going to be willing to pay what he is asking. but it may not be the saints considering that yeah, drew brees is probably going to be putting those numbers up with or without thomas.
  3. ...they have played him at LT. last year in the preseason bc matt kalil was hurt and in week 1 until they put him at RT bc they shut down williams for the year.
  4. i’m going off of personal remarks you’ve made about gettleman. like i’ve explained before, you’re a complete bullshit artist who acts like they’re this progressive voice of reason. you personally made wholly inaccurate assumptions about my views and accused me of casual racism (to win a football argument) a few months ago. i have noticed you make casual racist remarks and point that out while you act all “i don’t hate this gettleman guy, i’m cool as a cucumber about him” and instead of owning them, you desperately resort to whataboutism at every turn to try to deflect the heat off of you.
  5. you’re pretty bad at this not acknowledging someone’s jewish heritage is anti-semetic. especially when jewish ppl were literally genocided by white supremacists. so you’re making an ignorant comment just like rosanne did. i’m not going to make a venn diagram about how dehumanizing each individual case is, dummy.
  6. antisemitism existed long before donald trump got on the virtual blowhorn i’m not donald trump and you’re not a good example of somebody who supports PoC
  7. i’m sure rosanne barr can relate maybe you guys take the same medication
  8. lmao rodeo put you on blast for the remark so what does trumpism have to do with you saying racist poo bro?
  9. so bc moton allowed less pressures at right tackle, you’d rather have williams move to the left where cam’s blindside is?
  10. nah dude you completely have a hate boner for gettleman. you bring him up constantly when nobody is talking about him. you called him an old white man when he’s actually jewish lol. like you couldn’t even have the decency to not be an anti-semetic douche.
  11. hard to tell if you are being sarcastic or just blabbering at this point
  12. fua was a mistake and another hurney draft pick who didn’t have any tools to project to a real position in the nfl. he didn’t make it through one season with us after hurney was replaced for you to bring up a true fourth stringer that was experimented on bc that was literally the only shot they had after completely flaming out at the pro level in the position they played in college and act like it’s as bad as taking your all-pro RT that you inherited and flipping him over and inside bc of some dumb philosophy about just wanting to put the five best players on the field and not caring about individual positional ability is such a reach.
  13. yea, gettleman brought in matt kalil. fine, nobody’s gonna argue it was a shitshow from the beginning with him. but in your true fashion you can’t acknowledge that gettleman brought in moton, williams, norwell, turner, oher, and remmers which more than makes up for the matt kalil contract that you make out like it’s the gaffe of the century. because you are incapable of being intellectually honest and the only reason ppl tolerate you right now in spite of it is bc you are gleefully surfing the crest of the “hurney 2.0” wave of intellectually dishonest posters who blame every problem on decisions that were made by the last dude so we can make that mediocre lawn of grass we’re standing on look a little bit greener.
  14. wow a 3 year extension of less than 2 mil guaranteed...what a ringing endorsement from a GM
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