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  1. my favorite colbert moment was any time the camera cut to him grinning on the sideline while we were down 27 points in garbage time
  2. untrigger yourself before @TheRed has another seizure brought on by your weak smack
  3. i’m rly not impressed by the argument that just bc he has a job means that everybody can just take unlimited shots every time the giants announce a draft pick or trade or free agent signing or <insert personnel transaction here> and don’t pretend that it’s justified just bc it’s a football discussion board bc it p much does nothing but foster a lower level of dialogue, and all you see is the same banal comments about “gettleman’s ego” and cheapness, and comeuppance. we don’t need to discuss every thing the giants do and how it’s going to be terrible just to make ourselves feel better while the offseason slowly melts away like a glacier before the 1900s. i thought of it as an inkling but now i’m rly starting to see the clarity that it very likely is just a matter of a bunch of insecure posters periodically affirming that it was a good idea that we went back to the guy whose mess gettleman spent years cleaning up. don’t want any thought dispute going on up there in the old brain case i guess.
  4. hoover may not have played a glorious skill position, he may not have HOF stats, but he spent his entire career in charlotte and was always active in the local community as an athlete. he was so well liked to the point that whenever he got a handoff, the whole stadium would erupt by cheering hoov. they knew it was his time to shine. and anyway he’s still a former player of ours. so as a career panther, is he not worthy of a respectful send off? i thought the point everybody was making was that we wanted players in general treated right, not just the huddle darlings. and it’s funny how you point out the matt kalil contract as this huge hurdle that’s the only reason the team is 7-9, but gettleman spent most of his run dealing with dead money from all the contracts hurney drew up that were killing us... while the team was making the playoffs and blowing the cardinals out. even so, i don’t remember talking about marty hurney on a daily basis after 2012 like some ppl do about gettleman here. the cap situation was way worse in 2013-2015. we were like projected up to 15 mil over before any transactions were made in 2013.
  5. i’m talking about 2010 bc ppl want to talk about history on here. bc things that used to be considered ancient history are now relevant again when you bring an executive’s dead career back to life. if you have a problem with longtime players getting mistreated on the way out, you might want to go back to the 2010 offseason when brad hoover basically found out he was cut while on a team charity cruise. i don’t think gettleman handled a release as bad as that. then again, brad didn’t go off on a tirade into every live mic he could find after he was let go. this was also when twitter was basically new and you didn’t have every player and their families on there with a blue tick. if you wanna go back and dig up posts i can save you a little bit of the trouble. do i remember making mean comments about olsen and davis specifically? no, not really. i used to make jokes about dwill eating pizza rolls, some of the comments i’ve made regarding players’ egos and it’s p obvious i think steve smith is an asshole, which he p much is. but i don’t think i ever called a player a “retarded dick licker” if you want to go there. i think you coined that one a few years back. about greg, it’s not like 1000 yard TEs are falling off trees but you kinda have to know a player’s mind is starting to look at what’s beyond football when he starts musing about the possibility of sportscasting. i don’t think you need to make a 3 year developmental project out of it either. you might be able to get a few hundred yards out of a rookie, and unless they’re clueless and barely know where to line up, or a very average athlete, that’s probably what they’re going to get whether or not they have a veteran to bounce off of. about gettleman drafts, i’ve said it a million times how he misses like everybody else does. most of my issues with what ppl say don’t have anything to do with gettleman directly, like the thousands upon thousands of personal attacks made against him. i rly don’t care about that part. it has everything to do with the flourishing of delusional posters on here that are constantly rewriting history to make themselves feel better about having a bad GM... like how the huddle somehow considers the otah trade justified even though it triggered a shitstorm of bad personnel moves... or as someone said to me a page or two back how a 3rd string safety starting for an entire season paid off really well. bc they don’t want to think that we downgraded to a lesser GM. maybe this doesn’t have much to do with gettleman. maybe they’re trying to convince themselves that the fate of the team is in good hands. maybe that’s the reason his drafts are constantly compared with dave’s. not like dave bats 1.000, but nothing he did ever did in the draft was as bad as marty’s track record in the draft during the four years of abysmal seasons we were put through between 2008 and 2012.
  6. couldn’t disagree more we saw him invest a ton of money in newton, kuechly, short, and extend oher, coleman, addison, davis, olsen, and well, sigh, but he did invest a ton into matt kalil. you can’t re-sign every single player that hits free agency and we had hot players hitting the market at a rate that we didn’t see before gettleman was around. that’s pretty much the point of a salary cap. it’s designed to level out the amount of funds each team has to invest in their roster.
  7. gettleman evaluated everybody on the roster each offseason. put him at the helm in 2007 and he would’ve at least brought in insurance. norman was on the tag for six or seven weeks. it was only when the tag got rescinded that norman tried to rush to sign it bc up until that point he left everything to his agent to negotiate. honestly the fact that you think these two situations are identical would sway me toward the direction of thinking that you were born yesterday. at least try to make an effort to understand the intricacies of each individual case next time.
  8. the beason extension had one of the worst payoffs in team history and you can prove that mathematically. two seasons on IR and a whole lot of dead money. for unforeseen injuries? for JR trying to make a point about not being cheap after being so cheap that it completely ruined the 2010 campaign? maybe mostly the former and a little bit but quite certainly the latter as well? up to your own judgment. but the guaranteed money was gone the minute beason signed his name and he ended up as one of our highest paid players while spending most of his time dealing with injuries. it’s also worth stating that marty pretty much drafted his replacement in the top 10 in the draft less than a year from the outset of the contract. we all knew that luke’s true position was in the middle from the minute he was drafted and that’s where beason was lining up and neither of them were going to be playing as good shifted to the side. beason’s achilles recovery went from being his primary concern to the icing on the cake. he was being pushed out of his role here way before gettleman was brought in. all he really did as you said was expedite the process so that beason maybe could seize a better opportunity to start somewhere. naturally he caught flack for it. and on that note, a word about mike minter bc the only time @TheRed seems to even care to mention him is when he’s referencing this one time where i made an off the cuff remark about his retirement. the story goes like this... mike minter, a reliable and solid player for a good amount of years. but in 2006, it was clear that his best days were behind him. i distinctly remember his age really showing in the MNF dallas game...anyway, the whole offseason marty does nothing to bolster the FS spot bc everybody expects minter to come back and play another year based on him just telling the team he wants to return i guess. he shows up to camp in july, realizes his knees are shot, decides to retire a week later. not a dry eye in the press conference. a very sentimental send off. but what did it cost? nothing really except for the fact that where we thought we had stable positional depth there was now a huge hole. and of course there’s nothing hurney could do at this point bc it’s august, so deke cooper becomes the incumbent starter and hurney picks up marquand manuel off waivers. deke cooper marquand manuel we now know that delhomme was lost by the end of september and it was going to be a rough season anyway, but in either case, i mean anybody can say what they want about gettleman but he would’ve prevented that. minter probably wouldn’t have gone out on his own terms, but therein lies the conundrum where i prompt the huddle that it’s a simple order of priority. do you prefer it that the organization focuses primarily on being a consistent contender and maybe have some your press conferences and retirement parties if they don’t interfere, or do you really need your walt disney fantasy endings so bad that it shouldn’t matter that the overall performance on the field suffers? they both can’t be equal. i see a similar situation possibly playing out with olsen. he’s been a fantastic player, but at the risk of sounding like a douchebag who hates players (wink wink) he’s 34 and has been plagued by foot injuries for the last two seasons. olsen has flirted around with the idea of joining gameday broadcast booths, but with the way free agency and the draft played out, and virtually no viable TEs left on the market, it’s clear that hurney is leaving the fate of the TE position in 2019 up to olsen and his own physical well being (i hope i’m not being too insensitive here). like my gut instinct is to be very skeptical about how this is set up but that must mean i need to check to see if i still have a soul bc i don’t want to question the players or say i told you so if they let us down. i was told in no uncertain terms that i was a monster for thinking like that. @TheRed please advise.
  9. you’re the only one here who continually incorporates bigotry to augment their football arguments and i want to know what your credentials are or if you are just a football guy who can’t stand to lose face in a message board thread.
  10. i wanna know why someone who is so passionate about calling ppl out on bigotry on a barely visible website can’t talk about what they’ve contributed on a real world basis
  11. honestly, as little as i think of you, i still expected you to say something better than “there’s no point in fighting for true change bc wealth inequality” that’s exactly the type of can do attitude the real activists look for. wow did you go from fed up and standing up for equality to edgy teen message board troll and it only took me like 2 pages of asking you some real questions.
  12. maybe you can go to your primary care and ask what you need to do to get on a donor list for a set of testicles so you can work up the courage to join a cause beyond social media and way beyond this barely exposed website. that would be a start. or don’t. we all know you’re here to lap up the credit once the revolution is over even though you didn’t risk anything.
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