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  1. Didn't Beason tear his achilles? That is an injury that will rob you of a step if you can even come that far back. And obviously, losing a step is enough to put most people out of the league.
  2. My issue would be Cam's value and getting comparable back. The point that was made about if we suck then we can get Lawrence, I would like that part of getting Trubisky but him sucking (which is more likely than him not sucking IMO) means we get no value back for Cam. We can get a crappy QB to help us tank for a lot less than Cam. Hell we have Grier.
  3. They gave Wilkes so many guys off the bottom of the barrel year after year, because they knew he was good enough to work with it.
  4. TE is, next to the RB safety valve, the QBs security blanket. And can be king of mismatches. I'd put TE over #2 WR if you want to use him as a pass catcher.
  5. My first impression was that they want to keep CMC happy.
  6. It is fair to be worried about Tepper. Also fair to wait and see how this turns out. And smart, actually. I am very curious though, about why we went 34 last year. There is one answer to that that would be really disappointing.
  7. I am afraid he reads this place. I do know that following trends is a loser game. Set them.
  8. It is really difficult to trust a college LT these days, to translate. It is hard enough if the top guy falls to you, reaching is a huge risk. I went sour on Gettleman fairly early in his time, but never once criticized him for not going LOT in the 1st. It is something you should not try to force. If we have the right guy sitting there, by all means, thank our luck and pull the trigger. Otherwise let Hurney do what he does best.
  9. RIP Sam Wyche I remember him as being a top coach and he seemed cool at the same time.
  10. What I don't get is the vitriol, and all the complainers around here got their way. Who dumps a good guy and then dumps all over him?
  11. You really aren't worth this but I have never said what you are saying I said. Poor reading comprehension is another sign of low intellect.
  12. Name calling. Nice. Showing your intellect I guess. It is not about Allen. It is about Grier not being ready to take the field.
  13. Point is, they know what Grier is. They knew. And knowing that, they still put him out there which was probably not good for him. I mean just because a bunch a yahoos on the internet don't know, that is not a good reason.
  14. You are not gonna get answers doing this. And my point is more, they know what he is anyway, right now, from seeing him every day.
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