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  1. But I thought we was going to to suck because we lost a preseason game.
  2. Live a day in my life and you will have all the evidence you need.
  3. Was going to flame till I saw this. Good job, you got me.
  4. Definitely the Thanksgiving Dallas game.
  5. Lol man I thought there was no way they could ever do better than an intellivision. They were so awesome. I actually have my original one and one that has never been opened. Fond memories of lock and Chase. Lol
  6. You went to far with this. Get off my Pong youngster.
  7. That sounds to much like an old poster from here. Lol
  8. Everyone is ignorant about some things. If you don't know about something you're ignorant on that subject. I'm ignorant about alot of things. Defining that is what caused this long thread.
  9. And that is why you're ignorant. I haven't argued with anyone and I won't. You came at me and didn't win so you can move on.
  10. Learning is a skill. And not all people learn from experience. Proven everyday.
  11. Experience is only a skill if you gain knowledge from from it.
  12. I would answer this if you leave politics out I don't discuss BS.
  13. I'm actually not talking about the incompetent doctors more so ones that maybe at one time was a great doctor but after learning so much, think they don't need to learn anymore. Things are constantly changing. And an intelligent person knows you never stop learning. As for "Google University", ( I liked that, lol) I can give you a good example were that helped me. 7 year's ago I got diabetes and pancreatitis. Only found out because I thought I was getting the flu. I went to my regular doctor and he diagnosed it. But that's basically all he could do. I basically had to do my own research to learn and find a diabetic specialist. I probably know more about diabetes and pancreatitis than probably 75% of doctors that aren't specialist. I also had a heart doctor that I was sent to for test ( he was considered a top surgeon in the country) and he about killed me by prescribing me medicine that can kill some one with pancreatitis. Argued with me about it until I showed him proof. You can substitute doctor for any other lable. One of my favorite sayings. "The first sign of intelligent is the need to learn, the first sign of ignorance is the need to learn no more." Ps. Sorry if rambling, I am on pain meds from a procedure done yesterday and hopefully this all made a little sense.
  14. This is assuming the person with x amount of years doing something actually knows what he is doing. Just because you have "experience" doesn't mean you're right or know what you're doing. I've seen examples of that all my life.
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