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  1. I lean on the side of caution in this situation. I'm very sorry to my fellow fans, but I don't see how this season is saved. I'm reasonably certain the NHL and NBA seasons for this year are done too. Too much could go wrong, there's not enough of a safeguard available yet, and I would rather we have the best chance of fighting this possible rather than just blindly march back into the mindset of "well, the worst is over" and hope for the best. Besides, new complications and mutations seem to be arising from this virus and as much as I like sports, I think it's too dangerous to allow entertainment to take place without a vaccine. Even then, as I understand it, multiple vaccines are likely necessary.
  2. Drafting another injury prone qb with the state of our lines is madness. These next two drafts have to be for the lines.
  3. We air the game later this afternoon at my tv station gig. No expectations.
  4. I'm the guy holding up the Wardo t-shirt.

    was my favorite for many years.

  5. Currently in Washington St.

    Going to be at the Bengals game.

    If you want to try to say hey, I'm at 5099298450.

  6. Not sure if any of your Seatle RR people are in Spokane, but since I work overnights, it's hard for me to travel to too many games.  Would be great to meet other Cats fans in WA though.

  7. I've been watching Rocky movies all week to get into the proper mindset. Forgot all about Karate Kid, and it may just be more apt. (btw, added you on FB, PB.)
  8. Disgusts me how those assholes always get away with bullying nonsense. The Porter moment should've gotten him kicked out of the game and a PF on Fixburgh.
  9. So much hype and pride for a team wearing jerseys that may as well be neon kelp.
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