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  1. Imo, the current state of the league's offense demands man defense. Get the best cover corners you can find and pray to high holy hell the pass rush can get home before the damage is too great.
  2. The biggest issue isn't even a healthy qb or lack thereof, frankly. It's been that his defensive scheme has been figured out and he hasn't adapted to it. As Scot's pointed out, he doesn't appear to have a clue how to defend the zone running scheme by Shanahan and the Packers, and this year's run d is laughable. He had his run and ever since 2015 the bloom has been off the rose of his era here. I don't have anything against him as a person, but I don't think he's a championship level coach. He, like Fox, is the guy to resurrect a franchise. He's not the guy to get you a championship.
  3. Have we gotten better or gotten worse the last 3 years? Ron. Must. Go.
  4. I've made no bones about being a defensive guy, but I really want an offensive HC this time, if only because we've played the defensive HC card so many times and imo it just hasn't really worked. And on the subject of defense... I will never understand the inclination to leave yourself open to a power run offense with using a hybrid 3-4 this year when our division largely feeds off of a power-run offense.
  5. Ron should be gone for multiple reasons, but a few trends in particular sink his ship, so to speak. Multiple years in a row where he's been blown out. The Foxian philosophy of, essentially, we're rams charging directly at you without any modification of philosophy or gameplan if the other team knows how to stop that, and much like his predecessor, Rivera teams seem to mostly rely on the other team beating themselves rather than scheming to beat the other team. The handling of Newton's injuries and the backup qb situation. Not all on Ron, but he should've insisted to Hurney that some decent vet stopgap of some kind should've been signed just in case Allen flamed out and Newton wasn't ready to go. Clearly Cam wasn't, and this season has frankly never quite recovered. Lastly, I understand Rivera was a linebacker, but I've never been a fan of the Tampa 2 style of defense, especially since qbs frequently attack its greatest weakness in the middle, especially on third downs or third and longs, and there's rarely if ever an adjustment there. Much like Mr Scot, I was excited to see that we hired him at first, and he spoke a good game about attacking the opponent's weakness and such. It seems, however, that this introductory speech was more fool's gold than an actually prosperous proposition, and I'm willing to cut our losses at this point.
  6. I would let him rest the remainder of the year then see where the chips fall.
  7. Does anyone know a website one could use to buy that if you're nowhere near the Carolinas? If anyone can help, it'd be appreciated.
  8. Niners' fanbase (and Rams, somehow, for some inexplicable reason) are pretty big around here. Hoping like hell we beat SF.
  9. My hope is 2 of 3...thinking Niners and Pack are easiest with GB's defense coming back to earth and Jimmy G being less experienced than Brees.
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