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    fug, yeah, alcohol?
  2. The problem is, this is a multi-layered issue and there's no easy answer. 1: I'm of the opinion that Rivera should be gone and have been since SB 50. His inability to make Shula make adjustments in the biggest game of their coaching lives in and of itself should've gotten him dropped. 2: Rivera plateauing aside, we're likely facing a couple year retooling of the defense at best as we're too old at too many positions as it is to reliably try to be as complete a team as possible to try to match up against the goddamn Falcons, Saints, AFC demigods like Fixburgh or New Cheatland, and likely as much as I hate them even Seattle. The secondary needs to get younger and faster and I'm not convinced Bradberry is any kind of viable starter as he seems to exist solely to make tackles. He very rarely, if ever, plays the ball, isn't fast enough to face the monsters at wr that we have in the division, and generally has been more meh than wow. Jackson started off hot but has come back down to earth and part of me worries that Rivera influenced that somehow. The d-line...good god, what a disaster. At times, they remind me of the disastrous interior book-ends of Fua and McClain. Forever Useless Atrocity is what I'll always think of him as, and McClain...I cannot remember a single positive moment he ever had with us. Butler has been largely invisible and made me snort in derision on multiple occasions today when he was blocked out of multiple plays at will seemingly with little fuss by interior Lions linemen, Obada was a nice story but has also been a non-factor, and the rest of the line is JAGs at best or Peppers in his last hurrah. It's so sad to see a team that wants to believe it's strong in the trenches not be all that great at at least one aspect of that, though by and large I still think the oline is okay. We really need Williams back next year and hopefully at an affordable rate, and for Moton to be back on the left, and to honestly hopefully have found a replacement for Ryan as he'll never be what he was and we may as well retool there sooner rather than later. But back to defensive speed...Davis really should be done for both his sake and the betterment of the team, and I say this as someone who thinks he's one of the most inspirational stories in the history of the NFL. And I hate it....but I'm starting to wonder the same think about Luke. He hasn't looked right all year, and I keep wondering if it's already signs that the concussions have taken too much from him, or he's just too worried about getting another and isn't playing as ferociously. The obvious problem being, man, I hate to put yet another first round pick at linebacker, but I have no idea who the fa mlbs are and I'm sure Luke will only retire on his terms, but if he can't shake whatever it is that's bothering him, we have to start looking at a replacement. And I hate that, and concussions, and whatever mlb curse we have, but it might just have come time to consider that. 3: With all the defensive turnover we'd be facing, since I'm not sure Adams, Peppers and Davis has more than this season left in them, I'd be really worried about adding in a new head coach and coaching staff into that, but I don't know how else to improve. I think Rivera's taken us as far as we're going to go, and while I don't mind Norv to this point for the most part, maybe the offense would be even better with a younger fresher mind at HC. The obvious question being who, but I don't have the time or inclination to put enough research into answering that question. None of the current OCs in the NFL I'm aware of have enough experience at the position for my liking, but maybe Tepper can use his big brass balls to force Hurney into some daring hire I've never heard of that sets the world ablaze ala the Rams. Ultimately, I wish with all my heart that Rivera was the head coach he promised he was when he was hired...that we'd be aggressive, make the other team play our game, that we'd attack them at their strengths and so forth. What we've gotten is too similar to John Fox and we all know how that era ended.
  3. Let's see. I live 4 hours from Seattle. I may possibly have a few reasons to hate these cockwaffles.
  4. bigskypanthersguy

    Soooo.... Your wounds licked yet?

    Never. My Pitt and NO hate are equal, only to be undone by the dying of the sun.
  5. bigskypanthersguy

    Steelers Fan Stopping By . . .

    Classy post.
  6. I hate the Pep in coverage idea...but that rushing two call will haunt me.
  7. bigskypanthersguy

    Ladies and gentlemen, Norv Turner

    Book? You mean page.
  8. bigskypanthersguy

    Curtis Samuel is the real deal.

    Loving Samuel and Moore.
  9. That said: man, I hope we beat these assholes. The cockroaches of the league when it comes to their fans.
  10. He can join Dameshek's head on a pike outside of the stadium.
  11. bigskypanthersguy

    Redskins missing weapons today

    The d has seriously underwhelmed this year. I need to see them show consistency before I give them any faith again.
  12. bigskypanthersguy

    Breaking Panthers News

    Great minds!