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  1. That was a total brain fart on my account...I unplugged from the NFL for a while and totally forgot about Paradis somehow. Poe is likely gone, but if KK steps up this year again, I could see him doing some type of extension or restructure to lower his 18M cap hit. You are selling me on DT a little here, I'm just tired of picking them in the 1st for some reason. I have a bad feeling about OT and DE at the 16 spot, but that's really what I want. Just don't want to reach.
  2. Best Middle Linebacker. And no, it's not that wild to think about.
  3. Furious: QB, RB, MLB. Angry: S, G. Not happy, but whatever: DT, TE, WR, OLB, (non pass rushing). Somewhat OK: C. Fine: OT, DE, (if they actually grade out).
  4. thefuzz

    Golf Clubs

    Don't rush it. Look around your area for a golf show...it's about the time for them now that folks are getting out of the house. There will be TONS of used clubs there in sets and singles. You can hit some of them, and swing most to get a really good feel for them. I bought my irons at the Boston golf show a number of years back...probably 10 or more and still hit them today (when I play). They were probably 6 months old and the guy who owned them just didn't like the feel. I think I paid 150 for the set and they looked brand new. I absolutely would not buy that set off of amazon, but that's just me...I prefer to mix and match. My irons are all one set, but I like a different type of wedges.
  5. Pssssssst......Marty. Now would be a good time to be talking to Bradberry about an extension. Buuuuuuuut, we don't have any cap space.
  6. thefuzz

    Pet Peeve: Shopping Cart Abandonment

    Credit card swipe for $3 would solve the issue immediately. Swipe to get one out, swipe and credit applied when you place it back on the holster. All of a sudden everyone would have a lot more time to take the cart back. Also, groceries cost 10% more if you don't bring your bag.
  7. thefuzz

    Charlotte is booming

    I've had multiple accounts with BBT for years, and have owned their stock for a loooooong time. Conservative bank that seems to keep on making the right decisions.
  8. thefuzz

    Charlotte is booming

    Thought that was the case as well.
  9. thefuzz

    Best Left Tackle ever?

    Great tackles are exceptional athletes. Those exceptional guys do tend to stick around for a while, and remain somewhat injury free for the job. The Moss's, Peppers's, etc...
  10. thefuzz


    How could we have "gotten something" for any of those three players. Nobody was going to pay Steve's salary that season. Gross was retiring. Norman didn't sign the tag so he could be traded. All of that is fact, not ifs and maybes. DG isn't Jesus. And I'm not saying that he is. What I'm trying to say is look past the names on the backs of the jerseys, and look forward a couple years rather than just chanting Super Bowl Super Bowl. The Giants were going nowhere fast. Seemingly the ownership wanted to keep Eli around for one last run. That was a big mistake, and now it's time to clean up the mess. Were I the GM last season, that's not the direction that I would have wanted to go, but the Mara's sign the paycheck....so the Mara's get their way.
  11. thefuzz


    Yup. And at the wrong positions.
  12. thefuzz


    A GM'S job is to do the best possible thing for the team. Now, it's very possibly that DG will get fired for these moves, but it's hard for me to argue that it was the best possible move for the Giants. DG got fired from here for doing the best thing for the Panthers....not signing Olsen to that extension, which is biting us in the ass right now. Was bad for him, but the right call for the Panthers.
  13. thefuzz


    It seemed like Hurney thought about doing it, but couldn't make himself fully do it.
  14. Last year was the year to carry the good backup QB...with all of those vets on their last spin around the merry go round. Of course we (Marty and Ron) didn't do that, so here we are. And I agree, this is the year to carry the cheap backup, and see if Cam can hold up all season. If not, it's cut bait time, and that's gonna really suck.
  15. thefuzz


    I see this as a win for both sides honestly. Man, I wanted John Dorsey here bad after Andy had him fired....but we had the interim then, so I guess that wasn't possible.