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  1. Successful? Seattle or Pittsburgh. That's what I would call successful in this league. Consistent winning, something this franchise has been allergic to. Being competitive in your division, winning a playoff game every year or two, making the playoffs 60+% of the time.....those type things.
  2. Nah, I'm good. Got enough on my plate. Do I think that Tepper can fix this issue? Yes, I just wish he would have done so in time to salvage Cam Newton.
  3. I looked at the books, knew where the problem child was, and made sure it was my first order of business as soon as I took over. I had to make money, I couldn't worry about feelings, being "the new guy in town", etc..... However that's the difference between normal business and the NFL. Tepper is going to make money either way, he could afford to take his time, to not step on toes, etc......however that patience, and his delaying the inevitable has put the team in this situation again.....just another mid round draft pick with little to nothing to show for said season other than some CMC records. Tepper could have looked at the books as soon as he walked in the door and seen that Ron and Marty were lacking...he didn't, or was satisfied with what he saw. I'm not.
  4. I'm not overreacting, not in the slightest. I don't post in game day threads, you won't hear me bellyaching about how bad Jackson or Allen played yesterday....mostly because it's not surprising at all. Throwing away another season is exactly what I expected this season, and it's what we have in front of us. But to say that Tepper deserves NO blame, in any way, for any of this, is just hard for me to grasp.
  5. As long as Tepper continues to trot out there a losing duo in Marty and Ron Rivera, I can blame him. Marty's record is as clear as glass, Ron's has a bit of a film on it, but you can still see the record pretty clearly.....and that was with the majority of his tenure having a world beaters at QB, and at MLB on the other side. It's simple really. Tepper chose to keep Marty and Ron, the results were pretty much what anyone who has followed the Panthers for any amount of time could have told you they would be. An average team at best.
  6. You adding qualifiers to your original statement now? That it's irrational to blame Tepper for anything? Now it's irrational to blame him for our current W/L record?
  7. Anything? So absolutely nothing he has done deserves any blame?
  8. The curse of 2015. Tepper should have looked at Ron's record the moment the team sale was finalized and drawn some conclusions. Average coach, who can't put back to back winning seasons together. Then looked into Marty Hurney. Tons of history there as well, mostly losing seasons. Then taken a look at the Hurney/Rivera marriage and seen how those seasons looked vs. them apart. Then made changes that will now be 2 years too late.
  9. It's a really bad take, but even more concerning is the fact that you were listening to CC.
  10. You aren't alone..... Quite a few were looking to sell theirs, now are just considering walking away. Can't really blame them. Many of the ones I speak to purchased theirs in the very beginning.
  11. What was Kyle Allens record as a starter for this team the first 6 games he started for us?
  12. The Daryl Williams that Hurney (you are defending him in this very thread) signed in the offseason? What exactly have you seen over the past 3 years that leads you to believe that Cam can get any kind of healthy again? What world are you living in where Cam suits up for this team next season without an extension? Do you peddle in hopes and dreams in your real life?
  13. Also, and this has long been my thought pattern around this stuff....fans that refuse to show up, are actually "good fans". The fans (looking at you Cleveland and Buffalo) that show up, week in and week out, no matter the product on the field, are the bad fans. They enable ownership and front offices to be bad at their jobs, and be able to point to stuffed ledger sheets, and bottom lines. Force a better product, that's a good fan.
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