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  1. This is where I will get frustrated with both Norv and Ron. They are so rigid when it comes to the "way it's supposed to be done", that they just cannot adjust on the fly. Curtis didn't practice Wednesday in 12 personnel, so he can't play Sunday in 12 personnel....that poo get's old. Put your best players on the field...this isn't 1992.
  2. thefuzz

    For the Fire Rivera Group

    Sloop John D.
  3. Most anyone who has followed football for a while figured this would be the likely case this season. Regression was almost inevitable.
  4. Agree. I have officially reached the end of my Ron Rope.
  5. Either Ron doesn't see what the rest of us see. OR. Curtis doesn't understand the playbook enough to be on the field for 75% of the snaps. OR. He is working back into game shape. OR. Ron is really bad at personnel evaluations. It's probably a little bit of all of it. Personally, I'm ready to see him out there, and let's light it up. Put the Rook's/Samuel out there....Funch and Olsen can help them along.
  6. I have no major issues running the ball on 2nd and 17, especially if the d is showing pass. At least you can set up a more manageable 3rd down. What I do have a problem with is running on 2nd and 1 or 2....which we do a lot. That's when it's imperative to takes shots...alas...Ron Rivera.
  7. thefuzz

    Poll: Players vs Coaching

    Yes, of course...I thought about it as soon as I opened my computer this morning. Changed it already. Just awful...and with a franchise QB in your pocket. 4 and 10.
  8. thefuzz

    Red Dead 2 Thread?

    Does it still download the entire game to the hard drive if you get the disk? Seems it always takes a while to download before I can play them...even with the discs.
  9. I personally think it's the shoulder. As many have been saying here for a while, it's not the big injury that slows down the Cam's of the world...it's the nagging small injures that whittle away at athleticism and ability. Cam will need to adapt if he want's to play well into his 30's. It's why I'm real cautious on saying that he will get to 100 rushing TD's in his career.
  10. Kinda means if you are focusing on running the ball, stopping the run, and playing a ball control offense that you are severely outdated, and should be put out to pasture.
  11. Been asking around about this well into last season. Part of the reason I made the "how would you beat us" thread. Without the threat of the deep ball, this offense is going to get bottled up. Plain and simple. I do think that we have the personnel, and we have the OC that likes to push the ball...is it that we can't or we won't? We shall see as the season goes on.
  12. $4.25M vs. $510,000 Or...about what Adam Thielen is counting against the cap this year....
  13. You click on that and see what team/kicker is at the top?
  14. thefuzz

    Poll: Players vs Coaching

    Coaching, with a dabble of players mixed in for fun. I put most of the blame on the coaching staff here, specifically Ron Rivera. Since the kickoff of 2016, this team is 4 and 10 against our division rivals, including playoffs. We are continuing to trot out the same "run the ball stop the run" nonsense for years on end. We play a style of football that is both tired, and going against what the NFL has designed it's rules around. Just like everyone else that was infected with Jerry Richardson's lackadaisical approach to winning, Ron too fell victim. He doesn't coach to win the game, he coaches not to lose. Far too rigid for todays NFL. I, for one, don't want to hear another word about 2015, and the magical season that was. That was a lifetime ago in the NFL, but for some reason, many of us are still referencing it.
  15. When talking about ST, let's please don't leave out Gano's absurd issues with PAT's. That said, do you think that Ron would rather make a huge splash play on ST's or just do what you are supposed to do, and don't make a mistake? IMO, it's do what you are supposed to do, and don't make a mistake. Ron knows that mistakes, or as he calls them "missed opportunities, and lack of execution" sink his ship. He plays the game too close to overcome mistakes.