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  1. Major wild card to me is Kelce. I don't think that the 9ers secondary will have to cover Sammy and Hill nearly as long as most teams as the pass rush is ferocious. If Hill and Sammy are catching passes, it will likely mean they are either short or behind the LOS, or the pass rush can't get to Mahommes. I almost wonder if you put Sherman on Kelce, play man the whole game and give the CB's some help over the top and hope the pass rush gets home. If they play too much zone, I think M will make them pay dearly.
  2. While I'm certainly not over the moon (I rarely am to be honest), I'm OK with this move. He and Rhule will certainly be on the same page together. Just hope like hell we get an experienced previous HC in the coaching ranks as some point.
  3. Doesn't seem like the kinda guy to up and move from Charlotte to DC to me, unless he really wants to coach, and the Panthers don't let him in the door.
  4. As soon as Star left, we didn't address the secondary, he had to pick up some of TD's duties, and we didn't have any athleticism at DE.....yea he started to slip. End of the day, Luke, like every other player in the NFL, cannot carry an entire side of the ball.
  5. This is precisely why I tell Panther fans who are hoping for a 1 year turnaround to slow their roll.... I get the response that "the 49ers did it in 1 year", when it's apparent to anyone with eyes that they took years to build those lines up. You DO NOT have to have a star QB to win in this league if your team is built correctly....it certainly helps, but Jimmy is just about average, and he is playing in the bowl.
  6. I can handle "look" more than I can folks who have to say "like" every damn 2 words when they speak.
  7. At first count, I think there was no less than 8 threads on the 1st page alone about this very thing.
  8. The contracts ARE guaranteed, at least the part that the players should be paying attention to....which is the guaranteed portion only. If you want guaranteed contracts, cool, I'm sure the owners will agree to that, but the contract values are going to go way down. No more 5 years for 100M, it will be 2 for 40. The players want both guaranteed money, and to have long term security....you cannot have both.
  9. Not just last season, 2018 as well. Peppers, TD, Kalil, Cam, Olsen, Luke, etc....all were here for 2018.....and we poo the bed. Then we tried it one last time....and poo the bed. This is very similar to what the Giants tried to do in 16, and they poo the bed, and now they have a pretty bad football team. Saints tried to do it this way a few years ago and were stuck at 7-9 until they went back the right way to do things and focused on the draft. We tried to milk it a little longer....and it failed. Not wanting us to try it once again like many around here.
  10. We have pointed it out, but you refuse to buy into it. We get it, you are a positive person about your football team. My guess is you just haven't been a fan of the Panthers long enough for them to beat that out of you yet? End of the day we have zero pieces on defensive or offensive line to build a team around. Moton is likely our best lineman, and he very well could be an average NFL right tackle. That's it. Counting on McCoy, Irvin, Trai, KK, Paradis, etc...is just not going to get you anywhere in this league. We don't have a secondary at all, we are hoping that Shaq can take over for Luke and not skip a beat, and that neither Samuel or Moore miss any time....all the while hoping that Cam will both play out his contract and stay healthy. It's unfortunately time to start over.
  11. It's just not that simple. We really need to stop comparing different sports to football when the only thing they really have in common is a ball. The operating expenses alone to operate a football team and an NBA team have to be wildly different, no? Amount of players, size of stadium, cost of travel, facilities to keep players healthy, shortness (in terms of home games) per season, etc...... The reason the NFL players have so little leverage, and will continue to be so, is the amount of players it takes to make up a football team. There are probably 20% of the league that can afford a year off, 5% that can retire today and they could never run out of money. That leaves a HELL OF A LOT of players to break the picket line. Personally, I'm perfectly fine removing any drug testing outside of steroids. Want to smoke weed, go right ahead, take HGH, couldn't care less. Also fine with less contact at TC and in practice, but the quality of the game is being diminished by this IMO. End of the day, the players will probably have to be satisfied with this, I imagine that they will have a tough time with the higher % of revenue or longer guaranteed contracts.
  12. Agreed, I don't think either had any bearing on the other. Could Cam be our starter in 20? Sure. Is that likely? No.
  13. They thought we had an outside chance at being good if Luke and Cam were both on the team. Once Luke retired, they no longer thought we were good enough to shoot for the playoffs and now they think Cam will force his way out since we can't compete. They are massively underestimating how bad our roster is. Even with a healthy Cam and Luke out there next season, I still don't see us winning the division, or finishing better than 8-8.
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