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  1. Had to come into work for an hour this morning, so prolly not cooking. Will likely head over to Wrightsville Beach and watch the game at Lagerheads.
  2. Looks like just a different offense to me. Instead of that antiquated offense Carrol was forcing them to use, Russ finally convinced him to let him throw it more. He's always been super efficient.
  3. Russ has had a really bad O Line his entire career and he's been great for a long time. Now, O Line surely has a lot to do with making QB's better, but I don't think it's the end all be all when talking about the "all time" guys. If prime Manning 1's line was suspect, he was smart enough not to have it completely derail a season. A great OL can make a good QB look like a great one. Much like Reid's system can make an OK QB seem like a really really good one...and a really good one seem like an all timer.
  4. If we had only not restructured KK and cut him this past offseason we could spend some money on a FS and a decent corner... Oh, and maybe, just maybe, you sign James vs. Shaq...but that sounds crazy.
  5. Trade? Maybe a conditional 6th. Maybe. I think he has talent, but between the Jets and Gase, they likely ruined.
  6. Maybe the injury to Dak is a blessing in disguise? If I were him, I'd be running for the doors.
  7. When you have a generational QB, and you continue to underperform....you could be the problem. I think that Rodgers leaves the game with 1 Lombardi because of that guy, vs. 3 or 4.
  8. Did a Hurney restructure just happen to bite us in the butt? Say it ain't so.
  9. Shew...man, I hope that works for you. That is something that I have never heard of before. Keep us in the loop on how it shakes down.
  10. That is some strange law you have going over there with them missing a deadline and being forced to make repairs, but good on ya. Congrats.
  11. It's a pretty big cost cutter as you don't have to pay for the removal of the shingles from the home, and the disposal of said shingles later. And agreed on the roof, I'd be talking to roofers if I was interested in this property, would probably hit the owners with "you pay half, I pay half" and see what happened.
  12. I've seen it pass...and I've also seen much worse. Unreal the things that some folks will do to save a dollar.
  13. I'm gonna probably end up with a small place at the coast, and a big piece of property inland less than an hour with a small house that can be somewhat self sustaining. I'm gonna need some privacy as I get even crankier in old age.
  14. You can absolutely tell that Arians isn't nearly the coach that many think that he is. Still not sure where his "expertise" was really founded in the media/coaching world? Also, Tom, that's kinda your job, this isn't your rookie year.
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