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  1. As I said the first time you quoted me...he's not great.....however he has fielded a more competitive team, over a longer period that the Panthers ever have. I DO NOT like him as a GM, but he's not trash either. 13-3, 13-3, 12-4, 12-4. You do that, 4 years in a row, and you aren't going to have many high draft picks to go after a QB. All of your 2nd, and 3rd rounders are at the back of the round. He's trash I hear....well, he's certainly better than anything we've ever had per the record. Got Manning to come there when he had juice left in the tank. Made a SB run with John Fox in charge, saw he couldn't get it done, made a change and won the damn thing 2 years later. Again, not great by any means, but has a better track record than Hurney and Gett's.
  2. People (fans) didn't want to hear it. I was saying his shoulder wasn't right from day 1 of training camp. Got labeled a "hater".
  3. Been to two SB's in his short reign there. I'm not sure what else to tell you, but having that on your resume isn't too shabby for a GM. As to the consistent contenders...nope, not as of late, but they surely were his first 4 years there. Much more so than we have been during any 4 year stretch of our existence.
  4. The job of a GM isn't to find a QB. The number 1 job of a GM is to put a football team on the field that can win a Championship. He as done that, almost twice in his short career. I'm not saying that Elway is great, because he does some boneheaded things for sure, but for us to praise Hurney 2.0 and bash Elway....man, that's tough to understand.
  5. Who here has ever said that Ron doesn't care about winning or about his players? It's very apparent that he loves his guys, and they respect and love him back. His issue has been being too stubborn at times, sticking to antiquated football, and situational football decisions.
  6. Curtis can fly, but straight line isn't what he's best at. He can legit run routes, and beat press man. We haven't had that at the WR position since Steve left.
  7. He's been better than Hurney at every turn as far as I can see so far. After he took over he went 13-3, 13-3, 12-4, 12-4 with two Super Bowl appearances and 1 Super Bowl win. The last few years have been tough as he hasn't been able to find a QB, but to say he stinks is kinda crazy to me.
  8. Wouldn't have held onto it, she would have been sold for a healthy profit a year or so ago. That said, the shifting goes back and forth every other decade or so. The South end of Topsail was about to fall into the inlet 20 years ago, now there is damn near a half mile of beach behind it, and the N end of Topsail has receded.
  9. I'm just pointing out that the majority of Cam's injures have not happened in the pocket as many here like to say. That hit by TJ wouldn't have phased Cam had his shoulder not been in bad shape before the hit. I'm just praying for a healthy shoulder, we have a roster that looks to be a contender, if we can get our guy somewhat back to normal.
  10. I see this thrown about a lot, but I'm not so sure I buy it outside of the Broncos games. Concussion while running for a TD. Shoulder injury while chasing down a pick. Car wreck that broke his back. The TJ Watt hit was avoidable, and while he was in the pocket, he had a wide open CMC. I don't love it, and I know it's not Cam's game, but as he ages he's going to have to cover the ball and go down....the escape plays are awesome when they work, but Cam also takes a LOT of negative yards when getting sacked.
  11. Ron will absolutely keep DJ on the outside....even though he is pretty bad against any type of press. As I have heard more than once, "if DJ worked as hard before the ball got to him as he did after, he could be a superstar." If DJ can learn how to beat press, and run a full route tree, the sky is the limit.
  12. If our defense is bad again this season, I'm all for showing Ron the door.
  13. Wish I had the cash to pick up a couple when it was "going to fall in any day now". Sadly I didn't.
  14. They would crack down on a "billionaire" civilian if he had been dodging taxes for decades. It's not a requirement to show your tax returns to be the President of the US. Cali can do whatever they do, but to try to force a member of the public to show how much money they make vs. how much they don't doesn't sit well with me. The IRS should have done their jobs if he has been dodging taxes for as long as you say he has....but then again, he isn't a poor schmuck like the rest of us....maybe the government just doesn't care to treat the wealthy the same way as everyone else....and that's a bigger issue than showing your W-2 or 10-99.
  15. We know he, and every other politician are liars. We know most of them don't play by the same rules as us. We know he doesn't make as much money as he claims. We know (or at least think we know) that he is involved in some criminal poo. Let the IRS do their jobs...they crack down on all the rest of us.
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