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  1. Who is making the call? Ron? If so, Cam will play, as I think that he should. That said, this is very unlikely to happen.
  2. I think that the long ball may be able to be had in practice here and there, especially during TC when there is no fear of getting smacked in the mouth. Consistent is the word I'm waiting to hear when it comes to Cam's deep passing. We haven't heard that in a long time. I'm hopeful at this point, but very very concerned about that shoulders ability to hold up week in and week out, month in and month out. Guessing that Tepper is as well.
  3. The old ones were tanks. Everything after 06 or so seemed like crap to me.
  4. Up near Middle Sound, between that area and Mayfaire. Nice place. Buddy of mine built a home in his hood, but never took ownership, sold if for a profit before getting the C/O.
  5. Same as it ever was. I feel like I'm the only person around here who didn't take the "shoulder is all good" and "dropping bomb all over the field" bait during TC? The foot is one thing, looked like Lisfranc to me when he got hurt, and that's not great. However, the shoulder is something else entirely, and I'm not convinced in the least that it's healed, nor can it hold up to an NFL season, and offseason. Hope I'm wrong.
  6. Never thought about it that way, but I think you are correct. Whatever made you become a fan of the team you love/pull for probably tugs at your heartstrings more than it should. I have a hard time dealing with folks that don't look at football teams with a very logical lens vs. emotional one....maybe that's what I'm missing. The deflated feeling after those players leave/break/go crazy kinda turn you into a team fan instead of a player fan.
  7. That was the bothersome part. If he had hands in his face every throw...yea, I can see rust, timing, foot, etc.... Unfortunately that wasn't the case. Now he could be seeing hands and bodies that aren't there, ala David Carr, but that's something all together different. Take some rest, heal whatever's ailing ya, and come back when you are ready Cam.
  8. No doubt about it. It's why I longed for Tep to replace both HC and GM when he got here so we could have 4/5 years of stability. Nope, he played Panthers and gave everyone a year too long.
  9. Last year, after the wheels had come off the bus, I mentioned sitting Cam for this season. Of course it would never happen as we don't have a forward thinking HC or GM...but...it may have been the right call. At the very least it would give him time to get healthy, us time to completely rebuild the O Line, and give us the last season of his contract to evaluate the player and if we think that he can come back fully before having to sign him to a new contract. At this point, we can still do that (shut him down for the season), and have the offseason, OTA's, and TC to evaluate him before having to pay or play him in 2020.
  10. Some of us were clamoring to shut him down for a full season last year. Our front office just isn't smart enough to understand that.
  11. Yes, Chase Daniel. I listed 2 backup QB's that I thought would be a good idea to try to get into the building, not a bunch of FA's. Chase signed a 2 year 10M deal just last offseason to back up Mitchell, we could use him right now don'tcha think? Tyrod is sitting behind Rivers on a 2 year 11M deal. Backup QB is an important position if you really want to make the playoffs, a decent one could have gotten us there last season. Those are two examples that I brought up over the past couple of offseason's, there are more out there, Marty wasn't interested.
  12. This isn't hindsight when I bring it up back then. Same with Gano and Butker. Same with Olsens extension. Same with Cams injuries, especially the shoulder. It's obvious to me, it HAS to be obvious to those running the team....alas, it isn't. As to who I would have, at the very least tried to get into the building...I said that back then, and recently too.....Tyrod and Daniels. Both are quality backups and could carry the team a couple of games if the starter goes down. You are a shitty GM if you have your attitude. Starter goes down, throw up your hands and tell the rest of the team sorry, "Cam went down the rest of your mouthbreathers have no shot. See you in Cabo"
  13. It's pretty damn easy to see if you look. We aren't winning, Cam likes to win. We can't surround him with a competent O Line. He is hurt and cannot do the things that set him apart and make him great. He is 30 now. With age comes a fair amount of wisdom. He is wealthy, and a family man now. With children comes a different outlook on life. Unless you are having the time of your life, football as you get older just isn't nearly as enjoyable, especially if pain is here knocking you in the brain all day long. I don't blame him at all, were I in his shoes, I would have already had my agent prepare my paperwork for this offseason.
  14. Unfortunately, I do not believe this to be the case. Once again, you are hearing what you want to hear, not what you are seeing with your own two eyes. Cam's foot and ankle are banged up....but the shoulder is as well...and I don't see that magically "healing"...just like it hasn't done in a couple of years. The ankle is the icing, but the cake is the shoulder. Unless Cam chooses to take a LONG break from the NFL and work on that shoulder and his mechanics, I don't think that you will ever see that player again. I have been saying for over 2 seasons now....we need to see the long ball, we need for Cam to not be limited, we need to see him make it through a full season and offseason without surgery or hearing the terms "new normal" and "pitch count", but alas, here we are. Got called a lot of names for questioning that shoulder around here, and saw a lot of posters with their fingers in their ears, or their head in the sand.
  15. That would mean that we have yet another bad GM holding the checkbook. We can keep Cam on the roster, see how he progresses through offseason workouts and rehab. See if he can make all of the throws in camp, and make the decision after training camp. If he can't throw, or get close to 100% healthy, you have to cut him loose and move on. Personally, I would prefer the new GM to focus on the next 10 years, not the next 10 games, so if that's the case, Cam is likely gone at the end of this season along with Marty and Ron. Sucks, but that's the most likely outcome for any smart front office. I would prefer to let Cam see if he can fight through this (if he wants to) rather than cut him, but that's just not likely in todays NFL.
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