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  1. I've been saying this for some time now....whomever is advising Cam is either doing a poor job, or Cam isn't taking the advice.
  2. There was never a better time to call KK about taking a pay cut. You want to look for a new home now, or next season? Either way, we aren't keeping you on the books this season at the current amount. I think it's better to cut him now, and clear as much dead cap as possible this season...when we know we aren't competing, than just wait another year and take the hit then. We will be able to find vet DT's much cheaper than KK is going to cost us this season.
  3. More to it than that...IMO. Cam is larger than life, it would shock me if Cam goes to a team to be the backup, if there's not an established starter there. Sam isn't there yet, and the first time he has a couple bad games in a row, the NY fans and media would be screaming for Cam....and let's just suffice it to say that FO and coaching staff aren't exactly on stable ground up there. If Cam is going to be a backup, it would have to be a place like Tampa, Seattle, Pitt, etc...
  4. So, still no in depth explanation on how the Panthers "screwed over" Cam Newton?
  5. There has to be specifics....did every other player that got cut this offseason get "screwed" by their former teams? Do you know how injury settlements work? Did you breakdown the contract and how much dead cap was there vs. what we would owe him this year? Or is all of this just emotion?
  6. Whew, there are some people in this thread posting that have absolutely no idea how the salary cap works. Unfortunately, the guy in charge of the team doesn't either. We are F'd.
  7. Cam's release wasn't handled as well as it should have been, but I see nothing that the Panthers did that actually "screwed him over", if someone can explain that to me, I would be all ears. I have asked another poster to explain this as well, and he ran off. Please break down specifics, dates, surgeries, injuries, contracts, dead money, Covid, etc....that all needs to be in there.
  8. I see this a lot in my business, and life in general. Football coaches are no different...well, to be honest, they are more different, they are even more stubborn than most.
  9. Agree, except for Star. He is absolutely worth a 1. Top 10? Probably not...but in that draft class, he should have gone top 5.
  10. By all accounts, Ron is a great guy, but an average at best coach. Like Shultz said, he's a rudder...he can get the ship moving in the right direction, but he's not the engine....he needs a lot of help and luck to win 10+ games a season.
  11. JR was soooo very cheap, except for rewarding his favorite players...to the detriment of the Panthers.
  12. P.S. this is a cautionary tale to David Tepper, and I hope he's paying attention. P.S.S. he probably isn't.
  13. There has been very little reason to have liquidity....until now. I learned my lesson the HARD way in 06'....keep expenses low, and stay liquid. These businesses (and the US and it's citizens in general) don't operate that way. Shame. I have no sympathy.
  14. The NFL does rookie school, but at this point, I think they need to do school for every player until they reach the age of 30. First and foremost....don't carry guns...ever. If you feel unsafe hire a driver/bodyguard for 45k per year, and continue on. That would eliminate all kinds of trouble that these guys seem to get into. Just sad to be honest.
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