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  1. I mean, at the end of the day the revelation of Jon being the "true king" meant little to nothing to the show or the ending. That should have been a HUGE deal, but nah, just another thing to be swept under the rug.
  2. The list of longer or equally tenured NFL HC's isn't very long ahead of Ron....there is only 1 in that list who don't have a Super Bowl victory. Never had back to back seasons, wasted our franchise QB's best years with average teams, cannot for the life of him handle clock duties, switched to a 3/4 that negates the talent of one of our best all time players, and has an abysmal record vs. the division over the last 3 seasons. If there ever was time for an enema, it's now....but he will be here, along with Hurney thought at least 19.
  3. I laugh every time I think back to the pre-draft talk on this site before he was selected. Stay healthy, and he can be a great one for us.
  4. Bradberry is going to get paid. The closest contract I can come up with for him is actually Glilmore. He's a really good corner who keeps his mouth shut, doesn't get into off field issues, and has been very healthy....can't ask for much more from him. I thought we should have locked him up at the end of the season last year, but whatever.
  5. I thought the ending was fine, I didn't like how they got to it, but still held my attention MUCH longer than any TV show ever. Really hope that we one day get to see just how powerful Bran was the entire series, and how much stuff he had to manipulate during his life to both kill the NK, and take the throne himself. Arya is on another adventure sailing for the Starks, Jon is back "home" and doesn't have to be the King, Bran is whatever the fug Bran is plus he's the King. Bronn get's his castle. Tyrian is Tywin all over again. Sansa gets to rule the free North like she should. I don't like that there are SO many open stories still though, like what was the point of Varys dying? I mean, other than to add another straw to Jon's camel? I don't like that we had 6+ seasons of slow character building, then things are just tossed away like pooped pants.
  6. A castle, not "the castle". I'm starting to think it will be Jon or the throne/position/capitol will be no more. Just feels like there needs to be a Targaryen on the throne again so we can start the story over...and over, and over.
  7. Don't really care at this point, just want to ensure that they aren't relying on CMC for punt or KO duties. I would prefer youth over veteran presence, and why the hell is Torrey still in the building?
  8. I mean....seems like a pretty good possibility, especially for a spin off coming up. We will have Starks (if they survive), a Baratheon, Targaryen (Jon or Dany), Tully, a new 3 eyed raven/NK, just seems like it's starting all over again with the baby of Jamie coming up the way that Dany did. Who knows though, just looks like they are binge reading so they can finish the book and get onto the next one to me.
  9. Don't think it's possible for Ser Brienne of Tarth to have a baby Lannister in that belly?
  10. To add, if we don't get the nitty gritty of Bran, I feel like a whole lot of this story was just noise to take your eyes away from a clash of Jon and Dany. Couple things I was thinking about last night...I figured out immediately that the spider was indeed trying to poison Dany, and that there is at least 1 more Lannister out there floating around possibly.
  11. Where to start? I was finally able to see this episode last night....was out of the country for a bit. Not really sure where I am on it to be honest. I thought that the killing of Jamie and Cersei just simply wasn't good enough, they both deserved more. Euron's was OK, but just felt stupid I guess. Didn't like that the Hound had to go out like that, would much prefer to see him back in the North protecting Sansa, who I assume will rule the North by herself. Figured Jon would sit on the throne, and maybe have Gendry as his hand? Maybe Arya? If Arya makes it, and I hope she does, I really have no idea what is to come of her character. All in all, liked it, but if you were a fan of how plodding the first 4/5 seasons were, this just feels way too fast. I did like that Dany figured out how to actually use the dragons...not so much burn stuff, but how to fly them without making herself look so much like a sitting duck. All in all, the wheel is broken, and I think it will end up being Jon's responsibility to try to piecemeal it all back together somehow. Love the show, it's still the best TV show I have ever watched, but I do wish they had slowed things down a bit at the end.
  12. BB up in New England on draft night: Somebody get, and keep Marty on the phone for the entire 1st and 2nd round.
  13. Didn't say he was great. Didn't say I preferred a different style of player, especially if we are trotting old slow ass Greg and KB out there. All I'm saying is that Devin Funchess wasn't an awful 2nd rounder. We got more out of him than almost every single 2nd round draft pick Marty Hurney made over 11 seasons.
  14. I've done this before. Prior to Ridley everyone was saying that Sanu was a good no. 2 option for the Falcons....while Funch had nearly the same production on a team that passes the ball less, and he was paid a fraction of what the Falcons were paying Sanu. Sometimes our fans need to look around the league a bit.
  15. A lot of the folks in the Eastern part of the state feel the same way. When is the last time any of the fun stuff that the players and team do was held outside of Charlotte? Peppers doing some hurricane relief and Ron speaking here a couple years ago is about it that I can recall. Move Cam's kickball tourney around a bit, do some team sponsored draft or watch parties in Raleigh. I'm a diehard, but I'm in the very few in the Eastern part of the state.
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