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  1. thefuzz

    Sous Vide

    I can go on, and on, and on about good food in ILM.
  2. I watch less football than I did even 3 years ago...just different things to do rather than sit in front of my tv from 1-11 on Sunday, 8-11 on Monday, and 8-11 on Thursday. I'm a huge Panthers fan, but I am losing interest in the NFL as a whole. Down to 1 FF team, don't really gamble any longer, etc... So, to answer the question, I would likely just slowly back away from the game, but will always consider myself a Panthers fan.
  3. Don't think I know who that is. Thanks though.
  4. thefuzz

    Sous Vide

    Took a beating during the storm, but they are rolling again I think. Have never stepped foot in the place.
  5. I really want to know who this moron really is.
  6. thefuzz

    Sous Vide

    People love that place, I don't really get it, but it's edible. Haven't been in some time now. So many better places to eat.
  7. thefuzz

    Sous Vide

    No doubt. You don't have to do farm to table, very few places actually do that even though they say it. But you better not be serving me out of a bag. Pre cooked chicken strips (with the fake grill marks), chili at arrived in a 2 gallon bag, soup out of a box, "steak" heated up in a microwave, etc.... My favorite google search when I get to a new city is usually something like "best dive restaurants in Toronto" or wherever I am. I have found some gems that way.
  8. thefuzz

    will the local media ever turn on ron?

    It's not supposed to be a chummy relationship. Journalists do provide a real use...however more and more that seems to be going by the wayside.
  9. This is called fan apathy. It's a real thing, and I'm 100% heading down that road. My wife is patiently awaiting the 2019 schedule so we can plan our away games and home games to attend. I'm not even excited for that.
  10. thefuzz

    will the local media ever turn on ron?

    City is too transient, and the area has more to offer than professional football. 3.5 hrs to the beach, a couple hours to the mountains, fresh water boating and fishing close by, good weather most of the year, some of the best college basketball in the nation, one of the best beer towns in the US close by, etc. etc. If the Panthers are winning, they get supported, when they lose, the support wanes....as it should. PSL's are also part of the reason, they allow mediocrity. Hell, they may entice it.
  11. I'm all for him using his leverage, but isn't it against the rules to pay him that much to play baseball? I thought they were like the NFL picks now that are slotted? TBH, I don't pay attention to baseball at all, just thought I read that.
  12. HIGHLY doubt there are more than just a couple "thousandaires" on this board, at least not with any substantial assets.
  13. Said it before, and I'll keep on saying it. 2015 hurt this franchise long term, much more than it helped. I wish we could delete it from everyones memories.
  14. If we do this I will lose my mind. Also, without trading a very good (see expensive) player, I see no way that we could do this but still.
  15. The NFLPA is weak for 1 reason. The sport. Careers are short, the number of players is HUGE, and rarely are the majority of players willing to sit (and not earn) for any real length of time. The owners have more leverage, and the PA knows it.