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  1. His player evaluation is bad, no doubt, but there are worse out there...what he can't do if figure out how to build a team. Teambuilding and long term outlook are NOT his strong suits.
  2. We had dumbed ourselves into the perfect position, only to dumb our way back out of it. Dumb team.
  3. You can take a horse to water.... What's sad, and this isn't about the 5th rounder who made it for 3 years...this is about the guys with multiple contracts, at multiple millions on each one. The teams offer SO MUCH help/guidance for these guys, and all but a handful tell them to shove their advice. Hate it for them.
  4. Was a dumb move then, and it stinks even worse now. Not surprising in the least from this front office though.
  5. P.S. I do not think that DJ will get a lot better in the red zone with Teddy manning the helm. Just putting that out there.
  6. In space I love DJ, in congestion....not so in love. If he wants the big $$$, he's going to have to get better in the red zone....but he's young, good, and athletic. Moore is one of Hurney's good moves since he's been back.
  7. Until this team removes Hurney from the building, Rhule is going to have an uphill battle, and can't really be accurately judged. The case of fan apathy that I'm dealing with is pretty damn bad. This team has been a dumb team for a VERY long time, just have to hope that Rhule isn't just another dumb move.
  8. All good points, but I just can't see him ever getting and maintaining that weight...mostly because of his lower half. Dude has legs like a WR. Either way, I'm fully behind him and hope he breaks out.
  9. "at the time" Look at his career average, he's an average PK, who had 1 good year. I have broken this down many times, the cost per field goal difference between what we paid Gano and what we would have paid Butker (who I'm pretty sure would STILL be on his rookie deal) is simply amazing.
  10. 18.5M over 2 seasons, one of which he was absolutely horrible, the next is coming upon us soon. If he's not great, and I mean great, it's a terrible signing. Psssst....it will be a terrible signing, for a rebuilding team, that needs comp picks, and cap room, and passed up multiple IOL guys in the draft last year.
  11. That is correct, that is how his brain works when it comes to this team. They paid handsomely for a starting C who can't play...but knew it....and now in his 2nd year Hurney can show the entire NFL just how smart he really is. That's how he had it drawn up.
  12. Ummm, it was a massive blunder, both at the time and in retrospect. However, his worst mistake since coming back may well end up being trading up for Little and drafting a a QB never destined to hit the field with a top 100 pick...in the same draft....while ignoring interior O Line.....AGAIN...during a particularly strong interior O Line draft. Or. Restructuring KK and Luke. Or. Extending Olsen and TD. There are more though, we can keep going.
  13. Running backs and off ball linebackers aren't usually what put's teams over the top. Hurney simply overvalues the wrong positions on the football field.
  14. Not good. We are going up against 3 HOF QB's in our division that are all accurate, smart, and know how to sniff out what the DE's are going to be doing...they also get the ball out in fractions of seconds. If KK comes back to his prime (highly unlikely) you may see some production, if not, those Sundays are going to be long. If we win a division game this season, I'll be shocked, barring injuries.
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