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  1. The main point to agree upon is when the actual cash payout is done. If nothing is in the contract the cba says week to week but if I remember correctly Baker got all of it up front. There is also offset language (if he is cut and resigned, money is payed back to the original team) by there is no way the first pick in the draft will agree to that.
  2. So Sherman is basically admitting he is cheating in a way that is hard for the refs to see on every play...
  3. Sorry if not gif approved, but this was my first thought... Aka, we are ______ed
  4. Sorry, I'm not buying. And while Star was a great need, he fell from a projected top ten due to the reported heart condition, so one could easily argue that he was in fact bpa. Even with Benjamin there is just not enough evidence for your case (not bpa in the first) yet. That being said, I would love a TE as well.
  5. Quinn has final say on roster moves so dimitroff is basically a figurehead already. I am not to worried about them turning it around. Ryans window is closed, but he will be good enough to keep them out any potential franchise qb pick. All while wasting Julios window, as one of the best, as well.
  6. If I had to watch a pool full of huddlers in my home stadium I would be screaming too :)
  7. From the games I watched last year so-so, but part of that was scheme as it looked like his responsibility was pass rush, outside contain, run defense over the tackle/te in that order (trying to utilize his pass rushing skills against the play action I guess) even on non obvious passing situations. We can trust Rivera to get whatever is left in Allens tank out as he understands how to keep the dline fresh.
  8. 1. Less than half of the passes completed 2. 195 yards on 37 attempts 3. 2td 1int This scream below average but no close to terrible. As he is graded. So what is the issue?
  9. I love the guy predicting a 34-10 victory as they have topped 33 points exactly once since Schaub left after 2012. And that was playing Tennessee :D
  10. Our st was terrible last year so I do not see both guys we brought in to help cut. So swap out Glanton or Bersin.
  11. Kalil has a $7.5M salary next year so none will take that for an aging center regardless. Plus okung is a FA. So no.
  12. Why? Because the cba regulates this. This has nothing to do with coach Rivera. 2 a days are allowed from the 4th day of camp but only one of them can be padded and the other one none full speed (so basically walk through). And there is a max of 3 hours in pads and 4 hours total for one day.
  13. Rookie wage scale all the way, we might not be able to keep both star and kk on second contacts. Still, let's enjoy it while it lasts.
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