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  1. The banged up Cam/Allen lead team last year was, even though everyone seams to have forgotten, a winning team for a while last year. Let's finish the year before we give out awards. At least wait for the second game against division rivals, that is a very good coaching indicator.
  2. Please explain how "one of the worst run teams in the NFL over the past 15 seasons" has a winning record? We are 5,5 games over 500 in the period you picked. If you want to cherry pick in 04 just after our first sb we are still over 500. We are a mid pack organization just like a vast majority of the league is. No more och no less.
  3. Yes, but non of it is guaranteed. At this point a trade is about $3M for the rest of 2020 for an above average lb. Then you cut him with no dead cap. Worthy of a high or even mid round pick? Of course not. But tradable? Very.
  4. My conclusion exactly actually reading the contract, something 95% of the posters didn't but that did not stop them from "knowing" his contract is untradable. And some even after you posted this. The world we live in I guess...
  5. First play? I can make the first drive! Stuart up the middle for 2 Stuart up the middle for 2 Draw play to Stuart up the middle for 2
  6. Ideally, you want your angle higher on shorter kicks to avoid blocks. At 50+ you do not have that choice. But I still say it is 97% in the head in the form of "I have to make this kick" VS "It is a bonus if I make this kick".
  7. Without having seen the contract, it is basic middle school math really. $15 signing bonus is $3 a year on the cap. Base salary year one of $1 $4 against the cap in year one. Let him play at $7 base in year two for a $10 cap hit. Year 3 you June first him and spread the dead $9 over year 3 and 4. (That $75 figure is reached by base money in the $16-18 range in year 4 and 5 that the team has no interest in ever paying). All just a guess, but this is one way to do it.
  8. I would guess the long term plan is to give Rhule more and more of the gm say (if he works out) and keeping Hurney on more of a figure head/administrative role.
  9. He is as good as any slot receiver in the league, while also being a great rb. I am fine with what he makes, some players are just that much better than their peers. And it also make any above average starting rb in the league feel they "deserve cmc money"
  10. That secondary is brutal, and not in a good way. Look for us to be in a lot of games but by killed by two minute offensives. I guess it beats getting beat up the middle early like the end of last year. A couple of late times stealing cmc/dump off-drives might steals us 4-5 wins.
  11. I'm not talking about catch radius only. The catch window is a function of both separation and catch radius, so looking at only one of them is not giving the full picture. For similar sizes guys I agree it is a valid measurement.
  12. Size maters, a lot. I like their effort, but it is a shame that they focus on separation and not throwing window. Fitzgerald coming back to the ball will box out any defender creating a large window with no separation. A guy like Landry needs the separation so that a physical defender cannot play through him if the ball is a little off. Same with a deep throw, a Samuel with separation needs a prefect ball over the defender into his small catch raduis. Compare to a guy like Julio, as long as the ball clears the defender his size makes a large catch window even without separation. The scare part with Thomas is he gets both decent separation and has the size. Anderson has the size, so I would not worry (yet) about him.
  13. I read about a fourth of nfl AND premier league players file for bankruptcy within five years of their carrier. Some people just cannot hold on to money, especially if the people around you help you spend it rather than set you up long term. Throw in a little "I'm the man and gonna make millions next year anyway" (fueled by everyone around you) after it is really over, it is not surprising really.
  14. Not sure if you mean Trubisky, Darnell, Mayfield or Murray here? Point being even if we manage a tanking, it is a coin flip at best.
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