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  1. While it might seem crazy to look to the Big 12 for ideas on stopping offenses it actually makes perfect sense. If anyone wants to keep their job there then they have to get creative to stop those spread offenses taking over the game. Offseason moves at safety at least suggest that a 3 high safety in the back end could on the horizon here. Reid's coverage skills were an issue so he's shown the door. Enter versatile safeties Juston Burris and Jeremy Chinn to play on either side of the newly resigned FS/middle safety Tre Boston (and add Kenny Robinson to back him up). I'm sure we'll see this look but no idea if it will be the staple it was a Baylor or just a wrinkle like some of the other creative concepts that have come out of college lately. If you can't get through the PFF paywall, the Riot Report has you covered.
  2. Yeah I'm not buying it either. This reeks of an organization trying to use the media as a pawn in contract negotiations.
  3. You got it, it's more of comment about the offensive scheme. Thomas is a fine player but also someone who is being talked about as the best WR in the game today and a Top 5 WR all time is yes being severely overrated. He's being schemed into favorable matchups and situations time after time.
  4. Bridgewater is not elite but can be successful if he gets a little more aggressive with pushing the ball downfield. In fact because of the offensive scheme and weapons around him I wouldn't be surprised if he puts up better numbers compared to the elite QB we just let go (OL dependent). Also, after looking into the Saints/LSU offense I can safely say that Michael Thomas is severely overrated and how the Saints use him is exactly how DJ Moore should be used going forward.
  5. There's some glaring weaknesses to this team that suggests we might be partaking whether we want to or not. Not to mention trying to install a brand new offensive and defensive system on a odd and truncated schedule.
  6. Well Thomas is a phenomenal athlete. He has fantastic height/ length/ speed/ explosiveness. Can press too. Scored low on agility. Hasn't played the position long and was a developmental prospect coming out.
  7. You just said who I think is the best available. If I'm looking at the other rosters in the division every one of them looks to be using the "big slot" type receiver that we could use Chinn/Burris on too. #1 - Julio Jones, Mike Evans, Michael Thomas #2 - Calvin Ridley, Chris Godwin, Emmanuel Sanders #3 - Lequon Treadwell, Tyler Johnson and TreQuan Smith
  8. That's why you go get another outside corner to cover the #1s in the division
  9. Both Jackson and Pride would fit fine in the slot. And Chinn/Burris will get heavy work there too.
  10. So I looked this up and my understanding of it is you can promote up to two players from your practice squad to your active roster each week. You then send those extra players back to the PS without having to clear waivers twice. Try it a 3rd time and they are fair game. I don't think you'll see teams doing this every week because it seems more like an injury protection if a position gets hit hard because you still have to cut your game day roster to 48 (3 backup OL is a requirement for one of the two extra game day spots). I'm going to switch it back to 53.
  11. Here's a breakdown highlighting his strengths (deep zone coverage) and weaknesses (tackling) from the Riot Report. I think he nailed the pro comp with the Saints Marcus Williams too.
  12. Tramaine Brock is a name I keep seeing as a Panther target. I'll pass on Dennard and Ryan because they played primarily in the slot. Cockrell is a zone corner and I don't know if he fits the new defense. Need that guy who can somewhat cover Jones, Evans and Thomas and I don't know that we are going to get him this year (Amukamara is probably your best chance). EDIT: Fwiw, Tramon Williams has ties to our secondary coach.
  13. The UDFAs is more of an indication of how poor the team still looks after the draft. I have 8 listed because I'm just going off who is on the roster currently. There's probably at least 3 vets still to come (2 OL, 1 DB). I'm with you and would guess 4 UDFAs when all is said and done with Smith, Bayless, Sutton, Bowen, Maugiao and Orr having the best shot.
  14. Sound off. Let's hear your early predictions. There's still two more spots open to reach 90 so of course subject to change... QB (2) – Teddy Bridgewater, PJ Walker: Hurney likes 3 and won’t want to admit his mistake from a year ago. Here's hoping there is a WR they don't want to lose. RB (4) – Christian McCaffery, Reggie Bonnafon, Rodney Smith, Jordan Scarlett: Davis has too big of a cap hit to keep. Smith is in a close fight for RB2. WR (6) – DJ Moore, Robby Anderson, Curtis Samuel, Seth Roberts, Pharoh Cooper, Omar Bayless: Bayless beats out Kirkwood for the final spot. The versatility of McCaffery and Bonnafon means the 6th WR could be lost in favor of another position. TE (3) – Ian Thomas, Seth DeValve, Cam Sutton: Sutton beats out Manhertz and DeValve absorbs Armah’s role. OL (10) – Russell Okung, Dennis Daley, Matt Paradis, John Miller, Taylor Moton, Greg Little, Chris Reed, Fred Mauigoa, Brandon Bowen, Sam Tecklenburg: All but 1 of the starters in this unit has question marks. Help is probably on the way for the backups. Anyone listed after Little is in trouble. _____ DL (9)– Yetur Gross-Matos, Derrick Brown, Kawaan Short, Brian Burns, Efe Obada, Stephen Weatherly, Bravvion Roy, Zach Kerr, Chris Smith: Smith could become expendable because they have a linebacker who can be used heavily in this group too. LB (7) – Shaq Thompson, Tahir Whitehead, Jermaine Carter, Christian Miller, Andre Smith, Chris Orr, Sam Franklin: Orr beats out Kunaszyk, Franklin’s versatility steals the last spot. DB (9) – Donte Jackson, Troy Pride, Juston Burris, Tre Boston, Jeremy Chinn, Stanley Thomas-Oliver, Kenny Robinson, Natrell Jamerson, Cole Luke: This unit looks rough. Help better be on the way here too and that means Jamerson and Luke are on notice. _____ Specialist (3) – Slye, Palardy, Jansen: Cheaper K wins the spot. Rest is obvious.
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