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  1. For the love of God, more snaps! He has like 4 TDs on 11 touches.
  2. Untouchable

    Norv ~ Shula?

    Eh, he is not far off. Scheme really has been about the same (which I think is his point) but Norv has significantly better weapons to work with. Norv also is a much better situational play caller and its hard to argue how he is helping the patchwork OL succeed too.
  3. Untouchable

    NFL has turned every game into the pro bowl

    http://www.optimumscouting.com/news/will-the-nfl-ever-stop-manufacturing-passing-effic Essentially NFL has prioritized the passing game to no end, but also made it less likely to develop a passer and will have a major issue with quality of product (not that is doesn't already) coming up when a few older star QBs retire in the near future.
  4. Untouchable

    Eric Reid: FS or SS

    I posted the above tweet in another thread showing the coaching staff sees SS as his primary role. Which makes sense according to this analysts opinion below (which falls in line with posts by others in here).
  5. Also, this pretty much sums it up...
  6. Corey Robinson out is the relating move. Wonder what that means for the corresponding pick for him.
  7. That tweet is for the 2017 season though.
  8. You have Cam, Moton and Norv to thank for it not being worse, but Clark has given up 4 pressures and a sack in each game (Kalil type numbers) with protection primarily shifted his way for help (something Kalil didn't get). Hope it improves but as of right now, I wouldn't be surprised if Kalil still has his job.
  9. I get Kalil is bad and all but...
  10. Ridley is definitely a more advanced player right now, but they didn't draft Moore for what he is currently. You can argue about taking a project player with the makeup of the team this season, but you shouldn't be comparing the two draft picks yet.
  11. Should just keep a running thread of cheap shots on Cam (I can think of 2 so far this season). Players feel like it's the best way to stop him so as long as there is this little to no punishment poo for it, they keep feeling like it's worth it.
  12. DJ needs to get through Wright. If you want Smith out you're eyeing Samuel's return.
  13. Untouchable

    Trai has a concussion

    No protection and no weapons....... Dear God, Cam please survive.
  14. Untouchable

    Did Dallas play dirty yesterday?

    Williams injury didn't come off as dirty (see other comments about Manhertz blocking). This cheap shot absolutely was.