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  1. Yeah there is a lot of work to do. Obada right now is probably the other starter at DE. And starter is probably a bad word to use on my part because even if Burns doesn't start after FA and the draft he will probably get still a ton of snaps.
  2. Neither did Thomas. But that's likely where we are heading for next year and there is no one else currently under contract to take Burns spot.
  3. McCaffrey, Samuel, Moore, Thomas, Moton, Turner on offense. Burns, Short, Thompson, Reid on defense. These guys are as safe as I can think of as starters on this team. Anyone else is either not under contract, can lose their starting position with added competition, or won't be on the roster next season.
  4. I'm starting to think we're going to end up with Mariota next year.
  5. Baylor LB coach Mike Siravo is expected to get that job
  6. Sounds like we are missing a player. McCaffery, Moore, Samuel, Thomas and Newton at QB (maybe) are the obvious candidates under contract currently.
  7. Newton determines if it's a total rebuild, not Kuechly.
  8. He does. There are more important holes to fill first though. He might fill 3 or 4 of them though.
  9. Shrine Bowl has started so prospect meetings are starting to trickle in. You can follow them at the following link: https://blackbluemaniac.wordpress.com/2020/01/11/2020-draft-prospect-visit-workout-meeting-list/ Measurements matter. You can track them at the following link by clicking on the respective all star game: http://draftcountdown.com/ ______________________________________ Shane Zylstra, WR, Minn St-Mankato (6031, 213 lbs, 33.125" arms, 10" hands, 79.75” wing) - I can't confirm this meeting but the last name should give away the connection. Brandon's younger brother had been dominating D2 and was at the College Gridiron Showcase. Weigh-in shows he's got length. Stanley Thomas-Oliver III, CB, FIU (6002, 183 lbs, 32" arms, 9.5" hands, 74.875" wing) - Converted WR who will test well but needs development Austin Edwards, DE, Ferris State (6030, 265 lbs, 33.125" arms, 9.75" hands, 82" wing) - D2 All-American. Tough to find much on him but looks like he was used all over the line. Traits projection. Kevin Dotson, OG, Louisiana-Lafayette (6040, 310 lbs, 33" arms, 10.5" hands, 81.75" wing) - Dominant first day of practice according to some reports. AP All-American as a RG this year who was fantastic in both run and pass blocking and is said to have terrific fundamentals. Reggie Corbin, RB, Illinois (5081, 199 lbs, 29.375" arms, 8" hands, 71" wing) - Great change of direction ability meaning he could be a strong receiving back though not used there much in college. Powerful lower body. McCaffery backup/Bonnafon competition. Maybe ST/return duties as well. Keith Washington II, CB, WVU (6003, 175 lbs, 31.875" arms, 9.5" hands, 74.875" wing) - Been a solid corner for WVU but needs weight. Has 5 picks and 18 PBU in 2 seasons after transferring from Michigan. Bravvion Roy, NT, Baylor (6011, 332 lbs, 30.125" arms, 9" hands, 75.125" wing) - Obvious connection to Rhule has been tough to stop at the first practice. Strong two-gapping NT prospect who can eat up blocks and steal a numbers advantage back for the defense. Jon Runyan, OG/OT, Michigan (6041, 313 lbs, 33" arms, 9" hands, 80.125" wing) - Not sure where he's being looked at, probably guard where he's spending time in practices but there are concerns about his ability to add strength. Kendall Coleman, EDGE, Syracuse (6024, 255 lbs, 31.625" arms, 9.875" hands, 76.125" wing) - Compact frame who isn't the most explosive but has a strong technique and work ethic. Dip in production in 2019 after strong 2018 season and an injury riddled 2017. Matt Womack, OG/OT Alabama (6071, 325 lbs, 32.5" arms, 9.625" hands, 80.875" wing) - Versatile lineman having played at both RT and RG. Seen more as a road grader who struggles in speedy edge rushers so likely a guard prospect. Mike Danna, EDGE, Michigan (6020, 257 lbs, 32.5" arms, 10.55" hands, 79.25" wing) - Central Michigan graduate transfer that had better production and efficiency there then at Michigan. Not really the most explosive, but seen as a smart and technically sound player. Shaquille Quarterman, LB, Miami (6004, 242 lbs, 31" arms, 9" hands, 74.75" wing) - Physical and a good blitzer but not seen as a 3 down LB due to coverage limitations. Ben Ellefson, TE, North Dakota St (6031, 249 lbs, 32.375" arms, 10.25" hands, 78.25" wing) - Steady red zone target and blocking presence for NDSU. Used some at fullback there too. Joe Brady loves TEs, maybe he's being looked at as Armah/Manhertz competition. Chris Finke, WR, Notre Dame (5092, 178 lbs, 29.375" arms, 9" hands, 69.75" wing) - Hunter Renfrow type. Returned punts at ND too so could be used there though not dynamic (he's sure handed though). Speed and short area quickness are his plus traits. Needs to work on route running. Slot WR only. Mykal Walker, LB, Fresno St (6030, 231 lbs, 32.5" arms, 10" hands, 80.25" wing) - Was a 34 OLB before moving to MLB this past season. Has been used at both positions during Shrine practices and some outlets have said he's excelling at both. Athletic limitations a concern. Nevelle Clark, CB, UCF (6007, 179 lbs, 32" arms, 9.25" hands, 76.875" wing) - Instincts, ball skills and versatility. He has good height and length and is having a good week of practice. Diondre Overton, WR, Clemson (6032, 210 lbs) - Body control and contested catch ability are highlighted for him. Probably was the 4th WR on a stacked depth chart at Clemson so the draft process will be important for him. James Morgan, QB, Florida International (6037, 223 lbs, 33.125" arms, 9.875" hands, 78.125" wing) - Has size, arm strength and mobility for the NFL so he has the tools. He has easily been the best QB at the Shrine Game in practices. Teams will have to figure out what he has between the ears during the draft process.
  10. While I'm at it, a likely day 2 safety prospect too who will be at the Senior Bowl (depending on the injury he suffered early against Oregon)...
  11. I have a new one to add... I don't know how he isn't squarely in the 1st round yet but I have a feeling it wont take long. He's 6'7" 369 lbs and only 20 years old. https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/all-aboard--the-mekhi-becton-hype-train-is-leaving-the-station
  12. The Titans were a terrible matchup for the Ravens. On offense they are built to run the ball, Ravens D is built to stop the pass. On defense they are built to stop the run, which is what drives the Ravens offense.
  13. One of my favorites. He has a lot of versatility. 43 end, 34 end, 43 UT in pass rush situations. He has the production, has the length, if he tests well he could very well be in play at 7.
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