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  1. Good write-up. Big worry about that left side of the OL still as nothing has really changed from last season there (potentially an upgrade at center). Will have to see how they slide protections to offer help come the regular season. Confirms almost all sources that are saying Allen leads the backup QB race and Elliott has run been running away with the small nickel spot too.
  2. Seems reasonable to me but I don't think it will last much longer. Hogan is very highly rated at getting separation according to analytics. Moore still needs help in route running and his release but he's also only entering year 2. Definitely would be a fan if the top 5 ended up that way though.
  3. Got to be Burns and Haynes. Bonnafon was surprisingly impressive tonight as well.
  4. Costs the team a 4th round comp pick waiting till now. That part sucks.
  5. Poor route allowed Bradberry to stay with and make the PBU
  6. Not going to use a pick on him but there is interest from the team.
  7. I think people just wanted to see an upgrade at 34 end which Bailey presented. Patience paid off because need was filled and McCoy > Bailey.
  8. There's a good breakdown on this topic over at The Riot Report. Essentially, you have a very good player with no replacement on the roster (far from a guarantee of a replacement outside the roster) and no depth at the position. https://theriotreport.com/bradberry-james-salary-contract-panthers/ Good deal would probably be if he is snagged for less than $11.5M/year.
  9. Yeah that's the correct take. I don't see how you can make these comparison off those side by sides but the media needs some talking points.
  10. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2019/06/lsu-creeper-simulated-pressure-dave-aranda-nflpass-rush-coverage Good article explaining what to likely expect from the new hybrid defense not only here but probably all around the NFL in the near future. I remember watching New England abuse KC in the first half of the AFC Championship game with these types of pressures. Our last 2 drafts in particular have made it pretty obvious that we're looking to go more of this route.
  11. Cam, Luke, Olsen. Turner replaces Kalil, Short replaces Peppers, Reid replaces Davis. Jones likely it for ST.
  12. https://www.panthers.com/news/ota-observations-cam-newton-just-going-through-the-rehab-process –Defensive ends Bryan Cox Jr. and Efe Obada both look like they’ve added a good amount of bulk. It makes sense considering they could each be asked to help as traditional 4-3 ends or as ends in odd fronts. But Cox Jr. said he’s only put on about 2 pounds. Obada, though, is plus-15. ....FYI when thinking about where to slot these two.
  13. He's a good player and a valuable weapon to this offense but he is nothing like Diggs and he couldn't create with his route running (which was far from diverse and well-run like the article states) in his rookie year. Even the route chart they use to try and further their point in the article is just full of drag routes. Just issues with the article not a first year player.
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