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  1. And we'll see that his footwork is mostly not by choice.
  2. Untouchable

    2019 Free Agents list

    I think we need to redistribute money to youth along the Dline so considering trading vets like Poe and maybe Short or Addison would help free some cap for the free agent and draft investments. Clowney and Trey Flowers I like but they'll get paid so if that's too rich I'm looking at Za'Darius Smith and Preston Smith as the 2 worth taking a chance on after that initial wave at the DE position. I also think investments need to be made away from LB and toward the secondary badly (which has been against the defense's philosophy the past almost decade). There are some strong slot corners in Varrett and Callahan but they have big time injury concerns so safety might be the wise investment in free agency because there is a lot of talent there (Reid, Mathieu, Joyner, Clinton-Dix, Collins, maybe Amos).
  3. Untouchable

    Is Cams shoulder as bad as we thought?

    I agree. Tried to simplify it into a simple tag line. "It's fine" hits harder then the long winded explanation.
  4. Untouchable

    Is Cams shoulder as bad as we thought?

    Absolutely right, It's as simple as this^ Cam's shoulder is fine, the OL is definitely not. It's been that way all season.
  5. Untouchable

    Some Prospects To Look Out For

    I'm liking Rashan Gary as a LDE currently. Pass rush ability and can easily reduce inside on 3rd downs. Will be interested to learn more about him in the run up to the draft.
  6. There's some expensive contracts there that might need to come off the books. In a lost season you might as well figure out if you have players that could replace them or at the very least have something to stay around into the future. Gaulden and Elder come to mind of players that need to go in right now too.
  7. I do remember Gano having a better camp but then Butker had the much better preseason. Money should have overruled the little bit Gano might have been ahead at the time, but it does look much worse in hindsight now.
  8. Another reminder of the Butker blunder.
  9. If Funchess runs his route any harder he pulls the safety into the throwing window lol. He's right where he needs to be. Some combination of fault goes to Thomas and Moore for this play.
  10. Games has passed McCarthy by. Just like our head coach. Innovative, forward thinking offensive coach would do wonders with our array of unique weapons.
  11. Untouchable

    Our window has closed

    Nah, last 2 drafts likely opened it right back up again, but the two lines needs some serious investments.
  12. Untouchable

    Searcy to be back soon?

    Defense is what is struggling and he is the only player on that side of the ball that can come off IR to help (except Jarrad Norris). Idk if he helps cut out those big plays in the passing game and the teams inability to get off the field on 3rd down, but at least some type of reinforcement is on the way.
  13. Untouchable

    2016 offseason led to this

    It wasn't one off season. We've continuously missed on defensive prospects in the draft the past 5 years. He have arguably 3 out of 17 as hits (Jackson, Bradberry, Thompson) and none on the DL that has been aging since it's peak in 2013. Coincidentally the offenses rise is probably because of the draft success on that side (probably 8/13 as hits).
  14. I'm not down on Funchess like most and so I wouldn't be opposed to keeping him. He has the ability to regularly get open without being schemed open. Fiscally though I don't see how it's possible with how much he'll likely get on the open market, the other strong investments made at the position and the glaring roster needs at other positions.