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  1. That's probably the disconnect. Ryan hasn't been good for a couple seasons now.
  2. The left side of our OL from center over was not good at all last year and needs completely reworked. Van Roten and Larsen are nothing more than backups. Willams can't pass protect without Manhertz attached at the hip. I can bite the bullet and live with another year of Kalil at LT if there is a strong investment at C and LG to keep the interior of the pocket clean. DL help is a serious need too but a secondary one. Take a chance on a player like Robert Quinn when he gets cut and manufacture pressure this season if you need to.
  3. Probably. It's not a coincidence that our red zone offense started struggling when Funchess' playing time started falling off.
  4. Easy decision, Reid is more valuable to the Panthers than he would have been on the open market. Numbers a decent now go get a FS so he can play his natural position. 3 yr/ 22 mil (with incentives up to 24)
  5. In 2017, just like in our 2015 Super Bowl season, the Panthers won a lot of close games that statistically are really just a toss up (7-1 and 6-1 respectively). One of the fears going into this last season was the regression back to the mean in those close games and it of course happened as the team went 2-7 in close games. Fast forward to next season and we are a strong candidate to bounce back (strongest according to the link below). Teams losing 5 more close games have improved their record the following season every single time since 2006 and by an average of 4.6 games. http://www.optimumscouting.com/news/close-game-records-and-teams-to-highlight-for-the- After watching this season's playoffs littered with poor QB play, I would not even be surprised if the team could turn back into a serious Super Bowl contender next season with a healthy Newton, an average OL and another pass rusher.
  6. Untouchable

    Is Edelman a HOFer?

    499/5390/30 Fun talking point and all but Brandon LaFell has more career yards in one less season.
  7. Not a great defensive effort from either team, just atrocious football.
  8. That was my first thought too. Armah's spot looks more tenuous now.
  9. Untouchable

    Draft Prospect Meetings/Interviews

  10. Untouchable

    What you just witnessed was G.O.A.T

  11. Untouchable

    Mississippi State and the NFL draft

    I agree, just giving the kid his props since probably his worst rep is what was being highlighted. He's someone you wouldn't expect to be touched until at least the 4th round because he is going to need development with that step up in talent. Oklahoma comes directly to mind for me as a school that lately just keeps churning out high end NFL Oline talent. I'm seeing the guard Ben Powers just stoning everyone in the practices so far so he's probably the next one along with Cody Ford.
  12. Untouchable

    Mississippi State and the NFL draft

    It's a bad look for Howard on this snap but overall I've seen multiple outlets have reported that he's been very solid and winning almost all his reps including against Sweat.
  13. Untouchable

    Senior Bowl week

    Measurements are trickling in now. Dalton Risner surprised and came in above the typical arm length threshold for tackles at 34.25" and likely can even be seen as a tackle prospect now too. Very versatile lineman. Several of the DE prospects exceeding the threshold. Nelson, Allen and Sweat all exceeded the mark. I'm a fan of Charles Omenihu the DE from Texas who came in with 36.5" arms too.
  14. Untouchable

    Draft Prospect Meetings/Interviews

    Reminder, everyone meets with everyone but still fun to trace interest. Post them as you see them . Anyone see analysis on the guy feel free to add it as well.. NFLPA GAME Philip Haynes, OG, Wake Forest (6031, 310 lbs) - 4 year starter, long armed, powerful. SHRINE GAME Terry Godwin, WR, Georgia (5110, 168 lbs) - Fast and has been exceptional route runner at the Shrine practices. Seen him as high as the 5th but likely a 7th/UDFA type. Josh Miles, OT Morgan St (6047, 318 lbs) - Surprise of first practice. Consistently winning from LG position with fluid athleticism and strong anchor. Brian Wallace, OT, Arkansas (6054, 312 lbs) - Very highly rated prospect coming out of high school that hasn't lived up to the billing. RG/RT type that used his length and was impressive in pass protection in practice. Blace Brown, CB, Troy (6000, 183 lbs) - Ball-hawking but thin-framed corner. Instincts and fluidity are praised but concerns about if his thin body can hold up in the NFL. Seen him rated as high as round 2 and as low as the 6th. Lamont Gaillard, C, Georgia (6020, 305 lbs) - Impressive in practice, agility and ability to get to the second level praised. Zone blocking linemen. Jordan Brailford, DE, Ok State (6030, 249 lbs) - Productive and long but knocked for his lack of rush moves. Has played standing up and hand down. Alex Bookser, OT, Pitt (6060, 324 lbs) - Guard prospect Montre Hartage, CB, Northwestern (5111, 191 lbs) - Good ball skills, rated one of the top cover men in college in 2017. Daylon Mack, DT, Texas A&M (6007, 325 lbs) - Not just a space eater, has been exceptional at the Shrine practices. Derick Roberson, DE, Sam Houston St (6032, 250) - Highly rated prospect coming out of high school and transfered from Texas. Highly productive speed rusher Devine Ozigbo, RB, Nebraska (5105, 230 lbs) - Power, lateral quickness, did well in zone rushing concepts. McCaffery compliment. Doing very well at the Shrine practices. Ulysees Gilbert, OLB, Akron (6000, 229 lbs) - Undersized but physical and athletic CJ Conrad, TE, Kentucky (6044, 250 lbs) - Does all the things well, but no YAC ability. Seen as just an average athlete. Jordan Ta'amu, QB, Ole Miss (6026 214 lbs)- Seen as a sleeper dual-threat QB. Helping himself alot in the practices and seen as a solid backup option with upside. Juwaan Bushell-Beatty, OT, Michigan (6052, 333 lbs) - Guard/Swing Tackle prospect. Not always pretty but gets the job done. Long with quick/efficient hands. Needs work on technique and to show a little more tenacity. Ethan Greenidge, OT, Villanova (6046, 337 lbs) - Looks like another guard prospect but working at tackle in practices. Trey Pipkins, OT, Sioux Falls (6054, 310 lbs) - Analytics are big on him. Feet, hands, agility, intelligence all praised. Nick Brossette, RB, LSU (6000, 218 lbs) - Pass protection highly praised. Power back. Daniel Wise, DT, Kansas (6026, 290 lbs) - Dominating the event. Shows up on tape too and used everywhere. Going to rise up draft boards. Keesean Johnson, WR, Fresno St (6011, 196 lbs) - Catches everything, literally. Great footwork and diverse route tree too. Not considered the best athlete but knows how to get open. Funchess replacement. SENIOR BOWL Erik McCoy, C, Texas A&M (6036, 310 lbs) - 3 year starter and rated as high as the #2 center. Viewed as an excellent zone blocker. Juan Thornhill, S, Virginia (6006, 202 lbs) - Lots of experience and certainly has shown ball-hawking skills. Position switch though and athleticism is questioned. Nasir Abberley, S, Delaware (5117, 195 lbs) - Big fan. Checks alot of boxes as he is physical, has ball skills from spending time at CB and is a great athlete too. Teams didn't bother challenging him last year. Step up in competition will be questioned but he's a strong FS/center fielder candidate. Garrett Bradbury, C, NC State (6027, 304 lbs) - Another highly rated center and a hometown kid. Zone blocking too (sensing a theme). Range and athleticism highly touted being a former TE. Still new to the position. Nate Davis, G, Charlotte (6033, 317 lbs) - Played some tackle but mostly RG in college. Used at LG during senior bowl. Powerful run blocker with good movement skills making him ideal for gap/power run blocking scheme. Footwork issues that need to be worked on. OTHER JJ Arcega-Whiteside, WR, Stanford (6020, 222 lbs) - Very highly rated prospect and seen as an excellent receiver at all three levels with some elite traits. Analytics are big on him. Hands and short area quickness are biggest knocks. Has handled press when encountered but hasn't seen it much. Working with Rickey Proehl in the lead up to the draft.