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  1. I'll go way off the grid with Nik Needham the CB from UTEP. http://insidethepylon.com/pylon-u/teams-ncaa/division-ia-fbs/conference-usa/utep-miners/2019/02/12/nik-needham-best-nfl-draft-prospect-dont-know/
  2. OL is first priority to me and I'm fine with taking either Jonah or Dillard. Prefer Burns to Sweat. I don't think Christian Wilkins is getting enough hype and would be happy with him at 16 too. I'd prefer Wilkins before Sweat too (I've never been a big fan of the guys playing second fiddle on a DL).
  3. There is still 8 visits not accounted for (Christian Miller should count as a local player)
  4. Pretty accurate on the needs and I like the draft too. I'd like to take a higher upside receiver than Johnson in the 6th but complaining about a day 3 pick is really just nitpicking.
  5. The organization has been pretty upfront about what their plans are in the past and I don't expect this year to be any different. We say smokescreen a lot but if the team says they are looking for a certain thing they tend to do just that. With that in mind and the draft now almost here, these are some observations from this year's meeting list. Observations: QB - Said they will be looking around for a backup and they are looking for a backup. Looks like 3rd might be the highest they will go to grab one. Grier appears to be the wildcard though. RB - The talk from the organization has been for those who can try to mimic McCaffery's skill set to take reps away and some of the beat writers have suggested connections to a couple of those types but all the meetings (except Homer) have been about a compliments to his style. WR - Meeting are showing mainly an ability to separate with speed or strong route running (minus Jazz). Beat writers suggested connections have the some of same type and but also a bunch of big red zone targets. TE - Hardly any action or talk here which is odd because this is a very deep class. If I'm taking a guess after the Duarte signing it would be a move TE here to compete with him and Vander Laan. OL - The organization seems serious about what they said going into the off season. Tackles and particularly ones with ability to play guard litter the meeting list. Would probably be more of a shock to not see multiple picks here. DL - Hybrid D has been all the talk and two types keep showing up, but versatility is key. The 3/5/9 tech and ones who can play the 9 and stand up and rush from the OLB. Both are currently big needs. LB - Undersized and athletic if I were to venture a guess (there has only been 2). Also needs to be able to cover. CB - Looked like nickel early in the process but all the interest as of late surrounds big corners to play on the outside. Only thing I can think of is the team wants to be able to move Jackson around the D like he was used at LSU. Bradberry's contract is coming due too so it could be an insurance policy there as well. S - Almost all have spent alot of time playing corner or nickel as well. With this years meeting list and last years draft, the ability to be multiple and match up any look on defense without having to change personnel is becoming more and more evident. On the other side of the ball it's all about Newton. I'd expect this year to be heavy on the protection because the last 2 years were heavy on the weapons. Looking at the last two drafts, half the top 100 picks were used on versatile weapons for Newton (McCaffery, Samuel, Moore and Thomas at pick 101). Another pick went to Moton and the other 3 were to hybrid defenders (Jackson, Gaulden, Hall).
  6. Neither fit well in 34 defense. I think the team wants more versatile pieces and that's why neither has been resigned. Love probably has the better shot of bring resigned after the draft though if it doesn't fall ideally.
  7. Drafting a WR doesn't seem like a day 3 need anymore, so team can let the board come to them. Needed someone to replicated the skills that left the WR corp when Funchess left. Hogan is now the "possession" receiver who runs good routes and can help in the red zone. He also can be used as a vertical threat. He gets more separation than Funchess but is worse in contested catch situations. A lot cheaper though which is key. Contract details will be key.
  8. Forget the name of it but I know that site shut down. I think you're best best is to find game tape on youtube at this point. Below are a couple of subscribers that have a bunch but there are plenty more. https://www.youtube.com/user/sportsfan318/featured https://www.youtube.com/user/tstscavo/featured
  9. One of my favorite mid-rounders now has a top 30 visit. Christian Miller (6'3" 247 lbs) has injury concerns but is a very long (35-1/8" arms), athletic and bendy edge prospect. 5-star prospect out of South Carolina who went to Bama. I'll add Notre Dame WR Miles Boykin now after getting a good look at him. Stock jumped after his amazing combine but his tape is pretty good too and looks to be held back by QB play. UTEP CB Nik Needham would be a great grab at corner too who isn't getting any press.
  10. Duarte is an interesting one as a move TE. Ross trying to stick as a WR/KR, Greene is throwing darts at the OL board but an athletic OT, Barnes is a massive so NT probably, Vaeao looks like a 34 end & 43 end/3T tweener
  11. Got more over in the other forum too.
  12. I agree. Maybe the scouts do, but I don't think the media has him rated nearly high enough.
  13. Panthers are hosting their local pro day today where players from nearby schools visit and workout but not have it count toward the team's top 30 visits. I've seen the following players noted as in attendance (https://twitter.com/BillyM_91): Deebo Samuel, WR, South Carolina (5'11" 214 lbs) - Hampered by QB play but a very strong route runner with YAC ability Clifton Duck, CB, App. State (5'9" 170 lbs) - Small ball hawking nickel prospect. Will likely struggle with tackling and run support but solid coverage skills. Some returner value as well. Jalin Moore, RB, App. State (5'10" 212 lbs) - Injury history and receiving production are concerns but seen as a tough runner who can pick up yards though contact who has good burst. Greg Dortch, WR, Wake Forest (5'7" 173 lbs) - Small, nimble slot prospect. Great production and very solid route running. Returner value as well. Anthony Ratliff-Williams, WR, UNC (6'1" 205 lbs) - Hampered by QB play but very strong at the catch point. A former QB himself still learning the position is a good route runner but it still needs work. He also offers additional value as a returner and the ability to be used multiple ways. Keisean Nixon, CB, South Carolina (5'10" 193 lbs) - Press cover corner who is good in run support. Special teams play praised but injury concerns (neck). Phil Haynes, G, Wake Forest (6'4" 322 lbs) - Long, powerful and durable guard prospect not the best mover though. Ryan Anderson, C, Wake Forest (6'6" 305 lbs) - Durable prospect who's length and technique are praised. Strength, mobility knocks though. Zack Bailey, G, South Carolina (6'5" 299 lbs) - Versatile and good movement skills but lacks power and balance. Better in pass protection currently. Nate Davis, G, Charlotte (6'3" 317 lbs) - Played some tackle but mostly RG in college. Used at LG during senior bowl. Powerful run blocker with good movement skills making him ideal for gap/power run blocking scheme. Footwork issues noted that need to be worked on.
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