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  1. Every team eliminated from playoff contention should be exploring what they have in depth pieces. I'm not worried about Grier getting shellshocked, our OLine isn't great but Allen makes it look worse than it is. This will not happen with Rivera.
  2. Wentz is a fair comparison, don't oversell with Luck though. Biggest knocks I've seen on Herbert are durability, progressions and composure under pressure. Herbert looked good against the best defenses he's faced this year (Auburn and Cal). He needs to play Utah in the conference championship, that could be another chance to showcase against NFL prospects.
  3. They have had "casual discussions" and the company was already thinking about relocating
  4. Borrow and Tua look like the top. You can probably talk yourself into Herbert but after that you might as well wait for 2021.
  5. He should play so that he can be evaluated going forward as should a lot of depth pieces in a lost season, but if he doesn't it also doesn't mean anything about the organization's faith in him.
  6. Should both be expected to perform well on Sunday: Atlanta is ranked 29th in defensive pass efficiency (Net Yards per attempt). This is the worst D the team has faced since Arizona. Their pass D fell apart with Keanu Neal's injury. Trufant is also banged up going into this week. Atlanta is 25th in run efficiency (yards/attempt). Devonta Freeman and Ito Smith will both miss week 11.
  7. Ability to throwing the ball and stop the pass are the bigger indicators of success in the league now.
  8. Newman has created some first round buzz for himself over the last year putting up solid numbers repeatedly since coming in late in 2018. He finished 2018 3-1 as a starter and is now 6-1 this year (missed Wake’s win over FSU and left the teams only loss with an injury). The North Carolina native has outdueled touted NFL QB prospects like Ryan Finley, Daniel Jones and Jordan Love along the way. He has looked good against the best defenses he’s faced. Some of the hardest defenses he will face this year are still to come with Virginia Tech, Clemson, Duke and Syracuse still on their schedule. I looked at some of the tape and highlights I could find and after I finally got past the read option mesh point I could see where the buzz was coming from. He is a 6'4" 230 lb mobile dual threat QB, has a good arm, operates inside a vertical passing offense, looks to have good pocket presence and has done well in the face of pressure. I also saw something that gave me pause though; the Wake WR Corp was surprisingly solid. Greg Dortch last year as well as Surrant, Washington and Hinton are either using their physicality or route running to consistently stack CBs and make plays at the catch point or gain significant separation. I don’t see where they are getting 1st round right now because I see more Josh Dobbs (4th round) than Deshaun Watson (came away more impressed by Surrant). Like all the Wake prospects, the Clemson game will be the key to his draft stock. All the other top defenses he’s faced barely break into the top 50 nationally and consistently making plays while being put in tough situations against a defense littered with NFL prospects would actually send it skyrocketing. A poor showing, and the 21-year-old might not even enter the draft this season opting for another year in school and a chance to put up more tape. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/why-the-2020-nfl-drafts-best-kept-quarterback-secret-has-first-round-potential/ EDIT: Wake was without their top 2 WRs but Newman finished the Clemson game 6/14, 41 yards, 0 TD, 2 INT. He looked very poor without his big physical receivers making plays for him at the catch point. He should return for his senior year.
  9. As you alluded to you can't replace talent. The deep ball essentially left with Ted Ginn. The breakdown of the interior OL after 2015 was another factor. Just like the introduction of McCaffery had been a boon to his increased efficiency.
  10. Since Gano's 2013 season which was very good but also a statistical anomaly, Gano is 41/45 from inside 40, 49/58 from 40-49, 9/18 from 50+ (has only attempted 5 in the last 2 years) and 148/160 on XPs (since 2015 rule change). Slye so far is 6/6 from inside 40, 5/8 from 40-49, 4/7 from 50+ and 20/22 on XPs. Ignoring the blocking breakdowns skewing the significantly smaller sample size, you are currently getting similar production at a fraction of the cost. The general rule of thumb for kickers is that unless you have the one of the best or one of the worst there is hardly a measurable change in production.
  11. Right side of the line is solid. Resign Moton. Not opposed to finding a prospect to groom behind Turner because of his contract though. Center needs a prospect to groom with Larsen being shot. Probably day 2 of the draft. LG - I'd stick Daley in there if Van Roten can't be retained on the cheap. LT - Little is the best one on the roster but if there is concern about his head I'd draft another OT early. If there isn't I'd still draft another one but can then make a case for waiting in the draft.
  12. You are way off base if you think Cam has no leverage or that Allen would be the reason why, but I also think you know that by what you said below.
  13. I do too and I don't see a way to get a better QB than a healthy Cam but why would Cam play without the security of another contract?
  14. There's money involved now. Ignore the talk about the cap savings and think about the security aspect both the team and Cam will be looking for.
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