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  1. I did want to see Reid transition to LB and Whitehead looked bad at first glance but no. Stick with the youth.
  2. Robinson lacks versatility. He really only seemed like Boston's direct backup as a deep (or middle in a 3 SF look) safety while Chinn, Franklin and Hartsfield can all play multiple positions.
  3. Teddy Bridgewater's short contract length means the Panthers will probably look to upgrade the QB position in the future. With 2 years left on his contract after the 2020 season and a potential out after 2021 it would be wise to get an insurance policy in the system or at the very least, an upgrade at QB2. I'm going to post this early to see how this changes after next year plays out. So, here are the QBs currently being talked about as 1st rounders: 1. Trevor Lawrence, Clemson: Top QB prospect since his dismantling of Alabama in the Natty. Hard not to like what he brings to the table either. Talent around him makes his evaluation harder to feel truly comfortable with. Here's a couple tape breakdowns from last year... 2. Justin Fields, Ohio State: Fields currently looks like the only one who can dislodge Lawrence from the top spot. Another prospect that is hard not to like but also another prospect that is a little harder to feel truly comfortable with your projection because of the scheme/talent around him. Here's some info on him... 3. Trey Lance, North Dakota State: There will be questions about competition (first game against Oregon will be important) and he does have 2 years of eligibility left so he could easily go back, especially with the 2 QBs ahead of him. Though, I've also seen him rated above Fields by a couple analysts already too because they are such similar players and he is faster and has a stronger arm. 4. Jamie Newman, Georgia: I watch a good bit of him last year thinking he might come out but came away more impressed by his receivers (have another thread on him on this board). Still he has 1st round buzz because he is a duel threat who can push the ball down field, can buy time, has good size/arm and doesn't freak out with pressure. He's got another year to get more reps against a step up in competition to improve his stock. 5. Brock Purdy, Iowa State: He has athleticism and a high football IQ that gives him a shot at Round 1 but he has poor arm strength and his consistency will need to improve. Could see teams taking a pause because of his height as well.
  4. Always great stuff to hear thanks. Much different tone from last year regarding Hill and more of the same for Bersin. I figure you can't see much for the DE competition but any word on the new punters?
  5. Look for him to be potentially that "4th TE" too. Clearly we are looking strongly at him to be Tolbert's future replacement.
  6. Looking at our Priority Free Agents the last few years: 2014 - Philly Brown ($15,000 signing bonus), Andrew Norwell ($12k) 2015 - Dean Marlowe ($15k), Arthur Miley ($15k) 2016 - Jeremy Cash ($20k) All but one is generally expected to make the roster this year. The only other one, Miley, is someone to keep an eye on as possibly getting that 5th DE spot too.
  7. I'm secretly hoping they pass on Derrick Henry if he's there as t 30. I still think he'd be a great pick, but looking at the running back class for next year I think the class is so much deeper that the value would be much greater (particularly those power/Jstew type backs).
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