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  1. I'm eyeing up this guy. Probably the best TE in the draft but might take a day 2 selection to get him.
  2. It's probably just scheme preference between the two. We don't know exactly what Rhule/Snow want to run yet so I'll defer to them if the team gets that lucky.
  3. Highly unlikely, Charlotte is the prize of the region. This is an early ploy in the fight for tax dollars.
  4. Samuel and Anderson are both faster and better route runners.
  5. Easier to get open there. The other two are better route runners.
  6. Please go Anderson and Samuel on the outside and Moore in the slot.
  7. Mims is being significantly underrated right now. Only WR I'd possibly put above him is Juedy.
  8. Yes for nothing and sounds like they pulled a 5th in return. It's a smart move.
  9. Late round comp pick is the minimum (let's call it a compensatory 7th) that upgrades to their mid round pick (say a their 5th) if Newton hits certain benchmarks. And both would likely be for 2021.
  10. We're going to end up losing all these valuable free agents/players and have no draft capital to show for it. Doesn't matter which one they are trying to do they are completely botching it either way.
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