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  1. Huh? I dont think anyone would suggest trading cmc for someone not very good
  2. You get carted off with a rib injury they are probably at least cracked
  3. This team is easily 5-1 with Luke at mlb. I don't think Whitehead could be any worse.
  4. Focus on your race DeAngelo. A two year old needing open heart surgery is more of a big deal then a players mother dying. Both situations suck but they aren't equal.
  5. My guess is a seldom used dlineman from the falcons
  6. Exactly why we want to move there. We will have a lot of equity when we move but trying to find a decent house with at least half an acre ideally more in that area is proving very difficult
  7. Fort mill is where my wife and I want to be as well. Getting very pricey there for the land we want though.
  8. Just curious, we were supposed to go to curacao for our honeymoon but their government is currently saying no thanks. Any recommendations of where else to go?
  9. Common sense tells me he uses the term frequently enough when having private conversations that his phone auto corrected a misspelling of the word nuggets to it.
  10. What did kroeger do to get fired with like 8 games left last year besides suck, I never heard?
  11. Seattle owns the nickname game Seahawks Supersonics Sounders Reign Mariners Now kraken all good to great names. Also that s is sweet. I like fun names fc is so damn boring
  12. I don't like that most soccer teams names are boring. Everyone clamoring for Charlotte fc must also strictly love vanilla ice cream. It looks like it's it's going to be Charlotte crown fc or Charlotte Town fc
  13. Ok can we move on to renaming the Cleveland Indians? I am 100% behind the Cleveland Steamers.
  14. Yeah everyone knows your boy Roy orchestrated all this to take the focus away from the heels sucking.
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