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  1. toldozer

    PFF loves DJ Moore

    He's one over the minimum targets so that doesn't say anything other than He needs to be on the field more. Smith needs to be off the field totally.
  2. toldozer

    Body Transformation Time (again ugh)

    That's how it happens, one little set back can take a year or 2 of work down in less than a month
  3. toldozer

    Body Transformation Time (again ugh)

    How old are you? When I was 25 I was 215 and pretty jacked. Then I wrecked my shoulder at the gym too. Dropped 40 pounds in 2 months. Been around 170-180 ever since and my shoulder still isn't right... getting older sucks.
  4. toldozer

    MNF: Skins vs Saints

    Cam Newton won an mvp with Ted ginn as his number 1 wr. Defense.
  5. toldozer

    MNF: Skins vs Saints

    Ohh please enlighten us all as to how he's a me player. All the times he's thrown his teammates and coaches under the bus?
  6. toldozer

    MNF: Skins vs Saints

    You're an absolute troll if you don't think cam. Has heart. Rewatch (I'm sure you watched the game )pretty much any of his runs from yesterday and say that.
  7. I was at the game too. I don't think it was a significant margin. Unless all the giants fans bought seats on the visiting side (plausible I guess) I sit at the 35 on the home side in the upper level. The visitors side looked pretty embarrassingly even to me. Also no one from the club level bothered to leave inside to sit in their seats.
  8. Big props to funchess for getting up on his own and hobbling all the way across the field with cramps to save our last time out. If he can't gut that out, we lose.
  9. toldozer

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    I'm shocked that sub zero couldn't behave like an adult. His temper tantrums in the college bball forum are embarrassing to fellow DUKE fans.
  10. Upgrade!!! I'm happy Now let's trade for Thomas
  11. Did you donate 50 bucks?
  12. I said this to my friend, we signed a dude off the fuging street and he is way better than kalil. Gman blew big time on the signing. That was bad enough but than hurney doubled down and fuged with the contract so we can't get rid of him now.
  13. I'll be different. Mike Adams was awful yesterday. They did a great job getting him in coverage and he got abused. Fix our safeties because I think that's the one answer we don't have on our roster.
  14. Like on that matt Ryan 10ish yard touchdown run. Blatant blatant holding. The first shot he has him grabbed outside the numbers but that's probably a no call. When Ryan rolls he clearly is holding mario. It gets worse but the video from the falcons site cuts away.
  15. I hate Doris Burke. Isn't ruining college basketball games enough? Also if this isn't her I can't stand this lady either.