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  1. Yeah everyone knows your boy Roy orchestrated all this to take the focus away from the heels sucking.
  2. NCAA could increase tourney to 128 teams, that would be cool. Then unc might make the cut.
  3. Start in January, 6 regular season division games. Take your top 7 from each conference. Playoffs done in 4 weeks you're done by mid March. Not sure playing will be an option in January but they could put off till then and still have some sort of a season.
  4. I dont think leather hats are coming back. Could be wrong though
  5. I'll take reference fail for 1000 please.
  6. This is wrong. Preseason tickets have been reduced for at least 3 years here. Don't disagree with no football though
  7. Strictly corona premier and refrescas here. That guava is delicious.
  8. No, it's built around him making a one sentence statement, then rephrasing it 47 times in the next 30 minutes to say something he could say in 15 seconds. Easily the most annoying sports guy in the business.
  9. If we all eat Samoa cookies we can't catch the virus. The virus probably hates samoas more than anything ever. Maybe even better if we potentially grind the samoas up and concoct some sort of, I dont know, dust. The samoas are truly delicious cookies created by great people, beautiful people from the tiny teeny tiny island of Saaaaa mow ahhhhhh. Anyway if we ingest this dust in sort of a snorting motion directly into our lungs it will probably be the greatest vaccine ever known to man and will probably immunize us against the virus and probably be yuuge, probably.
  10. Yeah but our rollercoaster looks bigger and way more fun. That drop at the end once it reaches 300 million is going to be yuuuuggge. It will be the greatest drop, probably ever.
  11. Did you have it dynoed? I know from top gear old sports cars can lose a lot of hp over the years
  12. I think Its more of taking a back seat because he has never experienced what they are protesting against. You dont always have to lead sometimes its better to listen and learn from others. Maybe if more people asked "hey, what do you need from me?" Instead of just assuming they know best a lot of issues would be resolved.
  13. Political partys are dumb and unnecessary. It allows ignorant people on both sides just to blindly support a party. Much harder to support candidates vs just blindly following party lines. I'm all for the abolishment of the 2 party system and make everyone run on their own merits.
  14. And look at that, they are implementing fines to businesses not holding their customers accountable. Im a mother fuging genius. If only this didn't take 3 months
  15. Yeah there isnt going to be any tailgating I dont think
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