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  1. Thhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa raaaaaaaaaaaaaasidddddders!! Cammmmm in Vegas c'mon man. Just his face is worth the 17th pick or whatever their 2nd 1st round pick is
  2. They'll all be gone before draft day. fug you shula. They deserve rings
  3. Bro where have you been, the sell out streak is done since tepper doesn't buy back the unused tickets like jr use to do
  4. No one was flexing on the field except Falcons dlinemen so why not.
  5. 25-57, will pick around 5th. Warriors get the number one pick
  6. Fair catch at the end of the half or game. Weird rule and I'm not sure why it was ever implemented
  7. Is it just me or is the az crowd super weak? We better be ready to bring it tomorrow. Then you'll have a whole week to rest.
  8. I love the Panthers more than alice loves a double order of side salads from Wendy's.
  9. It will be tough for them not make playoffs. Here's to hoping they can beat green bay in green bay in the playoffs. That game would be a laugher in boa
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