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  1. No one was flexing on the field except Falcons dlinemen so why not.
  2. 25-57, will pick around 5th. Warriors get the number one pick
  3. Fair catch at the end of the half or game. Weird rule and I'm not sure why it was ever implemented
  4. The notebook was an excellent movie. Really got me... I get it cam, I get it.
  5. Didn't know you got married. What day in April? Im getting married on April 18th
  6. No one seems to want to go to the game. Im trying to sell 2 extras for face value and have nothing close to a reasonable offer for them yet. 501 row 10. I actually have 4 if someone wanted to pay face value for all 4 and I could grab 2 from someone else
  7. If it included a big ass TV playing the game and food throughout I think the pricing would work. For just tailgating it wouldn't be for me.
  8. Meangelo, that pretty much sums it up.
  9. Thanks!! Not sure what she's thinking!! Haha will do. We were in a tailgate spot with the group we were sitting with last year so I didn't make it out. Not getting season tickets this year because of wedding expenses but I think I'm coming to the rams game and 1 more
  10. Getting married in April been a bit busy. Still read stuff but haven't been posting much.
  11. I was being sarcastic because of all the posts calling for vermillions head
  12. If that shoulder is sore today the medical staff should be fired
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