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  1. toldozer

    Ravens cut Eric Weddle

    Big overpay on Reid.
  2. toldozer

    Car Shopping Advice

    My benz will be gone before the warranty runs out, for sure.
  3. toldozer

    Car Shopping Advice

    Check him out when you're ready. I got my c300 for 18k less than new with only 10,000 miles on it. Bought a saab 9-3 from there several years ago too. The price he lists is the price which I kind of like so if you test drive it and want it it takes like 25 minutes to buy the car. If you need time to think he'll hold it for like 100 bucks. He will show you the carfax too he doesn't sell anything without a completely clean carfax. Only thing is he doesn't finance but I got a killer rate from truliant because I was paying less than 90% of the nada even with a loss on my trade in.
  4. toldozer

    Coby White

    Doesn't matter. He's a first round pick.
  5. toldozer

    Coby White

    I told my friend that a few days ago. We need for kemba to walk. Draft white, suck next year and hope to get the top pick. Start over in 20-21
  6. toldozer

    Car Shopping Advice

    You probably buy new but http://eurocarsllc.com/gallery.asp#cbp=/project.asp?vin=WA1LAAF70HD036953
  7. toldozer

    Car Shopping Advice

    what model?
  8. toldozer

    Car Shopping Advice

    If you want a Volvo I would recommend eurocarsllc.com I don't know if he has any in stock now but I've bought two of my cars from him. He has a lot of nice European cars if you don't mind extremely low miles and a year old for killer deals. Still very happy with my Benz i bought from him last year. As long as it still has the manufacturer warranty on it you're good. He won't take your car in on trade because of the year and mileage though so you'd have to sell it.
  9. toldozer


    I went on the 7th. He fuging crushed it. Also if you went in lake Norman you were apart of one of the shittiest audiences he's ever experienced. He said it on stage so it must be true.
  10. toldozer

    Considering a change of job

    Job 1 all day long.
  11. toldozer

    NCAA Basketball Discussion

    Dang my devils look good.
  12. toldozer

    Anyone ever drove for UberEats/Grubhub?

    Have you tried one of the 15 other delivery options?
  13. toldozer

    Slow Cooker/Crockpot Recipes

    I've made some banging roasts in my air fryer.
  14. toldozer

    The Walking Dead

    I thought it was decent but yeah I agree that I'm probably done. Could have ended with negans throat getting slit. Turning Maggie into a "villain" doesn't make sense. Not interested
  15. toldozer

    The Walking Dead

    Except Rick Grimes would kill them all in the intro to the first episode. They all SUCK