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  1. Kemba taking 5 years 160 would have been awful for the hornets. Why is anyone upset he left? It's 100% the best for both parties.
  2. This team without kemba next year is not winning 30 games with rozier. We will be a bottom 3 team regardless of who we sign at point and that's the way in needs to be the next 2 years. We have to nail these next two drafts and hope bridges gets a lot better.
  3. If we did re sign kemba I'd be donewith the hornets forever. We have screwed up too many times and the only choice now is to pull the plug and start over. Keeping kemba means finishing 10th place the next 4 years
  4. Well guess I was wrong!! We play that way on Wednesday we'll move on. They've been much better at home though.
  5. The licenses they talked about started as low as 150 bucks. Not that bigof a deal if they build a new stadium. Not looking at 1000s and 1000s of dollars like the panthers.
  6. What if the person knows exactly make and year model of car they want, do you think your service would still be useful? Maybe provide us with an example. The service doesn't seem useful to me but I definitely see the market. Ok so let me give you a scenario. I have good credit 725+, income to more than meet requirements for the cars I'm looking at. I don't want to trade or put any money down. I'm looking for a 2018 MERCEDES-BENZ CLA250 with under 15000 (used not new) what price should I expect to pay?
  7. If they can edge out a win in Washington in game 5 I don't see any way they come home and lose game 6. I think this series ends 4-2 For either team. I don't think game 7 will happen.
  8. Considering Houston but already have two big trips planned this year so I don't know. Flights were only 250 though.
  9. They are actually startingto get good again and have a lot of young talent. It could turn in to that again for the braves.
  10. I got the survey as well. Options were all very expensive. The mls psl and season tickets were very reasonable though. 150 bucks a game for upper level Corner party deck is too much. The membership clubs were even more and would be on top of season ticket costs.
  11. Is it just me or is the az crowd super weak? We better be ready to bring it tomorrow. Then you'll have a whole week to rest.
  12. I love the Panthers more than alice loves a double order of side salads from Wendy's.
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