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  1. We had to shut down yesterday. Luckily we're a business of 6 people so I think I'm ok to be paid thru next month. If things push in up may or June things will get very uncomfortable. Was also supposed to be getting married in April but we are having to rework everything. I know practically everyone is stressed to the max. Hoping everyone gets the assistance they need when they need it, whether that's financial, emotional or anything between.
  2. Pats or bears. I hope he wins a super bowl. Anyone can see tepper did him dirty and we gave ourselves 0 leverage in the situation. I'll still cheer for cam just like kemba. The two biggest stars Charlotte has ever seen and both walk without us getting a damn thing. We suck at sports.
  3. So we are strapped for tests apparently but we will test any famous person who isn't really even feeling the effects? I don't understand.
  4. OP doesn't understand how tanking works. Hint you aquire draft capital not give it away.
  5. toldozer

    No paper today

    I know one person that actually gets the paper. My 96 year old grandmother. I bet she was hella pissed yesterday.
  6. I dont know why someone got poo on for saying it's a bad investment. That's just reality. They start playing in april, it still comes up as Carolina energy when you search for them and I can't find a schedule anywhere. That said, I'm gonna go to a game If I can find out when they are.
  7. What a crazy story hats off to that guy for not allowing some home cooking!!!
  8. That's ok unc loses to everybody at home.
  9. Man this post holds up. Last fuging place and an embarrassment.
  10. If only you were up on them by 34 points at the end of the game, then it wouldn't matter about them damn refs
  11. I'm good. Take all them L's like a man
  12. All these heels fans in here complaining about the refs. Classic
  13. That is a big dude. I always had cats growing up. My fiance introduced me to dogs and I've been missing out. They're great. We have a couple cats too but they could be left alone forever and be just fine.
  14. This is Finley and he's awesome. I rescued him back in November from the humane society. Heart worm positive and just finished up his rest period.
  15. I wanted to go and take my dog I got from hsc back in November. He just finished heart worm treatment and I'm sick so probably good I didnt go. Also doesn't sound like there were a bunch of pets out there.
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