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  1. toldozer

    Considering a change of job

    Job 1 all day long.
  2. toldozer

    NCAA Basketball Discussion

    Dang my devils look good.
  3. Dead ball foul on a 4th down play. Pretty self explanatory
  4. But he smoked us in the preseason. Check your effort fatass.
  5. toldozer


    That logo is hot garbage, especially on his proposed fan apparel.
  6. toldozer

    Realistic DE trade targets

    Are you sure? Because we had damn near half those sacks week 1 against Dallas.
  7. toldozer

    Realistic DE trade targets

    Because it's not happening and it's literally the only thing nails ever posts about.
  8. Big cat is footing the bill.... that salary ohhh weeee mayne
  9. toldozer

    Anyone ever drove for UberEats/Grubhub?

    Have you tried one of the 15 other delivery options?
  10. toldozer

    Guess the fan base

    I'd assume ravens since we're playing them next.
  11. I'm on the phone with Arizona too.... but it's for Chandler Jones. Too bad he makes a billion dollars.
  12. toldozer

    Game 1: Hornets (0-0) vs. Bucks (0-0)

    Didn't get to watch the game but I like the fact that kemba played a lot. Cliff would ALWAYS stick to the same "breaks" for him regardless of score or scenario. I also liked the fact that we went really small looking for a spark and it worked. JB seems to be more with today's NBA than Clifford. I think Milwaukee is much better than the 6th best team in the East. I'd put them 3rd or 4th.
  13. toldozer

    PFF loves DJ Moore

    He's one over the minimum targets so that doesn't say anything other than He needs to be on the field more. Smith needs to be off the field totally.
  14. toldozer

    Body Transformation Time (again ugh)

    That's how it happens, one little set back can take a year or 2 of work down in less than a month
  15. toldozer

    Body Transformation Time (again ugh)

    How old are you? When I was 25 I was 215 and pretty jacked. Then I wrecked my shoulder at the gym too. Dropped 40 pounds in 2 months. Been around 170-180 ever since and my shoulder still isn't right... getting older sucks.