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  1. These idiots listen to too much of Gary V.'s nonsense.
  2. So many babies that would have grown into pre-pubescent teenage girls for Jangler to creep on.
  3. We're still a new team. We've only have one generation of adult fans who had the chance to grow up following the Panthers as their football team. I was in college by the time the team got to Charlotte, and many of my friends were already Redskins fans by then. Also, fug the Redskins. We need another 20 years before we start to approach the upper middle pack of fandoms. It's all about time and getting people to buy in.
  4. I'm sorry to hear about your uncle, but your anger is misplaced.
  5. PanthersBigD

    Keto Diet

    Cutting out processed wheat and cow dairy has made a big difference for me. I switched to sprouted grains, legume based pastas and chips, and goat dairy. I was really surprised that I felt a difference. I don't get indigestion all day, I have more energy and less inflammation. I don't really eat any different than I did menu=wise, I've just changed the quality of the ingredients.
  6. PanthersBigD

    Keto Diet

    Any particular pain points in your menu, or you just hate following a diet in general?
  7. Coding, as it exists today, wouldn't exist without those old programmers writing in what are now arcane languages. Give credit where credit is due. The coding isn't the point though. IBMers back in the 70's were paid to move out west, and had their houses paid for. They were able to sell those houses decades later and keep the huge gains. They received large retirement packages that nearly sunk the company. Back in the 70's and 80's you could be plucked out of Shipping and plugged into a coding class, paid for by the company, and BOOM, you're a programmer. So there was actual on the job training, providing upward mobility from within the company. They didn't farm it out to public education until the 90's. Now you need $30K+ to get a bachelor's degree in CS just to get an internship. Boomers are dealing with an entirely different reality than the Millennials they are wagging their fingers at.
  8. Now that we know how the season went, they should just call the show 'Nothing.'
  9. Every time I catch myself reacting to Cam's outfits with a chuckle, I'm reminded of this clip: He's wearing clothing straight from the source, that eventually shapes the clothes we all will be wearing a year from now. High fashion is too distilled for my taste, but I'm glad it's something he enjoys and seems to actually understand, even if some of us don't.
  10. Either one of them would murk you immediately following your sucker punch, so I approve of your selection.
  11. You rube. No one wants government money. They want a level playing field. Given that that most likely won't happen in our lifetimes, they need to be given the information to navigate the fuged up American economy as it currently exists.
  12. I know you're arguing in bad faith, but whatever. Systemic problems due to low wages relative to cost of living are the exact reason why they'll need to be vigilant. I know you've prefer everyone just be given the ol' bootstraps speech, but that speech is a bunch of BS in 2019. Access to healthcare is a huge component of someone's personal finances in 2019, and it continues to grow.
  13. Nope, you're just too stupid and prideful to accept that fact that you've been conned by a conman.
  14. RIght, things that actually exist, affect most Americans, and should be discussed in a class about finance.
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