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  1. I've lived here my entire life and grew up in east Charlotte where the practice facility and HQ will go. I think it will be a net positive. Eastland Mall's decline and shuttering had a huge impact on east Charlotte, and the city has been looking for something that could anchor new business development to the area since forever. Jury is out on whether or not it will ever be worth the 110 MM in hospitality revenue they're giving up, but an MLS complex is about the best thing they could possibly put in that blast crater that was once our biggest shopping mall.
  2. Guessing he didn't see how that movie ended.
  3. This one has kids in it, so I figured your creepy ass would be all over it. Probably better if you don't watch it anyway.
  4. I think it will work for the same reasons a movie like Creed works. It’s a continuation, not a remake, and the old actors play old people. No one would believe Rocky could still fight, but coming back to coach his friend’s son is believable and hits all the right emotional buttons. I think they’ll employ Ray, Peter and Winston in a similar way.
  5. The mechanic was Amy Sedaris! Also, this episode must have been the Chef! movie crossover as she was in that, as was Bobby Cannavale, the young bounty hunter's father IRL.
  6. Looks pretty good. Perfect way to pay tribute to Harold Ramis, in my opinion.
  7. All three of my nephews play it and have even gotten into the DLC stuff. I thought I was going to have to help them out, but after seeing them play, I probably would have slowed them down. They're 8, 9 and 10.
  8. Episode 5 was the weakest yet IMO. I really enjoy just being immersed in that world again, but this one felt really low budget. Jon Favreau is great and all, but it's obvious he cast his friend's kid in the young bounty hunter role, and he wasn't very good. One thing on my wish list is that over the series they'll get a little less ham-fisted with the exposition. I understand it's necessary, but more scalpel, less crowbar, please.
  9. The only thing that suggests it's Boba Fett is the spurs jingling when whoever it is walks up on the dead assassin.
  10. He's definitely worth 7-8 million per year. It’s silly to pretend otherwise. If he plays like an elite LB and hits all of his incentives, then he’ll have been worth those too. People just want something silly to freak out about.
  11. The kind that’s smart enough not to lurk on message boards to glean insight from a bunch of hysterical fans. I get it. You’re one of those MLM, “I’m my own boss!” guys. #bossbabe
  12. I find it humorous that you believe that being the boss somehow means you “get to do everything you want and only what you want to do, every day.” That sounds like a kindergartner’s definition of a ‘boss.’
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