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  1. The preseason is a laboratory of sorts. I like that Rivera made them go for it on 4th several times. This is the time to fail trying different things. I don’t have a problem with it. If they look this way next week with the starters in, I’ll be more concerned.
  2. Lots of uncalled holding that you guys seem to be ignoring, just like these shitty refs in training have been doing.
  3. I don't know guys...looks like Ed Oliver was surprised to hear his number so he turned around to see who was talking. It doesn't look that serious to me. He's likely not a POS like one of the Watt's or the Bosa's so it's doubtful he's going to spear Cam over some mild trash talk.
  4. I want the Panthers to crush the Bills, see them driven before me, and to hear the lamentations of the Bills Mafia.
  5. Remember the year he called Kris Jenkins out and we went to the Super Bowl?
  6. PanthersBigD


    You are such a dumb, insincere POS. CRA responded perfectly; I just had to add that.
  7. It's like someone saying "the government won't let me poo in my neighborhood creek and it's 'forcing' me to pay my water bill...I'll just find a creek in a lower income part of town who will let me dump my poo there for a lower fee." People who profess to have 'studied economics' either ignore or don't understand the long term ramifications of gutting regulatory agencies. Corporations, especially the ones that do the most damage, make decisions based on quarterly earnings, not long term viability of their businesses or of their customer base. Most of the decision makers know there's a good chance they will have to pull their golden ripcord within the next year or two, so why should they give a fug?
  8. So many of you use that term 'forced' as if environmental regulations are a bad thing. What environmental regulations do you see as the figurative 'gun to the head' that's forcing US companies to offshore? Trump's admin has taken a machete to our environmental regs, and the problem again is, they don't seem to understand or care why they were there in the first place.
  9. Tepper has been talking about getting high speed rail between here and Raleigh since he got here. Moving/upgrading the train tracks may actually be in the plans.
  10. Raleigh is a college basketball town that is becoming a hockey town. I could see the soccer team going there, but I still think Tepper is going for dual use with the Panthers, and they aren’t moving. The practice facility will be great, but it will be a small complex relative to an entire downtown metropolis. It’d be like touting Ballantyne as a good spot for a stadium, before even breaking ground on Ballantyne. Theres nothing wrong with Rock Hill, but it can’t compete with Charlotte for location, hotel space, etc., etc., etc..
  11. They’re not moving the stadium to SC, LOL. Charlotte JUST now has enough hotel space to compete with other teams for a Super Bowl. Where else in SC, besides Charleston can compete on hotel space and other entertainment options? The practice facility in Rock Hill will be great, but there’s fug all besides that to do in Rock Hill. It would take years and hundreds of millions in cash to build up another town like Charlotte is, and Raleigh isn’t an option because it’s too far from SC.
  12. LOL. You must not have been around here very long. Jeremy started this site well over a decade ago. If I remember correctly it was to provide a refuge for all of us when they shut the Charlotte Observer boards down. He was also a hobbyist with photography which he parlayed into a career. The affiliations with the team and WCNC didn’t come until way later. He and the site have fallen off the last couple of years, but he’s had a big health scare, hence him never stfu about being a vegan now, and he got divorced, so he’s had more important things to focus on. Luckily some others have been more than happy to pick up the slack in a big way. All pro never lived up to the hype, but for all his years of hosting this site out of his own pocket, $50/yr was the least I could do. I won’t be renewing the pay membership, but this board is still one of the better fan site in the NFL.
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