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  1. PanthersBigD

    Just in time for November

    I can tell you're not really up on your world history.
  2. PanthersBigD

    Just in time for November

    Why would you want them to leave?
  3. PanthersBigD

    Why Evangelical Christians Love Israel

    - The Oslo Accords. - I checked out that website, by a zionist israeli who wrote a book called "This Land is My Land." How could someone like that ever provide anything but unbiased facts about the conflict?! - The PLO is not the Palestinian Authority - Israel has continued to bulldoze and settle on Palestinian lands in direct defiance of the Oslo Accords since they were written up to today. What would you do if someone bulldozed your home and cut off your access to clean water? The Israelis should have stopped encroaching on the slivers of land given to the Palestinians decades ago, but they haven't. Why not? If they're so peaceful and just want to live in peace, why do they have a large standing army and regularly make incursions into Palestine? All of this suffering over nonsense. Jews, Muslims, Christians, all of you. Idiots. You're killing people over fairy tales. If you sincerely believe that there's a god that is going to allow us all to kill ourselves to start a coronation party for his son/self, then no matter what facts I post, you're just going to dismiss them. Your ignorance is hurting people. You're a piece of scum.
  4. PanthersBigD

    Why Evangelical Christians Love Israel

    God doesn't exist. If a god did exist, he wouldn't need you to do work for him, because he'd be omnipotent. If a god created you, but needed you do perform acts of service to 'prove' yourself, then he wouldn't be a god, because a god is also omniscient, and he would know before he made you whether you were going to be 'worthy' or not. Why would an omnipotent, omniscient god waste time workshopping a bunch of talking monkeys just to have them all annihilate each other as the start of a coronation of his son?! Why would god even need a son, who is also him? It's made up nonsense, and there's no god here to punish me for saying that. If you donate money to these causes, you are directly funding the theft of Palestinian land given to them legally in a treaty with Israel, instigating lopsided violence against Palestinian civilians and generally being a greedy piece of filth. You're donating to a cause that is supposed to speed up, through massive human suffering, the apocalypse, so that most of the world will die and Jesus will come back. The problem is, Jesus isn't real. Armageddon isn't real. The suffering you're causing trying to make fairy tales reality? That is the only real thing in this entire situation.
  5. PanthersBigD

    Why Evangelical Christians Love Israel

    You're a gullible imbecile, and you and the rest are hurting innocent people because you're not intelligent enough to understand that you're doing it all in the name of an imaginary friend. God isn't real, and even if he was, he wouldn't need a bunch of stupid meat bags to do his dirty work. And if he did, then he wouldn't actually be a god.
  6. PanthersBigD

    Why Evangelical Christians Love Israel

    Because they're evil, hypocritical, gullible retards.
  7. PanthersBigD

    Just in time for November

    You don't seem to understand how America became a superpower. How quaint.
  8. PanthersBigD

    Just in time for November

    The article stated that they're seeking asylum in Mexico first. The U.S. is a second/last resort. Stop being obtuse.
  9. PanthersBigD

    Just in time for November

    I remember in the 70's and 80's, thousands of Cambodians, Thai, Laotian, Hmong, Viet peoples coming here seeking asylum, running from the fallout of the Vietnam conflict and the Khmer Rouge. There were people back then that took the same stance you did, Harambe. Luckily, they were far outnumbered by good Americans who realize how arbitrarily lucky we are to be born here, and welcomed them in. Some became criminals, many went back to Southeast Asia, but the majority made a positive impact here in the U.S..
  10. PanthersBigD

    Just in time for November

    Why don't you focus on just responding to my question.
  11. PanthersBigD

    Just in time for November

    That quote isn't anywhere in the article you posted. Weird. It also mentions that they'll first seek asylum in Mexico and if not successful then they'll head on to try in the U.S.. Sounds like they're desperate for help to me. What do you think their motivations are?
  12. PanthersBigD

    Just in time for November

    Because they're seeking asylum, not citizenship. They're proud of their country, it's just too dangerous to live there right now. They aren't disavowing their country, they're asking for safe harbor.
  13. PanthersBigD

    RIP Officer Conner

    You are cherry picking the opinions of a radio host, who was a lawyer, not a sociologist, because you agree with them. He's an entertainer, and he said something you agree with, so you don't look any further. It's not the responsibility of the media to convict bad cops, nor is it within their power. To suggest, as Elder does, that justice will somehow prevail because, "...the media will jump all over it..." is asinine.