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  1. Thanks. That's what I was thinking. They traded a second for Kony Ealy too, and look how that turned out. Patriots have mind control over people. Yes, they're the only dynasty out there, but part of that is because they've already won in people's minds before they even make a move.
  2. 24-10 Panthers. Shaq thumps Kittle so hard that he stops channeling Mike 'the Miz' Mizanin for an entire quarter.
  3. Comp picks don't come higher than 3rd round though, correct? So even if they were to get a pick, a second rounder is still preferable to a possible third, and that's IF they don't offset it with another player's signing, right?
  4. Anyone else remember which mongoloid posted the picture above here in the past? I'm guessing this is Questie or that kid who's barely old enough to be online.
  5. LOL! Whose alt are you? Why don't you post under your usual user name? Because you're a little chickenshit.
  6. LOL! I can tell by your vocabulary that you've either got a dull katana, or a closet full of pastel Vineyard Vines shirts in your bedroom, at your parents' house. Understanding that I'm in a position of power, and still having empathy for those that are not, doesn't make me a cuck. If you feel threatened by people overcompensating and lashing out because they feel disenfranchised, it's because you're mentally, and possibly physically weak.
  7. McCoy will not resign for peanuts, but I do believe at this stage in his career, he wants to be where he's appreciated and part of a family of players. The Panthers have that, and they win, at least so far. If we go deep in the playoffs this year, I think he stays around.
  8. I'm white, and I don't feel singled out. I've never felt marginalized in my entire life. If you're white and you have, it may be because you're delusional, or just bad at life, I don't know.
  9. Wow, only one post before you did exactly what I said you'd do. Throwing more people in prison and for longer isn't going to solve the problem, it just allows you to delude yourself into thinking you did. If we don't change the conditions that creates these situations, we're just going to be throwing more and more people in prison. I'm sure that'd be fine by you, but that's not a realistic solution. Our current justice system creates generations of 'criminals' by overzealous policing/sentencing which labels these people criminals for life. There's a lot you can do to combat gang violence. Reinvest in lower income schools and after school programs. Decriminalize marijuana and/or stop with these ridiculous mandatory sentences for minor drug offenses. Invest in solutions other than prison for criminals that can be rehabilitated, and cut down on recidivism. Stop inundating recent parolees with fees immediately upon their release. Most of these guys get out of prison/jail and are already in debt, with low job prospects because of their criminal records. This is just pertaining to your challenge for solutions on gang violence. How to responsibly grow a city is an even more complex problem.
  10. It's not overtly racist, but that's the point. Arsen's M.O. is to post something like this and feigning concern, meanwhile peppering his posts with little digs and/or stereotypes. The people he references in his original post were killed by errant bullets. No one walked up to them and tried to rob them or shoot them. That doesn't make them any less dead, but facts do matter. There is an uptick of murders in Charlotte, but for myriad reasons, not simply 'bad apples.' Gentrification has created a huge strain on this city. Extreme wealth juxtaposed with extreme poverty, people being forced out of their homes by developers without the means to go anywhere else. None of those things justify killing innocent people, but they do help to explain it, and present us with solutions. The problem is, the solutions would require painful work on both sides, not just the side of the disenfranchised. It's easier to wail and moan about bad apples killing everyone than to confront the problems behind gang violence and higher crime.
  11. I don't think you’re stupid, but I do think your posts are often tinged with racism, borne of ignorance about certain places and people. I also think that ignorance makes you irrationally fearful of things, hence my Boomer comment. I don’t feel any jealousy toward you, rather pity. You’ve got what sounds like an otherwise great life. Living with irrational fear is no way to go through life. I don’t wish you any ill will in reality, but I will continue to point out what I think are wrong with your posts. I expect you will do the same.
  12. I’ve been wondering the same thing about you for a while now.
  13. Here’s another one, where you ‘innocently’ pointed out that the road rage suspect was middle eastern. That’s two in two days.
  14. This thread is one. I’m not even the first person to call you out for this thread being full of poo.
  15. LOL. You post dog whistle, racist crap almost daily, just like the other Boomers in here. It’s pitiful really.
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