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  1. It's crazy to know that there are still sundown towns in the United States.
  2. Or maybe he plans to have a train station running through the complex, with fast connections to Raleigh. It's been mentioned before.
  3. He's been fairly transparent. Don't worry about us down here; we'll be fine whether the new stadium is built here or moved to SC. It'll still be a 20-30 minute commute for most Charlotteans either way.
  4. Muh taxes!1! You don't live here, and you don't seem to be very informed on the actual details of the situation, so I'll just take your post for the uninformed rant that it seems to be.
  5. LOL, then why do you care so much about what we're paying for with our taxes? The average taxpayer won't feel any of this. IF they live near the stadium, they'll probably have higher property taxes due to their home value increasing, but that's a good problem to have for most people. The current soccer team commitments are all from hospitality revenue, so it's coming from people visiting the city. This is exactly what that money should be spent on, more things to bring more people into the city.
  6. These ARE the wine and cheese seats, guys! Tepper is building them better seating options with more amenities and some of you are furious about it ruining their fan experience. LOL!
  7. Has anyone in this thread actually been contacted by the team, or are you all just speculating based on some random twitter user's rant?
  8. I don't believe the Nick Saban comparison is appropriate in this case. Nick Saban and Dabo Swinney are working with stacks of 5-star talent, recruited on the strength of their schools. Their bench is 3 and 4 deep at many positions. Both are known to bully their players by holding their scholarships and playing time over their heads. This does not translate to the NFL, where many players make more than the coaches. Rhule got the most out of a less talented pool of players by finding guys with specific strengths and coaching them up and putting them in position to excel. Talent evaluation and the ability to coach up players will always translate to the next level.
  9. https://www.amazon.com/Elete-Refill-Electrolyte-Bottle-18-3-Ounce/dp/B004N99XZ2 We usually load up on this(tsp in 32 oz water) before long runs. If you're looking for something to effectively replace your electrolytes with no additives, this is probably your best bet. It adds a slightly saline taste to whatever you add it to, but it's not unpalatable.
  10. Luke and Smitty are the two that are no brainers for me.
  11. They're bringing in a lot of guys that performed so well at their jobs, that they were eventually promoted beyond their abilities. The good thing is, it sounds like the Panthers are hiring them at the positions they originally excelled at. I still think Berry will end up with the Panthers. There's just as much uncertainty, but definitely more excitement surrounding the Panthers. And there's no Jimmy Haslam here.
  12. Glad the players have a union that's standing up for them. Can't have football without the football players. This sport has been skewed too far in favor of ownership for too long.
  13. I can still remember my mom taking the day off 30 years ago to picket for a single day at the state capital. Why would they ever pay teachers more when NC teachers refuse to leverage the only thing of value: their labor. I'd be willing to bet the state would crack by the second week of an actual strike, what with millions of parents without childcare, burning their own vacation days, eating into their own savings. The ripple effect in this state would be huge.
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