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  1. LOL! Same color robes and everything:
  2. It's crazy to know that there are still sundown towns in the United States.
  3. Watched the entire season over the weekend. It’s great! Can’t wait for season 2! Only a year and a half to go!
  4. Gross. Half the fun of getting a beej are the visuals, not watching your giant belly rise and fall while your wife makes gurgling noises out of view.
  5. I had a history teacher like this in High School. I often wonder how much more he'd have been able to do with today's technology and shared data.
  6. Just bought it online. Looking forward to reading it. I’d never heard of Fanon.
  7. Thanking the CIA for keeping us safe is like thanking God for not sending us to hell. Both are supposedly 'protecting' us from problems they created.
  8. Imagine being such a gung ho coward that your first assumption is not that your adult son might have stopped by your house, and texting him to find out, but that it’s an intrusion, necessitating a drawn weapon.
  9. How did this guy get my Union Bay jorts from 1993???!
  10. They went in on Jeremy! LOL! Although tbh, I’d heard something similar from people in the past.
  11. they're a reminder that carrying a gun doesn't mean poo when the other guy has missiles.
  12. 12 is a double whammy since could be either a reference to reporting minorities to the cops, or it could be the age of the kids they want to bang.
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