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  1. To be honest is presser seemed guarded, anxious, and chaotic. He didn't speak like a composed, focused man. Obviously I want Cam to be well and have a great year but that presser was not a great look.
  2. We had a really good backup running back and the team didn't play him. He led the Rams to the Superbowl and we cut him for no reason. It's hard to get excited about backup running backs when the team refuses to play them.
  3. Hard to watch these games when they sit the backups that are expected to make the team.
  4. I remember Barry Switzer needed a map to find Charlotte. After that game he was ready to retire.
  5. I don't want to add anyone at QB. I am comfortable with throwing Grier out there in a run heavy offense if needed.
  6. He's a keeper. He's an easy target because he's boring but we need guys that have experience. Even if they are boring.
  7. Did't Cam makes comments at the end of last season about how he needs to heal and get better or this might be it for him? It's not crazy to think another injury riddled season could bring his career to a close.
  8. I'd build a run first, grind it out game plan like we should have in the Super Bowl. Don't let him drop back on 3rd and long. Try to win a close low scoring game. But we will probably do the opposite.
  9. Yeah... real doctors giving opinions on twitter with nothing but video to go off of... its a joke Drs would want to have a social media presence. And a joke to think they can give credible info off video replay.
  10. These Patriots runs just look easy. No resistance until past the line of scrimmage.
  11. Panthers look bad tonight. Getting bullied, out of position, slow.
  12. TBH, Cam was putting himself at risk for no reason on a few plays. Just throw it away.
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