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  1. Our DBs are slow. Still, there has been many many instances this year where it seemed like they were running with ball carriers and not attempting to tackle them.
  2. KendrickPanther

    Beason on Rivera

    Ron Rivera needs to understand he had multiple hall of famers playing for him in Carolina. His entire tenure has been a missed opportunity.
  3. I don't have video. It was contested but it hit him in the chest. Should have caught with hands. Cam's best pass of the day. Pass Incomplete (12:56) (Shotgun) C.Newton pass incomplete deep left to C.Samuel (T.Carrie). 3rd & 10 at CAR 25
  4. Samuel had a really important drop. Lets not act like he has been this perfect player for us. Everyone wants Funchess gone but that just means we are a step closer to the Mose Frazier/Brenton Bersin playoff runs we've had to endure in the past.
  5. KendrickPanther

    Is it time to play the rookie linebackers?

    Alvin Kamara will abuse them. Then again he will probably abuse TD. I'm not sure they can learn much getting exposed in coverage against the Saints.
  6. KendrickPanther

    Thomas Davis has a message for Panther fans

    He is part of the problem. The defense looks old and slow and he's a part of that. At least he's not telling people to ask Mike Adams why the defense can't tackle. He's owning his part of it.
  7. KendrickPanther

    Ron Rivera's attitude

    Did he blame the offense this time when his defense made a rookie QB look like Dan Marino?
  8. KendrickPanther

    Eric Reid knew the difference...

    Ron has hired a lot of incompetent buddies over the years. He needs coaches that fill in for his own shortcomings, instead he's trying to cover up theirs.
  9. 9% to the state of New Jersey, just 1% less than a tithe to God.
  10. 100 million dollar quarterbacks falling apart is a bit of a problem itself. Cam has been getting banged up the past few years. Even if he plays he's never at his peak. Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck have missed a lot of time. Alex Smith, Tannehill have had injuries. If your 100 million dollar man stays healthy, you have a much better chance of sustaining success.
  11. KendrickPanther

    Imamura is a scapegoat...

    Ron's biggest flaws imo are making excuses and reacting to problems when its already too late. He has a habit of making sweeping changes to save his job, not win games. Shula was let go 2 years too late.
  12. KendrickPanther

    CJ Anderson To The Chiefs

    At least CJ gets to be on a good team. He should have gotten more touches...
  13. I want to go 10-6 or 6-10 at this point. 6-10 might get us a difference maker in the draft, and a difference maker at HC.
  14. KendrickPanther

    Hunt is a free agent

    Never got paid, damn shame he made some bad choices. So did guys like Joe Mixon or his teammate Tyreek Hill, they just didn't have video evidence out there on TMZ.
  15. If you can get Funchess at a reasonable price, keep him. Why not have more good WRs? Its been so hard to keep Samuel healthy. We run out of WRs pretty quick. Remember the old 2005 triple team smitty defense?