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  1. KendrickPanther

    Hat Rankings! Guess who is dead last?

    Bills had a nice hat
  2. KendrickPanther

    According to Tepper, The ''Obvious Ones''

    We had a really good backup RB in CJ Anderson and we cut him mid season. Now they talk about how they need a backup RB.
  3. KendrickPanther

    Panthers 3-4 defense confirmed.

    This is not a confirmation of a switch to 3-4. But obviously they plan on using him in a more versatile defense. 3-4 and 4-3 are probably antiquated terms anyways. Defense is so different now from the early 90s.
  4. KendrickPanther

    Who is your favorite draft “talking head”

    I liked Mayock and Bucky Brooks. Daniel J is decent. Goat draft analyst is Steve Smith. He called DJ Moore being a superstar and was very vocal in his frustrations with how the Panthers used him this season.
  5. The biggest flaw on the team last year was Cam's shoulder. For all the complaints about lousy defense we would have made the playoffs with a healthy Cam. I don't really want to invest in a "good" backup QB though. Sink or swim with Cam. Back him up with somebody young, even trade a 3 for Josh Rosen. Biggest need I see is still pass rusher. I'm glad Bruce Irvin gives us a veteran presence but we need someone young and long term to rush the passer. OT and Safety are still concerns for me. Eric Reid is slow. We need speed back there.
  6. Everyone is trashing Elway right now but it's still possible Matt Paradis has an ankle problem that will hamper his future.
  7. KendrickPanther

    Jermon Bushrod visiting the Panthers

    When Ron said he wanted to get Cam help on the oline, to me that always meant veteran help. If you draft a talented rookie tackle, he might not pan out for 2-3 years. Talented pass rushers can get on the field and contribute as rookies.
  8. KendrickPanther

    More info on team HQ relocation

    I'm curious what this means for the staff and players. Do they move out of Charlotte? Where do they file state taxes? Will they be commuting from uptown to practice every day... a lot of the guys are living within a mile of the stadium, uptown is pretty easy to get around compared to i-77
  9. KendrickPanther

    Best Left Tackle ever?

    I thought Walter Jones was a great player. I don't think of Munoz in the same class as the best of today but he was playing in a very different league.
  10. The one thing that hurts Darryls value is he's a better run blocker than pass blocker. Fully fit I think he would only get 10 a year. There are only a few teams I could see coveting him, the Giants are one of those teams.
  11. I don't think the cap savings of cutting Kalil is worth it. Its over the top fan hate driving that narrative.
  12. KendrickPanther

    Browns the new super team

    They still have questionable coaching. We shall see.
  13. It looks like a 2yr deal to me. If he's not a pro bowl caliber player we could be looking at an extension or cut after 2020 season.
  14. I don't think we have significant financial incentive to cut him. With that being the case, he might as well stick around and do his best.
  15. KendrickPanther

    My Valentine's day present.

    Happy Birthday