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  1. I was in the building that day. It was a very memorable game but honestly we had no idea what caused the delay until we heard about it from friends.
  2. Star was never a ra ra guy. He was a soft spoken family man. I wouldn't question his effort though. He had some injuries below the knee that slowed him in recent years.
  3. 106.5 is so sad. Still playing Staind, Disturbed, and Nickelback from 18 years ago. I don't have a strong opinion on the music they play. But I wish it was a little less loud between plays. Let the fans make the noise. Music is too loud in 200 level.
  4. Whether or not this season is a success is still on Cam's shoulder.
  5. Everyone was happy to see the guy go...
  6. For a franchise that has always strived to have strong defenses. They didn't name a single defensive player.
  7. The reason not to be excited about Gaulden is his lack of speed. Eric Reid is slow and physical. Fans wanted him paired with a guy that could help us deep in the passing game.
  8. Daniel Jones and Kyler Murray honestly aren't great prospects. They got drafted high because QBs always get drafted high but neither is a sure fire Pro Bowler. Drew Lock may end up being good at football but his face is very punchable, Jay Cutler Jr.
  9. Well the next decision is when to pull Cam and play the young guy and thats not an easy one. Once you cross that line its hard to go back.
  10. QBs play or they don't. All other 3rd rounders would at least contribute while someone else is starting at QB
  11. Unless he becomes a full time starter and makes a few pro bowls... I don't see the point. Rather have a safety, linebacker, DT, G.
  12. Made it to pick 3 and my girl muted the TV and climbed on top of me.
  13. I'm not crazy about drafting a QB this year but forget Cam's injury. What are we willing to pay him the next time he's up for a contract? He will be in his 30s, the running game will not be as valued. His passing will need to improve drastically to pay him franchise QB money. If the team had someone they felt good about, they could let Cam walk in free agency.
  14. We had a really good backup RB in CJ Anderson and we cut him mid season. Now they talk about how they need a backup RB.
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