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  1. KendrickPanther

    My Valentine's day present.

    Happy Birthday
  2. This isn't a report, nor analysis. Its just speculation.
  3. KendrickPanther

    7 year old CMC juking mascots

    He has that same look on his face. There is some weird subliminal message in the audio.
  4. The guy went looking for reactions and got one. Grats to him on getting people to click his article.
  5. Deangelo Williams would have been throwing the organization under the bus. We gave the wrong guy the boot
  6. KendrickPanther

    Cam had shoulder surgery

    Tbh, I think this is like a helpdesk IT worker troubleshooting. They are hoping this minor fix helps so they don't have to invest in a major fix. I don't see this as the long term definitive solution.
  7. KendrickPanther

    And now, Congress is involved

    I feel like this is just Louisiana politicians trying to stamp their name on this. Free publicity... Just like the dumbass lawyer.
  8. KendrickPanther

    Go Rams, obviously.

    I am a bit torn on this one. I don't find McVay, Suh, Goff, Peters, Talib, Gurley to be likeable characters. And the City of Los Angeles does not deserve a Super Bowl championship. Their stadiums were empty last year. Obviously I'm not a fan of the Patriots either but I feel numb to them.
  9. Fans were 100% right about CJ and Butker. Why couldn't the coaches see what we saw?
  10. KendrickPanther

    What you just witnessed was G.O.A.T

    This shouldn't be a thread on the Carolina Huddle... we dont need pats worship here.
  11. KendrickPanther

    Cam says there was no long hair/tattoo ban

    Yeah Jerry made those comments but its a stretch to say Cam felt threatened by them. Could just as well be some advice from an old white man, we've all gotten some of that at some point. In Jerry's mind, his comments were helpful advice. With that said I thought the reason Cam didn't have tattoos was his fear of needles. Which is also why he doesn't take pain killers and tries to avoid surgery. I never got the impression he was being barred against his will.
  12. KendrickPanther

    Stat that makes me puke

    Yeah we lived this, you could point to 4 plays that cost us 4 games. 7-9 is very different than 11-5. There was several 3rd and 4th down conversions leading to touchdowns against the Seahawks for example. We also had poor field goal kicking contribute to several losses. I could see how Tepper could look at things and think the team was a bit unlucky. But they were unlucky 7 straight weeks and Ron didn't react quickly enough.
  13. KendrickPanther

    Tepper meets the press

    Ron struggles with adjusting quickly to change. Part of the clock management troubles was that Cam couldn't get chunk plays with his shoulder injury. Ron needed to budget for that and he didn't. We had multiple 2 minute drills that never really got started. 12 yards gained at the cost of 1.5 minutes etc...
  14. KendrickPanther

    Bill Voth calls fake news on David Newton

    Media on Media crime. Its blood and guts.
  15. He's going to buy up every cheap share from those that can't afford to lose anymore. Thats how he operates.