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  1. Were the only contender that offloads talent every year. We could've packaged him for a pick just a couple weeks ago and went and got Haha Clinton Dix. Instead we continue to dump talent mid season while other contenders go all in on super bowl runs.
  2. I can't believe there are still people on this board low IQ enough to believe damiere Byrd is here to play WR
  3. Growl

    Panthers beating the Saints 3x

    okay parody thread I get it
  4. Do people not get embarrassed posting this every year every year, the header is a fixture "hate to say it but" ("if I say this people won't make fun of me for being a timid weirdo, right? ") Then it's: ""<team that has never gone on to win super bowl> is completely unstoppable" (this will make them see how objective I am, and they'll care about my mock draft come april")
  5. I get the frustrations with Devin, he doesn't often play to his size and hasn't been remarkable on the 50/50 balls. But people who don't want him back are stupid. He has a chemistry with Cam that nobody else during his time has had. Cam has honestly been pretty terrible throwing to the intermediate left this year and the statline (I'd wager) doesn't reflect because Devin has been over there making the spectacular catch high and low over and over. The team clearly realized it too because its been a month since I can recall them actually running another WR to that area. Smith got some looks there early on I believe and it was a surefire miss every time.
  6. I'm more mad than I was Thursday night and I've come to the realization that I'm only going to be more irritated regardless of which of the 3 possible outcomes arrives out of the Bengals game today
  7. this probably sounded better in your head
  8. Growl

    who do we play Sunday?

    Wait what do you mean Thursday game
  9. Yeah I really don't care what "deep dive" stat you can dig up on Short He hasn't made an impact play since abusing Dallas' rookie OG in week 1
  10. Growl

    who do we play Sunday?

    So there's 2 down weeks? I didn't know that. How irksome.
  11. Growl

    who do we play Sunday?

    I don't understand, I thought the Carolina Panthers already had a week in which they were off?
  12. I cant find anything anywhere
  13. we have the most useless DT combination in the league and the biggest group of underachievers at LB this fair Republic has ever seen on the plus side, we have the slowest combination of Safeties the game has seen in 30 years, excluding previous panther teams.
  14. Imagine how disrespect Rivera feels right watching Tomlin gun for more points when he could be respecting the opponent
  15. Imagine calling fallen heroes "political" or "propaganda" and still viewing yourself as ethical