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  1. The Panthers organization is an amateur parade. The team will coast to 8-8 and imprison themselves with Bridgewater for the seasons to come. No "leadership" on this team could afford a patient rebuild that would give them an excellent QB prospect or a great runner up. Marty couldn't hang around after a 2-14 season, the owner couldn't take a 3-13 season to the negotiating table in his attempt to extort the city for money. They all needed a Make It Look Good season to keep hanging around. Bridgewater shouldn't be here, and frankly, neither should anybody in charge all the way to the top.
  2. QAnon wss brought up by the Observer, for obvious reasons--to try and help justify what was being done to a partisan rival while still being able to feign journalistic integrity by calling a spade a spade. That article does nothing to insinuate it was done by the team , and the article makes it plainly clear that the team's issue with Moreno was his political leanings. and again, the obsession with that point from people who gladly supported eric reid's routine tweet outs of crazy bin fringe sites during his tenure here makes it plainly clear that people are only latching on to it because it's the only way to defend the team
  3. The centerpiece of this article is that the team asked Moreno to remove any listed affiliations with the organization, and he complied-and that wasn't good enough for the team.
  4. Coming off the heels of Tepper firing a slew of employees "for their own good," perhaps the Panthers most iconic media face has now been forced out of the organization for his political beliefs. How long will Panther fans be able to stomach such ownership? https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article245723690.html "Sometime in April, Moreno Jr. says, he retweeted a tweet from his personal Twitter account that was supportive of Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign. Shortly thereafter, he says, he was tagged in a tweet along with several other Trump supporters. He says he was then contacted by Eric Fiddleman — the radio and television affiliate manager for the Panthers as well as the Spanish-language radio general manager for the two announcers; Fiddleman, he says, told him the team was requesting that he remove any information related to the Panthers from his bios on his personal social-media accounts." "I’m hurt,” he says, “because this has nothing to do with my performance on-air. This has nothing to do with how good I am at what I do. I’m one of the best, and I’ll put myself against anybody in the country when it comes to what I do in Spanish. None of my support for the president was done on any of their social-media pages, it was never done on any of the airtime — whether it was a podcast or a broadcast or anything related to the Panthers. This was solely on my personal time on my personal accounts.”
  5. From now on I hereby decree that whenever Kelvin and Keyarris are referred to collectively they shall be labeled "The KGB."
  6. Idk if I think its lame or neat that RR wears his own organization's stuff rather than team apparel at events like that.
  7. oh okay so this is about how golly gee awesome we are.
  8. But if they value that player as a 2nd round pick, then that's all there is to it-its a terrific decision, and what other teams think shouldn't have any effect on their draft board.
  9. So why are people making fun of Tampa for taking a kicker?
  10. He sure did run over Auburn real good. Humiliated them. Looked mighty impressive to me.
  11. "I'm not gonna waste the effort on someone like you! Everybody thinks your bad! You're so not worth my time!" *blows up every thread I talk about gettleman in* Just ask me out already Scot you're just embarrassing yourself at this point.
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