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  1. There's really no more distance o cover building a 34 than there is rebuilding our 43. The only people who think there is are people concerning themselves with players they shouldn't '"I just don't think Mario Addison is a good fit for a 34" lol oh no not Mario addison
  2. I hope the chiefs annihilate the rams in the super bowl and vindicate all those st Louis fans who had the NFL rob them of their team it'd make the League look bad though so the Chiefs should be ready to face the stripes too. I'm sneaking as if they've beaten the pats because it needs to be so.
  3. Christian McCaffrey is a better player than Todd gurley
  4. I think you missed the point
  5. yeah and John fox wasn't fired
  6. again, it seems pretty clear that the entirety of this team's failures are being blamed on Cam's shoulder. That not a single person has been held accountable for this unique disaster, outside a very public face of the last regime, really says something and it could speak loud volumes about the future of the QB position.
  7. This just oozes of Davis being pushed out because he's a big personality and new ownership doesn't want any roadblocks to their identity. Doesn't make any sense from on an on the field component.
  8. lol. this reeks of a vintage off season huddle thread, its the managerial equivalent of "UDFA dominating OTA, potential pro bowler?" Tepper has already made it clear what his philosophy is when nobody on the coaching staff was axed.
  9. Haven't you noticed the cheesy "2 states 1 team" logo plastered over everything? Tepper has been using the Richardson scandal to raze the team's identity since he got here. TD is indeed is the embodiment of that. Shame the X's and O's side is the only spot Tepper has no interest in burning down
  10. This is virtually never an issue. There is always a team out there who doesn't care.
  11. lol Rivera does not learn and lol at Tepper for buying it
  12. Were not tanking but it is entirely possible he's planning to raze the house after next season unless its excellent and, perhaps not even intentionally, may not be doing everything possible to win next season It all lines up. Rivera is a lame duck in a contract year. Cam's shoulder has major concerns and there's really no good argument to do much in the way of a backup because Next draft is QB stacked. I could very feasibly see Tepper, maybe even subconsciously, putting all his chips in on a healthy Cam QBing the Panthers to a great season or just accepting a hurt Cam means he gets to completely rebuild across the board
  13. If Cam cant play next season then his tenure here is over
  14. Growl

    Top OG declares for draft

    this is a nice collection of clichés, fitting of somebody whose username is "factor back," but the panthers, like so many other teams, already have had nelsons and martins on their roster and didnt have to burn anything precious to get it. hey, I bet we have to run the ball and stop the run too, ey bud?