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  1. Our traditional black on silver under the lights is the cleanest looking uniform in all of pro sports Dolphins throwbacks are a close second.
  2. I had planned on picking it up this time around but frankly after seeing it at E3 I'm probably gonna pass. I don't know what it's going to take for EA to "get it. " The entire game needs to be rebuilt from the ground up, stop trying to weld "realistic" animations on an engine that is inherently blocky and goofy. I want to feel like I'm playing in an NFL Stadium and not on a digital rendering of pea green AstroTurf with a mural of a stadium surrounding it. Why do fans still look so ridiculous? Speaking of, remember the Create A Fan feature? The game is completely devoid of any silly but fun and heartfelt addition like that. It's an entirely barebones product and every "feature " is a microtransaction assault. Stop plastering the ea sports logo all over games and use your broadcast license, stop avoiding it because you don't want to admit 2k did it better than you. Far and away the best feature Madden had added in recent iterations is the weekly updated commentary and we all know EA is going to get tired of the work that goes into that at some point because it's not like they have anybody they have to compete against.
  3. Frankly they've both been pretty pedestrian and I'd imagine they're banking on themselves and a good season for a big contract, which I'd be hesitant to give them after one finally decent season.
  4. Whittaker was on IR last season and his return seems as inevitable as artists Payne's departure now that there are multiple upside players here who replicate his skillset
  5. I hope the competition between Scarlett and Holyfield is legitimate and I don't expect them to push Whittaker out the door as he's the only one who can partially replicate what McCaffery does. He also has STs value which Artis-Payne does not.
  6. I am so excited to watch our reinvigorated pass rush watch helplessly as the aints and Cons eat us alive on 3rd down on the slants and outs over and over Again.
  7. Going into Round 5 and there are still some players who can be contributors this season. Normally this is when the team mails it in with special teams linebacker mode but with the Grier pick we need to try and find another guy. The OSU guard just went off the board. May be time to move up.
  8. Mack Wilson is a guy who I think could step in and play 34 ILB. I don't know that Shaq has the disposition for it, especially to play Mike where'd I'd prefer to have somebody so that Luke can run free and do what he does.
  9. I for one look forward to watching tre boston get beat deep all season
  10. The best part is that Hurney is laughing it up right now. "ha! They took that guy! That guy is obsessed with defending the pass! Safeties are supposed to be the last line of defense in the run game!"
  11. 25% is a massive number and if the percentage drops off after that then the decision was even more stupid The last thing the panthers needed was a "legit backup" who can "do some nice things" and "come and win some games for you" on the way to 6-10 and the 15th pick in the draft while you miss out on an actual franchise QB I don't want a "starting material" player playing QB for my franchise.
  12. I can't believe there are still people marching out the "contingency " argument.
  13. I'm so glad we added a player who will add literally no value to our team and could potentially damage our ability to get an actual franchise should the need arise
  14. Imagine we probably have a few guys graded equally. Ship a day 3 pick off if there's a run to go up and get the last guy.
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