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  1. well it's fine for you to feel that way but hopefully the panthers don't because the reality is that that's exactly how you win super bowls in this NFL "Cheap" doesn't win Championships. Big time QBs with big time pass rushers in free agency does. Id love to sit here and talk about the glories of having the League's best LB Corp and how were stacked with man mountains who can push the LOS but that isn't what the NFL is anymore
  2. what you're trying to argue doesn't make any sense you're acknowledging the QB was the preeminent force behind our legitimate success but saying that we should... What? Ignore that? Because we didn't -draft more offensive guards or whatever? Indeed, the panthers were a few free agents away from a Lombardi trophy.
  3. yeah man the browns are always a credible example Also aren't you the guy who I asked to cite intances of top 10 OTs leading teams to super bowls and you came back with a list of late rounders who happened to be on the roster at the time a team won the super bowl
  4. uh are you serious really well, the panthers had four playoff appearances, three division titles and a super bowl appearance with a mediocre coaching staff and a cheap GM who refused to embrace free agency as the League worked on the current suoer bowl formula of -draft franchise QB at any cost - sign free agents elsewhere Profit
  5. because "a lot of holes" don't mean anything if you have a good QB
  6. don't forget to post a gif too man! That'll really show me!
  7. I answered your post the first time I saw it, this little minimeltdown you're having because you felt ignored is kind of cute though, keep going
  8. If I'm drunk and can emasculate you to this capacity then I'm very, very concerned about the quality of who is preparing my food
  9. Yeah so I'm pretty sure this wasn't me but I would point out A, four other positions on that unit don't garer big contracts and B, an ever increasing market because teams have no qualms letting their offensive lineman walk into free agency where stupid teams like the jaguars will blow up the market for mediocre players like Andrew norwell whereas Quarterbacks never, ever become available in free agency, which is part of the point here
  10. do I really have to explain the concept of value to you alright buddy, listen closely because it's a fundamental reality of the world you live so you need to know this for your test for Mrs. Jones' class Let's define 'Resources' as X When X is abundant, it is inherently less valuable When X is scarce, it is inherently more valuable. alright timmy, guess which position on the football field is a more essential resource you're doing so good!
  11. wow and I actually thought you were off breaking down film and contacting your sources inside the Leagueto assess his value on draft night to substantiate your Greg little comment earlier, I'm in a state of disbelief that you're trying to ignore that
  12. I've never seen a guy try so hard to tackle opposing players with his butt
  13. why don't you elaborate for us which part of "hey, use high draft picks on positions of extreme value (as defined in an economic sense) and not positions of negligible value" illicts panic and horror deep inside you
  14. Aren't you the same guy that tried to a argue that a central tenet of draft strategy was finding which position groups were "safest"...? Edit: yeah you are. You literally tried to argue against drafting a QB because you found some guys who were QBs who were not so good. Lol. why don't you tell us which round is the best one to select a QB based on these metrics?
  15. tell us more about how big Jake fromm's lunchpail is
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