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  1. Our offensive approach changed in response to differing personnel, the actual scheme itself was not signficantly changed
  2. Mike Shula and norv Turner's offensive philosophy are almost identical, probably right down to the verbiage itself. Norv is supposedly a superior gameday playcaller and the offense looks a bit different with Cam's shoulder and Christian mcCaffery being here, but the offensive scheme itself is more or less the same.
  3. A coaching staff wanting "their guy" isn't just a feel good idea, it's about a variety of other factors, most notably scheme fit. Cam has already been a big investment for any new potential staff, not just in regards to personality, but playstyle. To narrow the scope of talented coaching prospects just to find somebody who is acquainted with Cam's game isn't going to be palatable for an owner, especially one without any emotional connection to him, especially with the other concerns present.
  4. also what's with people celebrating Rivera's departure and Cam's "return"...? Those two things almost certainly conflict
  5. Did this actually exist? Lol Seems made up. Cam's tenure here has nothing to do with Allen, and it isnt affected by whatever transpired during the game. Cam's tenure is linked to Ron's, and it's linked to potential replacement QBs.
  6. All or nothing really didn't depict him as the most coachable guy
  7. 4th and 1 with the game on the line? Stuffed at the line. Soft. "keep Pounding" lol
  8. We didn't give mcCaffery the ball at all in the 1st half and now down three scores the team decides now is when we should commit to giving Bonnafon touches lol ,
  9. I mean if there's any portion of a team that can see a quick turnaround its the run defense, but it mandates actually going outside, getting in pads and tackling each other, not hiding in the bubble in shells and giving half the team a "vet day."
  10. The run defense is embarrassing. So far below the standard we've got here.
  11. this should've been one of those special Keep Pounding games and guys like Allen and mcCaffery and DJ Freaking Moore came to fight for that while the OL and defense was emasculated in front of everybody. Humiliating effort in areas this team is supposed to pride itself on.
  12. lol nobody here cares about your fanatic proxy race war get a hobby and stop following me around you nutter
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