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  1. Growl

    My three round mock.

    Pretty stupid to spend a 3rd round pick on a QB when you could flip that pick for a future 2nd and obtain that legitimate resource for obtaining a legitimate prospect. The odds that you get a 2nd for Grier or even a 3rd when it comes time to flip him is pretty low. Zero point to doing this other than the ability to say "tee hee we addressed the backup QB position."
  2. Nothing more pointless than getting a backup QB who can "win some games." Nobody cares about getting to 6-10. If Cam's shoulder bothers him again the focus becomes on having the highest pick possible.
  3. see, this is the problem with having a quasi-lame duck management staff in place. My plan for the panthers offseason was pretty simple: 1) Focus on rebuilding the defense. The Panthers have a good offense. It would still be good with a rookie Center. Rebuild the defense, and if Cam's shoulder is fine, you can objectively and fairly expect the team to contend for a super bowl. 2) if Cam's shoulder is NOT fine, you've successfully built the team around the QB and can have a talented rookie step in and still maintain momentum and compete for championships. Prepare for the possibility that you'll need a new QB this offseason. But therein lies the problem. Ron and Marty aren't concerned about the possibility of needing a new QB because they wouldn' be here to draft him. Their entire focus on this offseason, is to try and prevent the one big tj watt hit on Cam that will, in all essence, cost them their job-because they obviously cannot endure another poor season, so thus, the panthers are investing an atypical amount in the OL. It sure looks like the singular managerial focus is making sure their jobs are safe.
  4. This is all idealistic hooey that team's talk themselves into because it sounds so moderate and rational and it means they don't have to make a big, tough decision. But it's garbage. The team isn't getting a player of substance in the 6th round. It's a pointless waste. I'm all for flipping backups QBs, I've been advocating for it for a long time. Get some nominally intriguing name at QB, marching him out there in the preseason and in blowouts and in other favorable moments, and then getting something for him by screwing over some stupid, desperate team. But that isn't where the panthers are at anymore. If Cam's shoulder becomes a problem again, then it's time to move on. Wasting some pick on a QB who won't do anything or having Sam Bradford come in and tank your draft stock forces the panthers into a position where they become one of those stupid, desperate teams. The panthers need to make substantial, bold decisions in preparation for the contingency that they have to find another franchise QB next offseason. A real, franchise QB, the kind you only get by having a top 3 pick. They're already behind the 8 ball because by all accounts, the Giants, dolphins, and others have already started gearing up for the next QB class. The team needs to have foresight. There is no positive to getting a bum who can climb you to 7-9 and destroy the window for an otherwise complete roster. Well, at least the window I thought was going to exist after spending this offseason rebuilding the defense, and weeeellll...
  5. lack of "attention" is the one thing that has me encouraged that the team has some form of plan beyond the immediate season. Now if they can just resist the urge to blow a draft pick on a QB and ship some off for better picks next season, I actually will feel better about this offseason .
  6. What in the world are you even talking about
  7. this team has done nothing but make a slew of lateral moves on the OL. Paradis isn't adding a single win to the panthers win total over what Ryan kalil gave them last season. This team can't chase this fantasy of five fantastic OL just because they're resistant to modernizing their approach to offense as a whole. Team's don't feel pressed to have elite lineman when the ball is coming as fast as it is and Ron Rivera's offensive philosophy has just reached the early 2000s. That also, isn't, largely, what I was even talking about.
  8. I said back in January that the team had a lot of hard choices they had to man up and face regarding coaches, player's, and the QB position. Predictably though, they've had a routine panthers milquetoast response. . The general message the team has sent us is that they believe, with full conviction, that the only problem with last season was Cam's shoulder, and the entirety of the blame is being layed on him. No fears, though! They're also fully convinced it was a one off thing, and no preparations for having to move on have been made, which is predictable given that you have a HC and probably GM who wouldn't be here to draft him should the panthers (unfortunately) need to.
  9. Short has proven pretty demonstrably that the "one of the best 3Ts in the NFL" was an aberration. Exploring moving him while his stock is pretty high and getting better talent at DT isnt the worst possible idea.
  10. If this is the guy the panthers are ignoring free agent pass rushers for I hope they just move team so I can find a new hobby. Dude has one move and gets absolutely mowed otherwise. If it were a great move it wouldn't be as problematic but given the obvious athletic and strength questions...
  11. other fanbases have their beat guys camped out at the airport keeping an eye on everybody coming in and we're forced to endure this propaganda
  12. Growl

    Free agent DEs??????

    Can't really afford to worry about something as meaningless as cap space when the fate of the season is at stake. That point of no return is coming up really soon. The panthers will have to sign somebody of consequence because they can't reasonably expect to compete for a super bowl if they're pinning the entirety of their pass rush on a rookie. It's really a matter of what the team wants more. Winning a super bowl championship or appeasing a make believe number.
  13. Growl

    Bears stole Haha. Wtf

    and yet I've always had this mysterious, lurking feeling that whoever offers the most usually wins
  14. The last, whimpering vestiges of Gettleman defense on this board when the stark truth has been laid bare is hilarious. Today's desperation talking point is "Gettleman would have never signed Matt kalil to that contract, the evil Jerry man made him do it" while Nate solder is up collecting a nigh identical deal is truly laughworthy. Not quite as funny as watching people rationalize why Gettleman pushed to have mike Shula brought to NY after a few seasons of fabricated desperation narratives on how Gettleman insisted Shula be fired, or was too wise and non-interventiony to intrude, against Loyal Ron's wishes, but close.
  15. Growl

    Bears stole Haha. Wtf

    devastating number when you compare his production/contract to Torrey's. We would have been a starting DE from finally having a rounded out roster.