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  1. No Duke, Clemson, State, or App St but the fuging Intimidators, HPU and Elon?
  2. I love the Panthers so much, I'll drive 11 straight hours from Baton Rouge on Saturday (after winning the tickets) and cheer as loud as possible, scream my head off, lose my voice, and then stay after the win until I'm forced to leave the stadium, and then drive back to Baton Rouge. I also will wave the tickets in all the Aints fans faces who were staying at home watching the game
  3. It's a story of our season, NFL films style. I swear some of you are a bunch of big flapping pussies
  4. Oh baby deshaun foster at the end. He looked so good at times
  5. You should photoshop Cam's face onto the stick figure, and then Gettlemans on the massive boner
  6. He's off to an early start on 4/20 But seriously, DGB with Dez would make the 'boys the GOAT on Madden
  7. I'd rather the team have a great reputation on and off the field Let the Cowboys deal with the negative press. The less the Panthers are in the media, the better.
  8. Did you have a late surge or did the other people get caught for advertising?
  9. With a face like that, no wonder they thought Hardy hit her
  10. Hardy is gonna get paid. Lots. He'll be kept on a short leash but he's not guilty. His record is clean of the event, legally. He will make bank.
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