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  1. Harris Aballah

    Arguments for and against concealed carry

    I'm fine with being able to defend myself. But that's just because I grew up having to do it. I guess if I had lived an easy or sheltered life, I might feel differently? But when we pull guns its not for sport or fun. It's for real. i don't consider it going through life scared. I call it awareness. In fact, growing up in environments where your safety and well being are tested frequently. Being armed, makes you unafraid.
  2. I'm 38 and always loved football. Until the panthers came along, I followed the Chiefs the most. Living in Kentucky back then, your choices were limited. Colts, Bears, or Bengals. The Chiefs were a great team to gamble on in the 90's. As long as it wasn't in the playoffs. i did follow the Titans when they first moved to Tennessee. But once they announced the panthers, it was automatic. I was glad for many reasons to move back to NC. But watching the games was a big reason to.
  3. Harris Aballah

    The Silence is Deafening

    You two get a room.....
  4. Harris Aballah

    Nickname for the Funchess and Benjamin duo

    I call them the future of NFL football!
  5. Harris Aballah

    Move to Baltimore they said. It'll be fun they said.

    I'm really not disputing your argument. But this shows my point, that if the police union is stronger than the state legislators? Someone's not been doing their job properly. I've been pretty clear that the BPD is beyond fugged up. But, I believe corrupt officials have allowed these practices to occur. Much like the Governor you mentioned. How much do you think he received in gifts and favors? And everyone around him that had a whiff of the stink going on?
  6. Harris Aballah

    Move to Baltimore they said. It'll be fun they said.

    I agree. But did the police write & pass this legislation? I'm not giving police a free pass here. But I'm not ignoring the ones that sign their paychecks either.
  7. Harris Aballah

    Move to Baltimore they said. It'll be fun they said.

    You're right. But to suggest the higher officials had no idea or control of procedures implemented in their own city is foolish.
  8. Harris Aballah

    Move to Baltimore they said. It'll be fun they said.

    Maybe shitty city and elected officials? maybe its a corrupt leadership issue? If the police aren't acting on direct orders, they are definitely acting within a hellified comfort zone?
  9. Harris Aballah

    Move to Baltimore they said. It'll be fun they said.

    This situation in Baltimore is like the Boy Who Cried Wolf. I've seen a lot of street testimonials on several different outlets over the last week. And not coming from the voices of looters and rioters. But the elders of the neighborhood. And as all of them have condemned the burning of their neighborhood, they have all maintained that the police brutality issue in this city is as old as most of them are. Having that sentiment in nearly the entire population of the city is very telling. One older man said they were giving rough rides when he was a teen nearly 40 years ago. Now the police reports will reflect that of a rough ride incident. With the only variable being that he did this to himself. (Which in my mind still holds the officers liable for his death because he was not belted in to his seat. Even after stopping to "secure" him twice.) But let's say he really did go on a self destructive tantrum and caused this injury himself. Who the hell in that city is going to believe it? And why should they, if your police have a multi-decade history of similar offenses? This all paints a picture for the citizens. the picture that these people will do anything to cover their asses, even at the expense of their very city burning to the ground. And its not just with the police. They couldn't achieve decades of this manner of deceit without the assistance of corrupt city officials. I am seriously torn, because I do not condone what happened in that city Monday. But given this is the 1st look into this city we've had as a nation. I can see where these citizens feel alone. I can understand that there are strong community leaders who have taken the high road for much longer than most would stand, that are now at their wits end. And I'm positive that many of the rioters were nothing but opportunist. However, that opportunity was created for them. And it seems that this report will be another invitation granted. I feel sorry for the one's who really have a concern, and are trying to mend as many fences as it takes. But from the Mayors office all the way down to the bloods, block captain? Who in that city is worth talking to anymore?
  10. Harris Aballah

    Move to Baltimore they said. It'll be fun they said.

    Corrupt leadership is the biggest problem we have in this country, if not the world? And no local police chief, mayor or Al sharpton is going to fix that. They are all way too deep in the extortion, blackmail or favors to ever be taken seriously. It has to come from good people within corrupt ranks. They're there. But probably way to scared to ever open their mouths. Those are the people the community should be encouraging and reaching out to. Not the local gangs.
  11. Harris Aballah

    Move to Baltimore they said. It'll be fun they said.

    The only logical explanation for this man's death that I have heard, is what the locals refer to as, "rough rides." It's when a cop handcuffs a perp and sits them in the van without any restraints or harnesses (seatbelt). Then drives at high rates of speed while turning corners. Which beats the perp pretty badly. Apparently the Baltimore police use this method frequently when dealing with perps who resist or run. many of the locals I heard interviewed believe this man was subjected to this treatment and feel it will be left out of the reports. Which will create more distrust for the residents living in the city. It will seem to them that is covering up something that has been covered several times over. So there's nothing to be obtained when this report comes out if it suggest anything other than foul play. we will be right back here in a matter of days. I do not condone the actions of the rioters by any stretch of the imagination. But the police do not have to be shooting citizens to spark this sort of angst. Not if these are the practices they adopt when policing the public. And these sort of complaints are not taught in police training obviously. But they do seem to be passed down thru the ranks traditionally. So as I do not support the way the public reacted, I will not pretend this was not brought upon by policy. or the fact that this city was not capable of managing the task of policing their own citizens and ranks. Therefore they should have thrown in the towel long ago and asked for the proper assistance. Instead it seems they tried to wash their hands of wrongdoing while continuing their failed procedures. The only recourse I can think of truly...Is I myself have claimed that 99% percent of police are good and only intend to do their job while making it home safely every night. So it is time for those good cops to expose the bad ones and the leadership officials who give them sanctuary. The corruption must be fought from within.
  12. Harris Aballah

    Yes Obama is the best President of my lifetime

    In reality? He's probably is a cool dude. he'd be the life of any party and the center of any room. He is very charismatic and may even be hip to the hot topic issues. But, he was given the platform to be a political messiah, that would bridge all of the gaps in society. But in the most simple of terms. He sold out. To D.C. politics and wall street. He was the opposite of transparent and far from a peacemaker. I'll give you that he is a great orator. But talk is cheap. So like most modern politicians, I am not impressed.
  13. Harris Aballah

    The Nominee of the Dem Party

    Don't listen to these guys. The litterbox is filled with entry level info.
  14. Harris Aballah

    Shooting At Wayne County Community College

    Wouldn't it be cool if this guy could share a cell with Hernandez? I smell a sitcom!
  15. Harris Aballah

    Shooting At Wayne County Community College

    This guy sounds like the #1 overall pick for a neo-nazi, prison-gang draft. Therefore, I hope he gets the death penalty.