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  1. But the Pat's cap space... https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-england-patriots/cap/
  2. I think this is expected. See how FA and the draft goes, and look to bring him back for comp / depth.
  3. Exactly my thoughts, we haven't drafted a pure athlete type with a diverse skill set damn near as far back as I can remember. Even with all the early multiple talk aside from maybe Shaq we've been very traditional in regard to position archetypes.
  4. They ran a 34, Ware and Millerbarw OLBs. Malik Jackson, and Wolf in the odd fronts. Nickel they were the edge rushers in regard to Miller and Ware.
  5. People mouth breath and by into media narratives and don't even truly follow their "favorite team" . They ignore facts, not to mention, we have a QB at 20M, their salaries total a Jared Goff, or Carson Wentz. Beyond that all of our better players are at the beginning of their rookie deals aside from Moton and the vets like Okung at 13M fall off after this year. If you've done your homework you know we have a ton of cap coming up in 21. This was a good move.
  6. He has been type cast a bit, I think people forget a guy like Ginn and how his speed led to soft coverage that allowed him to run routes like the short post, deep comebacks on the perimeter, and simple crossing patterns. There was 0 supporting cast in NY, Moore is a legit 1K threat, and Samuel would have pushed that if Allen wasn't consistently under-throwing him. Losing Cam is like getting d*** kicked on the daily, but damn if we don't have a nice cast at receiver, and obviously with CMC at HB. There's real reason to be excited about the offense. I can't wait to see how the draft pulls it all together, plus the late FA additions.
  7. I can't get behind that 100%, I wish Cam was here as much as anyone, but in MIN his first two years they weren't really the stock of the league at receiver, Cordarell Patterson, Thielien (before he made a name for himself in 2017), Charles Johsnon, and , Jrariyus Wright, rookie Diggs, and old Greg Jennings & Mike Wallace. They also ran a WCO in the passing game if memory serves. Not to mention that was an Adrian Peterson HEAVY offense, I will reserve some judgement until I see him in this offense. We needed a guy like Anderson as that opens up 1) the run game and keeps teams from stacking the box vs CMC, and 2) it opens up the short to intermediate routes our offense will likely feature. TB ''Two Gloves'' wasn't a bust as a first rounder he suffered a crazy knee injury. Even as NO's signal caller, they don't really feature a deep passing game, they take shots like anyone else but that isn't the basis. It's more about getting the ball out, keeping the QB upright, working the mismatch and YAC. Teddy was a 1st round talent, and has the arm to connect deep with, this isn't a UDFA that guys here were anointing after 4 games. Teddy actually has legit seasons worth of tape to review if you go back, and take the time to see what he offers.
  8. People need to stop being so fixated on 34 or 43, over 60 pct of offense is run from 11 personnel, so the real base is nickel.
  9. Look at the productivity from Ginn, he only ran three routes, Go, Deep Outside Comeback, and Posts, that's what we missed on this offense a true deep threat, let DJ run the tree, let Samuel work the slot, and gadgets, and take the shots with Anderson. Smith complaining about that is just him, being him. This is the best trio we've had since 2013. Add into that CMC, and some additional athleticism at TE, and a rhythm QB I anticipate a lot of RAC. I'm a Cam fan, but I can see what they're trying to do here, as H2O is a bridge to the next, while we look to be competitive in the interim, which I don't necessarily agree with but from a morale perspective maybe I can get behind it.
  10. #embracethesuck, and draft BPA period, fill all holes with cheap players, this team is on a two year curve to be competitive. That bs article, about ''Believing The Panthers Can WIn With Teddy'' is a bunch of bs. Our defense is nowhere near complimentary to a 4-3: Burns, Haynes, and Miller are 3-4 OLB's Poe I think is still under contract but expected to be released, that leaves - Short, and Hamilton We have NO secondary on the perimeter, we need to be in BPA mode, we're going to be bad, and with Brady, Bress, and Ryan at QB, Teddy + this roster isn't winning any duels. Look for us to have a 3-6 win season, and I doubt that as we have the AFC West this year. I see us at 0-6 in the division, maybe wins over DEN, and OAK, and a random win here or there to wrap the season.
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