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  1. On Vernon it's simply ''playing time'', always had the tools, never had the reps. Secondly, we have GUYS real legit GUYS that the offensive line has to account for; I feel bad KK is missing out on this. The edge guys are forcing the QB's to step up and the interior guys have been there with the push / finish seemingly since Week 3, we had flashes early, but it's been consistent since Week 3.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFIGJiA1zc8 I'd wanna prop up Kyle Allen to after Newton did this with a bunch of no name / considered bust receivers. People really forget how good a healthy Cam is. Ginn / Brown / Cotchery / Olse / Funchess (rookie) Oh yeah, and the other time we faced Bowles with a healthy Cam...
  3. I would argue that the ball has not been placed in his hands as of now, we can get by with the defense & CMC vs teams without playoff caliber quarterbacks. Only Watson among the last four QB's we've faced has playoff experience. Beating two rookie QB's (Murray / Minshew) and the real Jameis Wisnton showing up is not a lot to warrant the amount of hype / credit Kyle has received. I hope he's able to keep it up, but it's going to continue to be about the defense, and CMC producing like he is. Our roster overall is better than all of those teams, and may be a wash vs HOU where our defense saved us. And all credit to Kyle for that ONE pass.
  4. Good ol' NC half of ya'll couldn't wait lol!
  5. Man and so many of ya'll wanted to write him off too Same with Shaq, hard to establish yourself BEHIND all pro caliber players at the same position....
  6. What part of I'm happy with the 4-2 record do people not get? I'm more impressed overall with the defense and CMC's ascension, not by a game manager. Kyle is DOING his job. I'm just saying he's not what people are hyping.
  7. Lol right, a off the street LT, and Cam already nursing the arm, because It got worse after the Steelers, game. It's clear we got the 150's out this morning talking about Kyle. My bad, should've never upset the Ford owners.
  8. Lol, I'm in denial over what, being happy about a 4-2 turn around, or knowing Cam is a better QB when healthy? Boy ya'll silly.
  9. This ^^^ Bring him back at home, if / when that time comes.
  10. That's why the prior to us records were included as well...but hey we can just ignore that.
  11. Wide margin... ARI game we won by 18 HOU game we won by 6 JAX game we won by 7 TB game we won by 11 We are wining by an average of 10.5 ppg which is IMO a good margin overall, but not ''wide''. I think we did what we were supposed to do vs teams that we are overall better than, and we escaped one in HOU, however a win, is a win, is a win. I'm happy to be 4-2. I'm just not sold on the Allen hype given who we've beaten, and still think a healthy Cam is a much better quarterback. That is all this was ever meant to be, but we have some who don't want to be realistic about Allen. I'm not surprised given the population here...
  12. Record is the record, scroll up, that's what people tell me.
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