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  1. How the game HAS BEEN, isn't how it CURRENTLY is, now if he's considering older titles by all means comment on those, but if he's looking at M20 to those that didn't play it how could you have a relevant opinion considering it's not like the previous years...
  2. If you didn't play the BETA over the weekend don't comment... To the OP I've played every Madden since 99' can say for sure what they delivered in the BETA was better than the last several iterations of the game. If you are just looking to play offline wait til it's on sale, if you're a guy that wants to join a league and play vs people it's worth a day one purchase. The movement, and game-play are night and day vs 16, 17, 18, and 19. It's not even close, it's like M17, and NCAA 14 had a baby and named it Madden 20.
  3. I think most of this is based off of grades, considering Seymour and Cockrell went to IR, Corn is the only player with a grade. Last year I believe Cockrell was added to start, but as we know suffered the injury, then Seymour was elevated, he had a tough time vs BUF PS Week 1, and then went to IR having TWO shoulder surgeries. After that DJ was promoted, and Elder was depth behind Munnerlyn. I think we will see what we saw in Captains previous final year -- DJ will start in the base, then in the Nickel sets based on match ups / game plans / etc -- Cockrell or Seymour will sub in to play a combination of outside corner and nickel with DJ. I see this as another year of depth for Elder, too much proven talent ahead of him IMO.
  4. I'd be willing to bet game-plan based the OLB's and even McCoy and Short will move around. For what it's worth most of Irvin's time was at the LOLB position in ATL, OAK, and SEA not to say he never lined up on the right Marquis Haynes spent a lot of time at LE for Ole Miss Christian Miller also spent a lot of time at LOLB for ALA So there is some potential that at least early on as guys get acclimated (Irvin, Haynes, and Miller) will be on the left, and Addision, Burns, and Obada will be on the right just given where they've lined up either in college, or the pro's. Again, I do expect to see guys moving around, but the speed we're getting ready to field is going to be like we've never seen in a long time.
  5. I think Boston's issue was speaking out about the kneeling issues under JR's ownership, I don't recall any coaching issues, could be wrong but going off memory. Also back on the contract talk, what he thinks he's worth and what he will be offered are two different things, here's a breakdown -- https://overthecap.com/player/tre-boston/3067/ So in SD he made - 900 K (had a break out year by comparison to his previous) Then in ARI he made - 1.5M a modest bump in salary based on the ''break out'' year. I'm sorry but for me there just isn't enough history / NFL trend to expect a large pay day, he can want what he wants, but the offers are likely not to be multiple in years, and I can't see a salary over 2M - 3M which doesn't break the bank for any team. And at that clip I'd be surprised to see him cost that much. I'd personally stand by a contract offer in the range of what he made in SD if he receives an offer heading into TC.
  6. Not really a big assumption, a year to year safeties cost in Boston's case isn't going to keep rising - https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/arizona-cardinals/tre-boston-14539/ 1.5 M is not a lot on a one year offer. In Berry's case his ''name'' might demand more, but his availability isn't going to allow him to make a big pay day. I'd say ''IF"' he's signed then 3-6 M is likely the range. Both scales we could afford, and I think Boston's price range & health history makes the most sense if he's on our radar especially considering the payday for McCoy.
  7. I think ''veteran on his last legs'' is a stretch when it comes to filling in at FS, if Hurney has shown any change of pace from Gettleman it's been avoiding the geriatric NFL ward. Gaulden is a hard player to peg, I see it this way if you are playing pre-dominantly at Nickel in college I'd have to question your ability in space, then when we add in the combine numbers I'd have to question it even further. I don't think too many of us would mind a ''4th - 7th Round Project'' for the FS position. Most people consider 3rd Round selections starters, early depth, not long term projects. His skill set even when viewing 4MR's tape and any of his collegiate highlights all involve him inside the box as a defender in run, or curl flat support. To me he's more of a box safety with a FS's body type. I wish the guy the best, but right now i've seen nothing from him that makes me think he has the cover range to hold down a 1/2, or 1/3 of the field coverage. 1/4 coverage I could see, but I don't see him squeezing the seams, and sidelines from 2, or 3 deep. I'd rather see him as a situational box S, or nickel, I'd prefer to see a proven player at FS on the back end next to Reid. At this point neither Boston or Berry are having their doors beat down, the cost would not be too much. I understand the investment in Gaulden and he's being given EVERY OPPORTUNITY to take it, but I'm just not convinced.
  8. See 4th down reception in PHI that led to comeback drive. Overpaid, arguably, useless, not at all. That narrative needs to stop, no one would be complaining if he wasn't costing 5m per, keep in mind Funchess got 10m guaranteed with incentives to hit 13m for one season, and he doesn't even have Torrey's track record of production. So even overpaid to some degree is a misrepresentation of his salary, by current standards it is very affordable.
  9. Nothing about 2020 cap has anything to do with this signing, it's gonna be a one year offer, it won't have any baring on the future. This would be a ''now'' move.
  10. I think we have ourselves a LT, to a degree a pure pass protector, when you review critical tape on Little (not highlight clips) but cut ups and break downs very few have anything negative to say about his pass pro. Almost all comeback to consistency in the run game, and if that is the main critique on a rookie LT I'll live with that, as the run game is something that can be addressed simpler than needed to improve on a tackle that is being critiqued in pass pro. For the guys down on Little, only he and Jonah Williams out of the top tackles selected if memory serves faced the highest caliber of competition both being in the SEC, that is about as good a proving ground as you are going to get. I know some have the Brown, and Edwards trades in mind, but we literally swapped 2nd's and added a 3rd. That is not a high price with OTHER teams maneuvering to get up into the top of the 2nd round for their own choice of tackle. We didn't need a swing lineman, we needed a LT, and you'd have to believe we got one, there is very little information out there to discredit this prospects ability to protect a QB on the left side of the line.
  11. For those that missed it or forgot, Marty wants to keep Moton at RT. See WFNZ interview archives from shortly after the draft. I think it's pretty safe to estimate the line will be- Little - Williams - Paradis - Turner - Moton Williams played at a 2nd Team All-Pro level in 2017, but due to our offense received a lot of TE help (Manhertrz), moving him inside (6'6'' / 335lbs) 1) Improves the pass pro at LG 2) Adds another mauler next to Little who's been criticized in the run game as a prospect 3) For what it's worth in Williams' rookie season he saw time at G if memory serves Moton proved to be one of the leagues top RT's and with two years left on his rookie deal it makes little sense to obstruct that continuity, when Darryl is on a one year deal. All in all I'm happy we aren't throwing names out like Larsen, and GVR here as fans praying for a good season from them, I'm glad on paper they are back to depth.
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