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  1. SetfreexX

    Wait a minute . . .

    I don't see how you could coach Steve Smith, and have TWO physically gifted and comparable guys available in (Moore, & Samuel) and not want to maximize their contribution, Funchess is a B tier receiver performance wise, with perhaps an A frame. But in today's NFL size matters less than the ability to separate. Funchess is better than KB in that regard, but Samule, and Moore both trump Funchess in that regard, most times those two make a catch where it's not a spot route and settling into a zone they're more open than Funchess. I get ''learning curve'' and not over-whelming a rookie, but man in some cases you have to evolve past the '' this is how we've always done it'' mentality when you are staring ''potentially special talent'' right in the face! These guys remind me of Emmanuel Sanders, and Antonio Brown early on in PIT, but IMO with higher end athleticism, and much more physicality after the catch // explosiveness.
  2. Devin had a bad game, but I also don't think he's a number one, he's shown some ability, but I don't like that he's getting more reps than Samuel. I know we hear a lot a lot about Cam sailing passes at times, but he seems to have the ''most'' success with smaller fast receivers that create larger throwing lanes and a little more room for error by being more open. Smith / Ginn / Brown -- in their own rights were legitimate threats with Cam more so than KB, or Funchess have been to date. I'd also like to see more Byrd, I like YAC, and I like explosive plays on some more of the gimme throws, slants, quick ins, etc.
  3. These are things I think would help Carolina close out the rest of the season, and overall would benefit the team. 1) Offensive tempo to start the game, every game, at the least the first two drives to try to score early and put a team on their heels, we don't have the 2015 defense anymore, we need to get up on teams, and make their offenses a little more predictable 2) Stop the Empty sets, these feel like, and often end up being a sack waiting to happen 3) Remember when the defense was struggling early under McDermott and Ron took over the play calling for the rest of the season, I think Washington is over-whelmed at this point, I think we need a steadying hand. I can't just sit here and say that Short, Poe, Addison are just playing poorly, there's too much talent there, and the secondary is holding up their end of the bargain over all IMO. The rush is just not getting home. So that makes me wonder, game-plan / scheme wise are we putting these guys in the best position to succeed. 4) I've been a Funchess supporter, and I still like him as the big body, but he's got to be the 3rd option at receiver to Moore, and Samuel at this point. And maybe it's unfair because Slay is a top tier corner, but when I see Moore turn that same DB around AND he falls over it just makes me fell like it's time to pass the reigns. In regard to Samuel he was HUGE on that drive leading up to Moore's TD. Those two with CMC need to be the focal points, Funchess, Smith, Wright need to cover the depth, and Olsen is still a great compliment to it all.
  4. SetfreexX

    Panthers sign Travaris Cadet

    I think this makes sense at the very least that 1) CAP can do what CJ was doing 2) Cadet offers some inside intel on a team that beat us 3x last season It doesn't matter what CJ is capable of, he's not better than CMC, and wasn't going to play. I think he and a lot of us saw a running back duo approach with CJ replacing Stewart. However they've been featuring CMC and the kid is answering the call. This has the potential to work out fine for each side. I think we all like CAP enough as a runner who's game is similar to CJ's, and now we have a back with a similar set to CMC. I'm not a huge fan of the move BUT it makes some sense.
  5. SetfreexX

    What took so damn long.

    Pretty sure Norv followed Chud to CLE back when he was available and before he went to MIN.
  6. I wouldn't say he have a #1 corner in the traditional sense, we have matchup options IMO. Bradberry covers most of the number ones as he has the best comparable size -- he's 6'1'' 210, and runs a 4.4 -- he's got the best all around build. What Jackson brings is vertical threat cover ability, he can run with the Ted Ginns, DeSean Jacksons, Jon Browns, and John Ross type of receivers that give Bradberry, and GAVE guys like Worley the most trouble. What we have is balance in the secondary, similar to the changes we see at receiver, we have guys that can excell at a role, but also bring a little extra to the table, we have size, RAC, and speed in the WR group. Only real similar guys honestly are Samuel and Moore.
  7. SetfreexX

    Browns fire Hue Jackson

    I don't see how anyone could say he's a terrible head coach, last I checked we were all in NC. How close a tabs are we keeping on CLE again? Talent or not, they're still the 4th best team in the AFC North, and they are still years from competing in the AFC period. This was the 1st year they have a potential future at the ''QB'' position and being 2-5-1 is not horrible considering how far they are behind the rest of their own conference and within their own division. I mean realistically, you've had nothing for years, and the year you finally start to show some progress you fire him...? Seems a bit short sighted IMO, you trade Gordon to NE who's (up to this point been) been solid -- 13 / 224 / 1 TD (17.2) You trade away Carlos Hyde for a 5th?? You look at the defense and outside of Garrett who are you really impressed with, Ward the rookie is the only other player I can think of, you have a few names, but who's making real waves there on that side of the ball? And finally who are you going to bring in, promote, etc. that could do better. The man joined the longest running dumpster fire in the NFL, and is fired when they're showing small signs of improvement but as a young team hasn't learned to finish games yet. If you're gonna rebuild you have to commit, it just seems like they keep starting over every 3rd year.
  8. SetfreexX

    Browns fire Hue Jackson

    Nope he's fired to.
  9. I'm not blaming Bradberry so much as I'm wondering what the safeties were doing, you'd think in that situation man two deep or at the worst quarters coverage would be the call to protect deep first. However in the replays you see Reid, and Adams shallower than Bradberry. Considering the wind maybe they misjudged where the ball might land in hopes of an INT but ended up to short, I have no idea; but just like Shephard and the Giants, deep seam was open again.
  10. The white jersey / black pants / black socks -- is litty if you not feeling this you have 0 sauce, or worse likely don't even know what sauce is. And then the white cleats to man...
  11. SetfreexX

    James Bradberry

    Bradberry had one of the top SPARQ scores in his class. https://www.playerprofiler.com/nfl/james-bradberry/ He's not 4.5/6 speed, he was also touted in that class, he was just out of a small school, but he transferred there because the 1st school wanted him to move to S given his size. Bradberry has been a very good corner for us and has rarely if ever been abused by a #1 receiver, Alshon had a couple receptions and a TD. It happens, but Bradberry & Jackson have been good for us this season.
  12. SetfreexX

    Whelp Norv

    I think it's more the ''ball control'' mentality of ''winning'' T.O.P. We could still win T.O.P. but allow ourselves more time at the line consistently, from a casual view. There are times we get to the LOS with time enough for motions // shifts // etc. Then there are the times we see them at the LOS with :05s on the closk and it's like why is it taking so long...
  13. Depends, he said in his interview the screw for stability was already in the foot from surgery, and depending on the severity of the injury we may be at a place where it's logical to return. I'm not a physician so I don't know. All you can do is trust the doctors, and what the player believes he can accomplish, but if X-Rays are clear, I don't see why you don't play him if he believes he can go. I've fractured my 4th and 5th metatarsals in each foot, it was right around this time frame I was able to play again, and this is obviously without NFL caliber rehab.
  14. SetfreexX

    Eric Reid being a distraction

    I think the MAIN reason was the sale wasn't final, I'd imagine like most of us, Rivera // Hurney didn't know exactly the kind of leadership they were going to get from Tepper. So I imagine they played it safe with the safety signing even though Reid was the best available, it would only make sense from a job security stand-point. By the time Tepper was in place, it didn't make sense from a football stand point as we'd already signed Searcy, and drafted Gaulden. Also if you watch Reid's presser, he said when asked about other offers, he came here because we had the ''best offer''. So it's also possible his off-season price was too high. If I'm not mistaken Tyrann Mathieu got 1yr/7mil -- https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2764984-tyrann-mathieu-reportedly-agrees-to-1-year-contract-with-houston-texans That's a high price, and we were bargain shopping this off-season overall. We ended up getting Reid for under 2 million, and that's if incentives are hit. IMO the timing and unfortunately (for him) Searcy's injuries played out this scenario in our best favor. As a fan, I'm just glad it happened.