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  1. I think if anything he's letting Washington continue to develop in the pre-season. I imagine Week 1 it'll be Rivera calling. Washing has been the DC even after the demotion.
  2. Grier was pick 100, I don't think anyone expected him to come in a challenge to start. They're simply creating competition behind Cam. I didn't love the pick when we already had a young guy in Kyle. I'm also not gonna trip because the roster overall is in good shape. No guarantee a safety at 100 even sees the field or makes an impact for is. This was a long term play for a developmental QB, I won't hate on that. With that said both of these guys look bad tonight.
  3. So who's gonna lead block for the FB, three TE's are on the LOS at the GL... Holyfield IMO fits the short yardage back mold, 5'10 / 220 (a lot of reports would have you think Scarlett is the power guy, but if you do any independent research you'll see he's a blend of finesse and physicality) he's also the same height and weight as CMC. I would be surprised to see us add another back via trade. I also think even with the potential of Holyfiled he hits the PS in favor of an inactive CAP even though he's already 29 turning 30 and has for the sake of most discussions tapped his potential already. I hope I'm wrong, I'd rather see Scarlett, and Holyfield as the depth, if the 3rd guy is gonna be inactive most games anyway I'd rather protect him from the PS poach potential.
  4. CAP is a vet, a soon to be 30 year old vet (25 in his rookie year) who over the past 4 seasons has never been more than a healthy scratch. Now I can't comment on his level of talent since he so rarely played for us, however; the ceilings for Scarlett, Holyfield, and Bonnafon are higher. I'm perfectly fine with the youth behind CMC, over CAP returning again. Aside from that all reports out of camp surrounded Jordan Scarlett as the No. 2, if he's already lost that spot you might as well move up Holyfield to No. 3, and keep Bonnafon on the PS. Neither Holyfield (9 carries, 2.9 ypc) or CAP (5 carries, 1.6 ypc) had a better night on the ground that Bonnafon ( 4 carries, 5.8 ypc). We were starting our depth so I will take ypc averages with a grain of salt. -- https://www.espn.com/nfl/boxscore?gameId=401128176
  5. Which is why the emphasis on a competent back up, a banged up Cam is better than Heinecke for a team with playoff aspirations and jobs on the line. I'm not saying I agree with that sentiment, but I think that was the thought process, also Cam saying he was good to go, even though he himself knew he was hurt.
  6. I think a lot of people forgot about Marquis because he was a 4th rounder that didn't play too often, and was also very undersized for 4-3 DE (6'2'' / 235) -- we've seen several interviews, and if you follow college and the NFL close enough you know there are very few all around 4-3 DE's coming into the NFL anymore due to the college game be spread based, you need ''smaller big'' guys if you will that can run. Insert Haynes, and Burns, isolate them wide, have the interior OL eat the space, and let them work. I personally cannot wait to see 1st team defense some next week, and up in NE for the 3rd game. You pair the edge rotation we have with KK, and GMC inside, there is some real reason to be encouraged about our ability to get to the quarterback. This also makes the secondary that much more interesting, JB, DJ, TB, & ER and whoever the nickel is should have some decent opportunities to make plays.
  7. A lot of times in pre-season you hear a lot of fans say take it with a grain of salt, however in many cases you can identify some things to be excited about and others to worry about, one thing that stood out last pre-season was the fact that we got very little pressure on opposing QBs (Bills, Dolphins, Patriots, Steelers) I saw a stat last night that helped with this - (I can't find the tweet) but long story short we totaled (5) sacks in those 4 pre-season games. As of last night we already have 5 (Burns 2, Haynes 2, Kunaszyk 1) -- https://www.espn.com/nfl/boxscore?gameId=401128176 So while my excitement and expectations are tempered, it was nice to see us get after the QB again.
  8. Go subscribe to the Panthers YT channel, this as well as Ep. 1 in full of Camp Confidential can be found there.
  9. Chill, I got flamed just for asking where I could find the content we'd grown used to, or if it was moved, or discontinued.
  10. This is where you learn if this receiver or that can make the 50/50 plays consistently. it allows you to know in a live game who you can and can't trust to go up and make a play when needed. Just my thoughts.
  11. I've been on this forum for years and one of my favorite aspects this time of year was the '''content'' the TC write ups / pictures, am I missing them, they used to be featured on the ''Home'' tab almost a couple times a week... Not calling @Jeremy Igo out in a bad way was legitimately wondering if I just don't know where they are anymore, were they moved, are they being cut back, etc.? Thanks,
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