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  1. I know a lot of ethnicities based on this feedback.
  2. Taysom Hill is a faster The Golden Calf of Bristol, nothing more or less IMO, only caveat is Payton as the play-caller perhaps providing a better opportunity. The hype on him has to stop...dudes like 30 and treated like some UDFA wonder kid no one believed in that's arrived and taken the league by storm. A guy runs QB Power 3-6 times a game, and maybe a pass every 2nd or 3rd game, and makes more than Cam...who is starting for the Patriots, bahahahahaha! This the NFL.
  3. People need to realize Robby will be 29 when his deal expires next off-season that is in line with DJ's 5th year option as a first, or an extension in general. It's pretty fair to say the future is DJ and likely Curtis it makes way more sense, and adding a versatile option in the draft is likely an option, what we lack is a possession / red zone threat receiver, and though Robby is 6'3'' his game is still routes / speed. So to trade DJ would be silly, and sounds more like something out of a Madden league than a move relegated to real team management, DJ is much more talented than Funchess, you don't trade guys like that you keep them. Funchess has been an after thought since leaving here. To be fair I could see Curtis pricing himself out of a comfortable range, and his archetype 5'10'' and speed, there are usually a handful of guys with that kind of ability. Not to say I'd want to move on, just saying he'd probably be the easiest to replace as the slot receiver. I hope he gets paid, I hope Robby finishes, out his deal, 5th year for DJ then in 2021 draft we select a WR that will assume the 3rd spot once Robbie's deal expires or a 2022 prospect. as Robbie will play through the 2021 season solely based on his contract.
  4. This ^^^ he had it pinned against his forearm (DJ) the ball can hit the ground so long as control is not lost, he never lost control. Especially at home if it's not vs TB we get that call, the NFL will do all it can to make sure TB makes the post-season. Not saying a loss to us limits that, but 2 L's in a row in the division hurts TB's seeding for sure.
  5. Send TB to short term IR, table CMC rest of the season, no need to risk him in a lost season. PJ, and Grier will be the guys to get us to the guy.
  6. It's not a conundrum, Teddy was the last pick of the first round when he got drafted, I'd say he's performing well all things considered. However, he's not a take this team to the next level type talent, there is nothing he excels at. He's a solid starter, and a great back up option. We need more from the QB position to challenge vertically when we have 3 legit WR's that can get over the top, I like what Teddy is doing all things considered, but I can't help but think... 1) We'd be better with Cam 2) We need to draft the future Staring 3-7 in the face, I think we're probably going to do just that, a 3 year deal, with an out after 2 years is all you need to know, we bought time, and we ripped the ''Cam Newton'' band aid off, you'd rather have a rookie replace Teddy, versus having to replace Cam. Just my $0.02
  7. Blown assignments isn't on the DC, we have too many guys that shouldn't be out there.
  8. Really think about this... Huddle logic had Burns as a bust, and we needed to trade him... Yeah, the genius' here wanted that.
  9. I can't even believe you said this after getting a first hand look at Poe, AS A PANTHER dude wasn't even over 30... Who gives a poo about a 40 time on a NT...''WATCH THE FILM''
  10. Bahahahahaha, the man is 6'5'' / 326 lbs, what the heck did you expect him to run, he's a power player, push the pocket which he has considering THERE'S NO ONE ON THE INTERIOR TO REALLY RESPECT ASIDE FROM HIM, and he's been flashing in the run game as he's ranked fairly high in the NFL, not just versus rookies in TFL. Gross-Matos was flashing but got hurt, and Chinn he's exceeded 31 other GM / Coaches expectations, as he was day 1 what Simmons is supposed to be. Burns is gold, and if Brown, and Gross-Matos continue to trend we will have a great DL, and a pick / veteran depth as we move forward and damn, we're cooking again!
  11. Why can't people be happy that he's excelling as a rooking, and is filling multiple roles as an OLB / S / Nickel, why in the world would you want to take that versatility and strap it down into one spot... We need to sign / draft a MLB, all things considered we will have a good bit of cap as we move forward, I expect us to foster a early QB in the next two seasons as well. Allowing us to have talent at that spot without the cost, so we can field the best team around that type of situation. Simply, be happy that we traded up for a guy that is actually good, and recognized across the league.
  12. A Read Option is a run play for either the QB or HB, it would be classified as a TFL, not a sack.
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