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  1. Given price tag on his contract that Carrie's the 5th year option I'd offer a 4th or 5th. I like him more as a 43 LE, and can play in the 34 fronts as well. Would be a solid addition. As a 34 DE sacks gonna be more difficult to come by as that's the OLB role, I'd say a new opportunity could be what he needs. Not a lot of 34 DEs racking up sacks. Mike Daniels in Greenbay comes to mind, no one else right off the top Malik Jackson back in Denver.
  2. He's a former front office guy in the NFL. His name escapes me but he's been on the last few months as the draft and combine talk started to pick up.
  3. OP, I understand all the points you're making and trying to maximize value with the picks, however: 1) I like Moton as LT 2) Pass Rusher (if available) has to be the pick (Burns / Sweat / Ferrell) 3) Plenty of interior OL depth with those two 3rd Round selctions I would love to see... 1st - Edge 2nd - Best FS or OL 3rd - Best FS or OL 3rd (100) - Best OL The fourth through 6th round, HB, WR, athletic edge project <<< in any order
  4. In my mind... Had Justin Houston, traded D-Ford... Then uses trade commodity from D-Ford trade and a 1st round pick on Clark....for a (net gain of roughly 30 lbs, 1 inch & 5.5 sacks extra) Dee Ford - 6'2'' / 243 (13 sacks in 2018) - 30.5 sacks last three seasons Frank Clark - 6'3'' / 273 (14 sacks in 2018) - 36 sacks last three seasons I understand scheme fits, 4-3 to 3-4 etc. but man I just have a hard team seeing where KC is winning here. Got a really good player, but the cost just seems really, really, high. I mean at this point the biggest difference is run support. You can bring in cheaper options to help spell for that.
  5. Don't think we even brought him in. Sweat, Burns, OL, Ferrel is the last option, depending how the picks shake out.
  6. Tak, and they picked up Beasley's 5th year and Grady Jarrett inside. I'd be surprised if they took another edge rusher in the first. Outside looking in, they need better run support. Jones needs a running mate, could also see offensive line or a guy like Lawrence from Clemson. As far as WAS they need a QB, Smith when he comes back is gonna be 38 or 39 if next year, and Keenum isn't the answer and neither is McCoy.
  7. A name you hear very little of is Clelin Ferrell. Given free agency / pre-draft presser I find it hard to believe that DL/Edge is not the focus with the 1st round selection. Offensive line and Safety also seem like the next area of focus as well.
  8. I doubt that, I feel like they just added a QB as early as 2nd or 3rd inside the last draft or two.
  9. I just don't see why anyone thinks a back up QB matters RIGHT NOW. a day 2 or 3 QB is not coming in ready to play this season, this isn't even a super strong QB class at the top. It's a ''best of this group'' caliber of quarterbacks coming out. Murray is going to have to defy all current logic and be as good as Russell Wilson on a team nowhere as good as the Seahawks he went to in Arizona. Duayne Haskins only has a year under his belt starting. (projects more like Jameis and EJ Manuel) in my opinion, being at OSU boosted his stats. Then you look at Lock, & Jones, people need to chill on the ''we need'' stuff. What we ''need'' is to filed the best 22 possible, AND protect Cam if we're even gonna sniff success, no 2nd or 3rd round QB is going to do that, if they had that kind of talent you'd at least hear a bit more about them. I don't disagree with trying to upgrade the back up position, but I also don't want to worry about a back up QB when there are more pressing issues at hand. People see the Foles situation in Philly and want to talk about how important a back up QB is, but what the same people fail to talk about is HOW good that team was EVERYWHERE else, and outside the SB how pedestrian Foles was. That Eagles roster was STACKED!
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