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  1. Hall of fame tier 1. Peppers 2. Kuechly 3. Wesley Walls (extremely underrated, look at those stats and accolades) Hall of Very Good 4. Steve Smith 5. Jordan Gross 6. Cam Newton 7. Thomas Davis The rest 8. Jonathan Stewart 9. Jake Delhomme 10. Ryan Kalil
  2. what was the rams week? week 0? no its understanding the situation this team is in. you are just COPING
  3. Yes, we are dignified to know the reality of the situation we are in, as in our season is over after two games.
  4. Probably Falcons at like 9-7 or some poo. Bucs are trash, they would have lost to any team not named Panthers or Dolphins Thursday night.
  5. Yeah Andrew Thomas would have us set at LT for a decade or more. Tua is the only QB worth drafting high this year and i dont think anyones gonna outsuck the dolphins. Herbert and Hurts are from meme offenses. Fromm will probably be available in round 2, regardless he'd be one hell of a reach for a top 5 pick.
  6. i honestly hope he quits on Rons ass that would be LMAO as fug, enough to hold off until the offseason.
  7. everything is fine guys cams just getting some WD40 to knock off the RUST if you dont think this team is going 14-2 you are a hater
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