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  1. Trade CMC and our first round pick for the Bengals 1st round pick right now
  2. Yeah the Pats roster is poo, they may make the playoffs but KC or Baltimore would assfug them.
  3. Best scenario for this season: NE 32 Panthers 1
  4. Tank Commander Teddy will lead us to the Golden Locks of Glory, don't worry.
  5. He's washed up, Teddy B is better!!!!!!!!
  6. you guys are dumb as hell LMAO. anquan boldin has similar stats as smith + a super bowl ring and no one is saying he's going to the hall of fame. face facts the wr position is a logjam and smith is gonna get overlooked by other receivers of his era. namely fitzgerald megatron julio jones etc as well as new studs constantly flooding the league. no one cares that he told aquib talib to ice up son 8 years ago or whatever. meanwhile peppers is in top 5 all time sacks plus kuechly was the face of his position for a decade. both of them are on all decades list (peppers is on there for both the 2000s and 2010s) steve smith is the definition of "hall of very good". peppers is the panthers goat. i understand that smith was loud as fug and peppers was not much of a leader, but peppers was a much better DE than smith was as a WR.
  7. It's very simple. Julius Peppers and Luke Kuechly are first ballot HOFers (Peppers is a lock, Luke mayyy wait a year or two). However, Steve Smith is never getting in the HOF.
  8. Our number 1 corner is action jackson and we are in a division with michael thomas, julio jones, and mike evans
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