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  1. Whats worse 4 more years of Trump Or 8 years of Bloomberg
  2. love the smell of mayonnaise, harry potter, and hamilton
  3. This, we need a leader alpha male, not Jay Quitler 2.0
  4. Best case scenario for the Panthers is getting dat number one overall pick in whats going to be a legendary QB draft class.
  5. Democratic party = controlled opposition the amount of incompetence is too much
  6. Any team that employs Marty Hurney for over 10 years as GM is not serious about winning a SB.
  7. @Jeremy Igo the 28-3 rep was the best poo ever bring it back
  8. If my powers affected the Panthers they would be a dynasty and Marty Hurney would be the greatest GM of all time.
  9. Happy to help Andy Reid get his SB Ring. Big dude deserves it. Enjoy your Waffle House special my guy
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