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  1. 1. CMC 2. DJ Moore 3. Shaq Thompson 4. Kawann Short? 5. Okung????? It gets pretty bad after CMC and DJ.
  2. Would prefer Okudah but thats probably not gonna happen. I think this guy is the pick.
  3. Reports are saying that Hurney believes this team can compete (lmao). What will your reaction be when he trades next years first to fulfill that dream of his?
  4. It hasn't even begun. Wait till Hurney trades our first rounder next year to draft CeeDee Lamb
  5. I would be fine with giving up on Cam if we had traded up for Tua or somehow to Burrow. But fuging hell, we picked TEDDY BRIDGEWATER over him. If I'm Cam I sign with the Broncos, dab all over the Panthers in BOA, as well as bring over the Lombardi trophy and write "you guys gave me Mike Shula for half a decade and then cut me loose" all over it.
  6. Jeremy they picked the black Alex Smith over a former MVP who looked like a pro bowler just 1.5 years ago before he got hurt. And lets not even get into the defense. Gonna make the 2012 Saints look like the 2000 Ravens
  7. Zero draft picks for Cam, Smitty, and Peppers lol
  8. For those who think we can compete, just wait until this team visits arrowhead with this defense. It's not gonna be fun.
  9. Yeah we need to trade him. He'll win us 2 games to go from 2-14 to 4-12. whoopee. would rather have a first round draft pick.
  10. Do not buy Panthers tickets Do not buy Panthers gear Do not watch Panthers games (spoiler, they lose)
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