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  1. Seriously dude, not a single active player played in the NFL in the Panthers inaugural season. Hell theres only two players left from the 1990s still active today. You can't label this team an 'expansion team' anymore.
  2. im not going to lie i think cam is done in carolina but i would be so fuging hyped if he put out an epic 'im back' video next year
  3. Hindsight is 2020 but keeping Starr would be preferable over KK. Hopefully we can get a good DT like Derrick Brown. @tiger7_88 is that guy a run stuffer DT or a or more of a pass rushing DT?
  4. dont forget 1 of those wins (and 1 of allens wins) is against saints backups
  5. no one remembers this but me but I remember when one huddler was so gung ho on jimmy clausen even after it was proven that he was total garbage and he made a tribute video to him right before the 2011 draft in a fit of rage. read the passive aggressive description of the video lol
  6. With Allen sucking ass, that should clear the way to sign Kaep. Make this season one to remember instead of yet another 7-9 mediocrefest.
  7. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/C/ClauJi00/gamelog/2010/ Look at Jimmy Clausens 2010 games he looks like the Aaron Rodgers compared to Allen today lol
  8. thats the system that made johny football look all world and he couldnt cut it wow he sucks
  9. i never would have thout that. thank u for this insight. really makes me think......
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