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  1. Broncos play the Jets next Thursday. I know I'll be watching with interest.
  2. Everyone is all in on tanking. If we somehow win enough to get out of the Trevor and Fields sweepstakes then we are fuged
  3. This is was one of the four possible wins I saw when the schedule came out (others being Broncos, Raiders and Lions). My guess is we keep it surprisingly close but we don't win.
  4. man its gonna be really hard to outsuck the giants and the jets. only thing thats keeping us in it is they both have easier schedules than us, meaning more losses
  5. this was my all time favorite regular season game until the pats mnf game in 2013
  6. 2010 had Ryan Kalil, Jon Beason, D-Will and J-Stew, Smitty, Thomas Davis and Jordan Gross. 2020 just has CMC
  7. remains to be seen if he can beat his personal best with 14 touchdowns thrown in a season though. thats such a huge challenge, but i think he can make the 1965 all pro team
  8. Hurney is eternal, but his contract is set to expire after this season. I know he has top level blackmail, but it seems kind of odd that he hasn't been resigned. Will Tepper do the right thing for once?
  9. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/ current favorites to get number 1
  10. oh my god thank you hurney for finding a non shitty player on this team of shitty players that you assembled!!!!!! there you go
  11. Derrick Brown 2nd to last DT in the entire NFL is... not encouraging
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