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  1. Top Tier (in order) Eagles Saints Rams Bears Those are your four division winners.
  2. How conservatards, how do you cope with the fact that your tiny dick will never ever be part of an AOC/Rapinoe sandwhich?
  3. Without looking it up im going to say the last time we won in atlanta was ass whooping Mike Smith out the door.
  4. That Bull didnt give a poo. If it did Josh Norman would be showing up to the R-Words training canp with no dick and balls.
  5. Saints probably have the most talented roster in the NFL and they have the best coach in the NFCS. Saints are the favorite.
  6. its been half a decade since he's been cut. if he wasnt so athletically gifted he would have been a school shooter 100%. crazy motherfuger
  7. 2014 Patriots should be number one. After that the 2013 Seahawks.
  8. Also Hornets just signed Terry Rozier for 20 million a year that should be a wrap.
  9. Hornets are destined to be WC fodder at best for eternity. Richardson was trash but his team made a Super Bowl twice and both were close games until the end.
  10. Brees will retire after this year. Saints will suck ass in 2020 and then they'll draft that God Tier Clemson QB. Book it.
  11. lmao not even the best in the nfc Fletcher Cox and Malik Jackson are a better combo.
  12. I would have to say the rankings would go. 1.Eagles (by far) 2. 49ers 3. Panthers/Texans
  13. saints defense was dirty as hell during the greg williams days, not as bad as prime LOB but still dirtier than a mcdonalds in detroit
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