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  1. with his whopping 14th touchdown pass today, Teddy TIED his personal best season. If the season ended today, Teddy wouldn't even be in the top 10 for touchdown passes from the 1970 NFL season (they played only 3 more games than teddy has, to be fair, but for fugs sake it was football from half a century ago, and Teddy has a great WR trio) this is the ceiling, this is what teddy chuds think is the best QB we can get
  2. Jeremy stopped shitposting "Teddy is the franchise" threads and his powers drained.
  3. Its one thing to be bad. Its another to be so bad you get better players injured
  4. also i agree with the others ITT on SB50. that was what made me go from a hardcore fan who would watch the panthers no matter how bad they were to a casual
  5. literally this game and the R-words game the week before made me think for the first time that year that I would actually see the Panthers win a super bowl. How naive I was.
  6. gee im sure glad we won those few extra games against the detroit lions and la chargers. we could be having a justin fields vs sewell convo right now FML
  7. Sewell is the best OT prospect in over a decade (since Jake Long). Too bad Burrow died Sunday, Bengals should've let Finley be the sacrificial lamb this year.
  8. I dmed burns this topic back in september on instagram and thats why hes beasting. Thank me later
  9. Would be dope. But I like both those QBs and don't want to see either of them on the Saints and the Cowboys, two teams which are guaranteed to suck next year.
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