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  1. It was a good season. I remember thinking id be happy just making the playoffs. To reach the ECF is a big accomplishment
  2. Panthers will be picking top 5 in 2020. This is what happens when you draft backup QBs with terrible mechanics in the 3rd round instead of filling out the numerous holes that you've had for years (cough cough FS). This is the equivalent of building Follys when your town has gaping potholes.
  3. Brad Hoover Wesley Walls Jon Beason Jeff King Dante Rosario Chris Harris Na'il Diggs
  4. Canes making the playoffs caused more interest than Panthers making the sb in Raleigh. In terms of the triangle, Canes are the top dog pro sports team and I see like one hornets hat a year up here.
  5. 2007 shitty team slapfight between the Panthers and the 49ers. Panthers won 31-14 thanks to Vinny Testeverde
  6. he is 100% right this draft was atrocious just like most of hurneys draft hauls
  7. This draft sucked ass I'm just glad Hurney didn't trade next year's first because it's going to be top 5 and with someone better picking.
  8. Legion of Boom won that SB. With Colin Jones we have the Legion of poo.
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