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  1. Someone in here doesn't know what passive aggressive means. Can we revert back to football or is this another Iamhubby takeover thread?
  2. I don't have one, I'm a fan expressing my discontent with poor management. Not looking to be a GM, buy thanks for sh*tting on this because you're content with the product we're trotting out
  3. Exactly. He should have been gone prior. We may have not gone to the SB but it's not like we won it. So are you saying we would have lost out on the run for a SB we didn't win by firing him? What good does that do anyone?
  4. Well I'm open to discussing why you would want to defend the staff but your instead sh*tting on the thread and being a d*ck. Want to actually discuss football or pull an Iamhubby?
  5. You're harping back to a year where we "almost" won it. What do I need to own here? Explain yourself.
  6. Whatever game plans we drafted for both today and the Skins were absolute dogsh*t. Anyone actually want to talk about that or just rebuff this because we somehow managed a win because of Cam? The people pissing at this thread are the same who are constantly the pissed off whirlwind bsers the second we lose.
  7. Oh yay, the go-to board reflective post.
  8. We didn't win it all. I understand everyone wants to be all walnuts and hot cocoa but this was an awful gameplan today and we were yet again bailed out once we abandoned it. The last 2 gameplans were absolutely god awful. What's so hard to see here?
  9. If being quiet once we get a win to disregard deficiencies that we continue to have over the past 8 seasons is somehow the wrong side to take here, I'm open to hearing whatever I'm missing. It's a week 7 win against the Eagles.
  10. CAM NEWTON won this game for us.
  11. Meh, spare me the whole player's coach mentality. They fight for wins, not for the coaches. They run a conservative ship that only gets aggressive when they're on the hot seat or our back is against the wall. It's tiring and they clearly don't learn from their past mistakes. We still make the same damn mistakes we made under Chud and Shula. It's just so damn frustrating when we clearly have an insane amount of talent on both sides of the ball.
  12. Yes, the players are continuously bailing them out. They did as such in 3+ games during our SB run. It's right in front of us and Rivera is holding us back. He needs to be fired.
  13. It should've happened around this time in 2014. It didn't. Yes, we won today but coaching is failing us miserably. And the fact of the matter is that week in and week out, they take no blame, are insanely antiquated and suck the life out of this franchise. The players continuously bail these guys out. THEY NEED TO BE FIRED That is it. Rivera needs to go.
  14. Pasted JPEG overload...can't compute the poo on the walls.