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  1. Had it done in NY by the Nets doctor Martin O'malley (who did the same for Durant). So it is finally done and over with. Let's see what happens next. Should be ready to test it in a few months.
  2. Being realistic.....the team and coaching staff was not his doing when he bought the team. He probably should have canned RR and MH last year....this is true. Possibly new blood would have saved 2019, who knows. Problem being that all the JAGS on this team where far to many to replace in two seasons. Let's see what he does in 2020/21. No pass if he fugs it up after that.
  3. Don't need stats and charts to know this Oline is one of the worst in the NFL.....my eyeballs show me all I need to know about this sh%t show. Thanks for the effort.
  4. Since the 49'ers beat them yesterday, if they want that first round bye.....they have to win out. If they come in to BOA having to win that game, they will be going with all the starters to get that bye. They may have the linebackers back ( A.J who was playing well), so back to speed on D. For all the "let's lose out" crowd, Allen and the 2019 Panthers may give you your wish.
  5. Most franchises don't fail and fall so fast. Somebody in the front office should have realized what was about to happen and save this team from itself. Obviously JR wasn't up to it or to fuggin stubborn to save the organization.
  6. Only took this team four years to go from a SB team to one that comes close to the 2010 debacle. Let's hear some thoughts on what caused this swift downfall. I'm sure letting Cam get killed and not addressing the Oline was a huge factor. Watching the defense turn into a clown circus in that same time frame is ridiculous. Was it the contracts, the drafting, or the coaching and front office that caused them to hit the skids so badly? Opinions???
  7. That's what was said on the podium....who knows
  8. The interim coach is sticking with Allen.....don't worry..be happy
  9. Nope...has a family and a lucrative NFL career in the broadcating field waiting. Why would he risk further damage to his brain and body....no way he plays again.
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