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  1. I never said they are similar players as far as ability. Point I was trying to make is that Peyton trying to use Hill in a way that we use Cam.
  2. Nah...Cam's got a laser beam arm. Funny that Peyton see's what Cam can can do to an offense and trying to find someway to incorporate in his offense. Actually a compliment to Cam. Only one Cam.
  3. Saints kicking ass again and as I watch, they use Hill just like we use Cam. Of course he can't pass like Cam, but Hill, Ingram, and Kamara on the field ....makes it very hard to defend. If they start using this guy to pass a little also, could be a bit or our own medicine when we play. Just a quick observation on this slow Sunday.
  4. Crazy talk... without Cam this team wouldn't have won a game this year.
  5. Don't see how they can fix this defense in ten days. If anyone has the magic elixir, please let me know.
  6. Jmac


    What in god's name makes anyone think they can beat the Saints with this defense. Call me a sh#tty fan (really don't care what anyone thinks about my allegiance.) I am not taking the bait with this poll to prove I'm not a 'true fan'. Followed this team longer then some of you have been alive. They will get their ass beat in the dome and unless they have a major snow storm with freezing temps, they may very well lose here also.
  7. Yep that's me.....a fake fan. Been watching this for twenty five years.
  8. No pass rush and lousy secondary can't be fixed this year. The Oline sucks and that can't be fixed this year. Sorry but this is just a mess and It will take longer then one draft to repair this. Coaches are suspect and the whole thing probably needs to be torn down. Twenty five years of being mediocre to just crap is enough.
  9. I will give some of you guys credit. You stick by this sh%t storm until the bitter end. Your eyes don't deceive you and the truth has been laid bare. Every year of the same results just beats a man down. No matter what this team does from this point on and games they pull out their ass, they are not going anywhere besides home come January.
  10. Netflix time.....they can sh%t the bed and I won't have to get aggravated for the next two hours.
  11. Have to stop them now or an ass kicking about to ensue. Can't play this way against real good teams.
  12. Just don't get blown out on Thursday night again....what a fuggin bummer already.
  13. Why is Hardy even in this conversation. He is long gone from the league and will remain so. Irvin is another matter. I'm sure R.R can find ways to get him reps regardless where they put him. We need this pass rush now more then ever.
  14. Obviously one of the best teams in the league. We will be chasing them till late December when we play. No team is unbeatable and they very well may lose a game or two by then. Zone defense will not work against Brees, especially without a stellar pass rush. We can probably score points on them with Norv's inventive play calling and the emergence of our rookies. Can the defense handle man to man coverage and sent blitz packages to disrupt his rhythm? Opinions on how the Defense can slow them down