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  1. High expectations always seem to fall short with this team...take it a game at a time.
  2. According to what I have read, he wants to come back here..."dream come true" according to a quote. I say don't look back...been there and done that. Is he worth another shot?
  3. Just curious....for everyone fed up with the NFL hierarchy and the referee bullcrap, will you give this a chance to see what they got? Unless watching the Patriots every year in the SB and bad refereeing floats your boat that is....you gonna watch???? ......
  4. Hi Greg.. see your posting again....how's your new life in the MMA?
  5. Norman thinks he is the best CB in football. In fact the world. He said this during and interview as stated in other posts. Hope his ego and reality don't clash here. D.G isn't about to do this dance with Norman. Either be realistic or move on.
  6. He isn't getting the kind of money he says he wants ( he said franchise QB type money at one time). If he thinks the 'Godfather' will fold to his demands, he is sadly mistaken. If this keeps up, look for D.G to draft his replacement early. Everyone can be replaced no matter the situation.
  7. Agree, good pick. Also agree that maybe keeping Allen would be a good choice (hindsight being 20/20). If Getts goes with a high pick at DE instead of a FA, then Allen has value. Don't know what will be C.J's story....to be a fly on the wall when D.G sits him down to talk.
  8. Probably last game for some of these guys in a Panthers uniform. no names mentioned....the ones who didn't show up again or are on the last leg.
  9. Good season guys.....looks like the forehead will go out with a bang.
  10. Game sucks, commercials suck, halftime sucked....just all around suckage.
  11. Gonna take a nap....wake me when this halftime joke is over.
  12. Mods please get these sixteen year old punk trolls outta here.
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