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  1. First time Brees has thrown a ball more then twenty five yards this season.....nice throw.
  2. If we get CMC back, and pair him with Davis along with T.B and his third down prowess.....we can beat the Saints. Keep Brees off the field and get in his face.
  3. Whiffle ball, stick ball, football, street hockey....no video games at all. I remember what a big deal it was when the first ping pong game came out.
  4. Yep, look over your shoulder youngsters...fifties and sixties are right behind you.
  5. Mutual of Omaha's wild kingdom every Sunday night and then the Wonderfull world of Disney.....
  6. I remember the little square TV's with the rabbit ear antenna. Spent half my childhood adjusting the damn thing for my dad to try and get a good picture.
  7. Brees has no strength at all..taken down with a pinky.
  8. Winston is not the answer and will always be undependable.They think that because he hangs around Brees & S.P for a season it is going to make him a player. He is what he is.
  9. Give credit when credit is due. I guess Tepper had the right man in mind to coach this team. We wouldn't have won a game like this with the previous staff. He brought the man in and let him pick his coaching staff, his QB and it is working. Good foundation to build further on and with a few more players in the draft and FA.....this team will be solid for seasons to come. Never expected it. After watching this team sh$t the bed for season after season....tide may finally be turning.
  10. This team can't afford to lose three first rounders....team needs every draft pick they have or can get.
  11. He wouldn't last five games before he is injured. The guy is 5'11 and weighs 195 lbs. Can't go up the middle and would probably get pancaked trying to block. Don't know what you can do with him besides pitches down the sidelines and reverses.
  12. Just a reminder....several talented QB's next draft. Number 1 slot isn't a sure thing. The two guys behind T.L are legit. Fix the line and take one of the 3.
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