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  1. Second thought just retire the jersey number..Luke deserve's it.
  2. LB...29 years old. Just a JAG(camp body) or may make a difference? What u got
  3. New Orleans is going through a terrible time and will be the epicenter of this virus within days. The poor folk are having a hard time with food and the city itself is running short on food supply. Brees and his wife donated five million dollars to N.O. to provide 10,000 meals a day for the needy. Regardless of how you feel about N.O. or Brees, this guy steps up and has done a great thing. No doubt that he cares about his city and the people.....good job.
  4. Did Tepper actually never like Newton and wanted him gone regardless of his health? Not even a chance to compete for his starting job. Contract dispute, dIdnt approve of his attitude, personality disputes...what was the problem here? Strange how things have played out. So he checks out fine and would have been ready to go this year according to the report per Adam S. Opinions?
  5. If they played in empty stadiums with only TV broadcast, wonder how they would handle PSL holders? Maybe the Season Ticket scenerio goes nationwide as a stand alone streaming service with higher rates? Would you buy into this concept to have NFL football with empty stadiums to still have a season?
  6. With this pandemic dragging on without a vaccine in sight and a drug combo un-tested, will this season even happen? And if it does and the NFL is determined to play, what will it look like? Obviously they can't be having a stadium full of fans elbow to elbow. Is there anyway they can make it work without a delay or total cancelation?? Opinions and ideas please...
  7. Every NFC South team loading up for a fight at the championship (except one.) Going to be interesting to see who will succeed. Sanders gives Brees another target besides Thomas. We will get to watch them kick our asses all season...if there is a season.
  8. I don't know who 90% of these guys are they are signing. I'm following a team that I don't know who the fug is on the roster anymore......not very exciting at all.
  9. Signed today. Is he already washed up, who knows. Unless they invent a defense and Oline, maybe six ass kickings coming in our division alone. No joy in Whoville this season.
  10. That's the stuff flying around Twitter right now. That's what the noise is.....anyone have any verification of this?
  11. Per Adam S. The whole city of N.O is going under a 'shelter in place' order tomorrow. I'm sure it's everywhere over there between Mardi Gras, music festivals etc. Now be nice....don't wish bad on anyone!
  12. Per Joe Person (via Jordan Rodrigue.) According to these sources, can't find a trade for Newton and will not carry both him and T.B on the roster. Will be realeased very soon. So it's coming to a head shortly.
  13. Saints WR on one year deal. Good signing or not?
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