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  1. They are struggling out of the gate....but who knows what other fat cats may roll the dice and invest. Will take time to gain momentum.
  2. Interesting.....maybe a team coming to the Carolina's one day ? Two hundred and fifty million to be exact...will also be on the board of the league.The triangle could definitely support one.
  3. Jmac

    We just hired Everette Brown

    Good 4 him....couldn't make it as a player, so maybe coaching will work for him...hope he succeeds.
  4. You talking this century or the next one?
  5. Boring ass game ....imagine spending thousands to watch this crap fest. The halftime show was also one of the worst...fitting for this game. NFL taking a real kick in the balls with this one....to bad....not.
  6. Just curious....for everyone fed up with the NFL hierarchy and the referee bullcrap, will you give this a chance to see what they got? Unless watching the Patriots every year in the SB and bad refereeing floats your boat that is....you gonna watch???? ......
  7. So one reviewable call per side would add that much more time to a game? Restrict it to a one minute booth review to ensure that a call or non-call was legit. Rather have the option to review one horrendous call then just say fug it....that's football. Might help the black & whites to tighten up if they knew they where under the gun.
  8. Terrible officiating. Wouldn't it make sense to add reviewable penalty/non-penalty calls to the game ? Maybe one or two reviews per side per game. Letting the game be decided by terrible and missed calls is unacceptable. Not talking just about just the NFC playoff game, but many games are lost to terrible calls/non-calls.....what you got?
  9. Gotta give it to NOLA fans....they sure get loud
  10. Jmac

    Panthers sign free agent OLB

    Chia pet look next new fad.....
  11. Yea for us!!!!!!!! Should fit right in then.
  12. A few things we do know. Cam has some sort of injury that will or will not heal on it's own. Need to find more cap space somehow to fill a depleted roster. Our draft position and all the possible picks that may or may not be available. The band is still together with minor coaching changes. Break out the magic 8 ball and lay out a plan that could at least keep this team competitive in 2019. Is there a way to have a winning record with all the needs and with this coaching staff? Bring it....
  13. So July is five months and change away. They don't have a clue WTF is up with the injury to the franchise QB. The guy couldn't throw for twenty yards in 2018 after mid season. So what's the solution???...... Walk around with thumbs up ass hoping the problem will go away in 2019.
  14. This organization left Cam without a Oline and WR's for his entire career. Let him take a total ass beating. CMC is next in line to be beaten down. A player cannot survive long with that workload. Cam may never be 100% again....waste of a great talent. CMC is a great back. Playing the majority of the offensive plays is not sustainable. This coaching staff has learned nothing. They continue to ride the horse until it collapses and do the same with the next great player. CMC will be just like Cam in the end....beaten down and broken due to the stupidity of the coaching staff and the organization