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  1. What do u think would be the smartest move?
  2. If Cam comes back 100% and can play at a high level, what do we do with Allen next year. Rely on Grier as a unproven back up and hope he develops or try and retain Allen as our backup. Next year is Cam's last year under contract. What u think is the smart move?
  3. R.R gets the credit....the 3-4 D and his schemes have proven to be a difference maker.
  4. Read this on a sports site today on the Smart news app...could be pure bulls%t....can anyone confirm?
  5. Wait till he see's the 'Spotted Dick' on the menu...
  6. We all know he is a tremendous player and a very gifted athlete. We also know that he is still a human being and not invincible. How should they handle him going into the bulk of the season. Norv seems to have settled on just using him adnauseum regardless of the consequences. What strategy should be employed to avoid wearing him down to a nub as the season wears on. Opinions please.
  7. We would be 0-5 without him. If RR and Norv drive him into the ground, they should be run out of town.
  8. For all is short comings, his Defense is starting to gel and play well. Took a while, but looks like he has found the formula. I give props where props are due....good job so far.
  9. Every game he plays, the more experience he gets and the more comfortable he becomes...seems to have all the tools to succeed. Certainly wouldn't be the first time this happened in the league
  10. Doesn't anyone have some grass to mow or yard work to do????
  11. 99% of the time all these high expectations on players suddenly becoming good doesn't pan out. He is 31 years old and was playing like sh$t before the fiasco....it would be the same level of sh$t play now, just a few years further on.
  12. Unfortunately, it probably won't be for the Panthers if he isn't fully healed by the end of this season and playing back to expectations. Tepper won't drop that $ on him if there are still question mark's on his long term health
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