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  1. True it is....how many people stay at one work place for their entire careers?? He will be fine whatever happens.
  2. I wouldn't go to Vegas and lay money on him being here.
  3. A few days ago before the GOAT retired, it was 50/50 if Cam would be here. Once Luke left, the writing was on the wall. With the retirement (and the talk from I.Rapoport), looks like March will be seeing a change in QB's. This team will be gutted (minus a few guys.) Right before the draft and needing a sh#t load of help, he is gone...healthy or not. So what is the next step for a QB? Whether we can trade him for picks or have to cut him because of health reasons, the time is HERE. Need to figure something out before the draft. Draft one, sign a vet, or hope for the best with Allen ( with Oline help.).... what you got?
  4. Without an Oline and Dline, you don't have sh%t. Proven time and time again to be a fact. Alot of short memories in this forum.
  5. Reality of everything in life I guess....change is inevitable.
  6. The fact that the Panthers team we have known is no more, has sunk in. Time to prepare for that reality. How will you deal with the inevitable 2020 season that may be the toughest since 2010. In fact, 2021 and 2022 may very well be a bunch of tough Sundays. Do you follow another team in another division while our team gets back on it's feet (while still being faithful to the Panthers and what team will you root for while the rebuilt is on?) Are you all ready to stand by the Panthers while they get it together? Empty stadium and low expectations on the arisen for the near future...we will need to keep this forum as positive as possible, while this transition plays out .For all our stress levels, drinking to excess, and sanity.
  7. Good for him. Buy a nice boat and spend a few years fishing and hanging with family, maybe get into coaching when ready. Great guy and great player. No need to risk losing his marbles with another concussion. Go live a life Luke.
  8. Chances of the Panthers moving up to even consider him are almost nil..
  9. I did read that Blackburn may be retained for ST coach...we shall see
  10. We don't have what it would take to get him in this one draft....they would probably want two ones at least and a bunch of other high picks....maybe even Cam thrown in.
  11. To complete this trifecta, they have to bring in someone who can rebuilt this defense. Who is the coach that can best utilize the guys we have and reform the D back to what it once was....dominant. Who u want that will make this coaching staff truly top notch.
  12. Well, if you can't kick ass during the season....kick ass during the off season....now on to filling other coaching spots. FA, and Draft picks with top notch coaches and players.
  13. This "assistant GM" BS is just lame. If a GM needs an assistant to hold his hand and not fug up, then he need not be the GM. Here's looking at you M.H.
  14. GO TIGERS.....they all understand that when coach O rasps that out.
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