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  1. Good for him. Buy a nice boat and spend a few years fishing and hanging with family, maybe get into coaching when ready. Great guy and great player. No need to risk losing his marbles with another concussion. Go live a life Luke.
  2. Maybe he can drag that French guy off the sofa again like in 2010....
  3. So what exactly does that mean??? Cam asking to be traded ?......will retire if not traded?....told RR or Tepper to F*** off ? Any hints Igo??
  4. Putting it all together, it seems that's the way it may go. Tepper the "analytics guy", probably see's a 30 year old QB with shoulder issues (and now a bad foot that is having issues healing.) He also see's a QB who needs to be a duel threat to be successful at his position, who is also looking at a new contract. Cam is not a pocket passer and never will be. If he can't play at a certain level, then it's a problem.. Add in the fact there may be a whole new coaching staff next season.....it all points to one conclusion.
  5. Norman thinks he is the best CB in football. In fact the world. He said this during and interview as stated in other posts. Hope his ego and reality don't clash here. D.G isn't about to do this dance with Norman. Either be realistic or move on.
  6. He isn't getting the kind of money he says he wants ( he said franchise QB type money at one time). If he thinks the 'Godfather' will fold to his demands, he is sadly mistaken. If this keeps up, look for D.G to draft his replacement early. Everyone can be replaced no matter the situation.
  7. Agree, good pick. Also agree that maybe keeping Allen would be a good choice (hindsight being 20/20). If Getts goes with a high pick at DE instead of a FA, then Allen has value. Don't know what will be C.J's story....to be a fly on the wall when D.G sits him down to talk.
  8. Need to score before the two minute warning this time.....need points now
  9. Very frustrating .....get the team back on the field from the first half......friggin inbelievable
  10. Ball game...Minny couldn't score with a wad of cash in downtown Bangkok.
  11. Can bridgewater throw a ball farther then seven yards?
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