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  1. Justin signed a 5 year deal in 2006. We drafted Ryan the next spring (2007) and cut Justin the following offseason. Im not advocating taking a luxury pick at all... or taking Burns... but Hurney is prob going to take the best player on his board that’s available in round 1... regardless if we think that spot is locked up or not.
  2. I hear ya.. but remember when we drafted Kalil? We had just signed a center in Justin Hartwigthe year b4. We we had a pretty good mlb when we drafted 59. And b4 that Morgan when we drafted Beason.
  3. What about long snapper? Jansen is kinda getting long in the tooth.
  4. I think it really just boils down to how the draft plays out ahead of us. All these guys are in consideration and can make an impact on the roster quickly. Hurney has put himself in a good spot for round 1.
  5. Cam hasn’t thrown a football since... the saints game? Why wouldn’t they be looking at qbs? If the counter is let’s tank if cams toast... just stop. They aren’t gonna do that.
  6. They are looking at their qb and saying... if we had someone that could complete a 20 yd pass vs the saints on mnf then we make the playoffs. And we don’t know if this guy can do that for all 16 games next year. Let’s give our guys some kind of backup plan and a chance to compete no matter what!!! They going to war! Even if it’s a lie, they fight on that lie!!! Something is more important than the truth.
  7. They picked the right player, now it all comes down to what they do with the money. If they pick up a key piece that produces in 2019 this was a winner. If they don’t it could be painful. In short, it’s a little too early to tell.
  8. The language doesn’t need to include the words party deck. Just that they can move you. Which it does and they have.
  9. If you’re sitting at the top of the 500s a party deck ticket would be an upgrade.
  10. Your neighbors are heroes!! Praise them and their house!! #neverforget
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