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  1. This has assistant to the traveling secretary written all over it.
  2. Knew it, you could tell his hammy was fuged. he was doing that dont push off hobble btwn plays. if you've ever done one it hurts when you do it but the real pain is later when it cools down and you try to move again. I bet he had blood all the way down into his calf. Wild looking injury.
  3. I hear that. The only saving grace here is that at least he has the conviction and the means to jump on what he wants rather than be scared to make a move. It's a big time wait and see kinda thing... And based on what Tepper has stated we might have to really wait before we see sustained success.
  4. Fair, but what impact dose it have on the product if it does not impact salary cap? Its just money out of Teps pocket. You worry he might be gun shy to to sign a big name coach later?
  5. Rebuild was going to be part of the equation no matter who was hired. Rhule is just the best guy to do it.
  6. Jeudy paired with DJ Moore and a CmC led backfield... oh boy!!
  7. Yeah we didnt have a QB that could hit a fuging deep ball to save his life.
  8. heck yeah it is, writers vote on it. they are a much better judge of the players than some popularity contest open to the public.
  9. its really is a travesty hat he did all this during a lost season.
  10. It is amazing that a skill player like a rb or wr can have a historically great season and the team suck like we did. Just goes to show how much of a team game it is.
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