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  1. Yeah his running game is no joke... cept when he is up 28-3. Then it is the ultimate LOL!
  2. That not all of what this is all about. They gotta see what they have or don’t have. At the bare minimum it’s a 20 mil $ decision. Kyle isnt going anywhere. They hold all the card in regards to his future.
  3. It’s so weird. I hear he dominates in practice. Double weird.
  4. It’s absurd how many 1st round picks he’s nailed. Picking the greatest mlb of all time at number 9 is by far and away his greatest haul. Hard to top that.
  5. Its true. All those mistakes were the result of relentless pressure and disruption. That’s how you win in today’s nfl. Rons defense is on fire!!
  6. Blank should have fired everyone after that loss. Like the next day. You dont recover from stuff like that.
  7. I read somewhere that the Falcons are 1-12 against afc opponents since their 28-3 implosion.
  8. you should definitely send RV an email and let him know about the benches on the side line.
  9. Excuses are the nails that build the house of failure.
  10. 2018/09/08 North Carolina 19 - East Carolina 41 2014/09/20 North Carolina 41 - East Carolina 70 2013/09/28 North Carolina 31 - East Carolina 55
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