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  1. All construction, in any phase, is considered essential. Its wack as hell but theres no distinction btw someone putting in a new swimming pool in time for the summer and repairing a roof so it doesnt rain in the bedroom.
  2. Say it or dont... at this point it's what is going to happen.
  3. Agreed, seemingly half of everything is considered essential. Lots of people still moving around.
  4. It would be make your own masks with simple guidelines on how to do it. But the CDC has denied this mask rumor... then again, that doesnt mean poo in todays world.
  5. Short of a vaccine, it’s the only sure fire way to contain this thing.
  6. Daaaaang.... what part? I mean there’s a big diff btwn Charleston and Columbia.
  7. Yes. But maybe not until they have a vaccine, drug therapy to treat the virus or at least the proper facilities and tools to take care of the infected.
  8. Least of my worries right now. I’d sacrifice football for a favorable outcome to all of this. Thank you for all you are doing.
  9. did they also report that 96% of deaths are people 60 and up? I honestly dont know.
  10. A few days old but interesting breakdown on age groups none the less.
  11. He basically says... getting rid of cam to sign teddy makes no sense at all.
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