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  1. There’s not much money left in journalism, so this is what we get. When people start to value accurate quality reporting over blazing hot takes it’ll change. Might be a while tho.
  2. Gantt was saying that during TC last year... no long ball... QB doesnt look right... etc etc... they knew, they just coudnt say it directly.
  3. You aren’t driving the 25 miles from uptown to Rock hill in 15 min unless you’re doing 100 mph.
  4. 15 minutes? Yeah right. Maybe if you travel by helicopter. It’s a 30 min drive from uptown when there’s no traffic... and there’s almost always traffic.
  5. I believe it was cover 3 and Reid had the middle.
  6. His creation of separation is something to behold. It’s special. The wormhole analogy Jourdan Rodrigue used earlier this year was 100% spot on. He might as well be f^cking Nightcrawler.
  7. Hurney finally has the freedom to operate like a real GM. Thats the major difference... and what a difference it makes.
  8. we are deep at WR and the best receiver on the team might just play RB. thats some wild stuff.
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