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  1. Matsko knows what he’s doing.
  2. CBDellinger

    PFF loves DJ Moore

    This idea that the coaching staff doesn’t know what they are doing with Moore is ridiculous. He isnt on the field a lot because he doesnt know the offense as well as some of the other guys. It takes time. They can’t put him out there if he’s not ready. As as the season progroresses he will see an increase in snaps.
  3. CBDellinger


    He forced one Sunday. He punched that ball up into the air that Obada int’d.
  4. His job is to eat space in the run game and occupy blockers so others can run free. When 59 can go sideline to sideline and knife thru the opposing OL for backside tackles it cause Poe is doing his job. It’s not glamorous but it’s a huge part of the D.
  5. CBDellinger


    That’s not what happened. the play before the spike started at 30 seconds... Cam got sacked on that play and by the time we got to the line and set there was about 13 - 14 seconds on the clock... which was running and we had no timeouts.
  6. CBDellinger


    Yeah just run it again... with no timeouts and 11 seconds on the clock... are you drunk?
  7. CBDellinger

    What's your biggest concern on Sunday?

    Just worried about scoring more points than the other team.
  8. CBDellinger

    Charlotte *Fourth Ward*

    I wouldn’t not stay in 4th ward for fear of crime... I would avoid it b/c that part of town sucks.
  9. CBDellinger

    Charlotte *Fourth Ward*

    Stay in plazamidwood... go eat at La Bon the night before...after dinner have some drinks right around the corner at Thomas street - strongest pour in town. Hit Sol Gastro Lounge for a night cap. Or go to resident culture and have a good time. Game day take an Uber 5 min to tailgate. Stop at bojangles on Monroe Rd on the way. Winner. Downtown is Chadville on a Saturday night. Pop that collar and bathe in axe body spray... you’ll fit right in.
  10. CBDellinger

    Brother McCaffrey

    Do not seek the treasure! we thought you was a toad!
  11. CBDellinger

    Aw Hell Naw...

    He will just go in as Steve Smith. He won’t go in as a Raven.
  12. CBDellinger

    Aw Hell Naw...

    You don’t go into the nfl hof with a team. It’s just the player.
  13. CBDellinger

    Shout out to Shaq and Poe.

    So glad they dont appear to be forcing that buffalo nickel. Let Shaq play his natural position.