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  1. It will be if Gaulden doesn’t step up and make the most of this opportunity.
  2. true. and a lockout likely hurts the players more than the owners.
  3. I thought he was banging topcats
  4. Did he and Rosinski got canned for the same reason?
  5. I don’t think so. I really worry how that that knob on his forehead would look in bronze. But they should make the radio broadcasters say “MINTERception!!” whenever the defense gets a pick. win/win
  6. hes looks good in pass pro. he is kinda ambivalent in his run blocking.
  7. If Little is a starter at LT for 4-5 yrs what we gave up won’t matter.
  8. Moton. He’s gonna kill people in the run game.
  9. What are his thoughts on that awful panthers draft hat?
  10. Justin signed a 5 year deal in 2006. We drafted Ryan the next spring (2007) and cut Justin the following offseason. Im not advocating taking a luxury pick at all... or taking Burns... but Hurney is prob going to take the best player on his board that’s available in round 1... regardless if we think that spot is locked up or not.
  11. I hear ya.. but remember when we drafted Kalil? We had just signed a center in Justin Hartwigthe year b4. We we had a pretty good mlb when we drafted 59. And b4 that Morgan when we drafted Beason.
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