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  1. Just take care of business. It's still early in the season. Other teams will lose games.
  2. It's funny how not too long ago the majority of people on this board were calling for Shaq to be cut to save money this season.
  3. Random statistic but cool I guess.
  4. Does Norv not understand CMC is a human being and not a machine?
  5. What is White Claw? Is that one of those hipster drinks?
  6. You do know you're considered a millennial, right? Probably should of kept that to yourself. LMAO!
  7. I didn't miss a thing. My point is that's his style and I'm sure his teammates are used to it since they see him almost every day. If Cam's attire is such a distraction that his teammates can't perform the same then that's their problem not his.
  8. That's what he wore when he walked in the stadium! That's his style. Is he supposed to have separate attire for losing?
  9. Mike Vick has been tap dancing ever since he became a media person.
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