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  1. Not a smart move but definitely not something to cut him over. Legalize it already!
  2. I've been saying Curtis Samuel is going to be the Panthers next star player.
  3. Who cares? Deangelo Williams is washed! He has been out of the league and off the Panthers for how many years now? And yet all he ever talks about is the Panthers. Dude needs a hobby or something.
  4. I guess Gaulden isn't the answer. Safety depth is looking real bad right now.
  5. Show me a player who didn't make mistakes during their rookie season. It's not about defending his rookie season but to say it was a wash is way off-base. Not every player is going to hit the ground running especially receivers. Some players need time to learn the NFL game and develop. So far he is developing into a damn good receiver.
  6. He did not miss the first 5 games. He missed most of training camp which is why the team brought him along slowly. They were not playing him the first half of his rookie season. I have to disagree in saying he didn't play well. It was the lack of time on the field. When they finally gave him a chance he was coming along fine. The game he was injured in was his best game. He was catching everything his way.
  7. You asked if he missed his entire rookie year though.
  8. No. He broke his ankle week 10 against Miami.
  9. A bit of an exaggeration on Curtis Samuel's health.
  10. Being the best "white RB" is like being the tallest midget.
  11. Get prepared to see a post like this for every pass he makes in training camp.
  12. Good to see another 80's baby in here!
  13. Don't forget they usually have an injury at the position of weakness which leads to them hiring someone off the couch.
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