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  1. All I want to know is why does everyone call them "corners?" We never say, "Cam is a great quarter," or "Wonder if we'll draft a running this year."
  2. the_philosopher

    Hawks Fans are mad RW isn't MVP

    Those stats do show the biggest thing Cam needs to improve on next year in my opinion: he runs backwards before getting sacked and loses huge yardage.
  3. Good grief. Tried to hit play again just like last week.
  4. I like superbowls (and ludicrous, incidentally). Edit: But really, you can't keep paying all your current players and signing all your future draft picks anyway.
  5. The man is averaging 102 YPG. That's 4th in the entire NFL for a WR with at least 20 catches. I would give up a player and a mid-round pick for that man in a heartbeat. We have a serious need at WR and a team with a legit chance at a postseason run. Not to mention he is the greatest Panther of all time. This should be a no-brainer for the Panthers. And honestly, it should be a real possibility given the current situation with the Ravens.
  6. For what it's worth, I just read this morning a guy on nfl.com claiming that Mitchell has been one of the best safeties in the league this year. He did look good the one Steelers game I watched. Edit: So I guess that's NOT how you're supposed to use the multi-quote feature?
  7. the_philosopher

    Official Texans at Panthers Gameday Thread

    I thought it was a terrible call. 1st down with 4 yards to go, and you put your QB at risk. stupid.
  8. the_philosopher

    2015 Training Camp Awards

    In my opinion, that kind of junk should only last a couple games when the other guys are outmatched. You have to play your potential. By the way, I doubt Norman is a new man. I'd say there's a good chance he could blow a game for us this season. But he's too talented relative to the other options to sit on the bench, and he was all those games he was on the bench.
  9. the_philosopher

    2015 Training Camp Awards

    Unless he uses those pronouncements as some sort of bizarre motivational ploy, we really ought to be concerned about his player evaluations more generally. Armanti is MVP, and Roman Harper deserves to start.
  10. the_philosopher

    2015 Training Camp Awards

    I disagree. Harper looked physically outmatched on the field last year. If he starts, it's because of his "veteran leadership," which I do think Rivera puts too much emphasis on. Many of the rookies getting playing time at the end of the year were in because Rivera was forced to by injuries and bad play. But it took too long in my opinion. Let's not forget, for just one example, how long Josh Norman rode the pine because of his "inexperience." We missed out on pretty much all of his team-friendly rookie contract years in order to watch guys like Cason be "experienced."
  11. the_philosopher

    Funchess Learning From Proehl

    I hate to be that guy, but this seems like a pretty basic thing to be teaching a WR. I'm happy Proehl is here, (because I'm a Panthers fanboy), but this doesn't seem like anything any other NFL WR coach wouldn't be doing.
  12. the_philosopher

    Defensive Backs Impress at Panthers Practice

    I was at practice. Harper was beaten badly on that play by Ginn, and Norman saved it. Why not let someone who has more speed get these practice reps?
  13. the_philosopher

    Big Play Bene

    I want them to play and develop fast players in the secondary. I don't mind the Tillman signing for competition and depth, but he shouldn't get the snaps over anyone unless he's playing really good in camp. Let the young guys make their plays and their mistakes against top talent. And I don't care how good Roman Harper is at "coaching" younger players; he needs to sit. Harper can coach at practice.
  14. I was thinking much the same way they do when communicating draft projections to players thinking of declaring for the draft early.
  15. If he is cleared, the NFL should really make an exception for him and let him negotiate for contracts at the rookie scale he would likely have been drafted at.