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  1. Many people are saying Christian McCaffery is too slow as well. Many people are saying that Daley is a bust because Ron clearly thinks Little is a better LT. Many people are saying are saying Shaq is only good this year because the spirit of Thomas Davis has possessed him and he has no talent. Many people are saying other godawful bullshit that I did no research about and pulled out of my butt.
  2. Posting in a thread calling a player who has never played a down of actual NFL football a "Franchise" player. COME THE fug ON.
  3. I remember Fozzy de cleating Chandler Jones on a block in the Patriots game. There are worse things than him being on the team over Wegher. It's a great problem to have - not worth too much worry. The offensive line should get more for the credit for our backs blowing up in preseason.
  4. https://www.reddit.com/r/nflstreams/comments/3jjo6h/game_thread_carolina_panthers_vs_pittsburgh/
  5. Even the Pittsburgh broadcast is talking about Bryant getting lit the fug up by Mayo
  6. lol @ 1:12 - the chick that kept wanting to brawl gets a bottle of liquor poured on her. e: maybe right after she gets hit with said bottle, actually
  7. ​ He also punched someone in a game and got ejected. Making his mark as our 3rd TE.
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