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  1. Dude stew is getting positive yards most of the times he touches the ball and is also regularly turning a shitty blocked play into big gains. Go ask the Texans how easy it was to stop Stewart last week.
  2. Not really. Bradford pretty much pulled that out of his ass
  3. As far as fantasy goes. I need gronk to ball out. I hate the patriots though so I'm really conflicted about this. Meh thank god football is finally back for real!!!!!
  4. Luke gives everyone the d! On the real though this would be the perfect first addition to the man cave in the house my wife and I are building! Saaaaaaammy puhleasssse pick me! Now to do this twitter pooh @navypf4l
  5. Okay.. I love a great pounding *hahahahaha* run game but uh.. We still have to be able to spread out the defense every once in a while and dammit. Bersin was honestly one of our most consistent weapons when we needed a 1st down through the air. He was not flashy and yes he's fuggin white but got dammit the man was fuggin money when you threw the ball to him. Not to mention he was tall as fug and got open somehow even though he looked like the great white hope out there.
  6. You dummies we just had a blocked punt. I do believe its smart to work on special teams still
  7. Omfg you guys bitch when we can't run it. You bitch because we aren't passing when we are dominating in the run game. Bitch bitch bitch bitch. Sound like my damn wife
  8. You guys are up in here all guns gotta go and blah blah blah and pooh. And I'm over here thinking what in the fug happened to society where this is even a fuging thought process that goes through anyone's mind just because someone hurt their fugging feelings..... I mean really? The thought process of American's has gone to fugging poo. We as a society have launched so far away of having any form of a moral compass. Its the me me me generation. fug you its all about me!! And yet we always skip the root of the god damn problem and jump directly to the tool rather then the actual problem. Like that will ever fuggin change anything. Crazy still going to crazy. American society has gone straight mentally incompetent.
  9. im sorry you must be watching some other game because the only draw within any 10 yards that I saw went for close to 9 yards. Do you not realize the fugging d line we are playing against?!? How retarded do you have to be. Sun wake yeah sure let's drop back and get decked on by them and the blitz for a nice pick 6. Don't be a terd
  10. you think they are trying to win the game or test players?? I know the difference between preseason and the real season.. Do you?
  11. Not even going to lie guys. It was ugly but I saw A LOT of things I liked tonight. I may end up posting a write up on it
  12. dude. You never go full retard. Wide open drops aren't a play call issue there scooter
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