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  1. Missed you. Glad to know you are here!

  2. Just checking to see if your ok. Your mailbox is full on your phone. I need two lower level tickets if you can help out. My sister decided to take Patrick and Nate instead. Call me and let me kn ow your at least ok.

  3. i actually looked...mayb u shud look unda yo bed...hehe.hehe.hehe.hehaaah

  4. everyone loves my location

  5. nice to meet you too... love tha location btw...

  6. hello sweetcheeks, glad to meet you.

  7. Just fuging with you getting worked up over neg rep is sad though.

  8. I am having alot of fun though.

  9. nothing personal but I think you suck. just kidding, I really enjoy the negative rep. Im not used to it so its a cool suprise.

  10. would you be my friend.....?

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