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  1. I never understand how they can blow through all that money and not set themselves up for the rest of their life with the bank they make.
  2. Good to see the love coming Teddy's way from the teammates. You'd expect to see that though regardless of who it was. Well, except for Cam in Boston. His teammates are keeping everything close to the best in the last few quotes I've seen. And the part about moving quickly, I hope that means, the huddle and getting to the line after break the huddle. Always aggravated me how Cam would lollygag in the huddle and getting to the line.
  3. If it's just a pure unweighted lottery, I would think reversing the draft order in each subsequent round would only be fair.
  4. I think we might as well resign ourselves to the probability we won't be in the running for Lawrence or Fields. Especially if Bridgewater does well. If he does well, I'd be more upset about missing out on Sewell.
  5. Got to the 27 minute mark. Wish I had my 27 minutes back.
  6. Better yet. . .all 2021 rookies are free agents and no cap. We win. Our owner is the richest owner and not by a little bit.
  7. Rosenthal was asked which teams offense would be surprisingly good this year and give Carolina the title with top ten status. Said this will be Bridgewater's "Alex Smith" moment. Makes some really good points. https://www.nfl.com/videos/rosenthal-s-sneaky-good-offense-predictions-for-2020
  8. While not stellar numbers, our passing and rushing yards and TDs aren't necessarily bad. If we indeed end up 2nd to last overall it's because we thinks we're going to get a lot of garbage, playing from behind numbers.
  9. I learned a long time ago speaking the truth is not always the best policy. Political correctness is a disease that spreads faster than COVID. Oops. I did it again.
  10. Here's another angle. It can be used twice at any time during a game after a score. How many teams (Kansas City would for sure) after scoring a touchdown on the opening drive would elect to do this? The offense is on a roll, the defense is on their heels. For a high powered offense it's almost a no brainier. Bury the opponent early. If you don't make it but your defense is strong and can hold them to a field goal your still ahead. I actually could see this happening more if someone scores on the opening drive of the 2nd half.
  11. Wish the Washington game was in the 1st half of the year so it might mean something. With it at the end we both could be trying to lose at that point.
  12. Granted this guy has an apparent issue with a knee, but he has dropped way down from where he was projected. As a sixth round pick would you take a chance on a guy like this in a position we could use some depth? What are your thoughts?
  13. So are we done tonight or do we package our 4th along with our other 5th to move into the 3rd?
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