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  1. You said aside from division rivals so it's gotta be the Rams. Everyone, players and fans, will be chompin' at the bit for the 1st game and against the NFC champs no less. An argument could be made for the Seahawks but it will be so late in the season who knows if either of the teams will be in the hunt for the playoffs. Better go see the Rams.
  2. Remember playing a pickup fan football game with him and a bunch of other fans in Spartanburg at training camp one year. Rest in Peace Super "Cat Man" Fan.
  3. I see nothing wrong with being happy if a rookie player ends up being better than the starting veteran, earns the starting job and surpasses the accomplishments the veteran had achieved. That's only good for the team. How many times have we laminated Ron not playing the obviously better, younger player in favor for the waning veteran? Why should this position be any different? Having said that, I am in no means saying Will is better than Cam but will love it if he is.
  4. Gonna miss my after camp Beacon tradition. If you've been to training camp and not stopped by the Beacon then your missing out.
  5. Just finished my 1st mojito. Should be a good night regardless of our picks.
  6. Oh well. There goes Taylor. Guess it was a pipe dream hoping we could get him.
  7. Here's where Raiders need to trade their other 2 1sts.
  8. Dude. . . I'm in the middle of a DOT mandatory break and supposed to be sleeping because I've got to be driving at 3:30AM so yeah. . .get on with it.
  9. I was ready to move on from Cam many years ago but damn they picked a bad year to do it if they do it this year. Wish they had done it several years ago when we could have duped someone out of a plethora of good picks.
  10. Please tell me the draft day hat will not be the same New Era horrible hat featured in another thread where we were ranked last for style.
  11. Absolutely horrendous. At least it's not one of those flat billed ghetto crap. Wait. . . might as well be. . .I'll never wear that design anyway.
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