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  1. No. Your welcome to put part of the blame on the Panthers organization.
  2. Only way we win now is if our D steps up and creates a key turnover.
  3. Uhhhhh. . .did you not watch the last game? He way overthrew Samuel on a downfield slant.
  4. Is there any way we can have our bye week week 1? Or better yet, hell, we'll just play an extra game that week for another team that wants an extra bye week. Problem solved.
  5. I think Allen was the victim of his own head on this one. Once every other phase of our game started to crumble in ruin, he tried to do too much and forcing things which didn't help as we all could see. Hopefully this was a good learning experience for him.
  6. Any one want to predict our halftime adjustments? (Get off the floor laughing. It's really not flattering for you)
  7. Any question if San Francisco is for real or not now?
  8. Not a Saints fan in the least but we could have only hoped to have had Brees in Carolina when he was signed by NO. But we were rolling with Jake at the time and we couldn't be happier with his leadership then.
  9. Lolololol. . . Brees hasn't been inconsistent in New Orleans. Try again.
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