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  1. For instance, the Panthers are sitting at +6000 for winning it all this year.
  2. If Ron allows Allen to REALLY play. . .if the defense doesn't have to win the game. . .if CMC is not the bulk of the offense. . .if Allen plays mistake free quarterbacking and spreads the ball around to multiple players for multiple completions and multiple TD's. . . . . .then you go with the hot hand. (What if the Oline shows up and shows out? Did they get good all of the sudden? Did Allen inspire them? Or did they really just didn't have the warm and fuzzies for Cam and had no desire to protect him? Hmmm.)
  3. Panfanman reporting live. The crowd got loud a few defensive series ago but since then the crowd has been sitting on there hands or exchanging banana pudding recipes and not into the game.
  4. Samuel's catch was a beautiful thing to see in person. But I'm gonna tell you. . . attendance sucks.
  5. How the fug do you let that delay penalty happen!?!? Then you come out with that $h!t play followed by a missed FG. SMDH.
  6. Would have gained another 10 to 15 yards minimum had he not bounced off our own guy.
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