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  1. Fair and good post. Solid take. Rocky Davis? More like Solid as a ROCK DAVIS
  2. So this Javon Kinlaw news for us is interesting. Seems like a legit talent. https://nflmocks.com/2020/01/21/2020-nfl-draft-javon-kinlaw-scouting/
  3. Isn’t Addison a UFA? Weird he would be on it but I must be thinking incorrectly. Doi!
  4. Not to mention the likes of Tyler Johnson could be there in round 2 who would have EASILY been the 1st WR off the bird in previous classes like Ridley/DJs group. I know we have pressing needs but I do think there’s going to be legit WR talent Available at pick 2. Also in general (not to you), appreciate those who aren’t writing this off in a single blip. I’m not necessarily for it but again figured to consolidate and discuss Tua. I like the idea of being aggressive for a franchise QB but do we need a new one yet? Does this draft really have one?
  5. I want to see progress and fire. AZ was a good example this year with Kliff. Had some iffy games early (Like when they lost to that scrub Allen) but KK turned it around there and had them with momentum and keeping up with top teams by the end of the season. I want to see a decent pulse and build-up and not some low barely alive pulse year one. We'll know if something good is coalescing after a few seasons but don't forget sometimes you can find out it's a mistake earlier than expected. I'm super hopeful. Toats. Berries and Oats.
  6. I don’t know if I’d want this as the price could be high but I did have a dream that it happened. So there’s that. I also figure this can consolidate the Tua specific conversation and see what people think. Many think he’d be hands down #1 overall if he didn’t go down so I wonder how teams will look at him if his recovery checks out in March per the reported medical follow up he’s due. He has a really refined game and I just think could be worth the gamble. In an early reboot, I think it’s the most opportune time to take a boom/bust at the most critical position. whatsayyou?
  7. Hunter Henry & Jack Conklin. Don't know what type of defense we'll get but I have always loved LOVED Matt Judon even before that draft. He's a stud.
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