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  1. There is little to like about the next three years with this squad. Bacon, Bridges, Monk and Graham are about it.
  2. A quick perspective: Iran is a much more advanced country relatively speaking (regionally), has a good chunk of a western leaning population and has legitimate metro regions. It is the 17/18th largest and most populated country in the world. This is just a world of wrong here. I hope even those who don't mind the world police/interventionist strategy understand the problem this presents.
  3. Let's not conflate an errant practice to "growing pains"..it does give good grounding for generating a lively QB discussion Igaoer. Kid is good. Allen is good. Heineke is bad. We're going to have 2 capable backups on the roster--will also have trade bait as this entire generation of Eli/Ben/Rivers/Brady/Flacco/Brees is retiring in coming years. The teams that don't land Tug, Herbert, Fromm, or Lawrence are going to be hungry for anyone with potential.
  4. Jake was the first real franchise QB this franchise had. I don't necessarily count Kerry or Beurline. We knew Beurline wasn't a long term QB and even though he put up great numbers, never led us anywhere. Collins' time here was not ideal. This isn't the NFL HOF, it's for our franchise so have to take into account guys who helped create a culture and led our best teams in history. That right there is Jake.
  5. A photo taken of a TV showing a 3dsMAX rendering of a training facility concept on the news. A project likely to be VE'd substantially if it proceeds.
  6. @Jeremy Igo You can move Searcy from this hehe
  7. I think deshaun Foster is underappreciated. Inconsistent with injuries but when on was ON. Remember that one KC game where he blew up. The beer booths shall be named Todd Andy Kerry
  8. Left out the top bc they’re contributors and have heightened expectations. These guys were basically invisible and am curious to if they can make an impact.
  9. I'm seeing an opportunity being given to a few guys: Rashaan Gaulden 3rd rounder (85th overall, 2018): We have a safety spot to sort out and he was our compensation for Benjamin. I'd like to see him work out. Marquis Haynes 4th rounder (136th Pick, 2018): Been mentioned a few times recently, he was dope in college; does he have legit potential and a role in our hybrid/3-4 looks? Jermaine Carter 5th rounder (161st pick 2018) & Andre Smith 7th rounder (234th pick 2018): Do these guys maintain roles? I actually really like both and Carter got some decent playing time last season. https://247sports.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/Article/Jermaine-Carter-earn-bigger-role-Panthers-2019-130589229/ Bottom Line: This is a make it or brake it for Hurney's first draft since coming back. He's hit high in the draft once again, do one of these later guys work out? I'd like to see what Gaulden and Haynes can do. I don't think Gaulden is a lost cause at S such as Elder or Seymour at CB. I'd of course like to see competition brought in but want to gauge everyone's perceptions of these 2nd year guys not named Moore, Thomas or Donte Jackson.
  10. In regards to thread title: Wish You Were Here is the best PF album.
  11. Scarlett looks good. Search for his YT videos post suspension. Seems to have wisened up a ton and looks like a decent kid. Doesn’t seem like a bad dude and appears to have learned from previous mistakes. Could turn out really nice behind CMC. Like his talent a lot.
  12. I'd like to see a Darian Stewart signing. Though Ron Parker is definitely a Rivera smellin' signing erheh..
  13. Yeah, if he can at least be Oher, I think we're comfortable. Moton or Daryl emergency backup. It's good that we have 2 starting caliber tackles in Daryl and Moton. This makes it potentially 3. Injury scenarios become much more manageable. Little-Williams-Paradis-Turner-Moton (or swap Moton & Daryl)...solid Maybe we'll have decent depth with Daley, Larsen, Van Roten, & Mahon. We know VR and Larsen are a-ok.
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