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  1. We use them for blocking and our current TEs aren't very good at it. So the investment wouldn't be a high end pick or anything like that but someone who can do that job better than what we have/use them for.
  2. Honestly, let's just trade up for Zach Wilson or Justin Fields and make this sh*t happen. We can still build an offensive line. C in Rd 2-4, T/G FA, late rounder, a TE here or there.
  3. If you can get an upgrade on the OL, you grab it. Though this is promising. Center is IMO the biggest offensive need along with a TE & QB of the future. Defense: LB, S, CB, DT
  4. I know we're trying to keep excited about TB at the helm but let's pull it back just a wee bit
  5. Our plan was D last year, O this coming offseason. I don't think it will be 100% offense in the draft but it will be a focus. I can see a LB or CB in play early but think we can breath on the DL unless a guy we really like is there in R1-4.
  6. Robbie, DJ & CMC, with a refreshed OL and Zach Wilson could be pretty juicy.
  7. We're about to see Whitehead phased out. Today was the breaking point and I imagine Adarius will be in for way more snaps next week. Not much after Boston so he'll probably keep roaming around and doing whatever he does lol.
  8. We had a few ill timed blitzes with the DBs today. Some bad play calls but nothing terrible. We just look rather bland. Brown is going to be fine but he's not a splashy type, Burns & Chinn are legit the only two really keeping this defense together. Been pleasantly surprised with Corn Elder & YGM looked good until IR, but we really need to tighten up the box and get better awareness back there. Chinn & Burns could both become stars in due time, but we need to go out and aggressively find a defensive leader at LB or S. A guy that is reading everything, redirecting, communicating effectively. It's impossible to find Luke level but let's do our best to seek that out.
  9. Yepppp I hate to lament on would-a, should-a, could-a, but yep. It will be critical to identify guys whether draft or FA this coming offseason that are 3+ year plugs minimum at 3 major spots (excluding QB): LB, CB, & C. No busts, no wasted spent $$. We'll have cash for the first time in a bit to grab some young and higher level starters.
  10. Shame we gave him and Luke what we did. This is honestly the first time since early-Fox that I genuinely feel we have the right staff in place. And those are the only two times. Was too young to properly judge Dom, Seifert was a waste, Ron was an amazing guy, but I'm sorry, a waste. Had such a piss poor coaching staff for years & no OL. 2015 was great and all but we wasted something special.
  11. Wait that's the same guy?! Color me stoopified
  12. That's my only guess at this point. I would have prioritized him and Bradberry but whatevs.
  13. I mean, maybe he's a really really weird dude or something?
  14. Yup. We're doing fine. Had no expectations going into the season and the fact that we're so competitive speaks wonders to the crew we brought in. I did think we would have a bit more of a punch on offense but it's just hard to gauge without CMC. Only punted once today without him against a good Saints defense. Things are trending up and the fact people are itching for the wins/pissed about not pulling this out tells me its more about where we're at. Knowing we're competitive rather than in tank mode which is honestly great. Many of the top team found the current top QBs by continuing to compete and not just falling apart. KC, SEA, GB, TN, etc.
  15. Field goal game where we don't have our MVP and a horrendous defense...we showed up. Made a lot of small weird situational decisions.
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