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  1. Midst the storm of crud that clouds this team, Jermaine Carter JR. has looked really good this season thus far on pretty limited snaps. 1 blocked punt & a sack Small sample size and I will admit thought Andre Smith May be better/a bit quicker from the same draft class, I’m impressed really with Carter. Both were actually very important plays in each game keeping us in the bout. Does he has starter potential here? Does he fit the scheme? just curious and figured a positive topic could be a change of pace. Cheers you deviled eggs.
  2. Shaq, DJ, CMC, Samuel, Jackson and Burns are my brightest younger spots and hope they become/remain staples for at least 4+ more years. Jackson specifically needs to work on his physicality and tackling technique; his ball skills are there. Very hopeful for Carter, Miller, Scarlett and Haynes. the rest..meh
  3. Iced green tea is nice. Maybe a CBD drink as well.
  4. Grier is not ready for NFL speed. Allen is a backup, Matt Moore/Colt McCoy at best. Cam is in this current state/phase and see what happens. If he breaks down, see what Grier is worth. Allen was a flash in the pan against a lackadaisical Saint squad. Just roll with our boi for now. I smell 6-10
  5. Respectable post man. No need to throw that earlier shade! I'm asking why we're not trusting him to be himself. I may have my crazy posts, but you should know I sprinkle in normally idiotic posts as well
  6. Try your shtick on someone else. It’s not on cam but we’re clearly abandoning his strengths. Why?
  7. This guy sucks. I’m sorry but Ian thomas has blocking capabilities and, can you know, do the whole tight end thing. Get this mother [email protected] out of this offense. We’re right where we left off with Rivera and going nowhere fast. He may look good on camera and for the owners, but we’re a decade deep in sh*t. Boo this team. Boo this offense.
  8. So we’re comfortable with not running him AND not using his arm...wtf he’s not Mark Sanchez.
  9. It’s clear as day Cam thinks the pocket will collapse when it doesn’t. He gets jittery when he has all day and I blame both Gettleman and Hurney.
  10. He’s an amazing player; he didn’t play well today.
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