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  1. saX man

    Devin White LSU

    He's one of the most sure firenstarsbin the draft. Would love it, could happen. He's the best since Wagner and Luke to come out. Devin Bush and Mack Wilson are 2nd round possibilities as well.
  2. I think this guy likes Cam. Hard to tell though.
  3. saX man

    Draft Kyler Murray

    I'd take Rypien, Grier, Lock, and Jones over him. Especially Rypien. I like that kid's mechanics and arm.
  4. I'm just not getting my hopes up or creating an unnecessary level of enthusiasm about Tepper, the team, anyone. Being patient to wait and see but I'm not all giddy in the interim. You're supposing things that we don't know about. Don't.
  5. My point wasn’t in line with the thread premise. I’m saying a multiple front 4-3 Base is the modern defense to run, I.E. LAC and CHI. Even NE is doing it a bit these days. We’ve never really run that hybrid of a defense, we run a ton of nickel and standard 4-3 and really don’t have the EDGE types. I see this whole black and white 4-3 or 3-4 thing when the most successful teams really aren’t doing either right now. That’s why the people chiming in with the 3-4 jokes look rather silly as if they don’t see how the landscape is these days.
  6. I'm not wasting my time keeping my hopes up. I won't pretend I know how he thinks or anticipate some grand scheme approach to building a team. He's not Tywin Lannister.
  7. Depends on the transition. I agree that Addison is not suitable for an EDGE role. He plays with them muddy fingertips as the old crew says. KK wouldn't have a big leap however. He already plays 1 through 5 tech with us. It's within his capacity as it stands.
  8. Teams are using interiors that can collapse the pocket and athletic edge talent. There's no problem in try to grab those types as well.
  9. Those defenses you're referencing versus the current Bears and Chargers are not the same. Who was our EDGE OLB in 2011 that we were using standing and hands in the dirt? I get the argument you are looking to make but you're not framing it correctly at all. Ravens were not a base 4-3 with Lewis.
  10. If they want to at least be somewhat more forward thinking, they would install a Bears/Chargers type defense which are technically 4-3 but with 3-4 fronts. This allows them to use guys like Mack and Ingram insanely well. That's the modern NFL. It's not 4-3 or 3-4 black & white. The LB/EDGE talent is super interesting and versatile nowadays. And fact of the matter is, there's a lot of interesting EDGE talent this draft that fits the hybrid schemes like Sweat, Allen, Polite, Burns, etc. My personal sleeper: Ben Banagu I honestly don't think we need Addison, Butler, or Shaq back no matter the scheme. Elsewhere, Short is totally a capable 3-4 DE mold, Kuechly is fine inside (could pair with the sensational Devin White to the dismay of the Huddle). You can maintain a zone heavy secondary actually better with a multi-front look.
  11. Yucksauce. We could do better with Captain Ducksauce.
  12. saX man

    New Panthers mascot for 2019

    His name should be Todd Panther and should be a lounge singer with a black vest made from the fir of a Panther. Growl.
  13. This. Optics fellers. You trot out acting like the funny uncle (worth a few bil), drop in on tailgates, try Roaring Riot beer, make MSNBC appearances, then your new team plummets...you could at least send out some sort of letter or any form of communication to the fanbase. Virtually every franchise in the league does this to some capacity at years end. JR was a senile dude with half functioning organs, with him it was understandable. He was just thinking tight jeans and chicken. This guy just bought the team and has never really publicly laid out a vision. He did an initial generic thing with the purchase, but it's almost like he's missing a few steps here from a publicity standpoint, which does matter as people may put the idea down. This opinion of mine may not hold for long, it is of the moment, but I feel like there's an unnecessary amount of non-communication. Everyone saw what happened to close the year, own it, embrace it, drive through it 100 MPH.
  14. Being uninterested in throwing money at this team is not some silly thing, it's people not bought in and completely understandable from my view. I'm not dropping a few hundred on stubhub for a few tickets for this crap, why should anyone after the guac-in-the-trash they trotted out those last 8 games. Someone needs to justify a reason to fork over any money in favor of this team. The only reasons they have are the guys like Cam, who they leaving high and dry time and again, never truly supporting the dude.