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  1. saX man

    A Decade of Ron Rivera

    I stand corrected, a year off. Next year would be 9, the following 10. Regardless, it's a damn long time fellers! Ciao.
  2. This squad has been a team since '95. We've had: 1. Dom Capers 2. George Seifert 3. John Fox 4. Ron Rivera Out of these 23-ish years, we will have had Rivera for 9 of them (maybe 10) with as much to show for it as Fox. This needs to be over. We are wasting away. What the hell are we even waiting for anymore? Capers=defense, Seifert=Walsh finisher, Fox=defense, Rivera=defense We are perpetually focused on defense and suck on defense. Weird season and weird coaching. This team still hasn't figured out their identity. My primary point: We have a new owner and have had absolutely dull coaches who were guys "due" HC gigs. It's time to hire ahead of the curve. I see a lot of Tepper support but the guy has basically been playing it cool and safe, with cushy marketing and community stuff. A lot are claiming they love him already and think he's all with it, but I'm saying: let's wait and see. Saxy out.
  3. "Not the Saints" should be an option and the top selection.
  4. saX man

    CJ Anderson To The Chiefs

    They'll use both Ware and CJ then continue to win games.
  5. You know the Panthers' media staff is even spent at this point, they just posted a single image on IG that says "Game" with the final score. Usually they still have fun with it or take a positive nugget. Nah.
  6. Unfortunately this. At least it will make a win surprising if it happens.
  7. saX man

    Ken Wisenhunt

    Georgia Tech doesn't even want him https://yellowjackedup.com/2018/11/30/georgia-tech-football-why-ken-whisenhunt-wouldnt-be-a-good-fit/
  8. saX man

    Ken Wisenhunt

    He is known to be one of the most disliked coaches there is by both players and colleagues. It also looks like he's going to a sh*tty college to coach next year. Hard pass. Just no.
  9. saX man

    Coaching Bio Links

    A crazy name from the past to consider: Mark Helfrich Age: 45 Current gig: Bears OC (Anyone remember his tenure in Oregon?) So....Chip Kelly's OC and successor, then had a bad year and left the college ranks. Was a headscratching hire by the Bears but Nagy is looking pretty smart with the move. Maybe he has smoothed out his coaching style since Oregon. Seems to have a feel for today's NFL. They use both Howard AND Cohen, a solid TE (Burton), and a variety of receivers like Allen Robinson, Anthony Miller, & Gabriel. I still don't know if Mitch T. is the real deal but that offense has gotten going this year with interesting talent that is comparable in some ways.
  10. A good chunk of the TE2's assignment is blocking in our scheme but Ian has shown he's quite capable in protection and carving run lanes. He's also a receiver. It's hard to think Manhertz has been THAT much better of a blocker that it has warranted the sittings the past few weeks. Ian will be TE1 the rest of the season now, he could show out. Fingers crossed.
  11. Well this should be fun to react to! hahaha
  12. Same was with JR and the organization. Same dynamic with players-coaches. It's great they're one big family but will they start consistently winning for once? We've got an emotional crew here. Erghh.