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  1. I think most recognize the need, but are setting the expectation we'll ignore it.
  2. Unpopular opinion: I think Jeudy is the 3rd/4th best WR in the draft.
  3. I also think Diggs and Jaylon Johnnson's size+athleticism+press skills will put them ahead of Gladney on team boards. Gladney could be the one on the board for us in round 2.
  4. Assuming you mean Cushenberry III, I totally 100% agree. He was the longest tenured captain when he left and is the most familiar with Brady alongside Jefferson. And he's arguably the best non-tackle OL in this draft. I would trade up into the 2nd for him.
  5. I would add Justin Strnad to the list as well. (We met with him) Great size, quickness, needs a bit of development but there's a ton of potential.
  6. Yes, he's being free caring optimistic asking about a good 2-punch duo in the 1st.
  7. McKinney could fall to the end of the first. The talent elsewhere is just way too good but safety isn't awful, just not a coveted position and a mixed bag. Not a Delpit fan but Dugger and Chinn look to be rising. CB is sneaky good. Thought it was kind of light on talent at first but have come around to the guys in the 2nd-3rdish projection range. About 5-6 instant starters overall. WR goes for miles but there will be 3 very happy teams that end up with Lamb, Hamler and Jefferson. A random shoutout--Coulter out of RI is a late rounder I'm a fan of. LSU's big ugly captain in Cushenberry, who knows Brady's blocking schemes could be an interesting R2 trade up for us. His chatter has been quiet but he's a top OL prospect.
  8. Stop being an arse. To the subject of the thread, in running through scenarios, I think there will be equal talent available at 38 so it will take us falling in love with a specific prospect to do so. Though do stand by names mentioned.
  9. I'm feeling a rare R1 trade down for us. The needs of the teams between 7 and 12 do not align with ours. Hell, Brown could still be available in a trade down with Vegas.
  10. Epenesa DE (yeah, he can fall this far), Gladney CB, Jaylon Johnson CB, Gross-Matos DE, Mims WR, Aiyuk WR are names that come to mind. Derrick Brown + Gross-Matos could be an interesting DL combo platter. Maybe Hamler...but he shouldn't make it past the Eagles.
  11. I wouldn't hate it but there would be a freakout in here. Honestly, just add the best talent you see fit. Could very well be a receiver this year. I love Okudah, Brown and Simmons though. It's all goooood
  12. They almost have to do it considering the circumstances and what they can get their team doctors to verify/confirm with him. It's an interesting situation. This draft could be pretty wild.
  13. The Jake Jags comeback at the start of his SB run and the Cards NFCCG annihilation.
  14. Why are so many under the impression that we "paid" for Bridgewater? He's going to be like the 24th out of 32 contracts/year and we can cut him after 2 years. We're totally fine here. Stop acting like we invested anything in him.
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