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  1. Wasn’t he actually a mod at one point? And ppl should consider that some longtimers ghat are pined for may have simply gone goofy and made new accounts some years back muhahaha
  2. To echo previous posts: We never really made this advertised 3-4 switch in the first place. The defense looks near identical to all of Ron's in previous years.
  3. We kicked you out of the orgy for a reason Lonnie!
  4. He's worth giving a shot next season, not disputing that but I do think we need to handpick a guy if we can. "If" is the keyword.
  5. We're in good shape to retool rather than rebuild with a new coach and QB next season.
  6. He's doing okay. Made a bad mistake, needs to take charge and lead this team. Show you have a bit extra in the 4th kid. Step above being a manager. We need quick points.
  7. Reid was bad that drive. Got pushed around.
  8. This guy should should at least be demoted. Should not be leading an officiating crew.
  9. It all began with TJ Ward, Week 1, 2016 IMO and then we ran him into the ground in 2017 and gave him an awful awful OL. 2017 was the year that f*cked him up and he somehow retooled into having a great 2018 until we all know what happened against TJ Watt. 2017 really wore him down IMO and that's what he's still working back from as much as the injuries. DG and Rivera really served him crap for years and Cam had to figure out new ways to win in spite of them. It's al these damn TJs. BLAME TJ. That being said, I can see him coming back with fire but also retire so it's just such a mixed bag scenario all around.
  10. I wouldn't worry about him too much lol Davante Adams though
  11. I'd love to see Miller come back soon and get some snaps again. He's been efficient as hell when in.
  12. Many of the EP teams run variations of sorts with some more traditional packages mixed in. Just like defenses these days, offenses are hybrids of sorts and it's not necessarily a cut and dry EP, WC, or AC offense anymore.
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