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  1. Healthy we are SB capable. I have mega high expectations for this season. You build from the lines out and we finally did it and with strong intent. Let's dent the league.
  2. Have the app on the pixel and it's great. Don't pay but still get nice content.
  3. If Cam is 100, I see a 13-3 type season and we split with the Saints. I mean, who the hell outside the Saints is really in play? The Bears are beatable, GB is transitioning, Vikes? meh, um, the East is awful and I don't think any of the west teams are that special including the Rams. We have a clear path to a great season. We've got the talent and organization in place that can make a big run. DO IT.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6J9ayHYClw8
  5. Don't salmon fish the Yemen in that river you stealthy salamander. Never forget the playoff implications. And the implications of false messiahs onto faulty generators of ill-contrived faith. The prophetic nature of Natrone Means never play method shall persist. The Steve model of thorny branching shall persevere. Salud.
  6. No. No. No. Someone did an analytics breakdown (I'll dig up the article) and it showed the lineups with Miles at the 3 were far and away our best this past season. Situationally, he can be okay at the 4, but even in consideration of a small ball approach, that at max should be under 10 min/gm. He needs 15+ min at the considering the lack of talent on this squad. Not feeling it JB.
  7. 1+1 Back in Canada. LA next year.
  8. This will be the most unlegendary season ever. I think we have the least talent on a squad that the NBA has seen in years. Rozier-Monk-Batum-Williams-Zeller? Lol Might as well run this season with Graham, Bacon, and PJ.
  9. https://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/sports/MLS-Expands-Expansion--San-Diego-Hopes-Still-Alive-508834631.html San Diego and Charlotte would be perfect #29 and 30 for the league.
  10. The aggressive pandering approach to immigration is frustrating and the big corporate actors (Booker, Kamala, etc.) want to avoid Foreign Policy talk. Happy Tulsi forces their hands to discuss it so we can expose who's out of their element. Sidebar--They really need crowdless debates. Pandering would dramatically be reduced and it would create a whole different approach to the debating.
  11. This sh*t is a bunch of yikes. I like Gabbard's foreign policy, Yang's ambition/overall non-political approach, Bernie's enthusiasm, Kamala's whip, and Trump's blissful neglect of reality to accommodate the self. We should all admit we strive to be honest d*ck's who have reality by the balls. Big items: Healthcare cost measures, anti-aggressive foreign policy, & trend aware institutional positioning. Yang and Warren have the best combo platters IMO but we need a prez who's done psiloscybin at least twice.
  12. Nope. Let him go, sign some bum like Clarkson, maybe re-sign Lamb or get Caldwell-Pope. Then proceed to pursue a top lottery pick for 2020. Use the season to grow Bacon, Bridges, Graham & PJ. Graham will be 24 and might as well test him out running the second unit. Also, it's make or break for Monk. If he's looking like the same mid-to-low 30% 2, trade him while we have a tiny window left. Maybe we'll win 20 games. Cheers.
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