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  1. PantherKyle

    Cam sucks

    God there are so many morons on this forum. Bet you hate Eric Reid too?
  2. Anyone know how to watch this on mobile?
  3. Bersin may deserve to make the team, but don't make him anything higher than #4.
  4. Cox needs to be on the team.
  5. Why are we not passing? We need to evaluate our WR, not Artis-Payne.
  6. Bills announcers just said they could have best D in league history lmao.
  7. Is Shaq not playing tonight?
  8. Nice drive I really hope Cotchery doesn't get this much playing time. Dude sucks.
  9. PantherKyle

    Ted Ginn update

    Not too excited about Ginn as a WR. We need someone more reliable.