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  1. he seems like the only person actually getting pressure
  2. countryboi

    Just in time for November

    as bat poo crazy as these 2 years have been you think this will even make the top ten? just add this to the pile of crazy
  3. I think Jay-Z did something similar last year, i think doing the super bowl for a artist like rihanna or Jay maybe a career limiting move.
  4. countryboi

    Thursday notes and interviews

    I’m reading a lot of excuses...
  5. this is a game the type of game we win, we are always better with our backs against the wall. 27-24 Panthers
  6. countryboi

    Falcons Freeman to IR

    They have been playing better without him, Ito smith is pretty much freeman light.
  7. countryboi

    The token *****

    When a famous black person speaks in front of the media not even the leader of the free world, he represents all black people. its is very very important to us that not only does that person have a message that is inline with most black people but we cant have them painting us in a even more negative light than we already have. bottom line being black is hard enough without Kanye ignorant uninformed ass perpetuating stereotypes. fug Kanye
  8. if they could have they would have..they ran what they are good at
  9. should have never gotten to first down....get the damn first down
  10. fuging Cam get the damn first down.....it should never came to a 4th down
  11. we have some of the worse fans of any winning team
  12. i feel pretty good about the 2nd half...the defense is playing top notice, we just cant turn the ball over
  13. yea that sounds like crap but ok
  14. Alex Smith has caught Luke twice with dirty eyes
  15. countryboi

    Byrd out again

    damn Byrds and their hollow bones..