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  1. countryboi

    Trump will win 2020

    I could literally run a rock vs Trump and win in 2020.
  2. countryboi

    Rivera on First Take (Today)

    what I learned here is CMC had over 350 touches....that is insane, we have to fix this.
  3. countryboi

    What a lousy strategy

    at least he did it again the dynasty like the Pats and didnt lose to a Denver team without a QB. yep im still bitter
  4. countryboi

    Kaep/Reid Collusion Case Settled

    The entire collusion case was about money, Kap and Reid literally said we can not work because the league is black balling us. of course they settled..people always want to paint people something they are not, if Kap didnt die poor in the streets for social injustice he is a complete sell out. Money can help a lot of people
  5. the scary thing is some of these issues we have had for years...how long has been looking for a safety, an edge rusher and a tackle?
  6. countryboi

    AOC Masterfully Breaks Down How Money Affects Politics

    I will say this AOC has done an amazing job being mouthpeice for alot of Bernie Sanders ideas that when he said them came off as crazy old man yelling at cloud.
  7. countryboi

    AOC Masterfully Breaks Down How Money Affects Politics

    Outside of the memes, how can any one on the right have an opinion of AOC. what else has she done that has them so pissed but having a lot of ideas and verbalizing those ideas?
  8. countryboi

    Bernie going to run in 2020

    Venezuela has way way more issues than socialism. Venezuela chief resource is oil but its very expensive for them to extract it. so when prices are low like they are now they are getting their ass kicked. they have very little in the way of private business and Maduro attempted to print money to fix their cash flow issue with caused hyper inhalation. thats not even talking about the whole narco state thing Maduro has going on. A poorly run country is a poor run country no matter if its socialist or capitalist.
  9. countryboi


    if you didnt watch Fox News, you wouldnt even know what to talk about.
  10. countryboi

    Case Keenum anyone?

    i wouldnt trade for him but i wouldnt mind bring him in after he is cut.
  11. countryboi

    Shits gettin real now

    Man i get tired of tell people blackface is offensive....its not funny its not cute its never a good idea, yet we keep doing this.
  12. countryboi

    The senate is about to hammer trump

    One Mueller is Republican. Two his investigation is on track to break even because of the money seized from Manafort. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2019/02/12/mueller-russia-investigation-costs/2736507002/
  13. countryboi

    Strict ID laws don't stop voters

    BS...voter id laws are designed to prevent minorities and young students from voting by making it as difficult as possible. https://www.wired.com/story/voter-id-law-algorithm/
  14. countryboi

    The thing most likely to cause your financial ruin

    that's why i never understand how people can be against a single payer system, every single one of us is one cancer diagnosis from bankruptcy.
  15. countryboi

    Kamala Harris

    She is pandering to black folks because her track record as a DA and general attorney are super questionable plus you tell me you are for black people but we aint good enough to marry? im good.