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  1. I had a Jones fracture in both feet....i was i was good in like 9-12 weeks. my wife was fuging pissed
  2. countryboi

    Winslow Jr

    Im shocked this is not a much bigger story....this dude was stalking and raping elderly homeless women. how did he even get here.
  3. how long does it take you to search the internet to find stories that fit your narrative
  4. I'm pretty sure this is unconstitutional
  5. Backup running back, its a glamour position and all these guys are talented in their own way. im looking forward to it.
  6. Being a traitor to your country is not a personality flaw.
  7. Christopher Columbus and Robert E. Lee are heroes to who? Columbus wasnt even American and was brutal to actual American natives and Robert E Lee was a traitor that would have been hung in any other country.
  8. that menu from Fern is super thin, it's really just sandwiches and appetizers
  9. Biden is on the wrong side of every issue...its very disappointing to see him as the front runner
  10. if an old retired cop didn't want to get in a shoot out with a crazy gunman, what in the hell is an armed teacher going to do?
  11. if you going to do it do it....this aint The Bachelor dude just pick a damn team.
  12. After that Carolina BBQ comment I don’t trust your judgement about anything. On one hand the wire is dope on the other this dude don’t like vinegar based BBQ...he suspect
  13. I'm not trying to anoint anyone, we got three talented guys together and going to let their play sort them out.
  14. The players can’t last a year without a pay check they will be hurting within a month. I’m not even a fan of the owners but the players are notoriously weak.
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