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  1. The idea is not unheard of https://www.wlrn.org/post/florida-proposal-would-pave-way-compensating-survivors-ocoee-massacre
  2. Not 250 bucks. It always amazes me how cheaply people will sell themselves
  3. Tua is broken what part are this are yall missing? he cant even pass to april and will most likely not be ready for next season.
  4. everyone has a plan till they get hit. -Mike Tyson and Derrick Henry most likely
  5. I think Cam at 30 is young enough to be included in the rebuild. QBs have a much longer life span than most other positions
  6. this staff answers the question of what would happen if you take a great college staff and bring them to the NFL.
  7. I like the idea, this coaching staff need veteran NFL coaches on it badly.
  8. im excited about this, its a swing for the stars hire....even if he sucks we tried hard.
  9. if Rivera had hired Del Rio has his DC in Carolina he would still be in Carolina
  10. I think you take the best Tackle available in the draft and move Daley inside. Andrew Thomas or Jedrick Wills
  11. I dont think like ownership feels like the can trust him. he burned alot of bridges last season
  12. just what we thought Morton was pretty good and everyone else on the line was trash
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