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  1. I dont trust anyone that eats candy corn they clearly dont make good choices
  2. Teddy has a great feel for the game, what defense are doing, the play call, getting the team in the right situation. If he had a cannon he would be elite level in this league and he is still very good
  3. I think they both need more snaps with CMC hurt, it doesnt make any for one running back to dominate the snaps
  4. i was a fan since he burned the hell out the Panthers a few years ago, he is built like a twig but he can fly.
  5. i dont he played fine, just let me be in my feelings
  6. Douglas is clearly one of our better corners it will not be long before he is starting, its really just a matter of time
  7. Teddy B is clearly a mini van, he runs he get you where you need to go but I traded in my lambo for this??
  8. I dont see it, he didnt want to retire in the first place. he made it seem as if it was out of his hands, I just cant see that changing in a few years
  9. It doesnt matter, you gave wrong poorly researched information I gave you the correct answer. you do with it what you will.
  10. voter ID laws are used to disfranchise minorities, which is why the NC law was blocked by a federal district court
  11. Kinda reminds me of Shaq when he was first drafted. im sure Shaq wouldnt have minded a few reps at running back
  12. this is a lot to unpack....
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