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  1. What Pats coordinators have had any success outside of the patriots eco system?
  2. We a bad team bad contracts mean nothing, we are not a destination for players its way way better to horde picks.
  3. welcome to the club..the Expanse is amazing
  4. I saw Ron Rivera this weekend in Pineville near the Chipotle. I spoke and told him we love him. he seemed happy and so unbothered by the Panthers.
  5. This is a great example why black people were so mad about Amber Guyger, people have no problem with the victims family forgiving and even hugging that bitch after she killed their brother in cold blood. God forbid, that same grace is extended in Michael Vick. We aint even as value as a fuging puppy in yall eyes
  6. when its time to move on its time to move, you cant decide whats a good decision after a week
  7. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/12/06/tua-tagovailoa-admits-he-might-not-be-the-same-after-injury/
  8. well this was a waste of time...also Tua himself said he doesnt think he will ever be the same
  9. this fuging bitch Pitlyk is against IVF and surrogacy, talking about it cheapens motherhood.
  10. If they do a silent vote.....maybe. No one is going to publicly dump Trump but im willing to bet they really hate him.
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