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  1. they literally cant its too much money to be lost. the nba alone stands to lose 2b dollars and would have to renegotiate their CBA. they are going to have to play and the only real way to play is the players would have to be quarantining the players for 2 weeks then isolating them for the season. any sick player in the league would risk shutting the whole league down. its not about just blindly going to play because doing so puts the whole league at risk.
  2. if they would lie and beat on a 75 year old man what chance does any of us have?
  3. Taysom Hill is never going to anything more than a gimmick player.
  4. I think someone on reddit quoted this as
  5. wow he just got paid paid! he has a skill set that will make him productive for a long time. im not worred
  6. I know i cant wait to hear you complain about it everyday till the election
  7. This is as important if not more important than gun control. People will fight over their guns but not encryption to protect their data.
  8. I wish him nothing but the best he has been amazing here. I know the NFL is a business but i want him to do well where ever he is.
  9. I will never understand what people see in this dude. He can barely string sentences together.
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