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  1. Who would have thought RG3 would last longer than Luck?
  2. I honestly thing dan mccreedy is doing a poo job of going at Dan Bishop. He has way more money yet i never see his commercials and the ones I do see are all about that trash health care bill. I feel like he could be doing much better.
  3. Just remember this dude is the same scumbag that was the team doctor for the chargers and ended up on probation for 21 months for prescribing ambien ton Junior Seau like candy.
  4. how many years have I watched the Panthers look like they cant pick up a blitz
  5. it held ZERO weight anyway...these dude voted for Trump and are going to tell me who to vote for? Your judgement is already super questionable.
  6. Trump appeals to people without critical thinking skills, all they know is they are republican and this is my team and im rolling with it, add that with a healthy dose of Fox News and boom Crazy.
  7. I know we are waiting for Bull to tell us who we should vote for.
  8. The Ten Stages of Genocide http://genocidewatch.net/genocide-2/8-stages-of-genocide/
  9. I sadly read this like 5 times and i still dont know what the hell he is talking about.
  10. my dad would let me quit anything till after the season was over, I knew this was a requirement going in.
  11. he been really strange ever since Burfict attempted to remove his head from his body, ironically they are now teammates. the Raiders should be a fun locker room.
  12. if President Orange is worried you should be too. https://beta.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2019/08/19/trumps-scam-is-failing-him-hes-panic-over-it/?utm_source=reddit.com
  13. this nut case literally just joined this forum to spam the tinderbox. what a complete waste of time and effort
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