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  1. I dont know they pass the eye ball test. they run the ball very well and they rush the passer very well, you do those to things you are going to win alot of games. Are they super bowl contenders, maybe not but they are playoff worthy.
  2. They are also missing their kyle juszczyk and it really seemed to affect their running game against the rams
  3. countryboi

    This is real

    and he is on the wrong side of every issue.
  4. This is property tax, it was made public because he appealed to have his tax bill lower every 9 years. https://www.propublica.org/article/trump-inc-podcast-never-before-seen-trump-tax-documents-show-major-inconsistencies
  5. That SF running game is going to be a problem problem....they dont have any big backs its all speed all the time. if we can slow that down, We will be fine.
  6. make the waste time game planning for two completely different QBs
  7. Im not worried about the offense, the real issue is going to be stopping the run vs SF
  8. The NFL thinks it wants a team in london but right now the NFL is a novelty, they have no ties to any team. They just wear whatever jersey they have in the closet. Once the honeymoon wears off they are going to stop showing up and that doesnt even talk about the logistics of traveling from London to the West Coast.
  9. Half the teams on that list with an X would toss their franchise QB out a window for a chance at Cam....you think the Browns would give a damn about Baker and his 11 int if they had a chance at something better?
  10. No excuses if Cam plays he is healthy and the Oline is as good as it has been all year. Daley and Moton are the future.
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