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  1. OP, I have no confidence that any of your conditions to get back on track will happen
  2. Agreed. poo on me as much as you want. Maybe I'm jumping the gun. But I don't want to re-sign Cam for beyond 2020. I'm not even sure that I want him to start for us in 2020. He isn't the same player.
  3. Apparently Aqib agrees with my view. Couldn't care less. I still take lots of pleasure in the Saints losing that way. That call in a vacuum was absolute crap. In the context of the rest of the game, it was just another missed call. It happened in a consequential moment, but it was still just another missed call.
  4. Wasn't nervous about LA. I assumed it would be very tough to beat them. Not so much nervous about TB as I'm nervous about the prospect of starting 0-2. As others have said, the playoffs are just about a fantasy if you start 0-2. If you don't win that first one, the pressure builds to get the first win until you're 0-3 and virtually certain to have no chances at the playoffs.
  5. Your eyes didn't fool you at all. I watched the game on record after I knew we had lost, so my emotions didn't get that out of hand. It was obvious to me in certain situations that Sean was totally outclassing Ron.
  6. Not sure I could give you a detailed breakdown why I disagree with this, but I do. I thought the Rams decisively looked better.
  7. Losing to the Rams is understandable. But we need to win the next one to avoid the pressure of potentially being 0-3.
  8. I love my Athletic subscription. $5 a month to read substantive stories and articles is not that bad. I know bashing Joe is a sport here, but he's doing just fine with the Athletic. IMO the issue is more with the Observer's sports editors telling their staff to start fires in a desperation to get reads.
  9. I definitely get ranking him above Daniel Jones. But above Kyler? Come on.
  10. I'm only 23, but the only NFL team I've ever rooted for is the Panthers. I didn't become a Panthers fan until the early 2000s because I only liked basketball for my first few years. But once I got into football, I was drawn to the Panthers pretty quickly. My brother is 21 and did the same thing.
  11. We swapped 2nds with the Rams, and gave up the 3rd and 6th rounders. Someone beat me to it.
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