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  1. Bad thread. Literally no one was thinking this, except for you apparently.
  2. PantherGuy

    Good laugh for you bosos. (Fan reaction)

    Seems like many Eagles fans think we're about as good as the Browns.
  3. PantherGuy

    ron rivera praise thread

    So? Doesn't mean he was responsible for the comeback today.
  4. PantherGuy

    ron rivera praise thread

    Total coincidence. Had fug-all to do with Rivera.
  5. Bolded at least is true. But IMO Ertz was protecting his QB against what in real time looked like a bullsh!t hit. Seems you disagree it was a bullsh!t hit, and that's fine. Usually when Cam gets taken down on a play like that, there is less time to decide who to go after - him or the RB. I thought there was enough time for Reid to decide not to after Wentz after all since the ball had been long gone already. Maybe there wasn't.
  6. You're looking for reasons to hate Reid. You did it when we signed him, and you're doing it now. Your motivation is pretty transparent.
  7. I'm still not convinced the ball hit the ground. Idgaf what the announcers said. I might be wrong, but I didn't see the ball hit the ground. I saw Reid lose control of the ball, but I'm not sure that it hit the ground, and he re-secured it. I thought there wasn't enough evidence to overturn the call.
  8. I'm fully in favor of his protesting, if that's what he wants to do. But he did commit a stupid penalty early in the game. However, he certainly got back on track and made up for it. And then some.
  9. PantherGuy

    For the Fire Rivera Group

    If I could pie this a million times I would.
  10. PantherGuy

    For the Fire Rivera Group

    Hadn't heard about that conversation. I guess that explains why he hasn't been Riverboat Ron since 2015. Then I'm fully in the move on after 2018 camp, even if we win the Super Bowl (not holding my breath on that either - I'm 50/50 on whether we make the playoffs at all).
  11. PantherGuy

    For the Fire Rivera Group

    I don't follow college football at all, and I don't pay enough attention to other NFL teams to suggest a replacement. However, I detest Rivera's default let's-play-it-safe attitude. If it's 4th-and-inches on the opponent's 42, fuging go for it. You have the personnel to do it. Personnel is ideally supposed to open up the playbook, but Rivera doesn't seem to want to let it. What's the alternative? +/- 20 yards of field position. The way the defense is playing this year, the better bet seems to be gaining 6 inches instead of withholding an additional 20 yards. I also don't agree that letting Rivera go will automatically cost a season. I suppose you're assuming that Tepper only pulls the trigger if we have a losing season. What is we have a winning season with playoffs, and Tepper decides to let Rivera go anyway because he doesn't like Rivera's conservative nature either?
  12. PantherGuy

    For the Fire Rivera Group

    While I agree in principle, I have no faith whatsoever in this happening.
  13. PantherGuy

    True Misery

    Edited - never mind
  14. Their team as a whole seems decent to meh to me. Would be a moderately easy win if we didn't play soft coverage all the time. Alex Smith is going to complete some throws. Upside is I don't think they have a receiver even remotely close to OBJ's talent.
  15. PantherGuy

    The 1st Down Was Reviewed

    I agree with your sentiment about Fox News, but Jesus Christ dude everything else about this statement is just wrong.