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  1. I like nepotism, but only when the flavors don't touch...well chocolate and vanilla can touch but not chocolate and strawberry
  2. We are so lucky to have Caroline...I'm afraid she may be too talented to stick around too much longer. And then we'll just be stuck with bill.and mick.
  3. I've got 2 dads... could you please specify which one?
  4. He's got blue shoes and a blue car...means he wears a blue flag hanging out the backside...but only on the left side.
  5. don't have to worry about corners if pass rush is good enough...oh...wait...
  6. Whew...I thought somebody called him out for the burger pic...
  7. how does your boyfriend feel about it?
  8. you could have at least given us a 16:9 pic of the balls...
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