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  1. Moose Hoover

    Own a piece of Panthers history

    inb4 cheap and high quality
  2. Moose Hoover

    3-0 , going down with the ship.

    Answer: They both travel around Uranus looking for Klingons
  3. Moose Hoover

    Comment of the day

    I knew they had a secret menu!
  4. Ian Thomas ran the wrong route and ran into Samuel. That would have been TD #7 for Curtis.
  5. Moose Hoover

    My job just transferred me to a different city

    your mom showed me her driver license because i had to idaho
  6. we had one...his name was harrison
  7. Moose Hoover

    That’s it. Rebuild

    I heard Reuben Foster is available...unless someone else BEATS us to him.
  8. Moose Hoover

    Fire ron and gut the coaching staff

    Milktoast > Cheesetoast
  9. Moose Hoover

    How important is this game?

    hug game for scam and ain't nuthin but a gangsta palardy...if either one screws up in this game ship them out. hopefully cam will get ahead quick because we all know what happens when he starts losing. he gets so down on himselfs and sulks on the sideline with that towel over his head...you would never see steph curry or MJ do that because they are true champions. if they fall behind early its over because cam doesn't have the composure to make a comeback...i don't believe he has ever led a comeback unlike aron rodgers or thom brade. palardy needs to stok shanking it and punt the dam ball like a man. he also needs to spend more time in the film room analyzing his holding skills instead of playing with kids so much.
  10. ron told palardy to tilt the ball ever so slightly so that gano would miss. fact.
  11. Moose Hoover

    Hurricane Michael?

    Hurricane Katrina? More like Hurricane Tortilla
  12. Ok her'es how i see it playing out: Panthers win the rest, dug given seattle wins the loss over the bucs who then lose to the rams who beat the chiefs before heading to mexico to play the pats who lose to the bronws and then play the lakers at citifield who then go on to play the vikings before giving it up to the broncos. then in a twist of fate, herschal comes back to play for the alabama mud kings, has a td in every quarter nad the siants signe him to play receiver. but he is so old and doesn't like the millenial way of snapchat evertime they ball itch that he say fudg it i iz out dass raciss but i don't care and he grows his nail long and scratch drew brees mole off. brees is out and taysom wonderkin comes in and royally poos the bed harder tham matt ryan and panthers get not only the wild card but the following: home field 2 byes, which they use to purchase a pass from goodell to bring back steve AND GH superb owl.
  13. Moose Hoover

    Just think on this a moment...

    baker>palardy anybody that sais utherwise is raciss