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  1. Yuck, he sucks and is terrible at teammateship.
  2. I think he should have had Moose AND Hoover!
  3. i've had to halve my hiney whipes! conzervation is key! also,
  4. And also, I don't know about this michael jordan guy...he didn't even wear a mask i nthe interview or wash his hands, and I saw hime several times in that show with MORE than 10 people. Alert the authorities!!!
  5. Yeah but there wont be anyone in the stands to watch him so he'll have to give the money back. I'll be shocked if there is even any more seasons until 3078. Am I doing it right? Ps I wrote this wearing my beotsch mask and gloves. Rona for lyfe! Report all persons within 5 feet of you to your local party official!
  6. I ran the factors thru 100 simulation and determined that we have 107 wins. I think sum of data may be off I let know
  7. Pen15...I'm being made to watch another hallmark movie...no sex cuz I'm on SR too so I'm jus doing it for kindness. I'd love to go to la game, maybe we'll live in kc by that game, wife did say she wants to go to bucs home game. Those my thots k bye
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