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  1. Everywhere IGO, I'll follow you down...I'll follow you down but not that far...
  2. Oh not an alt, I'm a beefeater, sober, and just like to satirize these threads. But, if you want to think I'm a kick ass photog who's dating a topcoat who am I to stop ya!
  3. Rivera is good at finding the right balance between Analytics, Gut Feelings, and wearing ties on planes. Also tshirts. He is low key leg-it on his tshirt game. In his defense.
  4. I would trade Cam, Luke, and Brian Burns to cowboys for Dak, Sean Lee, Greg Hardie, and Jasons Garrett.
  5. Plain and simple they scored more pts than we did. Mostly you lose when the number of pts for the other team is more than the points for the north and south Carolina United states of America caroli a panthers football team have at the end of the fourth quarter even if gerald should have been more gentle with erin andrews.
  6. Well we jus need to make sure they are equal cam and kile 2020. Also, you make good twitter post I like when you fl as mingo!
  7. This thread didn't have quite the FIZ I was hoping for...
  8. No pob fren thanks for the thankinness during this season's of giving.
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