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  1. Get up, come on get down with the sickness
  2. forget charleston sc...move to charleston wv!
  3. just buy gamepass and watch the next day
  4. if you have a dual band router, try switching to the 5 ghz band
  5. Yuck, he sucks and is terrible at teammateship.
  6. I bulieve I heard immunity but only if it is grass fed AND finished!
  7. I used a word processor to write a paper in 6th grade. It was my aunt's whom was in college at the time. While I was writing it, they were watching a show about these dudes that kept score for how many sexy time they make with the lady. 1991 or 1992 not sure anymore how old I am.
  8. Oh, you doooo? Well congratulations you must be soooo proud.
  9. My Ranking of Blink Albums: 1. Enema of the State 2. Take of Your Pants and Jacket 3. Dude Ranch 4. Cheshire Cat Who cares after that
  10. is this a new song? I've never heard it before.
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