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  1. Moose Hoover

    Body Transformation Time (again ugh)

    Need to see a naked full frontal body shot before I can fully evaluate, but otherwise looks like a good plan...you'll be making all kinds of gains. All kinds.
  2. Did I watch the same game? Torrey had 5 for 43 with a TD...
  3. Moose Hoover

    Another puzzling question.....

    gameplan was to run it down their throat. they stacked the box, dared us to throw.
  4. Moose Hoover

    Ryan Kalil

    She's been making all kinds of collarbone gains. All kinds.
  5. Moose Hoover

    Ryan Kalil

    He sucks, we hat him right?
  6. Dontari Poe David Gettis Tiquan Underwood Keary Colbert Your Mom My Mom Your doge
  7. He's been on #teamnosex since training camp...blue balls.
  8. Cam is a bad leader. A real leader wouldn't do that. I question Kuechly's commitment too...how can you get dehydrated and leave the game when you are the captain of the defense?!!!? Last week with the missed tackles and this week with the poor diet choices. Seriously wish we had some leadership. Also, did ya'll see that one punt by palardy...had like 4.97 seconds of hangtime? That is pure selfishness on his part...making his teammates wait like that. Cut they're azzes now! Bring in real leaders like Kapernick and the GOAT safety of all time ERIC REID.
  9. Moose Hoover

    Ron tells a Luke story

    needs to get his azz back in there and quit fuggin arm tackling. Loser. him and palardy
  10. Moose Hoover

    Kuechly talks to Voth

    I can't even watch this crap since I know luke missed a tackle in that last game...I'm done with him. Just look at his arm movements when he's talking, I think he's lost several steps and he's a shadow of himself.
  11. Funchess and Palardy are both guys that we should trade to other teams and include draft picks just to get another team to take them off our hands!
  12. Moose Hoover


    I wish we had nortman back. We are paying Palardy to produce and he is just not cutting the mustard. He had 3.4 revolutions per second on his punts and the NFL average is freaking 5.3 rps! What the hell is Rivera thinking putting that guy out there??? I also noticed he had a butt pad missing from his pants, what kind of leader is that >?>?>?!!! Need to trade for josh gordon and eric reid, let them audition for punter/LT and move on!~
  13. oh, he said this about my team's qb, i'm going to go post about how flabbergasted I am, ser
  14. why do ya'll care so much what people say about cam? seriously...cam doesn't care.