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  1. Who Said What?

    Camp Photos and Observations - Day 2

    It is BS or rather should be that way. The only player that said anything that could be considered derogatory towards GMan is S. Smith. Gettleman loves football and is building a brand here that the fans can be excited over. He has handled the contracts well, while keeping guys on board and hungry(i.e. Godfrey). 12-4 with the cap restrictions the year before, I am looking forward to what he can do in the future. Players that don't want to be a part of a winning culture like that need to be shown the door. We have seen what a bunch of ear to ear grinning players with fat contracts and no competition gets us.
  2. Who Said What?

    Rookie Camp Notes

    Does anybody know where you can get this jacket? Is it available to the public?