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  1. Four year deal does nothing for Norman. You think he wants to be earning another contract at 32? He is going to want 5-6 years. DG would probably be willing to go there but not at 12+ million per year...which I agree. Norman is a great player but right now he's got 1.5 years of proof and a bunch of people who think he is a great "scheme" corner. IMO he'd be wise to push DG for 5 years 50 million. Be taken care of for life. Maybe get another 10-12 million on the back end of his career. Or...he can go play for the Raiders and achieve nothing as far as a team is concerned and be like Asomugha. He'd probably make an extra 10 mil over the life of his career. Couldn't blame him if that's what he does...just not going to win.
  2. Cam has almost 50 TDs on a team that went 15-1. That is going to win every single time. Those are Brady/Manning in their prime numbers. When you account for that many points and that much overall production it's a guarantee win. Funny thing is that if you ask either QB...they probably don't care much about the MVP unless it's SB MVP.
  3. The one ACC star that they pass on is the one that unanimously everybody thinks they should have selected. I have the same feeling I had when they drafted Morrison instead of Brandon Roy.
  4. If Oher turns out to be a starting caliber LT Id argue we had one of the best offseasons. Nobody in the media is realizing the guy played injured all of last year. Oh...and the rest of his offense sucked incredibly. Nobody looks good on that team.
  5. If hes completely cleared and not even involved in the investigation after he speaks with police that I agree. If he has it involvement in the investigation and the trial then I think JR will not sign him.c but I agree I don't think that you can dismiss the kid if there is no legal action pending he's not even suspect… Doesn't really seem fair.
  6. Point is to get guys who will make the team or at least compete to make the team. DG apparently thinks this draft is trash. Players don't "fill a need" if they don't make the squad. But if you really look at it the major needs we had...we filled. OT - Oher, Williams, Stanford kid WR - Boykin, Ginn, Funchess ST - Shaq, Mayo, Artis Payne, Ginn RB - Artis Payne We hopefully addressed our problem with scoring inside the 25. Addressed our terrible tackling and blocking on ST. Shaq wasn't a need as much as he was a luxury but having him make Chancellor-type plays for us will huge.
  7. Pundits are knocking his speed. Every highlight I see has him running away from someone. One has him taking a bubble screen for 20 yards. Our biggest issue was in the red zone this year trying to score touchdowns from the 20 yard line. Having two guys that are 6 foot five, Greg Olsen, Jonathan Stewart, a couple speed guys like Ted get in and brown really helps that. The safety is going to have to figure out he wants to double cover Olsen or match up with a 6'5 WR who is as imposing as any TE in the league. It's clear to me that DG is adapting to the new NFL. Two of the most versatile players in the draft that allow you to get into multiple looks just by them being in the game. Absolutely love it. It's freaking football genius.
  8. ESPN had another piece on him that says he's not in anyone's first round. He's gonna be a second round pick probably in the first 15-18 picks. Think...Chiefs in the second round.
  9. Perriman reminds me of what happened with Hayward-Bey. A good receiver in college who posted insane numbers and shot up boards. He was their 3rd receiver at UCF...at some point being the man is a trait you want your #1 to have. Probably more important than straight line speed.
  10. The Falcons and Saints are trainwreck teams. They are essentially both banking on the fact that their overrated/washed up QBs will win games for them. Meanwhile our underrated QB will lean on the best defense in the division to make the playoffs for the 3rd straight year.
  11. I was excited about the time and then I remembered Darius Hayward Bey. Idk what to think of Perriman...
  12. Ultimately think that a team like the titans or bucs will overpay for him. I'm not in the camp that thinks he's overrated. I think he would be a really solid receiver and a great redzone threat along with KB. But I think he will try to command the max amount he could be worth rather than going to a good team. DG hasn't been biting on those players. I think Nicks or Boykon could be more likely.
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