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  1. I don't think Russell has every been significantly injured. His throwing shoulder is pristine. He has been to two Super Bowls and won one of them. He is consistently one of the top 3-4 throwers in the league every year AND has mobility. He deserves 35mil. There is no way I would pay Cam 35mil/year. But that is what he's going to command. If he plays well enough this year and stays healthy then I can see resigning him but the deal would be short and would include some significant language to protect the team against injury. No matter what....draft a solid QB this year. Let him learn for 1-2 years and lean on the defense to win championships.
  2. Yeah not even close. Remmers was solid for about a year and half. Got torched in the super bowl but that was probably more scheme than anything else. Offensive staff never gave him help with the best pass rusher of his generation.
  3. Bryan Cox Jr is 260lbs. That is the size of the Ravens OLB. He isn't big enough to play 3-4 end. KK will be great at that spot. We have two NT but who needs two? The opposite end position is a big hole. Ideal pick for that spot IMO is Christian Wilkins from Clemson. If he is there and all of the other elite pass rushers are gone then he SHOULD be the pick. He could play 4-3 DT beside KK or move outside to play 3-4 end. He'd be a star.
  4. Hurney will move up in the second to take him if he’s there...which he may not be. Just wait for it.
  5. KK will have a chance to be one of the best 3-4DEs in the league. It’ll be interesting to see what we do in the draft with this in mind. If we are really going to be a 3-4 we better get some additional linebackers...and big ones at that. If you look at the Ravens their front DL are all 310+ and their OLBs are 265 each. So Shaq is going to have to play inside with Keuchly. Maybe they think that if Cox can get a little leaner he can play the other LB position opposite Irvin. Idk if I see Addison being nimble enough at 31 to make that transition. The front 3 would be KK, Poe, and Butler? Has potential but a lot of question marks. Makes me think if someone like Christian Wilkins falls then he could be the pick bc of his versatility on the front. Could play NT or end in a 3-4.
  6. Pass rush. If we’re playing a backup in this division we aren’t going to the playoffs. So if Cam gets hurt the seasons done anyway. Other position of need is corner. I wouldn’t be upset if we took the best corner off the board at 17 and had some leverage with Bradberry...who will likely command top tier money but I’m not sure is worth it.
  7. If we don't get a great defender in this draft during Rd 1 then Hurney and Ron are morons. They have Devin White going in the mid-teens. He's basically Thomas Davis 2.0 and if he's there then he should be the pick. I don't care if Sweat, Oliver, Gary whoever are there....Devin White is going to be on the level of TD, Bobby Wagner, Deion Jones....Not going to put him in LK class but he will be a pro bowler at OLB and could probably play inside if we need a LK fill in.
  8. Devin White ran 4.42. With Hurney’s LB history and TD leaving he would be the pick if he’s there (which he probably won’t be). He probably just made himself a top 10 pick but if not and he’s there then there is a 100% chance that Hurney and Ron take him.
  9. Never liked Ferrell. He didn’t look twitchy enough in college to be a double digit sack edge in NFL. He also benefited from playing on a stacked unit. Christian Wilkins is the best linemen from Clemson in this draft. Reminds me of Fletcher Cox. Put him in the rotation at DT/DE and I’d be happier about that than Ferrell. Sweat looks like he’s going top 10 now.
  10. If Tepper is really a next level owner he’ll figure out how to hire a genius defensive coach who has figured out how to play “to win” rather than “not to lose.” That is the mold of Belichick, Saban, Pete Carroll and even 2015 era RR. Figure that our and you’ll buck the trend of hiring the young unproven OC.
  11. https://www.sfgate.com/athletics/article/A-s-draftee-Kyler-Murray-will-not-play-both-13521091.php If Hurney and RR have any reservations about Cam’s health then the Panthers should take Murray in the 1st round. He’s Russell Wilson with Mike Vick’s wheels. Sorry but the DL talent isn’t worth passing on him. He’d be BPA at 16 if he’s still there. The Panthers would be the ideal situation for him. Strong defense (we hope with Rivera calling), experienced OC, great run game...Let him and Cam fight it out.
  12. Gonna go ahead and say that if Cam isn’t healthy this year we’ll be in the market for Herbert, Frohm, or Tua.
  13. Newton, Flacco (assuming he’s cut), Allen should be our QBs. The end. If it doesn’t work and need a new QB..then you draft a QB in 2020.
  14. Four year deal does nothing for Norman. You think he wants to be earning another contract at 32? He is going to want 5-6 years. DG would probably be willing to go there but not at 12+ million per year...which I agree. Norman is a great player but right now he's got 1.5 years of proof and a bunch of people who think he is a great "scheme" corner. IMO he'd be wise to push DG for 5 years 50 million. Be taken care of for life. Maybe get another 10-12 million on the back end of his career. Or...he can go play for the Raiders and achieve nothing as far as a team is concerned and be like Asomugha. He'd probably make an extra 10 mil over the life of his career. Couldn't blame him if that's what he does...just not going to win.
  15. Cam has almost 50 TDs on a team that went 15-1. That is going to win every single time. Those are Brady/Manning in their prime numbers. When you account for that many points and that much overall production it's a guarantee win. Funny thing is that if you ask either QB...they probably don't care much about the MVP unless it's SB MVP.
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