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  1. unicar15

    Mel Kiper's First 2019 Mock - 01/17/19

    You mean like Kalil Mack, Von Miller, Dee Ford, Frank Clark? Personally I’d rather have someone who can get interior pressure and collapse a pocket. But there are plenty of 250lb pass rushers excelling in the league.
  2. Finley is difficult to evaluate. He throws a really accurate deep ball. He’s great with back shoulder stuff. His arm strength isn’t going to hit the quick slants with the same velocity that Cam hits it. I think he’s a capable backup that could develop into a starter. Someone mentioned Foles as a comparison which I think is pretty appropriate. Foles may be a little more athletic. The negative for Finley are that he couldn’t deliver in big games. He played behind one of the best OL in the NCAA every year at State. There have been multiple 1000 yard rushers and this year he played with arguably one of the most talented WRs in football and another guy (Jakobi Myers) who could be a 2nd-4th round pick. However, it’s really difficult to say if Finley’s poor late game execution was him or a product of the coaching. Tough read...
  3. unicar15

    Draft Kyler Murray

    Why do you even need to trade Cam? Murray may not be a 1st round pick...take him in the 2nd round and keep Cam. Whoever looks best in preseason gets the job. Or do what the Ravens did and insert him later in the season....When Cams shoulder inevitably gives out.
  4. It’s going to be Moton on the left and Williams on the right. They’re freaked out about how badly the defense played this year. It’s going to be a defense heavy draft. Just get ready for it...they aren’t going to draft highly rated offensive linemen.
  5. unicar15

    Defense wins championships...

    If Tepper is really a next level owner he’ll figure out how to hire a genius defensive coach who has figured out how to play “to win” rather than “not to lose.” That is the mold of Belichick, Saban, Pete Carroll and even 2015 era RR. Figure that our and you’ll buck the trend of hiring the young unproven OC.
  6. My opinion on this is that RR is coaching for his job. He’s essentially a lame duck with an injured franchise QB. Tepper probably told them they can search for a new OC but nobody is getting more than a 1-year deal. Thus...RR decided he’s gonna call the plays and he’ll let Washington keep his job Bc frankly...who’s takin a 1year coordinator deal? Prob not many. This is a move to try and save some face in a lame duck year. That’s it.
  7. https://www.sfgate.com/athletics/article/A-s-draftee-Kyler-Murray-will-not-play-both-13521091.php If Hurney and RR have any reservations about Cam’s health then the Panthers should take Murray in the 1st round. He’s Russell Wilson with Mike Vick’s wheels. Sorry but the DL talent isn’t worth passing on him. He’d be BPA at 16 if he’s still there. The Panthers would be the ideal situation for him. Strong defense (we hope with Rivera calling), experienced OC, great run game...Let him and Cam fight it out.
  8. Gonna go ahead and say that if Cam isn’t healthy this year we’ll be in the market for Herbert, Frohm, or Tua.
  9. Mid-round pick. Absolutely...
  10. Newton, Flacco (assuming he’s cut), Allen should be our QBs. The end. If it doesn’t work and need a new QB..then you draft a QB in 2020.
  11. Completely agree. Players are always going to say they can play...but Davis and Olsen haven’t been the same since the super bowl year.
  12. Yeah I don’t understand why people are fixated on “43 DE” metrics. The best rushers in the game right now are all Allen’s size or smaller. Mack, Miller, (6’3” 250). Put another 15lbs on Allen and he’s Bradley Chubb’s size. He’d be a great pick at 7 if he’s still there.
  13. Yep...this is a really underrated portion of the Kyler Murray storyline. We all pay attention to NFL busts bc it’s a more popular sport. But by sheer numbers there are way more highly drafted MLB busts than NFL. NFL scouts and coaches have perfected QB scouting and development. There is no doubt in my mind that if Murray was told he’d be a top 10 pick that he’d be a successful NFL QB. If the committee tells him that he needs a lot of work then maybe he doesn’t want to risk another season of unpaid CFB and goes the baseball route. But personally in our situation I wouldn’t hesitate to take him with a top 10 pick as long as the committee said he’s ready. He is what the NFL is trending toward. Mobile, huge arm, accurate...who cares about size? OU has some of the biggest OL in the nation every year and he seems to see over them just fine.
  14. If Kyler Murray was available I’d draft him 7th overall and hire Riley. I don’t care if it sounds corny...
  15. unicar15

    I hope this is not true

    Makes sense long term. Keep RR and Cam together until Cams contract comes up. If the results are still mediocre then you get a new coach and QB.