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  1. Yep. Focus on DL and OL in this draft. Trade Cam for 2021 picks. Roll with Grier, Allen, or FA. Get in position to draft Lawrence or Justin Fields. This is going to be a process and if you really believe all of the “you have to build the trenches” talk then spend this year doing that and just suck it up that you’re probably going to be terrible. But hey..you’re gonna get a QB who will win for years out of it.
  2. If he is healthy and there is proof to other teams that he is healthy then a team like the Chargers (who is trying to compete every year) will trade a significant amount. It’ll be 2020 1st, 2021 3rd And 4th...He’s a 31 year old former MVP where if he stays healthy WITH A GOOD TEAM...will definitely go back to the playoffs. I question if it’s even a good decision to trade him? The problem for us is 1) we’ve seen first hand the injury breakdown. It’s an exciting, new prospect for other teams. For the Panthers it’s crossing your fingers and hoping it works out. 2) as the current team a lucrative extension is almost expected. If it’s not offered it’s a slap I the face. For a new team there could be an element of “this is what you’re worth to us..come prove it.”
  3. Justin Herbert is going to be a really good pro with the right coaching and support around him. I believe Brady, Rhule, CMC...he could be a stud for us.
  4. The other option is to sign an extension for a 31 year old QB who’s been injured the last two years...with a new coach, new system, and a team that has seen essentially every meaningful veteran leave or retire in the last two years. Yeah....trading him is the right move.
  5. Tank for Trevor is coming people. For everyone in Cam denial right now you need to prep yourselves for some stuff. Cam will be on the team up to the draft. Maybe beyond. But he’s not starting next year for us. If he’s on the team literally the only reason is to show he’s healthy and then get a haul of picks for him so that we could maximize an opportunity to draft Trevor Lawrence. Panthers football is about to suck. Just gotta trust Tepper’s plan...
  6. We gave a coach a SEVEN year contract. It’s not gonna be 6 years of bliss...
  7. Trade Cam. Sit CMC. Tank for Trevor. It’s the only way back...
  8. McCarthy had one of the most talented QBs to ever play and was forgettable. He was Jim Caldwell, Gary Kubiak...I’m not totally down on him but just difficult to evaluate how good he is when he’s for Rodgers slinging it .
  9. Burns will be fine. Little was a pick of need which was likely going to fail from day 1. Grier is a 3rd round QB in a weak QB draft...what do you want? Not making excuses but it was pretty obvious.
  10. We won’t get Burrow this year and frankly I’d be terrified to draft any of the other QBs in the first. They all have glaring problems. If Tua hadn’t shattered the posterior wall of his pelvis then we’d have a chance at a QB. Unfortunately.... The good news is that if we don’t get a solid veteran we could be in position to get Lawrence, Fields, or Mond next year...all three of which may be better than the current crop.
  11. This would be the ultimate Ron move... Knowing he’s getting canned and coaching his ass off for 4 more meaningless games...
  12. Rivera (and Cam imo) are both gone. Rivera has been horrible for 2 full seasons now and his M.O. has always been defense. Our defense is mediocre with above average talent. The talent is probably the only reason we’re as good as we are. But retrospect losing Star, McD, and KK (injury) has been franchise changing...maybe moreso cumulatively than losing Cam. I realize those moves were Gettlemen but Hurney hasn’t done anything (successfully) to remedy the losses. So as far as I’m concerned he’s probably gone too. We need a new coach. We may need a new QB in the next 2 years. Do we trust Hurney to make the right calls? I’d say maybe...but if you make that decision then you’re probably tied to him for 5-6 years afterward at least.
  13. There is not a QB in this draft I would take with a top 10 pick. None of them look like they’d be solidly ahead of Kyle Allen. That’s what you’re looking for in a franchise QB. Someone who immediately looks like they’re the starter. There are two guys in all of CFB who pass that test and neither is draft eligible. If we have a top 10 pick I’m trading out for an additional pick in 2021 and calling it a day. Get as many picks as possible (hell trade Cam to get more 2021 picks) and do whatever is necessary to get Lawrence...if that doesn’t work then Fields would be a nice concession. If that isn’t how Panthers FO is thinking right now then we’re in trouble. Cam isn’t the answer, Allen isn’t the answer...Get Lawrence and you have your 10-15 year answer. Period.
  14. Four year deal does nothing for Norman. You think he wants to be earning another contract at 32? He is going to want 5-6 years. DG would probably be willing to go there but not at 12+ million per year...which I agree. Norman is a great player but right now he's got 1.5 years of proof and a bunch of people who think he is a great "scheme" corner. IMO he'd be wise to push DG for 5 years 50 million. Be taken care of for life. Maybe get another 10-12 million on the back end of his career. Or...he can go play for the Raiders and achieve nothing as far as a team is concerned and be like Asomugha. He'd probably make an extra 10 mil over the life of his career. Couldn't blame him if that's what he does...just not going to win.
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