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  1. If they can’t get pressure on this OL then it’s time to start panicking.
  2. Yeah Shaq as a TD replacement is increasingly worrisome. With those three LBs and the amount of nickel we play...there shouldn’t be any other LBs getting reps. Shaq as a 3rd year LB should be able to do what Luke and TD have been able to do in the past which is fill in at any LB position and he can’t.
  3. The Panthers have completely flipped from a bend but don't break defense to a defense that is good between the 20s but HORRENDOUS inside the redzone. To me this comes down to play calling and personnel substitutions. The redzone is all about matchups and Washington's defense is failing miserably at matching up appropriately. Rivera's complacency about the defense is shocking to me. This is a season where at year's end we could possibly see Kalil, Olsen, TD, and Peppers walk away. Four HOFers leaving your squad....and you have zero urgency at taking over a unit that has excelled every year until this year? IMO that is fireable if it doesn't get turned around. I like Rivera as much as the next guy but to me it would be unforgiveable for him to ignore a problem on his staff in what really could be an "all or nothing" type of year. We have some nice players behind those guys I just mentioned. But I have a really hard time believing that we could lose that much veteran leadership and production without a massive drop off. Especially if the defense is not the stalwart that it has been in the past. Cam is perfectly capable overcoming deficits when the defense is giving up the occasional TD and mostly field goals. Get behind by 17 like we have been recently and its just not happening routinely with the way we play.
  4. unicar15

    Devin Funchess: JAG

    I have bad news...there isn’t much to choose from in free agency. So unless you guys are comfortable with losing Olsen and Funchess (if Olsen retires) and replacing them with Moore, Samuel, T Smith and Jarius Wright then you’ll be disappointed. Funchess agent is going to have Hurney in a tough negotiating position. But hopefully Hurney does the smart thing and lets him hit FA and then signs him or a similar receiver to a friendly deal. I agree he isn’t worth breaking the bank but it makes it tougher when we don’t really have an answer behind him with any size.
  5. He has been horrible all year. The amount of talent on this defense is absurd and it’s the worst D that RR has ever had. Meanwhile Cam is having one of his most statistically impressive seasons. Washington has to go...
  6. unicar15

    Mike Evans

    Rivera is going to have a decision to make this offseason...Will he have the balls to fire Washington and rehire Sean McDermott? McDerm is gonna get canned in Buffalo for someone who can develop Josh Allen. If Rivera is committed to winning a SB he would rehire McDerm if situation allowed. This isn’t a super bowl defense right now tho...
  7. unicar15

    James Bradberry

    Bradberry isn’t our most talented corner. His ball skills are mediocre. Jackson is faster and quicker to the break.
  8. The problem isn’t Poe...it’s the fact that the ends get zero pressure from the perimeter. Peppers is our most consistent pass rusher and he’s approaching 40....and has lost more than a step. Addison is serviceable (which is what his contract reflects)....but we need some serious help off the edge next year.
  9. unicar15

    For the Fire Rivera Group

    Kliff Kingsbury. Screw it I don’t even care if he has minimal experience. He made Manziel look like an actual QB and then developed Mahomes...
  10. Good teams expose those that are "hanging in there." I expect the Saints game to be really ugly if Rivera doesn't take over play calling from Washington. Our DL has been one of the worst I have seen as a Panthers fan. We need that line to be great if we are going to be a playoff team and right now they are terrible.
  11. Cam had a 93 passer rating for 275 and a TD during a game where he possessed the ball 10 mins less than the opposing team bc our D couldn't get off the field. Even if he wanted to he couldn't step up into the pocket and the only pick he threw was because of pressure. I think he threw it because he knew it'd be the same as a punt and he wanted to try and make something happen. He had a WR fumble the ball on a drive that looked like we were going in to score again....and our top runner ran 8 for 20. I get why people in the media try to criticize Cam but maybe LT should sit this one out considering Cam was our best player by far yesterday (O or D) and had a top 10 QBR and passer rating with zero running game.
  12. unicar15

    Eric Reid being a distraction

    Panthers are a small market with a team friendly media. If Reid plays well then it’s going to be a non-issue. It’s sad but the national media has moved on from kneeling etc. It’s like any other story to them..once it fizzles a little bit they stop writing about it. Doesn’t mean positive change can’t still happen but it’s not gonna happen with weekly stories.
  13. Curtis Samuel and Moore are going to be lethal deep threats by year end..
  14. Kelvin put up #1 numbers one year and we sucked...I don’t believe in paying big money for WRs. IDT Hurney does either. That’s why he drafted Moore....it was smart if he turns out to be good bc he could easily replace Funchess projected production for a fraction of the cost.
  15. He would be joining a team where he knows he’s the #2 option but has a chance at a playoff run. Playing with a former coordinator could make him effective. I think he’d be at least equivalent to Dickson.