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  1. i mean people legit believe the earth is flat, so whatever.
  2. Its smoothbrains way of pretending they have a term that frustrates people, but just outs them for being incapable of actual discussion. Think something like snowflake.
  3. Never said he wasn't, I guess your ridiculous hate for cam got in the way.
  4. wheres the "nut hug" then. There is literally more cam hate, than nut hug on this forum.
  5. LOL literally 2 types of comments on here. Ones wishing him the best, and the others are saying he was fat and lazy. stfu
  6. ... how how do you get to that point thats def piss in those jugs.
  7. so... don't create a farewell to the most notable player in franchise history... because... Wait what
  8. I've been a fan of Teddy, so I can't wait to see what he can do. But im still sour about all of this
  9. lol not even in the slightest. go look at some anime tiddies
  10. I cant believe a grown ass man has a picture of cartoons making out as a profile pic.
  11. How does one obtain this power of over simplification?
  12. Not everyone in the fan base is racist, but you'd be lieing to yourself if you didn't think there are some yeehaws blasting the horns of their f150s in happiness.
  13. lol how is that nut hugging? the irony of you screaming for objectivity tho
  14. And Greg Olsen is a much better TE than Cam is a QB. lol wut
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