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  1. Thats awesome... This section of the board doesnt get much traffic in the off season... Hopefully people will see this and help you out.....
  2. Light your torches and get out your chains.... Its time to rape and pillage !!! Be damned you non-Panther London pubs !!!
  3. 10 months after his last kid... That thing hadnt even healed and he rolled up on it !!
  4. I didnt see this posted... If it is please feel free to delete.... I am calling it now... This dude is gonna be a great sign !! What say younz...... https://www.yahoo.com/sports/elijah-holyfield-son-of-evander-holyfield-inks-free-agent-deal-with-panthers-175718025.html
  5. dave-o

    Golf Clubs

    I am about to put my golf clubs up for sale on Charlotte Craiglist... Bought them about 4 years... Just like new... Played not even 2 rounds with them... Have not even used one single good shot out of them !!!! If interested let me know....
  6. Aldi's has the perfect solution... It seems a simple quarter is just enough to get their lazy a$$es to take the cart back....
  7. He has so many rings I guess he wanted a prostitution ring as well...
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