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  1. Dumb question here... Was Norv fired? Is he still on payroll?
  2. They were comparing his stats with the great Dick Butkus this morning and our man Luke matches up with him... Years played and awards....
  3. Is this for real..... WOW.... Makes me sad... My favorite drummer died the other day... My dog died this weekend and now Luke.... Wow.....
  4. No matter what he still looks like this guy....
  5. Imagine ol' Jerry up there goosin' grandma Richardson !!! Whole different story then !! haha
  6. After his first win in BofA.... They arent booing... They are saying Ruuuuuuuuuuuhle......
  7. To know that 75,000 Aints fans had to walk out of the Dome pissed off with their heads slumped over makes my whole year !! Skol !!!
  8. I am a big UGA fan.. They are my SEC team... Not sold on Fromm at all... Wish they had kept Fields...
  9. I hope Rivera wins a SB in his first 3 years.... F all the haters....
  10. This is quite possibly the dumbest thing I have ever read on the internet....
  11. Keep drinking the kool aide.... Its laughable to think Tepper can twist a sh.!.t show in to making himself look like the good guy....
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