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  1. dave-o

    MNF: Vikings at Seahawks

    God I hate Seattle !!
  2. dave-o

    Locker room chemistry this year

    CMC scores a TD and hands the ball to someone and trots to the sideline....
  3. dave-o

    Locker room chemistry this year

    Not only that... Some of these boneheads get an average tackle and runs 30 yards down the field and thumps his chest... Look at me !!
  4. dave-o

    The State of the Panthers

    I dont understand how we can have such terrible play calls in the redzone and short and goal.... Have a few plays up your sleeve for christ sake !!
  5. We will make their offense look great in any weather..
  6. dave-o

    This is crazy

    Atleast a couple fingers !!
  7. dave-o

    Are we using Rivera as a scapegoat?

    I think we missed some opportunities and need to go back in and re-evaluate....
  8. dave-o

    Cam Arm Is Done

    His deep passing has always sucked and now its just nonexistant.... Personally I am ready to see a change at QB....
  9. I would gladly pee in a cup on a daily basis for NFL money....
  10. Just saw an article where the Bucs are giving each season ticket holder a pair of free tickets for Sunday to try and fill the stadium... I bet if they gave away free crab legs that would work !! https://sports.yahoo.com/buccaneers-resort-giving-tickets-away-free-8-year-low-attendance-040314454.html
  11. Just missed opportunities on offense, defense and special teams... If we just go back and re-evaluate those three things !!!
  12. We have no deep threat.... Cam cant throw those passes I was seeing last night....
  13. dave-o

    “Missed Opportunities”

    It is what it is....
  14. We just missed a few opportunities and need go in and re-evaluate....