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  1. Ugh. You are so infuriatingly dim witted. The post you literally just quoted said I had a problem with the POINT. Not the argument. PSC is smarter than using a dumb point like that to counter racist arguments. Its very sad and telling you had to go back two years to try to find a post after claiming I was racist and you couldn’t even do that. Stop quoting me if you are going to continue to lie and gas light.
  2. It was a dumb point in that argument I had a problem with. Not the argument itself. Stfu
  3. That was the most heartbreaking story I read honestly. The insane part not only was the baby girl able to be saved and they let her drown but that this story is years old and never blew up. Seeing the pictures of her and her son were powerful though. Despite the horrors of losing her daughter she still has the strength to be happy and strong for her son. Its tough to read stories like that though. You feel powerless against the system that doesn’t give a fug about people.
  4. All you have to do is ask yourself is “would the msm be pushing mayor Pete this hard if he was an actual progressive?” I mean we see the way they treat bernie and he’s a real progressive. It tells you all you need to know
  5. Be careful. Igo doesn’t like people coming after his boy.
  6. The redbaiting has been on a whole new level since 2016. It’s crazy to think this was the regular practice back in the Cold War era. Only a matter of time before we are reintroduced to blacklists
  7. Fryfan is getting paid by Jeff bezos confirmed
  8. The trolls aren’t starting threads. Just posting inside them
  9. What does the manafort indictment/conviction prove in terms of the Russia probe though? Wasnt everyone high on this because they thought muellers indictments were going to be used to flip on trump and go up the ladder? Yet the case against manafort has nothing nothing to do with the 2016 elections. Someone explain how that’s relevant here.
  10. See this post is how I know you 1) don’t know what you are taking about and 2) talking out of your ass. because I didn’t vote for trump. And more importantly most of the posters in this thread should be embarrassed if the mueller report doesn’t show trump and Russia had or tried make coordinated attempts to rig and hack the election in trumps favor. Because the mueller indictments haven’t shown any of that. if they find and get trump on unrelated crimes that’s good because we don’t need a criminal in the White House but I’m not a lot to let CRA rewrite history to expand the scope of the investigations basis. And that is the question of “did trump and Russia collude together in the 2016 election?” his comprimised not colluded is a direct attempt at moving goal posts to 1) shield himself of criticism if he ended up being wrong and 2) justify his weird obsession with trump since he’s been elected. He’s averaging at least 3 or 4 threads per day all exclusively about trump. And he will go out of his way to make a thread about trump. all of this is really a deflection at the dems and DNC taking in introspective look at how badly they’ve been fuging over the working class in favor of the 1%. And imo a sly version of pretext to censor and limit opposition online and give some power back to mainstream media. You’ll see this play out for the 2020 election
  11. Again you’ve been beating the drum from the beginning trying to make the investigation a larger scope than it was to allow you to have an ah ha if nothing came up from Russian meddling but mueller found finance/fraud crimes trump had committed in the past that virtually no one contests because everyone had know about it for years. It’s moving the goal posts. You’ve been obsessed about trump from the better part of 3 years.
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