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  1. CarolinaCoolin

    i'm going to throw up and puke

    Even if you are the most avid trump supporter you have to admit this is pretty trashy to say the least. Thats like going to a 5 star hotel/resort in like Spain or Italy and going out and getting McDonald’s. He really failed those kids.
  2. CarolinaCoolin

    i'm going to throw up and puke

    Should have gotten Comet Pizza
  3. CarolinaCoolin

    APA says "traditional masculinity" is harmful for society

    Pretty big stretch to say that’s the causality and not simply correlation. men also have a shorter life expectancy than women. Is that masculinity as well or a myriad of other complex variables?
  4. CarolinaCoolin


    Bale was good but the success of the triology came from Nolan directing. When you have Snyder running your EU it’s going to be poo. The world everything was built on was a shitty foundation. The MCU was built of Ironman Aesthetic/tech. It works for that universe and they slowly built and added new elements over 10 years. DCEU was a haphazard cash grab and you can tell in the shitty quality
  5. CarolinaCoolin


    DCEU is just not worth going to see
  6. CarolinaCoolin

    Is Trump Right to Pull out of Syria?

    Do we need to be there? No. Do we want Russia and Iran to have more influence in the region along with the oil pipeline routes? No. It’s a complicated geopolitical situation. Us pulling out certainly helps Russia in a way we don’t want. It’s probably better for the Syrian people that conflict ends though.
  7. CarolinaCoolin

    Mattis quits

    Pulling out for the wrong reasons. If trump pulled out of Syria AND got Russia to pull out their side then you could make that argument but that’s not the case
  8. CarolinaCoolin

    Mattis quits

    That too. It’s most likely a combination of foreign policy decisions that made him call its quits. I think the North/south Korea and ceasing exercises didn’t make him to happy either.
  9. CarolinaCoolin

    Mattis quits

    I’m getting that sense to
  10. CarolinaCoolin

    Should we require drug test for welfare?

    This “war” has been going on since the mid to late 70’s with absolutely zero to show for it. Marijuana isn’t a big deal. More people are dying from rx opioids in this country. That’s all completely legal.
  11. CarolinaCoolin

    Should we require drug test for welfare?

    How about we just end the drug war instead?
  12. CarolinaCoolin

    Black Ops 4

    It’s just shittly optimizied for pc and the break neck pace of the game along with jt being unbalanced leads to a shitty experience
  13. CarolinaCoolin

    Black Ops 4

    fug. This. Game
  14. CarolinaCoolin

    Please tell me this will be the end of Trump

    ELI5 how buying the stories to bury them is fraud and paying people off to keep silent? Im not arguing against it I just don’t know why that’s fraud
  15. CarolinaCoolin

    Wilder VS Fury Heavyweight Boxing

    Besides the knock down rounds I only had wilder winning the second. All the other rounds were close but Fury was the better boxer. Fury will only be looking better if he doesn’t fall off the wagon and is completely dedicated to getting more in shape with S/C. I think it’s more of a beat down than this fight. Idk about AJ. I can see all outcomes. I can see fury outboxing AJ, I can AJ’s better boxing than Wilder beating fury, I can Wilder actually stopping AJ, and I can see AJ’s better boxing than wilder causing him fits. You definitely do the rematch than do the winner vs AJ. Unifying the belts is worth soooo much money.