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  1. Obstruction. Sure. collusion. No.
  2. That mueller did not establish manafort colluded with Russia or their interference of the election. Thats a popular theory you were touting just last night. Mueller says you are wrong
  3. I’m on mobile and at work. But thanks
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/aaronjmate/status/1118925339126845440
  5. Cause it speaks for itself. Do you not understand what meathead means? Do I need to explain it to you?
  6. Shut the fug up. You guys are completely trying to twist and mental gymnastics your way to were collusion happened after being told it didn’t.
  7. You will never find posts on this board of me saying obstruction wasn’t possible. You will sure find posts made by me pushing back against the collusion. fug face
  8. Violence isn’t exclusively linked to males. Both genders commit violence. It wasn’t violence it was crime. Saying the majority of crime is committed by males isn’t actually saying anything. Again, stop trying to frame this as a “if you don’t completely agree with an bad anti racist argument you are helping racist” that’s garbage and an even worse argument than PSC made.
  9. It’s news. That was the big story of 2016.
  10. Wikileaks has been critical of US war and spy wings of the government. Of course the intel community labels them that way. Being critical of the US doesn’t make you a Russian arm
  11. Publishing dnc emails doesn’t make you a Russian arm
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