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  1. CarolinaCoolin

    Hypothetical next HC for the Panthers...

    They scored a touchdown on the previous drive. Letting them have the ball at 33 or closer is a guaranteed loss. Offense only scored 3 points all of the second half. Now you are asking them to drive down 75 yards with only 1 timeout and 2 minute warning. And this line of argument is completey moot if Seahawks get a TD then the game is definitely out of reach. Punting atleat gives you a chance
  2. CarolinaCoolin

    Hypothetical next HC for the Panthers...

    It wasn’t terrible to punt. GB was getting stopped on 3rd and short multiple times late in that game. If you turn the ball over at the 33 you 100% lose. There’s atleast a better chance you stop Seattle and get the back only down 3.
  3. CarolinaCoolin

    Soooo.... Your wounds licked yet?

    Short week, playing away, against one of the top 5 offenses in the league. We were never gonna win that game
  4. I’m again reminded why I don’t participate in the game day threads. Too many chicken littles calling for coaches heads at the sight of the tiniest bit of adversity. Psst guys, we were never supposed to win this game. Away, on Thursday night the odds just weren’t in our favor.
  5. That’s nothing new with Tomlin
  6. CarolinaCoolin

    Is Nancy Pelosi the right choice for Speaker of the House?

    I think it’s a pretty simple question really. Do we as a country really need another boomer calling the shots? It’s time to clean house of these boomer politicians with their archaic policies that aren’t helping Americans in 2018
  7. You’re right. Through 9 weeks the away team has only won twice. PHI over a shitty NYG and DEN over a shitty ARI. The odds aren’t in our favor to win this
  8. CarolinaCoolin

    Rewatching the final sequence

    No it wasnt
  9. You know most offenses have like a first 15 play game scprit they follow to see how defenses react and what there looks are so they can attack weaknesses they see? its not because they like to go three and out. They develop a game plan during the week and test it out early and make adjustments accordingly
  10. CarolinaCoolin

    2.5 yards per carry from your first round running back

    We threw the ball 40 times. You can keep trotting out this stat til you are blue in the face it still doesn’t mean you understand game flow and play calling scprits and how being down 17-0 effects how much you run the ball
  11. CarolinaCoolin

    2.5 yards per carry from your first round running back

    No this was losing the turn over game in the first quarter and being down a lot. This leads to adandon running for passing to get back in the game. Again you dont realize understand football if you are missing this.
  12. CarolinaCoolin

    2.5 yards per carry from your first round running back

    At this point I honestly think you dont come to these forums for football. You come here to stroke your own ego in the tinderbox. I guess the fact we were in a 17-0 hole had nothing to do with the play calling script. We threw the ball 40 times vs 18 rushes. panthers normally run 47% of plays. Again this probably had nothing to do with game flow or the fact Washington has a good rushing defense. go back to your tinderbox troll.
  13. CarolinaCoolin

    2.5 yards per carry from your first round running back

    Don’t feed the troll
  14. This was a completely avoidable loss. We had three plays to go 5 yards and we go to the end zone twice.
  15. stupid mistakes on every level. Dj Moore 2 fumbles, missed extra points. Everything is getting compounded it’s ridiculous