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  1. If the Patriots know their opponents substitution, signals and compared that to key elements like down, distance, and time it would take them less than a half to predict all the opponents calls (not tenancies) with a machine learning application. Imagine playing a game and your opponent pretty much knows everything you're doing. I might be giving them too much credit but they do have a Director of Data Science and Software on staff and this is what these guys do. I stumbled across the video explaining how a machine learning application could work in baseball and I suspect it would be similar for football. The more data they have the higher probability they can predict what their opponent is doing, much like the Astros were doing. This is sad and if they are doing something like this they should be punished.
  2. Lolol ... I took a peak at your online browser history.... you should be careful what you put on the web and you might want to clean it up ... Lolol wow ... pls don’t eggplant me ...
  3. Let me get this straight you think a man who started with nothing, became a billionaire by making decisions others couldn’t is making a bad decision on firing a coach who has had 3 winning records in 9 seasons?
  4. Thank God that draft capital is leaving our conference
  5. If you have the best player on the field why would you not let him prove to the world he is that player? He’s not gonna be here forever, but while he’s here let’s make it count. He’s not the best player in the league because he thinks he is, or we think he is; he’s the best player because team spend the entire week trying to stop him and on Sunday they can not even so much is the pull his flag. CMC is greatness and we are lucky to get to watch this.
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